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Found 66 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am selling my extras, doubles of my collection, look at the pics. Space Dungeon New in Box (35$ + actual shipping) Includes the famous Controller holder (The game is new factory shrink-wrapped but I bought it on Ebay and, unfortunately, It came in poor packaging and was a little crushed on one side, please look at the pics carefully) Let me know if you have questions or PM me if you want to make a purchase! Henry
  2. Have the atari 5200 paddle controllers been found by any collectors yet?? and if so, are are any of them complete? :?
  3. I would like to see this happen? What are the main drawbacks? They could made a new controller for this flashback like the did the flashback 1, which was modeled after the atari 7800. Pic related. It's what Infotari could model it after.
  4. Hi Atari Age fellows, Here it is: - Atari 5200 Flip lid early 4 port smokey reflective version, solid, has scratches but pretty good condition. 20$ + actual shipping fee from Montreal (Canada) - Atari 5200 bottom cover 4 ports smokey version, solid, has scratches but pretty good condition. 10$ + actual shipping fee from Montreal (Canada) - Atari 5200 bottom cover 4 ports smokey version, solid, has couple of teeth missing but won't affect the tightness when installed, I have tried it. has scratches but pretty good condition. 10$ + actual shipping fee from Montreal (Canada) - All for 30$ + actual shipping. I haven't been here for a while, but sold Atari 5200 stuff here and I have good credit. I am known for the cover of BeefDrop Check out at the picks, Henry
  5. I want to know which game consoles were the best competitors of the Atari 2600,5200 and 7800
  6. Hello everyone. I own several Atari 2600's and a 7800. All in mint condition and happy to have in my game room. I have come to a pondering thought of owning an Atari 5200. I've went to youtube and looked at Metal Jesus's video and Mark from classic game room. And they said it's a system that you should own if you are serious about it, or grew up with one in the past and relive the 80's. I obviously know the controllers have many issues of falling apart. And wico makes a great aftermarket. Also for the console. Are they reliable? I heard the proprietary switchbox on the 4 controller port models crap out. And some games aren't compatible with the 2 controller port. I'm seriously thinking of testing the 5200 waters please give me any advice or help, Thanks!
  7. I don't come to the Marketplace very often, but it's time I cleared out my duplicates and extra stuff! More accurately, I'd like to convert it into stuff I don't have yet. Right now I'm primarily looking to trade (preferably locally - where my Milwaukee peeps at?), but if you'd rather buy, PM me and we can talk price. As you'll see, most of this stuff is pretty common (and will be valued accordingly) but there are some diamonds in the rough, especially for Intellivision fans. I'll start by listing what I've got, by system: ATARI VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM: **********Atari/Sears Titles********** 3D Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari text) Adventure (Sears text) Arcade Pinball (Sears text) Asteroids Asteroids (Sears text) Basketball (Sears text) Backgammon (Atari text) Breakaway IV (Sears text; labels slightly faded) Breakout (Atari pic) Centipede 01 Combat (red border on end label) Combat (Atari pic) Combat (Atari text) -x3 Dare Diver (Sears text) Defender -x4 Demons To Diamonds E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Football (Sears text) -x2 Hangman (Atari pic) -x2 Haunted House Indy 500 (Atari pic) Krull Mario Bros. (fat cart, gray label; top label has small "autograph") Maze (Sears pic) Missile Command (small text both labels) Othello (Atari text) Pac-Man -x3 (1 has no end label) Raiders Of The Lost Ark -x2 Space Invaders (Atari text) Space Invaders (Atari pic; end label torn in corner) Space Invaders (Sears text) Star Raiders Super Baseball Vanguard Video Pinball (small text both labels) Warlords -x2 (1 with poor label) Yars' Revenge (Sears pic; poor end label) **********Third-Party Titles********** Barnstorming -x2 Grand Prix Keystone Kapers Laser Blast River Raid II Stampede -x2 Starmaster Dragonfire Trick Shot Moonsweeper Frogger (poor label) Donkey Kong Space Chase International Soccer California Games ATARI 5200: Defender Pole Position Realsports Soccer Realsports Tennis ATARI 7800: One On One INTELLIVISION: **********Mattel Electronics/INTV Titles********** Bowling (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (w/ Box, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Baseball (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Auto Racing (w/ manual, overlays) Burgertime -x2 (2 overlays available) Golf (w/manual, 1 overlay) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Lock 'N' Chase -x3 (1 manual, 2 overlays available) NFL Football -x3 (2 manuals, 2 playbooks, 1 overlay available) Sea Battle Snafu Space Armada Space Hawk Star Strike -x2 Sub Hunt Triple Action (w/ manual) Pole Position Thin Ice **********Third-Party Titles********** Blockade Runner Dreadnaught Factor, The -x2 (labels need re-gluing) River Raid Stampede (w/ manual, 1 overlay) Dracula Nova Blast Demon Attack Centipede Zaxxon Donkey Kong COLECOVISION: Donkey Kong Venture Zaxxon -x2 Expansion Module #1 (Atari 2600 adapter) TI-99/4A: TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Box, Power Supply, RF Module; Box is rough, but system is clean) TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Power Supply, RF Module; previous owner ghetto-spliced a coax connector to RF Module; system is clean) Speech Synthesizer A-Maze-Ing -x2 (color label) Alpiner (color label) Video Games 1 (black label) Tombstone City (color label) Car Wars (black label) NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: Batman Bubble Bobble Metroid (silver label) Double Dragon II Dr. Mario Fester's Quest Klashball Little Nemo: The Dream Master Metal Gear Super Mario Bros. 2 Wizards & Warriors Tetris (Nintendo) "How To Win At Nintendo Games #2" by Jeff Rovin "How To Win At Nintendo Games #3" by Jeff Rovin "How To Win At Nintendo Sports Games" by Jeff Rovin SUPER NINTENDO: Super Game Boy Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest NINTENDO 64: Spider Man Goldeneye 007 -x2 Perfect Dark -x2 SEGA: Shinobi (Master System, loose) Jungle Strike (Genesis, loose) Aladdin (Genesis, loose) Columns (Genesis, loose) ____________________________________________________________ STUFF I'M LOOKING FOR: (Now, before you start to think, "This idiot wants to trade five Combat cartridges for THIS?," bear in mind, I'm willing to trade a good chunk of my stuff for these items. I'm perfectly open to partial trades, also. Let me know what you've got!) At the moment, I'm on a real TRS-80 kick... TRS-80/COLOR COMPUTER: CoCo 1/2 game cartridges: Polaris, Microbes, Tetris, Androne, Spidercide, Color Baseball, Video Pinball, Football, Tennis, Skiing, Monster Maze, Mega Bug, Space Assault, Canyon Climber, CastleGuard, Dragonfire, Slay The Nereis, Clowns & Balloons, Stellar Life Line, Demon Attack, Dino Wars, Microchess, Star Blaze CoCo Cassette Games Tandy Deluxe Joysticks (Kraft-type) Replacement/Spare keyboard for CoCo 1 or CoCo 2 (or dead CoCo 1 or CoCo2, as long as the keyboard's good) TRS-80 Model II software (8" floppies) ...but I'm also on the lookout for this stuff... ATARI: (cartridges; loose only. Cassettes, w/ case preferred) Atari 400 Computer System Atari 410 Cassette Unit Atari 810 Disk Drive Replacement Keyboard for Atari 800 400/800 Cassette games 400/800 Cartridges: Specifically Pac-Man, Blue Max, Miner 2049er, Super Breakout, Gateway To Apshai, Star Wars: The Arcade Game...let me know what you've got! XE Light Gun Coleco Gemini (only need the console, in decent shape) 2600 4-switch mother board (working) or working 4-switch with crappy case (my Vader needs a board swap!) Heavy Sixer case (or dead heavy sixer) 2600: Sears pic label carts: Adventure, Chase, Poker Plus, Basketball, Race, Stellar Track, Capture 2600: Miner 2049er, Radar Lock, Dark Chambers, Xenophobe, Ikari Warriors, Motorodeo (Atari red label), Laser Gates, Tapper, Spy Hunter, Communist Mutants From Space, Rampage, other unusal/rare-ish games/items...let me know what you've got! 2600: Romscanner, Videoplexer 2600: Tron Joystick, Starplex Controller, Zircon Video Command Joysticks, Kraft Mazemaster Joysticks, other weird controllers 5200: Gyruss, Zenji, Beamrider, Zone Ranger, Rescue on Fractalus, Keystone Kapers, HERO 7800: Dark Chambers, Mario Bros., Xenophobe, Ballblazer 7800: Joypad Controllers PONG: Sears Speedway IV INTELLIVISION: (loose only) Dig Dug, Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling, Fathom, White Water, Super Cobra, Tutankham, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, ECS games AQUARIUS: (Boxed preferred, loose okay) Burgertime, Chess, Utopia Aquarius Printer Aquarius Tape Drive COLECOVISION/ADAM: (loose only) Star Wars: The Arcade Game, River Raid, Galaxian, Centipede, Gateway To Apshai, Frogger II, Nova Blast, Pitfall, Omega Race, Frenzy Roller Controller Super Action Controllers ADAM Computer System/Expansion Module #3 (working) ODYSSEY 2: Dynasty!, Power Lords (loose only), Brazilian Parker Bros. titles Odyssey 2 console w/ detachable joysticks (9-pin type) CHANNEL F: (boxed games preferable, loose okay) Videocarts 6, 8, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25 TIMEX/SINCLAIR: Game tapes (Timex/Sinclair and ZX81) Timex/Sinclair 1500 Computer Timex/Sinclair 2040 Printer IBM/DOS: Games disks...action/arcade games; the older, the better! (Copies okay; must run on a 286) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TI-99/4A: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Protector II, Super Demon Attack Disk games (copies okay) Cassette games COMMODORE: C64: games disks (Copies okay...let me know what you've got!) C64: game cartridges...let me know what you've got! C64 Cassettes Commodore Plus/4 Computer System or Commodore 16 Computer System VIC-20 Computer System w/ power supply PET/CBM system _________________________________________________________________ In case it isn't obvious, I'm not trying -nor am I expecting- to get all the things on my want list, or even most of them, with what I've got to trade. Just saying what I've got and what I'm after. If you see something you like, make an offer, even if what you've got isn't on the "want list" above. Thanks for reading!
  8. I was just checking out the 2600 version of Super Cobra. I am amazed with how the 2600 can be pushed beyond previous limitation, with the use of the DSP chip. I am not knowledgeable enough in HOW the DSP works, but it appears that ONE thing the DSP does is manages the placement (reuse-ability) of the 2 Players. Is this possible, because the VCS is so simple? What I mean is, would Antic and GTIA get in the way of any possibility of on-board enhancement chips for the A8/5200? Given the sloppy introduction of the 5200, the controller reliability issues, and the inexcusable, original, pack-in game, the 5200 never got to a point to require add-on chips. From what I understand, the 5200 was just starting to overtake the ColecoVision when they pulled the plug. Sad that it had its life cut short. Could an add-on chip handle calculations, to allow even more on-screen 5200 Players, like the 2600. I realize this can be done in code, since the 5200 has more memory than the VCS, but would an add-on chip offload the burden? Are there limitations to the 5200 cartridge slot/rear bus, which would make this an obstacle? Even a "SGM" type add-on would have been cool. My gut tells me that it may only work on the VCS, because programmers are already "racing the beam." Just curious. I wish the 5200 would get some love with a Harmony-like upgrade.
  9. Hi all, I'm currently selling my cart-only copy of Bounty Bob Strikes Back for the 5200 that I recently acquired off of a friend. I wanted to share the post with all the folks here at Atari Age in hopes of drumming up some interest in the sale. I know my initial asking price is a bit steep but I only recently found out how rare this particular game is and honestly could just really use the money right now. If you know someone who may be seriously interested, feel free to share this thread or the post itself--I greatly appreciate it! The more traffic the better, of course. Thanks all eBay Auction -- Item Number: 222582289270
  10. GONE/SOLD! INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW FOR ATARI 5200 This keypad overlay set was made to help fill a void that that exists in the Atari 5200 overlay library. Some new overlays were made for titles that previously didn’t have overlays and others got a small visual upgrade where possible. Only 100 75 (See Update Below) sets of this collection are being produced. Once these sets are gone, they're gone. This home-brew 60 overlay set includes: • 29 pairs of Atari 5200 styled controller overlays for titles listed. • One pair limited edition metallic controller overlay keypad covers • 1 Limited edition metallic “Atari 5200 Super System” cartridge label. Overlays are shrink wrapped in a great looking Atari 5200 styled mini game box. In all there are 30 pairs (60 overlays total) in this set. I have 50 sets made up and ready to go right now. If I sell out of those I will make more, but I will not make more than 100 75 sets total (See update below). After the sale for the Super Overlays sets I will be selling the overlays individually (minus the special metallic keypad overlay pair and cart label which are exclusives to this set). The cost is $50.00 per set (plus shipping). That puts the cost just below $0.85 per overlay (individually they will cost $2.00 per overlay which is my standard price for all controller overlays). Pricing is as followed. Each Overlay Set is $50.00 USD plus shipping. Shipping inside the U.S.A. will be USPS Priority Mail $7.00 (which includes tracking number). Shipping to Canada is First Class International mail USPS $12.00 (which includes tracking number). Shipping anywhere else in the world is $22.50. I only accept payment via PayPal. The stated shipping cost is for up to 4 copies. Any more than that might require more shipping (please inquire). TO ORDER: PM me with the subject line “SUPER OVERLAYS OFFER" and state how many sets you wish to order and what country it will be shipped to. Be sure to include your PayPal email address in your PM. This is so I can send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I should have your order in the mail within 24-36 hours (not including weekends/holidays) [this time frame is for the first 50 copies sold only. More time will be needed for additional copies to be made]. Remember there are only 100 75 0 copies to be sold and no more will be made. Orders are first come first serve (Basically in order of PM's received)! Project Background: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/256340-interest-check-new-reproduction-overlays/ ***UPDATE*** SINCE I DIDN'T MAKE ALL 100 COPIES OF THIS SET AT THE START OF THIS PROJECT I'VE DECIDE (DUE TO TIME NEEDED FOR OTHER PROJECTS) TO REVISE DOWN THE TOTAL NUMBER OF AVAILABLE SETS TO 75. THIS NUMBER REFLECTS THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF SETS THAT HAVE BEEN PRODUCED AS OF 11/9/2017. ONCE ALL REMAINING COPIES ARE SOLD (CURRENTLY 18 15 0 ) I WILL NO LONGER PRODUCE THIS SET.
  11. Hello everyone, I am selling my extras, doubles of my collection, look at the pics. SOLD! Rescue on Fractalus! NIB (15$ + actual shipping and PP fees) SOLD! MoonPatrol NIB (15$ + actual shipping and PP fees) (Atari Corp version, no shrinkwrap, bought from Atari sales Video 61) SOLD! Space Dungeon CIB (35$ shipped) Includes the Controller holder (The cartridge is like new but the box is in really bad shape!) GONE! Defender CIB (Free if you buy Space Dungeon) GONE! Pac-man CIB Free if you buy two games Let me know if you have questions or PM me if you want to make a purchase!
  12. I noticed one thing unusual about right handed joysticks. The Sega-made Sega Master System joystick, which has a right handed joystick, maps left-to-left, which means if you’re rapid firing the 1 button, you’re rapid firing with your middle finger if you want access to both buttons simultaneously, and boy, that is tiring. Thankfully, the Beeshu joystick for the Master System and Turbo Grafx 16 have a right-handed stick mode, AND the buttons are mapped with the main button on the index finger. (the one you press fastest) which for most games work perfectly. But I own one game for the TG-16, and know of another I might like which might a problem with, has the buttons reversed. Namely Side Arms, and possibly Pac-Land have te same problem. With a normal joypad and a Turbo Stick, and the Beeeshu Ultimate Stick when left handed, have Left shoot in Side Arms and (assuming the controls are the way I think) Left Run on the Left, and the respective rights on the right. I also own a Colecovision Tutankham and Front Line, which have a similar problem. But because the right handed mapping is Index-to-index, It’s reversed. I don’t know if the controllers are as easy as a pin swap or not. I know some machines are, some machines aren't. I also assume it’s cheaper to buy a physical pin swapper for a system that works for instead of an electronic converter, especially if one doesn’t currently exist. If a PIn-swap adapter can be made for the TurboGrafx 16 that a) is cheaper than the Tototek PS2-> TG16 adapter, and b) has less delay because there’s no processing, I’d like to purchase one, and use it with my Beeshu. But if not, I’ll use a PS2 -> TG16 adapter from Tototek and flip the buttons on my discrete input telephone operator switchboard device. By the way, I only see 2-button mapping for the TG16 on the Tototek website, I heard Street Fighter has a 6 button mode, and Forgotten Worlds has a 3 button mode. Any other "more than 2 button" games I should be aware of? And does anyone own a Tototek PS2-> TG16 or PC Engine adapter, AND a 3 button and/or a 6 button game? Also wondering if any games for a pre-Genesis system have a similar problem with righthanding the game. Especially ones where there is no software-based button swap option.
  13. Here are some vintage Atari 5200 I currently have up for sale, as I am unloading almost all of my cartridges since I already have ROMs of them. $15.00 each including free CONUS shipping, complete with instruction manuals and original overlays where applicable. Here are the ones from Activision: ones from CBS Electronics: some from Sega: and a couple more here: PM me if interested, PayPal only please Note to Albert: More cartridges will be uploaded to this one topic soon, I will be selling them in salvos, but for now, I am just selling these.
  14. while digging through my box of games. And it has the manual!
  15. Up for sale are four (4) flash / multi carts for systems I no longer have. I used them briefly when I bought them only to test them and see their capabilities. I fashioned some old VHS cases to house each cartridge and custom-made the insert from online documentation. The memory cards shown in the photos are included and can be formatted clean at buyer's request. I ship internaltionally out of Canada (C1A1K7) so if you're wondering what shipping costs will be, simply visit CanadaPost.ca and find out. Each cartridge/package measures 13cm x 21cm x 3cm x 0.25kg I accept PayPal only. Here are the flash/multi carts for sale ... Atari 5200 128-in-1 Flash Multi-Cart from Atarimax - asking $50 SOLD Atari 7800 Cuttle Cart 2 - asking $160 SOLD Channel F Multi-Cart - asking $100 SOLD Sega Genesis EverDrive Multi-Cart - asking $50.00 SOLD PM me if you have any questions regarding this sale. Thanks for looking!
  16. I would like to start a thread, to catalog on AtariAge, my various Barb's Classic Console Dust Covers. You will see pics of my various Classic Consoles, with their associated AV / Power cables installed, which clearly illustrate that Barb's Custom Dust Covers will easily fit the consoles they were designed for with cabling still plugged into the units. Barb's Dust Covers are top notch quality and I highly recommend them. Her extensive line of dust covers can be purchased through her eBay Store: eBay Store: papa-nannysfunstuff Enjoy... Colecovision ColecoVision Roller Controller Colecovision Expansion Module #1 Intellivision - 2609A NES Vectrex UPCOMING SOON: Atari 5200 Atari 5200 Roller Controller Atari 2600 Vader Atari Heavy Six'er Intellivision II
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