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  1. On one hand, if all the buttons on the Controller aren't used, the person doing the porting could *probably* find some button combo to handle a command that isn't used much. It's part of the porting process On the other hand, you're basically asking someone to write a whole new game for you, albeit with a lot of reference material to work from. Expect some sticker shock when you get a quote...
  2. Since l'Atari is not a public servant, I don't know if the legal definition of bribery is relevant (not a lawyer, but work with me here...). In cases like this, it usually falls onto the individual company's Code of Ethics... and since we know Fred has none, that's probably a nonissue. However, if this were a company that wanted to be seen as marginally relevant, they'd probably have something like this as their bribery policy: 1- Gifts cannot be valued at more than $200 2- Gifts should not be accepted under the suggestion they would influence a business decision 3- Gifts should not be issued to relatives of the employee 4- Gifts should be reported publicly 5- Funding for gifts should be tracked to an allotted budget. This situation fails all these.
  3. I don't think the diehards are capable of standing up for their rights as consumers. "Hey, we told you it exists!" Is the hill they will die on.
  4. So, as said before, we have the alleged 96. This pretty much confirms that none of them are going to backers and all are being used for giveaways (which, to be honest, would qualify as a *bribe* in many companies, including the one I work for) Restating the question I asked before: if Atari were financially capable of producing the backer units, is there any reason for them to not do so?
  5. That's another solid reason to get this game now... knowing I could start playing it on my XB1S and eventually play the same purchase on a XSX I might buy down the road.
  6. I honestly don't think l'Atari would want to deal with Microsoft directly. I don't even think they want to deal with Windows directly. Doing that would require lawyers and programmers, all of whom cost money, and that's money that doesn't go into the pocket's of Fred's hookers and bookies. I mean, in theory. It's not like the company has a strong track record for paying their bills. On the other hand, Microsoft has a great track record for collecting money owed to them.
  7. Yeah... cute idea. However, having been burned on a few board games that weren't adequately play-tested, and knowing Konami's mentality the past decade... I am not biting until I hear really solid word-of-mouth.
  8. To be as fair as I can be... this does seem like it could be explained as poor phrasing. It's possible nothing at all has changed. On the other hand, if true, it would be yet another thing Polymega reversed course on, with no warning, after they had people's money.
  9. Im on the other side of the fence... I think it looks too good to be a "prototype" box, and it wouldn't make lot of sense for there to be production boxes in the hands of consumers yet. I'm really curious where this came from. I don't want to accuse them of being a paid shill, but as of yet, the only other theory I have is that they're trolling Twitter. In any case, I reserve judgement until I see something of substance.
  10. But it's a computer... and I don't know how to use a computer unless it has a Fuji logo on it. Then I suddenly become a l33tgamursuperhacker with my awesome HTPC!!
  11. I'm sure it is, but the ability to install games to the system was a selling point until... today, apparently.
  12. If that's the case, it's a very slight deviation from their original design. Which should come as a surprise to no one.
  13. As a PC, it's underpowered and overpriced relative to the tech it offers. As a console, it offers no innovative features over its competitors, beyond being "Oh yeah, also a crap PC." You're basically saying it's failing at two things at once. As we've said, available on every console, PC, mobile device, and Sit-n-spin for the past two decades. Absolutely you can expect that, if they want to be taken seriously. The other consoles have managed it, including fledgling upstarts like Amico and PolyMega. What you can expect is that the launch software will at least present a compelling case that more software will follow. Atari should be leading with their strongest locked-in titles... and sadly, I think they are. In other words, it's pretty, and you like the pretty... and really nothing else matters. Truthfully, if that's where you're coming from, that's cool with me. Just own it.
  14. Nintendolife running an AMA for the Polymega is like Pizza Hut running an AMA on breadsticks.
  15. See, at this point, Tidus crossed the line (IMO) to clear trolling: ignoring counter-points. He's saying that the 'box will be "driven by software", ignoring the many, many times we've pointed out that the software offerings by l'Atari are terrible, and only a notch above nonexistent.
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