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Found 531 results

  1. DoctorSpuds

    Skeet Shoot (Apollo)

    From the album: My Collection

  2. From the album: My Collection

  3. I noticed that it doesn't fit in the slot, so is there some kind of adapter to make it work on my NTSC Atari 2600? I'm aware of the vídeo output issue PAL games have on NTSC TVs, but I already have a solution for that.
  4. If interested comment here and then PM me. Price doesn't include shipping but open to any reasonable offer Bachelor Party/Gigolo $120 Jungle Fever/Knight on the Town $130 Cathouse Blues/Philly Flasher $150 Cartridge & Manual Defender $5 Time Pilot $22 Zaxxon $12 Carnival $3 Freeway $6 Kaboom $9 Stampede $6 Surround $3 Missile Command $3 Video Pinball $4 Star Raiders $4 Vanguard $4 Pac-Man $5 Breakout $3 Asteroids $4 Space Invaders $5 Ms. Pac-Man $6 Galaxian $8 Berzerk $5 Phoenix $6 Dig Dug $12 Mario Bros. $16 Pole Position $5 Centipede $6 Crystal Castle $6 Combat $5 Demon Attack $5 Circus $2 Video Olympics $4 Bowling $3 Popeye $5 Q*Bert $7 Super Cobra $6 Wizard of Wor $6 Blueprint $4 Gorf $5 Donkey Kong $6 Sorcerer $7 Star Path Supercharger $60 Phaser Patrol $49 Communist Mutants from Space $25 Fireball $15 Suicide Mission $15 Escape from the Mind Master $25 Dragon Stomper $30 The Official Frogger $150 Cartridge Only Popeye $5 Gyruss $14 Tutankham $6 Dragonfire $6 Journey Escape $5 Smurf Rescue in Gargamels Castle $7 Kangaroo $4 Turmoil $7 Tapper $31 Pitfall! $7 Math Gran Prix $5 Warplock $5 Space Attack $2 Airlock $4 SwordQuest: Fireworld $5 Fire Fly $6 Worm War I $7 Midnight Magic $6 Front Line $7 Venture $3
  5. From the album: My Collection

    People have the gall to ask 140$ for this game on Ebay
  6. Sold! Thanks guys. Submitted for your approval are ten Atari 2600 carts- these were spares out of my collection: Missile Command Barnstorming x2 (One of the labels has seen better days) Swordquest: Earthworld Berzerk (label is kind of rough) Asteroids Pacman Space Invaders text (no end label) Astroblast Defender I haven't tested them all, so caveat emptor. I'm asking 7.50 for lot, shipping included. Thanks!
  7. The interesting trend in the 70s was store-branded video games. There were store branded everything in the 70s. I posed this question asking about "linear media" on lddb.com, a laser disc website, and I knew about the Sears Beta, and later found out about the JCPenney VHS, and was wondering if there was a store brand Laser Disc or Selectavision (a format often confused with Laser Disc, but different). I used video game store brands like Sears Telegames, Sears Super Telegames, Tandy Vision, and Montgomery Ward Game System, which were respectively, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Intellivision, and Bally as examples. I don't know the logic behind it. I assume it was to keep store brand loyalty. But I assume it can backfire. If Sears was talking about the Telegames and Super Telegames, and didn't have an Atari 260 and Intellivision section, if you were from Mars, you'd say the were promoting their own brand. Kind of like what Aldi does with most of their food products. Was their marketing not to mention the brand name, and use only the store name? I understand they wanted store loyalty, but did they keep more sales they'd lose to other stores with store brands, or did they lose more sales from brand name people by browsing and seeing only store brand stuff? I'm trying to figure out whether it was a net positive to have store branding or a net negative. If you've owned any of these system during their prime, whether you were a kid, a parent, or a childless grownup at the time: Atari 2600, Intellivision, Bally Astrocade, Sears Telegames, Sears Super Telegames, Tandyvision, Montgomery Ward Game System, the question is "Have you dabbled or stayed loyal, ether out of ignorance of their intercompatibility or out of pride?" By the way, I voted no interactive media, since my first was a Colecovision, which had no store brand problems, and a Sanyo BetaCord (a name brand), and dad didn't avoid Sears for Beta tapes. I think they were branded as Sears Beta brand tapes, which he has bought before. I see them downstairs, so No for avoiding Sears Brand Beta tapes.
  8. I want to know which game consoles were the best competitors of the Atari 2600,5200 and 7800
  9. Hi guys i'm a collector situated in Ontario, Canada. I really collect just for myself hence why I haven't posted my finds online before. I've had tons of amazing/unbelievable finds over the 5 years I've been collecting such as finding 2 copies of little Samson in the wild as well as a ton of other games for a few dollars or practically free by flipping. My whole collection is solely found in the wild either from yard sales/thrift stores in Canada and the United states or trading with other collectors. Some of my heavy hitter finds (not my rarest owned games) are 2 copies of little samson, CIB Sea monster Puzzy, CIB Space Tunnel Puzzy, boxed virtual boy, boxed turbo duo, boxed turbo express, sealed black box first release NES games and much, much more to list. I can officially say I'm one of the better collectors out there with owning every system and edition and most in the boxes, complete turbografx library, complete Nintendo 64 library, almost finished complete NES library and own near 3000+ games in mint condition and a lot sealed. I even own prototypes and other rare games/systems that are impossible to find. I literally spent everyday of my life for the past 5 years hunting for these games so I think I can brag a bit now haha. Most of the fun from collecting for me is from finding this stuff in the wild and the rush of finding it. The reason why I started collecting really was to be able to challenge myself and be able to do things the hard way and feel good about it and of course my passion for video games. Fortunately where I live and the time I started collecting, things were in my favor as many people would bulk sell these old games to me such as closed rental stores putting garage sales (where I got most of my games) or just people getting rid of their old games for cheap. After the release of the mini classic systems and the hype of "retro games" and countless retro stores that opened up in the area around 2016, sadly it's been extremely difficult to collect to the point where i've seen many long time collectors liquidating and bulk selling their collection because it's just too hard and expensive to collect and finish sets. That's where I come in and explain the story of my "once a lifetime find". About 2 weeks ago roaming around on a Saturday not expecting to find much as usual, I stumbled across a house which with was hosting a yard sale about 1 hour away from where I live. They had a few old electronics, tube tv's, old tin cans and stuff like that but nothing that caught my eye. Upon looking closer, I noticed beside the tube tv's there was a Vectrex and Atari 2600 in a box with about 40 games. I got very excited but Nintendo is really my priority and field of expertise, although Atari always has a warm spot in my heart. They asked $100 for everything and without hesitation I purchased it and went home. Browsing through the stuff at home, I tested everything and it was all working and in good condition. The atari had about 30 games and the vectrex had about 10. One weird game I noticed in the plastic container labeled "vectrex" was a small blue shaped cartridge. It looked very weird and I assumed it was for vectrex but it reminded me a lot of atari. I checked on gamevaluenow and I saw a price of "$50" for a loose copy. It was weird because it was the only copy sold and I thought hey id sell it or throw it in a bundle with the Atari system to get my $100 back and keep what I wanted. I followed my gut feeling and one last time I checked gamevalue now and it showed "reproduction" that was sold for $50. So I googled the game "Extra terrestrials" and that's when I was in shock. I also checked racketboy's rarest Atari 2600 games and when I saw it listed as the top 5 rarest atari games in the world I was dumbfounded. I had found possibly the rarest Atari 2600 game ever made or even the rarest video game in the world. The back story of this game (Syd Bolton had explained a lot about this) is that a company in Burlington Ontario that made only about 100 copies during the video game crash of 1983 and was supposed to release it for Christmas of that year. Because of the delays the producer had to release it after Christmas and had no supplier to sell them so he had manually knock door to door and sold a handful of copies at most to make back some of his funds. Syd Bolton, one of the greatest collectors in the world, contacted the game producer a few years back and he confirmed he made no more than 100 copies and was able to only manually sell a few of these. Today in the world there are only 5 confirmed copies (1 to the musuem, 1 syd bolton, 1 original producer, 1 random person not interested to sell and 1 me). Sadly syd bolton passed away and his copy was technically part of the museum so now the museum owns two of them. Really the only COLLECTOR that owns this game is me as of now. The game is tested and working, in relatively good condition and is 100% original. It was found in Ontario close to the place of production, purchased from an old retired couple, has dust both inside and outside the game, works with an original Atari 2600, color of the rom board matches the copy the musuem has (yellow) and I'll also contact the Personal Computer Musuem in Bradford to provide me a certificate of authentication. As explained before Nintendo is primarily my focus point and I believe someone out there will appreciate this game much more than me and possibly even become the first person in the world to finish the Atari 2600 collection. This game is possibly even rarer than Red Sea Crossing, Gamma attack and Birthday Mania due to it's confirmation of authenticity by the producer and how many copies were sold, and the unorthodox way that they were distributed (manually door to door only in a small remote location in Ontario). I am only open to serious offers that are above my expectation and I can't resist so throw your top dollars. This game isn't for everyone and anyone and only the best of the best collectors that want to own the rarest game in the world should contact me. Otherwise I reserve my right to keep this game if not satisfied with offers and will continue to be the only collector to have this game which in itself is a great honor.
  10. DoctorSpuds

    Mouse Trap (Coleco)

    From the album: My Collection

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