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Found 531 results

  1. iesposta


    From the album: 2600

    best costume
  2. Looking for just the box for Ms. Pacman. My poor silver box is crushed flat...so if someone has a spare box that they would like to give/trade/sell, let me know. It could be shipped flat if necessary. Send me a PM to discuss it. Thank you! Steve
  3. Specifically, a small assortment from the first catalogs to the more recent catalogs featuring Atari 2600 games. I was rather disturbed to realize that I only had one red catalog in my collection, so I figured I'd come here to see if anyone has a few extra. Here's the one I have: I'm looking for this one in particular: But an assortment would be fine as well. Please send me a PM if you have and how much you want for them. Thank you!
  4. Selling some CIB / NIB and sealed Atari 2600 games of mine over on eBay: Sky Skipper BMX Airmaster Riddle of the Sphinx Trick Shot Midnight Magic Title Match Tomcat F14 Millipede Crystal Castles Astroblast Space Attack Fathom Road Runner Crossbow Desert Falcon Dark Chambers Here's a link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Video-Games-/139973/m.html?item=281465200012&hash=item4188a21d8c&pt=Video_Games_Games&_ssn=danagret Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi, folks. Wondering if anyone has a complete (box, manual, cart) of Stargate for the Atari 2600. PM me if you've got, and what shipping would cost to 05052-0058. Thank you! Found! Thank you! Steve
  6. KC Munchkin - The $130,000 Game preorder thread! KC Muchkin Monster Maze is an innovative and unique homebrew with tremendous gameplay that cost $130,000 to develop: Written in 100% optimised Assembly and featuring such goodies as a dozen tile mapped sprite characters on screen at once (or off interating elsewhere in the virtual world) on a constantly changing four way scrolling board, this game clocked in at 2,000 hours of professional development for a total development cost of $130,000. Follow the link here to read some reviews from gamers at AtariAge and to watch the video review by Metal Jesus and the Immortal John Hancock - it's at 12:15 in their SuperCharger anthology PREORDER: If you'd like a copy to play with your Harmony or SuperCharger flashcart, KCMM is available for preorder here for $60 and will begin shipping again in November! The game ships with a four page colour manual and a genuine retro flyer/advertisement from my 80's Video Game Company, Saint John Gallery Software A deluxe edition/upgrade with an incredible reproduction box is also available for an additional $20/14 Euro from Marc Oberhäuser. AWESOME OPPORTUNITY TO OWN THE PRODUCTION RIGHTS: Like that awesome game you see in the video and reviews and want the chance to control all aspects of production? No problem! - a unique opportunity can be had own the full rights to KCMM for one lucky individual at cost with no extra charges or fees - I am willing to sell all rights to the game for just the development costs with no extra fees or profit - just the $130,000 it cost to develop. Purchasing the rights will enable you to: Sell the game on Tape or Cart Set any price you think is fair Make piles of cash, like this: Do the Math!!! (Jaguar, Jagual Jaguar!!!) All you'll need to do to break even is sell 2,000 copies at $65 each, and then some more to cover your production costs - after that it's all gravy and you can just rake in the profits like it was 1982; that's the beauty of owning the IP! Alternately you can just make the ROM and the media (Tape, Cart, CD) available free for everyone to enjoy and include a Robot with each order! You can even make the game unavailable to watch the ebay copies go through the roof and then surprise everyone with another production run!
  7. A couple weeks ago, my biggest wish was a dream come true. I love the Atari 2600. I have a Light Sixer, 4 switch woody, and a Darth Vader Model. But no Heavy Sixer. I was shopping around at a retro store which sells games, movies, and CD's called Movie Trading Company. And low and behold before my eyes in the glass container out In the wild there was an original Atari VCS Heavy Sixer in the case for $50. I lost it and my mouth dropped to the floor. I immediately purchased it, brought it home, gave it a great cleaning inside and out and is now in my game room. It is in immaculate condition, all the switches work and feel great, and plays flawlessly. I am so happy to finally get this awesome piece of Atari History. I felt like a little boy getting the gift he always wanted for X-Mas. :-)
  8. Guys, again I need to buy some looses... I wanna buy several games to combo with consoles for sale. That includes: - RIver Raids - Enduros - Pitfalls - HEROs Anyone can sell me a bunch? Maybe more than one seller? SHIPPED TO US.
  9. I'm looking for either some CV or Atari 2600 multi-cart holders for my shelves or some universal game cases - the kind that are clear and hold 1 game cart of any size and have a slip around the outside that one can insert a cover into. If anyone is looking to get rid of any in good condition I'm willing to pay a fair price, although I have to consider shipping costs because I'm in Canada eh. Krytol custom made some beautiful cartridge racks several years ago (pictured here)... I'd love something like this.
  10. Hi all, Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place (just signed up). I recently acquired an Atari 2600, and have been having a few difficulties that I'm hoping you might be able to help me with. I first set-up the system using a switchbox. Couldn't get the tv to lock-on to the signal at first (switched between channels 3 & 4 on the console without success). When I tuned to those channels on the tv, I'd just get static—except for a brief period when I'd see the picture. In other words, if it the Atari was set to channel 3, and I had the tv tuned to channel 3, I wouldn't see a picture. But if I then pressed channel-up on the tv (ie, went up to channel 4), I'd get a brief flickering of the Atari signal before it fell back into static. Eventually I got the idea to use the auto-tune feature on the tv to see if it could lock on to the signal that way, and success! Had crystal clear picture and colour. Only played it for a few minutes each day over the next few days (as I had a lot going on). But the first day I had with time to sit down and really play, I noticed that after awhile the picture/colour went a bit fuzzy. Thinking the tv had simply "lost" the signal again, I auto-tuned it. No success this time. I can still see the signal when I switch between channels 3 and 4, but I can't make the darn tv lock on. I thought maybe there was an issue with my switchbox, so I just waited patiently until my rf-to-coax converter arrived (I'd already ordered one online). Once it arrived, I replacedt the switchbox with it and tried again. Still see the signal between channels 3 and 4, but I can't get it to lock on when I auto-tune the tv. Any ideas what the problem might be? Could it be that the output from the Atari has "wavered" over the past number of years, so that's it's not a clear 3 or 4 anymore (but somewhere in between). Anything you can think of to correct that signal output? The tv I'm using is not particularly new; it must be getting on 13 years old by now. Tried also setting it up on my 1-year old digital tv upstairs, but can't get any signal at all on that (I think I've heard somewhere along the line that really new tvs have trouble with Ataris). Thoughts?
  11. Share some colour art! Guide a non destructive cursor around an area ten times the size of the screen and hold the button down to draw or erase the colourful pixels in this scrolling editor for the VCS! BinEdit.bin What colours do you see? This program cycles through different artifact coloursets; because these are artifact coloursets they will not show up on an LCD, PAL or composite mod (you'll get monotone instead). A classic CRT with factory settings with a 4-switch VCS works best to see them but plasma will also show some interesting effects; the mazes and pictures you draw may have two or three colours per set and the patterns may change (more artifacting)! Marquee mode: This mode pans the camera all around to showcase your creation! Hold reset to enter Marquee mode and press it again to return to the editor. Do not press select or you will likely crash your Atari, that feature runs the code! I will start another thread on the programming forum about it
  12. Mappy. With complete DPC+ soundtrack. Example: Sound: Press Select: 00-MappyBonusMusic2600.bin Food Fight. Take the sound right from the 7800 version. Stunt Cycle (done right with paddle)
  13. Hi friends, I got something sweet for you: how to easily make Atari 2600 games using MMF2 and I even put the example files for you on the following page: (If I am wrong in anything written there, feel free to correct me! here: http://www.create-ga...oad.asp?id=8457 and here ate some more wip games: http://aloan.site90.net/projetos.html
  14. Who owns the 10 known surviving 2600 copies the unreleased NTSC North American VCS version of Klax?? How much do you think one would demand if one of them ended up on ebay or craigslist? :?
  15. My dad was the origonal creator and manufacturer of this controller. After a suit with the company who trademarked the word "astroblast" he ended up throwing about 10K of these away. I am looking for one (two if possible) in its origonal box. . I would love to have one for the front office of the company that is still going strong today. His birthday is this weekend and I think it would be funny and ironic to buy him one. http://s382.photobucket.com/user/Sr-Ferraz/media/Joysticks%20and%20Controllers/AtariStarplexVideoGameController2.jpg.html here is a picture of one
  16. Thanks to Andrew's 2600 Programming Tutorials I have a better understanding of not only the 2600's mediocre but cool architecture but in Assembly as well (for the most part). And I have three game designs down on paper already that I am eager to bring to life on the console originally designed for pong-style games. I figure if others could make games for a console that wasn't intended to play those kinds of games then I should be able to as well. I am currently working on the basis for my game but have a playfield question. In one section (somewhere close to the beginning of the code) I have this: ;--------------------------------------- ; Playfield Data ;--------------------------------------- PF_Data1 = #%11111111 ;Top and Bottom Bar PF_Data2 = #%10000001 ;Side Bar PF_Data3 = #%10111101 ;Side Bar with Top Bottom Middle Box PF_Data4 = #%10100101 ;Side Bar with Middle Box Sides And then when I want to send the data to TIA, I have this: ;---------------------------------------- ; Draw Our Playfield ;---------------------------------------- Playfield lda BGDColor ;Get stored color sta COLUBK ;set the BG Color lda PFColor1 ;Get PF Color sta COLUPF ;set PF Color lda PF_Data1 ;Get PFDATA1 Set sta COLUPF ;Store it! lda PF_Data2 ;Get PFDATA2 Set sta COLUPF ;Store it! lda PF_Data3 ;Get PFDATA3 Set sta COLUPF ;Store it! lda PF_Data4 ;Get PFDATA4 Set sta COLUPF ;Store it! lda PF_Data5 ;Get PFDATA5 Set sta COLUPF ;Store it! What I am trying to achieve is a maze playfield similar to what might be seen in Maze Craze. Am I on the right track? I know I still need to count my cycles and I might need to place a few cycle "pauses" to have some sections repeated. I have not finished the code enough yet to try it out but I wanted make sure I'm doing it right. I plan to add at least 3 enemy sprites and one player sprite to the code once I get a working maze.
  17. Hello everybody, I recently bought a very nice pal (I'm from europe) atari 2600 woody six and all was well. But it has developed a slight problem,(after it got knocked off the table about 13 inch high)... the picture is in the wrong place on the tv screen...(and yes I know i'm an idiot :-) First i thought the rf tuner got knocked around but I've tried fine tunning and it doesn't get any better then this. My question is can i fix this or should i be looking out for a replacement console ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! Cheers
  18. While waiting for my next major project to start, I started writing a little puzzle game, based on the iOS game Threes. You can find the latest ROM in this entry in my blog.
  19. While waiting for my next major project to start, I started writing a little puzzle game, based on the iOS game Threes. You can find the latest ROM in this thread in my blog.
  20. I recently purchased a few Wico Command Control joysticks for the 2600 from the flea market. I noticed when I got home and hooked them up that one of them is slightly off center. The joystick works in all directions except for down. I opened it up and took a look but I couldn't figure out any way to make an adjustment to it. Does anyone have any experience with this or know where I could look? I've attached a picture of the joystick so you can see that it's off. I can take a picture of the insides of need be. Thanks in advance!
  21. KC Monster Maze! Demo video and more info on the order thread Comments and questions welcome here or there!
  22. Here is the auction for the bulk of the remainder of my Atari 2600 games. $1 starting bid no reserve. Have at it. Would be great for someone who wants a jumpstart on a collection. http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649
  23. Welcome to my Summer Sale! I will be thinning out a few things in my overall collections. *NOTHING RIGHT NOW - SORRY! CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES* (last updated 2-15-2019) I have plenty of positive feedback on eBay and here. Will ship within 48 hours of received/cleared payment. All games, manuals and boxes are clean tested and packaged with care. Any other questions, just ask. PayPal or Cash (if local) only, please. Thanks!
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