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  1. Indeed. We get considerable talk from the Amico team about the parts shortage, but it's radio silence on the topics of infrastructure, OS, and finished games. None of those last three items are affected by a parts shortage (or are affected in ways that could be easily mitigated by a PM worth their paycheck) so why we've seen no movement on those is both puzzling and concerning.
  2. That's really appreciated. There are specific facts it would be very helpful for you to post.
  3. The difference is... the other people in this thread aren't selling a console. You are. When questions are asked about your project, it's coming from a place of people who have spent money on it, or who might conceivably spend money on it. When you're answering questions snarkily, or not answering them at all, it sends the impression that you don't take that customer relationship seriously. You can, of course, insist that you hold your customers in the highest regard... but your actions should back that up.
  4. One person said the waiver says this, another person said the waiver said that. If you post the waiver for all to read, the argument goes away. It's the least controversial course of action.
  5. Probably the easiest way to clear this up would be to post the signed documents. With all the people who showed up, surely someone would volunteer their own, in the interest of clarity?
  6. Big fan of the 3DS. Haven't been watching the prices because I'm very happy with the one I have, but getting a spare might not be the worst idea. Doesn't seem like now is the time, though!
  7. There are lots of unfinished components of the Amico that have nothing to do with chips, and we don't have clear answers on what's going on there either. I agree with OP, a pinned thread would be helpful.
  8. If everyone who has ever played it has loved it, why not ship it to professional reviewers? Surely they'd love it too.
  9. The two are not mutually exclusive. They can (and should) button up the launch OS and then continue work on the revisions to be distributed online. We're all familiar with this model from our smartphones and PCs. This is why version numbers exist. To not have one version of the OS that is complete when shipping dates are passing is... not a practice I would recommend. I'm not arguing that it doesn't work, I'm arguing that it isn't shippable. In other words, what is in the remaining 10% (OS) and 20% (back end) that needs to be done? You and I are asking the same question. If he could answer it in a manner that adequately explained the items missing, yes I would. And by "adequately", I would need a fairly technical description listing the items that needed to be delivered, and why they haven't been completed before now. On that point, I remind you that I've already said that software dev and backend infrastructure should be easy to plan within the framework of a pandemic. So yes, I would believe him, but it would have to be a substantial answer, and not the kid of thing that's likely to fit into a tweet or YouTube video. Whenever possible, I try to take the Amico team at their word. Speculation is not helpful. I'm looking at what the Amico team has said, and what they have done. Sometimes the two do not mesh. When the two don't mesh, I think it's fair to seek clarification.
  10. They would have indicated in their Fundable if they did.
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