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  1. "I understand they can't tell us everything." I don't. Frankly, I don't understand why there's ANYTHING Atari can't tell us. Their hardware is off the shelf, their software is open source, their UI was slapped together by a graphic arts sophomore in exchange for a handjob, and their game list consists of material they've sold since Billy Beer was still around. There is literally NOTHING of mystery about this thing, except for when it's going to show up, and that's a very reasonable question to ask when you've already paid for it. I've said it before but it bears repeating: the reason Atari won't answer questions is because they haven't developed this thing enough to know the answers. Atari expected to be bought out and now they're genuinely surprised at having to produce what they sold.
  2. These guys discuss the system from personal experience. They're very even-keeled and fair, IMO. The bait-and-Switch is addressed but the conversation goes on. TLDR: the system is solid but the target audience and value for the dollar is unclear.
  3. So they're still trying to promote that case design they themselves told us was too expensive to make? How is that "transparent"?
  4. Well, you can stream videos on the Atari, and Biff was the first person to ever talk about video games in front of a camera... CLEARLY THEY'VE BEEN PLANNING this for decades!!
  5. This is a really dumb thought... but is there a chance you could just dump it with a Retron77? Would that work? I mean, you could either keep it, return it, or whatever...
  6. First, Wikipedia's "generations" are a bad idea, and whoever came up with it should feel bad about themselves. Second, I've never found a useful definition of "classic" or "retro" games that did not put a dividing line between pre-NES and post-NES systems. I don't know where the line needs to be drawn in the mid-90s, but the two eras of retro games are themselves very distinctive.
  7. Did we mention it's MODULAR??
  8. Yikes, so there goes the main reason people were still on board the PolyMega train. Now all it has going for it is the pretty box. (That sounds SO FAMILIAR...) They have drug out the development of this thing for so long that every supported system is already available (or will be soon) in cheaper, better forms. And apparently Poly "Interim solution" Mega's Plan is to ask us to not notice.
  9. No one has ever denied that alternatives exist. I don't even think I recall anyone disparaging the alternatives, given that the trade offs are known. The only conflict I ever see with Krikzz is in people buying knockoffs of HIS designs, not competing products. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "Don't buy competitorcart because it'll hurt Krikzz." They're saying "If you're gonna buy Krikzz, buy the real thing."
  10. What am I being defensive of? I'm saying you're conflating the ability to buy alternative products with the ability to bootleg a singular product, and that you're being excessively vocal about it for reasons that are unclear to me.
  11. You can buy his product or you can buy something else. That's the beauty of a free market. But to think either option makes you an expert on how he should run his business is quite silly.
  12. I'm sorry... how many flashcarts have you designed??
  13. Star Trek fans are going to love the latest episode of my podcast!!

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      Explain how!

    2. godslabrat


      Money can be exchanged for goods and services!

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      But I wanted a peanut

  14. You seriously reported my post because I brought up a related point on a well-known podcast? Did I read that right?
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