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  1. I'll just say this again... I get it completely. If I was you I would want faster communication too. I apologize for it. We dropped the ball. :-(
  2. Yup, those guys are crazy. Oh yeah, I'm one of them. :-\ What others have said is basically correct. We've both been swamped getting the Midwest Gaming Classic together, but that's only half the story because if it was just that, we would have a note up on the web site and all that. It's also the last few days have been insane in our personal lives too. Sick kids, sick me, a tree that fell over, a car that had to be taken into the shop, some work deadlines that I didn't realize were deadlines, and about twenty other things no one else really cares about. And that's just me, Gary has had a similar last couple days. If anyone is paying close attention, the mgc Facebook page had no updates whatsoever for the past two days either. When that happens in this season, you can tell something is up. The good news is, if you still want your order, Gary and I are getting together in about twenty minutes to hopefully dig through email, reply to everything from the last few days, send get on top of it. Gary is planning on a half day at work tomorrow to catch up on packages I believe, and he did tell me he intends to have them out tomorrow when I spoke with him this morning to try to figure out what we can do. So, greatly apologize. I won't pretend we are the fastest guys in the world for replies - as someone else mentioned, this is a hobby shop, it isn't a big money maker, just more something we do because we love sharing the joy of retro gaming. We try, but we also, perhaps stupidly, try to manage too many things at once sometimes and end up playing catch up top much. Expect an email back from Gary or I within the next two hours!
  3. It's not included with the two day pass. If you already purchased tickets, you should be able to use this link to do so now: http://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/products-page/special-offers/tom-taylors-open-house-machines/ NOTE - There were less than five tickets available last night!
  4. Dan from the show here, just saw the topic... Sorry about the rooms, the entire hotel is sold out. We have four additional hotels that offer free shuttle service to the show in the area for similar prices to the cheap Sheraton rooms, so if you didn't get one, that is an option. We don't hold back any rooms, it's just the show keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger! If you want to participate in any of this stuff, get your tickets soon as they will sell out too: - Tom Taylor's Open House - Play more than 300 arcade games (mostly EM pinball machines) with 100% of the proceeds going to a local charity. Only 100 tickets are available, this is a Friday activity. - Clock Chaos / Up To Par / Call of Duty Ghosts tournaments - All three Friday night tournaments are very popular, and all three are nearly sold out now! - V.I.G. Upgrade - Get into the halls a little early, get a special reception dinner, exclusive shirt, exclusive event badge, early seating for presentations (and there will be some great ones!) and more! The other reminder - if you're coming, please consider prebuying your tickets. The first 1000 two-day passes bought before the show will get a lapel pin and window cling for free (we're revealing those designs in the next two days!), and we use 100% of the money that we get to make the show better this coming year. We're using a HUGE temporary structure this year for the vendor hall to increase space, and due to pre-orders we've already managed to add nearly 4,000 square feet to it, and we might add more! The show is really shaping up to be incredible, and we can't wait to see you there!
  5. But you didn't. Sorry I was "wordy". I'm sorry video games are more important to you than someone's health. I'm sorry that Axe was trying to handle this and that wasn't good enough for you. Again, I'll handle your issue. Awaiting your contact.
  6. You know what, if this is what you're after, I'll refund your money for him and keep my own Skunkboard. Problem solved. I'm telling you, and perhaps you don't believe it, that they have been making every effort to correct this. Quite frankly, with all of Axe's health issues right now, I'd have told you to shove it if I was him. I understand your frustration about losing one of these, but holy heck man - go read the thread about his health problems because I'm guessing that you haven't or you wouldn't be acting like this. These are VIDEO freaking GAMES. Axe is a totally awesome guy, and he is totally laid up right now and has been for some time. In the thread, Axe's wife talks publicly about how they can barely make ends meet, and you're out here slamming the dude for not sending you a bunch of money or getting you an unobtainable product immediately. That's great. That makes me feel really good about the human race. Probably the same clowns that compared me to Hitler after I suggested that I host Jagfest 2K2 for a second time. Seriously, if "many" are out there saying that they wouldn't have been so nice, I challenge you to be living day to day with money - I did it recently myself - and then have someone freak out about not getting a video game product quickly enough when you are doing everything that you can to actually get it for them. Again, I can sort of see your complaints if this was a copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES, but I don't exactly see Skunkboards for sale everywhere. And again, if I wasn't certain that I would be making the next mortgage payment, I would just tell you I'd get one when I can and drop it. If it's only words, I guess I can plan on not sending you the Skunkboard, and like I said I'll personally refund your money instead. The GOAT Store definitely doesn't have much in the way of money right now, but I'd really like to keep my own Skunkboard that I was going to sell to Axe because of how hard he was trying to make this right when he should be doing nothing of the sort and instead dealing with his own personal issues. If that isn't enough for you, I don't know what to tell you, as I don't know how you can expect him to materialize out of thin air a product that he does not have to loan to you until another one pops up. I'm more concerned about his health, and it makes me absolutely sick that this is of such a big concern to you right now. Tell me if the refund for the thing works out, otherwise PM me and maybe I can work out something with you directly. I would much rather you stop bothering him when he has a million other things he should be focusing on, so you can bother me instead if it makes you feel better. Walter - I'm okay with it being public so far, as I think it's only fair for me to be saying that Axe has been doing everything he can do (and again, under the circumstances going way above and beyond what is I think is expected) publicly too. If anyone wants to see what a seller Axe is like, I think it's more than worth pointing out he is trying to correct an issue that is extremely difficult to do, and he is doing it when he is so ill that he shouldn't be bothering with this sort of stuff at all.
  7. Actually, this is completely false. Not just has both Axe and his wife talked with me multiple times about figuring something out, in case you haven't heard (even though it has been posted in this thread multiple times) Axe has been very sick, which minimally would slow his communication about something. At the same time, as I'm sure you can imagine, sickness causes mounting bills, especially when you can't keep the regular stuff together. I have been working on locating Axe a Skunkboard which will probably end up being one of the ones that I kept personally to figure out selling it to him so he could give it to you. I have taken a while to do this, as we are moving the GOAT Store, and had to locate where even my own Skunkboards were, since basically no other ones exist. Clearly, you have no knowledge of this situation, in which case I ask you where else you can just find a Skunkboard sitting around. To be completely honest with you, I think that Axe has already gone FAR above and beyond what he needed to do. You're waiting on me getting a bit of time to figure out what is a fair price that I can ask for (or trade with) Axe's wife right now to figure this out, which I will do soon. So please, do NOT act like you can just walk to Target and pick up a Skunkboard and send it over and no one has been doing that - I get requests at least weekly for Skunkboards, so if they were so easy to procure, I'm sure you would have been already taken care of. I'm honestly disappointed to know that I'm going to be sending my own personal one to someone so ungrateful.
  8. Algus... we're collectors first. We're very picky. It goes with the whole not having pictures thing, we need to make sure everything is described as best as possible and no one can pick on it. Glad you agree The cable is in my car about to go to the Post Office. Gary was the one packing that actually and he feels really goofy. He set the cable directly next to the box, and just didn't get it in it. You'll have it soon
  9. Spacewar I'd guess a little higher, because that was how it came "new" from them. I might be interested in that one, actually.
  10. It did! I need to hit the hay right now, but with any luck I'll either make it tomorrow or Tuesday and get it out to you ASAP! Some fun stuff there
  11. Got it, and we're packing it now, it'll go out tomorrow! We put the first 7 new shelves into spot last night, and we take delivery on the next 16 within the next two days. Overall, we'll be more than tripling inventory space.
  12. Thanks guys, we spent some spare time today redesiging what our new space is going to look like and installing the first 6 brand new shelves for it (we are more than tripling the inventory space, we're rather excited about it...) Tomorrow, we'll be making and shipping orders! We think that we found the issue with the checkout stuff. No idea what was wrong, but it had to do with some of our inventory pages that stopped regenerating properly. Regardless, it's back up and running, and we're moving and shipping orders again. Thanks for all the support!
  13. Weird. If you can, again, PM me with any issues. Oddly, when we shut down three or four weeks ago, nothing was having an issue. We changed nothing, but re-opened, and now we're having issues. Gary was working on updates tonight and tried applying them, so any details we can get we'd love to have. I spent the night going back through our Super Famicom inventory. Hoping to hit the rest of SNES loose carts tomorrow night
  14. Sorry for the double post, Smart phone... ??? user.
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