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Found 64 results

  1. Today I was looking around for future Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog article information and I found a cool article on YouTube about some plushies that were a little obscure. I am proud to say that Bubsy may be one of the most rare video game mascot plushies out there. I've enjoyed looking for Bubsy merchandise, and I believe I will just try to build my own re-creation of a Bubsy plushie at this point. As we have been talking on the Bubsy Fan Server there are over 50 Bubsy fans on there, and naturally we all want a Bubsy plush. If you have one, cherish it, love it, feed it tacos. You got something really cool there. In the video they talk about the Bubsy that JennyN was kind enough to take a picture of. I think it is cool that she has is and based on her dad being a developer on Bubsy 2, will hang on to it. Good to see the Bubster getting that kind of love. Michael Berlyn has donated his Bubsy to a museum in New York, so soon many kids will get to see the Bubsy plush... and I might have to fly up there and pay the plush a visit. So anyway, here is the YouTube video enjoy... A quick screen capture. Looks like a plush was given out for the TV pilot too: Here is a little bit about JennyN in the comments of the video: Spooky Deer fun stuff for the bubsy plush stories: JennyN is actually a youtuber! her name is Jenny Nicholson and she covers topics like wild books sold on amazon, star wars, and my little pony! she was actually the voice behind most of the cast of friendship is witchcraft (along with sherclop pones). she recently-ish (a couple weeks ago) tweeted about the bubsy plushes she owned! she still has both and isn't going to sell either of them. she's pretty entertaining to watch and i really recommend her- seeing her mentioned in this video is pretty wild considering i've been binge rewatching her videos lately lmao ----- Originally posted here... https://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15977-cruisin-youtube-wacky-world-of-promotional-plushies-june-2019/
  2. "The story of the world’s greatest video game mascot, as it’s never been told before! Let’s discuss how great Bubsy T. Bobcat is … according to Bubsy T. Bobcat!" Written by Bubsy on May 30, 2019 https://tedium.co/2019/05/30/bubsy-history-video-games/?utm_source=Tedium&utm_campaign=Tedium_05_30_2019&utm_medium=email&fbclid=IwAR1XQU6jLmZiyDiXtC8Fuq5t2YfC5sGSQxMcGQt2lwHsodpES6JZfX03V3w Good article where Bubsy talks about himself. The Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog is referenced! Enjoy!
  3. I bought my copies of Paws on Fire I went to the local Gamestop. I asked for Bubsy, and from behind the manager of the store had a copy of Paws on Fire ready for me. The manager knew because I bought Woolies Strike Back at the same place years before. As I was buying my regular and limited edition Ps4 copies he mentioned that for an Indie, mostly because it was a game under $50 unlike other games, the sales for the game had been quite good and he almost didn't have a copy for me. And so when Twitter Bubsy had this to say... Link: https://www.pcgamer.com/from-bubsy-to-system-shock-how-indie-devs-bring-old-videogames-back-to-life/ .... I was not surprised that an article would be written. A pretty good read and as Bubsy says there is a picture of him there so worth a read. Here are some other fun mayhem that Twitter Bubsy has been up to... Hope people in Korea like Bubsy, and if they make a specific Korean copy I will try to buy one! And as a reminder, a few more days are left on sale where you buy Paws on Fire (on Steam) you get a free Bubsy Two-Fur!! Originally posted: https://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15921-cruisin-pcgamercom-article-on-indie-gaming-and-bubsy-may-2019/
  4. SpongeFox finished the game a few days ago (I was amazed) and after about three nights of solid play for hours I was able to collect the 75 hero tokens needed to take on Oinker, the third baws (boss). At the moment I love playing the Bubsy, Woolie, and Arnold levels with Virgil levels seeming very laborious. I HATE the pick ups in Virgil's levels... currently. I LOVE the boss fights for the second and third boss. LOVE it. . They took a while to get through, but somehow I felt challenged, not frustrated. I liking a lot about the new game. The way Bubsy as a character was presented. The other characters. After flying as the Woolie and seeing such an enjoyable character it just opens so many questions on who these Woolies really are? And more so, the nature of all the Woolies that Bubsy bopped. It is cool that they had a truce between Bubsy and the Woolies in this one. And yes the Woolie was quite helpful in reaching Oinker. Virgil is likable. And Arnold rolling down a corridor... well, I've always been a fan of games like Stun Runner, Gyruss, Tempest, and Tube on the Atari Jaguar. Great fun. I currently have 61% of the trophies, and I look forward to earning the rest. And there are competitive score boards for EACH LEVEL, for maps, and combined scores. I could see me competing against other Bubsy players for a good while. And love the new shirts. . Especially the rock one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So in other news since the release of Bubsy on Metacrtic, Paws on Fire is remaining at around 7.4 to 8.0 as a score. Not bad considering Woolies Strike back after 118 user votes currently sits at a 5.8. Here is some of the activity we've seen on this... There are 68 votes with 18 reviews, so what are those reviews? So that is all there is for now. And make sure to check out the Bubsy Fan Group on Discord! A lot of people have said it is a refreshing group of fandom that reminds people how fandom used to be. I didn't notice that at first, but yes, I think they are right. . Original entry: https://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15899-cruisin-twitter-bubsy-defeats-oinker-may-2019/
  5. Today on Metacritic, there were a lot of opinions given about the new Bubsy game, Paws on Fire. The following was a message from Bubsy on Twitter: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/bubsy-paws-on-fire At the end of the day the game had the following score: And some of you have asked what is my review of Paws on Fire? We'll here is what I wrote: Original blog entry with pictures can be found here: https://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15896-cruisin-metacritic-paws-on-fire-is-smokin-may-2019/
  6. As of right now the countdown timer should be over for Steam and PS4 users! From all of us at the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, and friends, Have fun out there Bubsy gamers! Picture from SpongeFox.. Blog originally here: https://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15874-we-are-go-for-launch-for-bubsy-paws-on-fire/
  7. Today is the big launch day for Bubsy: Paws on Fire. First off, this bit of art from SpongeFox And a little word from the Bubster. Looks like we are now at his birthday... And with that link he gives you can hear tunes from Paws on Fire! https://twitter.com/Stemage/status/1128378944690868231 And finally, another picture from SpongeFox inspired by the talk on the Bubsy Discord server on that Bubsy is to DeeDee if Virgil Reality is Dexter. It works...
  8. Good morning Bubsy fans! First off, went ahead and bought Bubsy: Paws on Fire on the Playstation store. Will be out on the 16th it says and gives the little countdown clock. Got $5 off so only like $19.99 till the release date instead of $25. Cool cool.. Currently working toward lining up the physical copies for the PS4 and especially the Switch. Switch version seems to only be at Amazon BTW, but you'll get that gist here in a bit. Tried Game Stop since I bought the last game there. The owner even encouraged me to come by and pre-order it, but his floor folk couldn't find it in the system. :/ So bought a Tron Kingdom Hearts figure instead. (the online site is not showing the game yet either, but hopefully that will change.) But there are places you can buy Bubsy. For starters, Target has the Playstation 4 version: Bubsy on Twitter also said this about Wal-Mart... So far there not anything for Bubsy in the Wal-Mart online search, but if they had Bubsy in the stores that would be AMAZING progress for the Bubster as he was not featured there for his last game. Amazon of course has featured the new Bubsy game for some time. Oh BTW, haven't given it much thought, but how about Humble Bundle? Yes the Steam version is out there and currently on digital discount. Let's see what else did the Bubster say on Twitter? Oh yeh, Best Buy... They have the regular and limited editions of the Playstation 4 version up for sale. Checking older tweets, GOG.com does not currently have the Steam version listed, but did sale the last Bubsy game. Another online store that has sold Bubsy in the past, Retroism, also has the Steam version of Paws on Fire! That is what I have for now. Only two other things to report. One, Bubsy is a long time Bugs Bunny fan, as recently found out on Twitter... And finally, today is May the 4th, as in Star Wars day or "May the 4th be with you". And a video game store that likes the Bubster a whole lot, Game Over, will have a 20% sale today. But that reminds me of the best news of all, MAY IS BUBSY MONTH! Yep a star as big as Bubsy doesn't need a whole day, he needs a whole month!! The month Bubsy Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind was released for the SNES thus giving the Nintendo fans a Sonic like platformer for the first time! (And then later released on Sega Genesis. All on the Standee you can find in our 2013 entry.) So... HAPPY BUBSY MONTH BUBSY FANS!!! Original location: http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15830-cruisin-retail-for-the-bubster-may-2019/
  9. As Avengers Endgame is playing in theaters Bubsy fans are looking at the Endgame for the wait for the new Bubsy game "Paws On Fire". Bubsy on Twitter even commented about it... There is quite a lot of other fan chatter on Twitter, And Rusty pointed out this gem from last year. How I missed it I don't know, but it's pretty good for Yuke playing... And finally, the two deals going on right now for Bubsy games, the pre-order for Paws on Fire and the discount for Woolies Strike Back...
  10. Newest Bubsy game is 20% in the Playstation store up to the release date! Bubsy wishes Happy Easter! Fan response... And one other fan entry... (A good poster shot from the upcoming game)
  11. Interesting news for Bubsy on twitter... Here is one of the release of the new game and that it is coming out in May! (Gamestop had no info on this BTW when I had them check) BBS... the Bubsy Broadcasting System. I'm a fan of this since I have been calling BBSs Bulletin Board Systems) long before the internet. Since Bubsy is kinda stuck in the 90s this sorta fits.... And unrelated but still an interesting off topic...
  12. Art from SpongeFox right before the time ran out... Here is some love Bubsy got on twitter before and after the kickstarter.....
  13. There are four days left on the Bubsy kickstarter to raise $25,000. So far the counter is at $16,204 Which is actually impressive when you do the math and realize Bubsy has 405 backers! To help with this Bubsy fan Rusty Everhart has doned the Bubsy costume for some promotional moments to advertise for the kickstarter: At the very least the kickstarter has shown that Bubsy does indeed have some dedicated followers. You can check out the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bubsy/bubsy-paws-on-fire-spicy-extras
  14. A quick mention of a sales flyer on ebay that is featured as I write this with a unique Bubsy signature and paw print Auction can be found here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Accolade-Video-Games-Sales-Brochure-1990s-Sega-Genesis-Super-Nintendo-Bubsy/303057668589?hash=item468fa509ed:g:4jAAAOSwJrdcYHJz
  15. https://twitter.com/BubsyThe_Bobcat/status/1096144860589912064
  16. Bubsy has a kickstarter for the next game coming out. Really exciting stuff, check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bubsy/bubsy-paws-on-fire-spicy-extras Original blog entry here: http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15490-bubsy-kickstarter-for-paws-on-fire-february-2019/
  17. For this new years I've had a blast getting a visit from Kevmos3 and the Playstation Classics system. In that one we were able to play Bubsy 3D and the result was amazing. Check it out...
  18. Bubsy and his Paws on Fire gang give the warmest whisker wishes this Christmas! (art by SpongeFox)
  19. Today we have a late Halloween edition. As I was recording play throughs of Woolies Strike Back I came across a glitch. I hit the button for the screenshots or recordings after selecting a level. The level would load and come up in the wait screen. On certain levels (shown below) instead of a Woolie you get a winged/horned creature with arms. Once you start the level the character turns into a Woolie and everything is normal from there. So more than likely this is a throw back to the Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams game that Black Forest Games made before using the same game engine for Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back. Checking a lot of screen shots of the Giana Sisters game I don't see those characters, but so far this seems the most likely scenario. If those characters were not in that game, maybe this from an earlier game, or even an earlier concept character for the Bubsy game itself. Would be awesome if we got the skinny from Black Forest themselves. ---------------------------------------- So SpongeFox is always creating new Bubsy art on a fairly regular basis and I believe the newest Bubsy game inspired her because I had a few submitted for posting here. Here is what she had to say on this one: "I remember doing a really old drawing featuring Bubsy and Conker. It had Bubsy feeling sick to his stomach at the sight of "Bubsy 3D" and Conker actually javing a teal bad fur day. Since I couldn't find it, I did a drawing of Bubsy again feeling ill cause of "that game", only this time, he has the twins with him." http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15243-cruizin-bubsy-twisted-dreams-november-2019/
  20. Good morning! So the news of the 6th Bubsy game "Paws on Fire" has stirred up some excitement on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and it is always fun to see the activity on Twitter. These are locations that Bubsy news sent out, Bubsy fans are talking, and "Bubsy" himself tends to show up from time to time. There are other places like Discord that I keep getting notifications from but I have no idea how to use. . There is the Bubsy Bobcat group on DeviantArt. There are also Bubsy conversations on the Steam Forums, And there are the conversations on the Playstation Network groups. We'll feature those to the bottom of this message thread. But first, here is the latest top ten on the Bubsy Woolies Strike Back Leaderboard: And, as a added bonus today, we have the latest Bubsy art from Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog staffer, SpongeFox! Title of this picture is "Bubsy Supreme" So when on the Playstation Networks check out "Bubsy Bobcat" and "Bubsy Forever" ALSO, want to be a staffer of the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog? Bubsy fandom has grown since the release of Woolies Strikes Back last year and there is a lot to keep up with. Want to be a Bubsy reporter? Submit Bubsy Fan art? Even write articles and reviews about Bubsy? Or just want to give a heads up about a place to find more Bubsy? Just reply to this blog post or send me a PM. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15225-cruizin-psn-november-2018-fan-comments/ Here is some dialog from both.
  21. Was searching for a Bubsy figure... why... oh yeh, waiting for the Bubsy pop figure... but in the meantime I found someone making a 3D print of a Bubsy figure. Cool. I ordered one, can give a review on that when it comes in. https://www.shapeways.com/product/CGMXYLAUU/bubsy-3d-could-ve-been-a-lot-better?optionId=60402261&li=ostatus
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