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  1. Well before the www was xtremely popular and had tons of info for gamers - thats understandable - but why now still? i just dont get it - and CPUWIZ - this thread would seem appropriate for that story - do tell
  2. Dont know if this was mentioned before - but i was thinking maybe you could put the users birthdays on there just an idea to help fill it up - mainly of the users who post often/alot or have more than a specific amount of posts to make them 'earn' a spot on the calender just a suggestion/idea right now im just really bored
  3. Seriously now - how could anyone waste their time and money to call a friggin 'capcom hotline' or a 'tips and tricks' hotline - i mean with the friggin internet flooded with sites that have practically all the answers you need and codes to go with it - why would any game company start a hotline. i noticed on a capcom game you can call the hotline for 99cents a minute (automated) or 1.35 a minute for live hints. who the fuck calls this shit?
  4. i am still in shock at the gameboy advance - with those kinda numbers for it - i really hope it aids in part of the death of the PSP - yeah i hate sony and im level with nintendo
  5. me and sky send each other lots of shit through the mail - and more times than one shit never showed up for both of us- but he does send the stuff out. If it was sent out its very possible its now in limbo -
  6. Does anyone have a list made up of everything that was released for the Jag after atari tanked the mighty beast? For moments in time i wasnt around here to catch up on new news and releases - or forgot about certain things. Plus im just curious for those that have kept up with the info for everything Jag released since the "end" I have a good amount of them, but wondering if theres a list somewhere with everything, including the hardware not like i have the cash for everything right now - but it would be nice to know if i missed something
  7. Sammy releases the worst games on consoles - their own products would destroy the system before its released
  8. Id like Sega to release somethin new (yeah i know its probably not gunna happen again) Psygnosis also
  9. Well i just finished Beyond Good & Evil and MAce Griffon Bounty Hunter for the XBOX - probabaly am gunna start tryin to finish Panzer Dragoon Orta or start Dues Ex2 Invisible War otherwise still playing ESPN NHL Hockey 2K4 - Xbox RAW 2 - Xbox Sega GT - Dreamcast Sega Rally 2 - Dreamcast Border Down - Dreamcast Ikaruga - Dreamcast ive abandoned everything else for now - just more i nthe mood for my DC and Xbox
  10. well im still lookin to get the original - 3do is for cd-rs my dc is for originals since great games come cheap on it
  11. thanx for the info - yeah there were 2 more animals i needed to get to finish it up - in a month or so ill probabaly be playing through it again - its just so fukin good icant pass up another play through. and ill admit it also - i felt bad when peij had died
  12. I just beat this game -great fuking game - i highly recommend this game to anyone. but i forgot that i was missing one pearl (didnt finish one more roll of film) - is there anything xtra in the ending if you get al lthe pearls? or is there anything else that appears when you get em all? since ubi soft has a habit of making games in where you have to collect tons of things
  13. thats fukin cheap for the DC games - i think i should have no problem fitting in circa 20$ on my credit card for Inhabitants - that one id like to pick up
  14. Definitly get it modded man - once you get it done, get the xbox link cable and an FTP program - (flashFXP) and you can transfer games and roms and anything else -no need to burn emulators on dvdroms they'll stay nice and snug inside the HD - id be very upset right now if my xbox stopped working
  15. color=darkblue]looky what i found[/color] http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/04/13/ne...ws_6093440.html Sony halting PSX production? Japanese newspaper reports the electronics giant has temporarily stopped making its PS2/PVR hybrid due to poor sales. See it » TOKYO--According to Weekly Gendai magazine, Sony has halted production of its PSX due to lagging sales. The PSX is a hybrid PlayStation 2 and personal video and DVD recorder with broadband capabilities. Released in December 2003 in Japan, the PSX sold 40,000 units on the day of its launch and continued to sell in the five digits up until the end of the month. However, its sales began to decline at the beginning of 2004. "We have a structure where we run our production lines according to the movement of demands [in the market]," a Sony spokesperson told the magazine. "We are currently deciding on the timing of when to restart production, with consideration given to adjustments in our inventory." E-mails and calls to American Sony representatives went unreturned. While Sony anticipated the machine to be a success, the PSX was dogged by misfortune. Last holiday season, controversy erupted after consumers learned that the machine would ship without many of its originally announced capabilities, such as PlayStation broadband support and MP3 playback. Sony has since released two firmware patches for the PSX--one in February and one this month--that add to the machine the omitted capabilities. "A lot of things have been said about the failure of the PSX inside the company, but it was probably due to the unrealistic way that its development was conducted," says an unnamed source close to Sony. "The development [of the PSX] was being handled by the games division and the next-generation Blu-ray Disc development division. The [PSX's] controls were being developed by the games division, while the Blu-ray Disc division was doing the AV parts. But the divisions couldn't work too well together. As a result, the capabilities of the PSX became incoherent, and it ended up as a machine that's neither a game console nor a DVD recorder." The Weekly Gendai article marks the second time that the relationship between Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony's Blu-ray Disc division has been mentioned. An article last month in the magazine Asahi PC addressed the possibility that Sony?s next-generation game console may use Blu-ray Discs (BD-ROM) as its media.
  16. i dont think i look silly, yeah im still sick, and the nyquil affects everything ....oh well
  17. there is no "tedious control" the game is fuking great - lots of weapons and shit to kill to keep you bsy for awhile - along with some laughs through the game - great shooter and great overall game - i got it for the xbox and i still play it from time to time - some levels are big and you might find yourself having to move around too much a few times, but its no big deal - you can save and go back later
  18. when the Dreamcast's hardware is better or mathes the ps2 there is no fukin way its retro, or old or anything - that was stupid of game informer - you cant "jab" bullshit at Dreamcast fans - im a DC fan cuz its a great system - sorry some games werent "revolutionary" the playstations line of over 500 garbage games proved to be revolutionary the DC came out shortly before the ps2 - anyone saying the DC is retro means that they have no clue how to look at the gaming industry and should just shut the fuck up - end of story, do not pass go, do not collect 200$
  19. JagMX

    Xbox gamers?

    im a big xbox gamer also - id be on live if my dsl ever got set up till then nothin for now
  20. this game looks incredible, saw a short preview for it on xplay - i think its gunna be one of those rare every-so-often-a-great-3rdperson-game comes out for me that ican enjoy and play
  21. [quote name="Gabriel As for the PS2' date=' I write that system's unreliability as mostly propaganda. Sure, the inital run seemed to have some serious problems. Unlike the X-Box, these problems were quickly corrected. .[/quote] not true - i bought the ps2 over a year ago for one game and all the system kept doing was freezeing all the time - i sold it right away anyway since the system had nothing else i really wanted to play - the harddrive wasnt a bad idea - it was and is a great idea - so im guessin sony releasing a hard drive is a bad idea too right? or no cuz its sony - you are a fanboy of sony and hate MS - its too obvious - your posts are all useless - and to tell you the truth i dont even know why ieven bothered to read some and reply
  22. @Clint To me 9.99 for anygame seems like a great price to me really - Whether they're rare titles, or even cheap shits. Although 7.99 sounds better, i can always live with 9.99 - What was even better is that with every purchase from this store you bring back your receipt and get 1.00$ off your next purchase. I was able to buy Bomberman Online for 7.99 new among others for a little less than 9.99 And the TRU's around here only carry a few Controllers, Memory Cards, Tennis 2K, NFL 2K's, Typing of the Dead and thats really it. plus they are overpriced for 14.99 each or more. And Ikaruga is a great game, as is Border Down. I have the Combo Disk for those games so i can choose whichever i want to play at the menu screen - Untill i get xtra cash for the originals this handy disk will suffice
  23. I still frequent my DC - Dont have that big of a collection - about 25-30 games - The main stuff i play lately are Border Down / Ikaruga / Gigawing / Bomberman Online and my recently aquired for 7.99 Sega Rally 2 The only place i can find DC games anymore is Gamestop which has em all for used - But only one gamestop store around here has em. Theres this store in brooklyn actually that had lots of brand new dc games even rare shit for only 9.99, but iwent back after a long break and they dont have anything anymore
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