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  1. As a rule, I've become increasingly fond of the idea of re-releasing games onto newer platforms, particularly if the old platform is obscure. That said, I'm not just throwing money down the drain on every weird release out there.
  2. Indeed, no XB1 port online. Disappointing to me, because I was going to get it, but if they can't do it, they can't do it.
  3. I don't recall that happening. I saw it more like making a distinction between a fresh sizzling fajita and a dollar combo.
  4. Seems like there's an easy solution here. Use VR to let people feel like they're in a colonoscopy, and stream it over Atari VCS. Everyone wins.
  5. Is it still okay to like the VCS?
  6. The faithful are insisting that the very fact that l'Atari managed to deliver anything, at all, is proof that they won and no criticism of the project or the company was ever justified.
  7. GameStop will sell anything they can to keep the lights on, from Funko pops to novelty footbaths. If the "release" of the VCS is limited to GameStop, I can't imagine it would be significant enough to even warrant a mention in the real world.
  8. I'm just astonished that people keep falling for it when what's being offered is neither new nor unique.
  9. Gonna say Analogue Pocket, although I think the Switch Pro will be within a month of it. Checking off Polymega as "never". I really could do without these wannabe console CEOs wasting all our time. Hopefully when the current batch finally fails, maybe this trend will be over.
  10. I'd Actually agree that they would try to rebrand and relaunch... but at this point, I'm not sure they have the resources to even try. They have no money and spent almost two months without even a proper business license. The time has run out when they can play "cute".
  11. And, not to put too fine a point on it, Sega is still in possession of properties today's gamers actually want, at least to some degree. Atari is trying to prop itself up with RCT, Centipede, and a 100-pack that struggles to sell for even a dollar.
  12. Indeed. At this point, it's a struggle to find examples of anything l'Atari has done right, or that doesn't indicate an offensive mix of incompetence and dishonesty. They're well past the point of "give them another chance" or "everyone messes up sometimes". A smart consumer at this point would not trust them at all.
  13. I'm pretty sure "hot tub meetings" is the phrase that made all the FauxRetro Console makers think they could pull it off. Mike, Fred, Bryan... all trying to be late-70s hotshots.
  14. I felt this when I looked at my PS3 and 360, and realized that owning both was completely unnecessary. Previously, I'd always found value in having competing consoles, but starting with that generation, it felt like I spent too much money and had very little to show for it. I've since adopted the stance of playing the games I want on my Switch, if there's any practical way to do so. If the game isn't on switch, I'll buy it on Xbox. If it's not on either, I just don't need it. Completely opposite to the way I used to see gaming, but I'm much more satisfied, and have zero fomo.
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