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  1. At this point, any company that does business with Atari deserves to go out of business.
  2. The Laurel Mall is in Hazleton, Pa. Its ironically named for the plants that were cut down in order to build it.
  3. Yeah, I grew up near Hazleton, and Boscov's was still around last time I visited.
  4. Looks like I got a chance to get started on my goal today!
  5. That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for!! I really want to be able to use my GBA and 3DS to play the classics. Yeah, I could get flash carts or multi carts, and I'm not saying I won't... but getting a lot of legit stuff would be great.
  6. I'm planning to really boost my GBA/DS collection, particularly of compilations of games from earlier generations. Atari, INTV, Sega, NES/SNES... I'd like to have a lot more by December.
  7. "Streaming is the future" Why? Because google said so? Because movies went In that direction, so everything else must too? One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that people don't challenge proclamations like that. Nothing is "the future" until it's the present.
  8. Review units are starting to hit YouTube. It looks like a legit product and I give them all the credit in the world for not playing the "crowdfunding circus" game, but... I really need a much better reason to buy another handheld. The game selection is nice, but nothing I can't already get elsewhere.
  9. My extremely anecdotal conclusions based on these companies (from years of watching the products get released, then reviewed, then re-reviewed once the buzz dies down) is as follows: Hyperkin: Crap build quality, they cut every corner they can. Caught using stolen emulators and outright ripping off designs from the community. They do, however, have a few products that fill niches that aren't easy met elsewhere. Retro-Bit: Build quality is generally a bit better, but still not what you'd expect from an OEM. Occasionally craps out a total turkey, but on the whole delivers better value for the money than Hyperkin. GamerzTek: I hear very few complaints about them, mostly because they don't seem to sell as well as the other two. Also, I get the impression that GT customers tend to go in with the lowest expectations, so they're easily pleased.
  10. If VR isn't an evolutionary dead end, it's going to be one of those critters that hangs on the fringes, like the coelacanth. It's an amazing tool to play a very limited number of games... but completely pointless for the bulk of genres. The question is not "Will VR take over?", the question is "Will people buy into VR for the narrow range of content that shines under it?" What doesn't really get spoken of today is that video games took off mostly because they used a display most people had in their homes... a TV. This cut out the expense of buying a monitor, and made games affordable for most people. VR will never have that advantage. Even if the goggles drop lower in price, they'll always be an extra purchase.
  11. It's absolutely absurd. First of all, hotel economics aren't exactly favorable in the first place... it's not quite the money pit restaurants are, but it's close. Second, like you said, no one really cares about Atari. It's not a draw. The bit about hosting esports events was slightly interesting. I suspect it's just typical Atari BS, but on the off chance it wasn't... it MIGHT be worthwhile if they actually dedicate themselves to hosting the esports crowds. It's perhaps the least ridiculous notion in that long fluff piece.
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