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Found 112 results

  1. Hi, I'm NeoGeoThai and I'm in contact with the official SEGA reseller in Thailand. I sell brand new Megadrives 2 from a real old stock.The reseller had them since the 90' in their warehouse. The Megadrives are genuine , I opened one to check the chips. They are real SEGA eproms and the console was made in Japan. ASIA version has a Japanese case but a PAL 50Hz board. The games are also in ASIA/PAL version , the cartridge has the same shape as the Japanese one. Prices , I send everything from Thailand , in Economy/Parcel SAL with a tracking number: 1 Megadrive = 70 euros with shipping fees 2 Megadrive = 130 euros with shipping fees 4 Megadrive = 240 euros with shipping fees 6 Megadrive = 360 euros with shipping fees *Shipping fees for Belgium and Brazil are higher , please ask to get the rate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games , brand new, ASIA version: 1 Captain Planet = 15 euros 2 Green Dog = 10 euros 3 Batman Returns = 10 euros 4 Sonic 2 = 10 euros 5 Battle Toads = 15 euros 6 Ecco the dolphin = 10 euros 7 Streets of rage 2 = 15 euros 8 Fatal Fury = 10 euros 9 Outrun 2019 = 10 euros 10 Tales Spin = 10 euros 11 Ariel the mermaid = 10 euros 12 Jurassik park = 10 euros 13 Mega games I = 10 euros 14 Mega games II = 10 euros 15 Mega games III = 10 euros 16 Street fighter II = 10 euros 17 World of illusion = 10 euros 18 G-Lock = 10 euros 19 HR Boxing = 10 euros 20 Side Pocket = 10 euros Thanks
  2. http://s950.photobucket.com/user/JaxGrimwulf/library/atari%2... Atari 2600 Shipping 4.00 includes bubble wrapper envelope Robot Tank blue label Air-Sea Battle $1.00 Air Raiders $4.00 Asteroids x2 $1.00 Atlantis $8.00 Battlezone $2.00 Berzerk $1.00 Bowling $1.00 Boxing $2.00 Breakout$1.00 Chopper command $1 Combat x 2 $1 Commando $5 Crackpots $5 Defender x 3 $1 Demon attack $1 Dolphin $2 Frogs and Flies $2 Home run $2 Indy 500 $1 Joust $2 Laser blast $1 Millipede $3 Missile command x 2 $2 Mouse trap $3 Night Driver $1 Oink! x2 $2 outlaw $1 Pacman x 3 $2 Plaque Attack $7 Pole Position $1 Real sports Tennis $1 Solaris $2 Spider fighter x 2 $2 Space invaders x 2 $1 Space war $1 Spider-Droid Starmaster $1 Super Baseball $10 Super Breakout $2 Video Pinball $1 Colecovision Centipede No label on top small hole in middle of cover art $4 Ladybug Label on top barely there front cover half there $3 Sega Genesis Controller Shipping $4.00 3 generic $5.00 each Sega Megafire $10.00 Ascii Pad SG-6 $5.00 Champs Power Pad Plus $5.00 Generic Turbo with blockbuster sticker on the back. $5.00 System Shipping Negotiable Sega Genesis 1601 w/power adapter/rf adapter $30.00 2 X Sega Genesis MK - 1631 w/power adapter/rf adapter $25.00 each Genesis MK-1631 w/power adapter $20.00 http://s950.photobucket.com/user/JaxGrimwulf/library/Se... Sega Game Gear Lemmings Boxed Sealed $40 price negotiable http://s950.photobucket.com/user/JaxGrimwulf/library/Lemming...
  3. Hi, everyone. I have an extra Sega Genesis (model 2), CD (model 2), and 32x that I'd be willing to trade for an NEC TurboDuo or toward a jaguar CD. I have a custom made power supply (like a laptop style) that splits to all three Sega devices, so you only need one plug to power the system. If I don't get any takers on the TurboDuo or Jag CD, I'd consider trading the 32x for an Atari 5200, also. Let me know if you're interested! Have a good one.
  4. ok, I'm so tired of not being able to sell my stuff on ebay and then having ebay charge me for the stuff i do sell. recently had someone "buy it now" for $300 worth of my things and then NOT PAY ME. So I'm over it. Game Gear: 1 glitchy system (no sound, display is dark, but visible when the knob is all the way to the one side) otherwise WORKING. Black, with both battery covers -- no plug, sorry (pics upon request) Tails Adventure game, I'll throw in a broken hard-plastic-case too for shipping purposes, cause it's broken, just wanna get rid of it. GAME IS WORKING IN LIKE-NEW CONDITION, cartridge only. (pics upon request) ^willing to group these 2 together. PM for negotiations. Tails adventure -- looking for around $22 shipped game gear -- i donno, $11 shipped or less. NES: Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt cart only (is the dark-blue label variant with no seal-of-quality) -- asking $4 shipped for one, or cheaper if you combine with another game or item Castlevania (yep, the original. cart only) -- asking $14 shipped both working great condition (pics upon request) Game Boy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (working, cart only, good condition) -- asking $6 shipped 5200: these are all great condition carts that I was thinking about sending to Albert for re-use as Tempest carts, but he never replied to my PM, so... his loss... All are working, NO OVERLAYS INCLUDED, ALL CART ONLY LOT OF 9 GAMES, would like to keep them together... Pole Position Dig Dug Jungle Hunt Joust Super Breakout Qix Space Invaders Pac-Man Defender --Asking $36 shipped 2600: trying to sell these as a lot, would really rather not split them up, but might consider swapping a game for another, EXCEPT COMBAT, YOU WILL GET COMBAT AND YOU WILL LIKE IT! lol all working, all cart only. LOT 1:: 5 GAMES (3 are paddle games) Space War (atari picture) Night Driver (atari picture) STREET RACER (atari picture) Super Breakout (atari picture) Airlock (data age) for the lot, --Asking $9 shipped LOT 2:: 8 GAMES Combat (atari text screw exposed) Football (atari picture) missile command (atari picture, top of front label damage) Pac-Man (atari picture) STREET RACER (Atari picture) Asteroids (Atari picture) Star Raiders (atari picture) Sky Diver (atari text) for the lot, -- Asking $11 shipped LOT 3:: 12 GAMES Combat (atari text) Demons To Diamonds (atari picture) Keystone Kapers Vanguard Crystal Castles (no copyright) Pac-Man (atari picture) RIVER RAID II (sexy activision special label, ooo la la) Star Voyager (imagic) Asteroids (atari picture) GHOSTBUSTERS (sexy activision blue label, oooo) MISSILE COMMAND (atari picture, scotch tape over end label) Racquetball (Apollo) for the lot, -- Asking $34 shipped NINTENDO 64 Console(#1)(original gray) no power cord, no controllers, working, good condition, no door cover for jumper pak -- Includes Nintendo RF Modulator --Asking i donno $13 shipped or less Nintendo 64 Console(#2)(original gray) no power cord, no controllers, working, good condition, includes jumper pak (with door cover) -- Includes RF switch cord (by Performance) also includes Star Wars Episode I: Racer game cart only, working, good condition --Asking i donno $17 shipped Playstation (original) console no cords at all, no controllers, tested working --Asking i donno $10 shipped OGRE BATTLE (Limited Edition/ March of the Black Queen) Comes in a single-cd case only, instead of the double, like it's supposed to. Includes Disc, Instructions & BACK cover art ONLY. tested working. --Asking $42 shipped ---- SOLD!! Playstation NOT WORKING Rayman (greatest Hits) complete, instructions & artwork in great condition BUT THE GAME IS NOT WORKING, scratched beyond repair IMO jewel case also has small crack in the front --Asking i donno, $4 shipped Atari 2600 NOT WORKING CARTS Outer Space (text 17 tele-games, no end label, DEAD-- NOT WORKING, cleaned the hell out of it, only displays a black screen) asking $3 shipped or free with any purchase if you want it. Fast Eddie (20th century fox) screw exposed, DEAD-- NOT WORKING, apparently it has a scratch in the contacts somewhere, can't get it to play) asking $3 shipped or free with any purchase if you want it. XBOX 360 Blue Dragon (FIRST DISC ONLY -- THIS IS A 3 DISC GAME) in a generic blockbuster case. no instructions. WORKING --Asking $5 shipped or cheaper if you combine with something else DVDS: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION original DVDs with original paper-insert-sheets. will sell as a set or individually, just ask. Collection 0:4 (episodes 12-14) Collection 0:5 (episodes 15-17) Collection 0:6 (episodes 18-20) Collection 0:7 (episodes 21-23) Collection 0:8 Final Genesis (episodes 24-26) --Asking $6 shipped for each or $25 for all 5. VIRTUAL BOY: (SYSTEM A) 1 full-working system (this means, both sides sound is working, both eyes are fully working properly with NO glitching or glitch lines at all) includes EYE VISOR (see pics for details) & STAND! (includes the classic hairline cracks, still fully functional) & Mario's Tennis (cart only, sorry no dust cover) Also, a controller & AC Adapter unit (PLUG NOT INCLUDED!) All you need to get this working is a Super Nintendo plug or a generic cheap multi-snes plug (the ones that dont work with snes, they still work with virtual boy because it needs less power) Battery pak not included. the visor looks like someone got a tiny spot of paint or something on it, no big deal. also, not gonna lie, this was kept in a smoke-free home for 3 or so years, and the visor still smells of a smoker from the previous owner, it's not bad, but it is noticeable if you're not a smoker. i'd spray it with febreeze, but i have none right now... no big deal really, hardly noticeable. --Asking $115 shipped, and let me stress to you how RARE it is to find a FULLY WORKING virtual boy.. I've owned 13 total virtual boys, most were working fully, about 4 had glitches or one eye not working, leave them alone for 2 years and now about 9 of those have glitches or one eye not working. These things are ticking time bombs, finding a working one is a great accomplishment. I suggest learning how to fix one for the future..... too bad i'm too lazy to do that, otherwise i'd have a lot more fully-working virtual boys up for sale right now. 1 working but glitchy system. (SYSTEM B) SPECIFICS: Previously thought working fine until I tested it for the first time in two years about 2 weeks ago. tested again right now and still glitchy. Left eye working perfectly, Right eye glitches randomly, non-stop. includes controller and AC adapter (NO PLUG) only. AC Adapter is missing the door hinge, but that doesn't affect anything. it looks like the piece where the stand is supposed to go has been either melted a little or like... someone tried to glue a stand to it... still functions normally, you can attach a stand to it if you wish. NO VISOR, STAND OR GAME INCLUDED. http://i42.tinypic.com/wgxhyr.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/211ks92.jpg Asking-- $28 shipped 1 (possibly fully-) working (but possibly glitchy) system. (SYSTEM C) SPECIFICS: Previously thought working perfectly fine until i tested it for the first time in two years about 2 weeks ago then one of the eyes was slightly glitchy.. Now, testing it again just now,the right eye works perfectly, the left eye works fine except possibly very small almost unnoticeable glitch line (i tested with mario's tennis and i could see a small glitch line over mario's face only.) Ok, I left it on for 20 mins and the glitch line disappeared. turned system off, then back on again and it appears to be fully-working now with no glitch-lines. SELLING AS-IS, CAN'T BE SURE IT WON'T GLITCH UP AGAIN. Including 1 controller, AC-Adapter (NO PLUG), Stand base & Stand legs (Re-Make your own stand!) you'll be taking a slight risk on this one, but I'd say you're fine as long as you don't let it sit for a year. --working perfect as of right now. Asking-- $70 Shipped (WILL INCLUDE Mario's Tennis for $5 extra though I am NOT selling this game separately) http://i44.tinypic.c...m/120jj94.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/sp91fb.jpg 1 working, but glitchy system (SYSTEM D) SPECIFICS: Previously thought working perfectly fine until I tested it for the first time in two years about 2 weeks ago then one of the eyes was glitchy and i think the other just didn't work. Now, testing it again, this was actually kind of fun, lol... I made a discovery that the flash of my phone was actually affecting the glitches of the screens! I flashed the right eye and it now works perfectly (possibly one small glitch line), though the left eye is still glitchy, it's funny though because when I flash it, the glitch changes, though I cannot get it working properly. ...ok so now the right eye is slightly more glitchy, but not as bad at the left eye. includes 1 controller, AC adapter (NO PLUG) and original stand base (no legs, see picture-- build your own stand!), no games. AC adapter is missing the original sticker on the back of it, but no big deal there. Asking-- $30 shipped http://i43.tinypic.c...m/11tamia.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/2vv2srd.jpg all virtual boys sold as-is even though i tested them all, they're just too unreliable of a system. VIRTUAL BOY GAMES: 1) Jack Bros. (NTSC USA version) cart only with dust cover. --Asking $130 shipped (very tiny spot of label damage in bottom corner) -- --SOLD!! 3-D Tetris (USA game) & Nester's Funky Bowling both cart only with dust covers, the dust cover for funky bowling has tiny dents like someone chewed on it, but it works perfectly normal and still protects as it should. --Asking $75 shipped for both or $60 for 3-D Tetris & $25 for Nester's Funky Bowling. http://oi44.tinypic.com/14ucnrr.jpg I HAVE SEVERAL MORE GLITCHY VIRTUAL BOY SYSTEMS FOR SALE, WHICH I WILL GO INTO DETAIL WITH LATER AFTER SOME OF THIS STUFF SELLS, PROBABLY WILL HAVE ANOTHER FULL-WORKING VIRTUAL BOY SYSTEM FOR SALE AS WELL, KEEP WATCH! really in need of some extra money right now, so anything you decide to buy will help me out. I accept PayPal only and will ship to USA peoples. canada peoples, i've never shipped to canada before, i assume it will be more expensive, but if you want to pay more for shipping, i guess we can work something out. I have over 220 100% feedback on ebay, here is my ebay name if you're curious: http://feedback.ebay...tab=AllFeedback
  5. NEW STUFF ADDED 2/27/2012: As always, I am very open to offers, trades, speculation, the like Atari 2600: Lot of 4 loose carts: Dig Dug, Atlantis (night), Space Invaders (text), Pitfall II Asking $8 + shipping Commodore 64: Lot of 6 (good) Edutainment/Utility Programs all Complete: Spellbound Dungeons of the Algebra Dragons Jeopardy Magic Spells Paperclip (has adapter/passkey) Kids on Keys (cartridge game) Asking $12 + shipping Colecovision: Lot of 4 loose carts: Popeye, Subroc, Smurf, Slither Asking $8 + shipping IBM PC: Lemmings, has manual, disk and box (big X written on front), but no outer sleeve Asking $8 + shipping PC: Nice Unreal Lot: Unreal has disc, manual, case Unreal Gold has disc, case Unreal II has discs, case, manual Unreal Tournament 2003 loose discs Unreal Tournament 2004 has discs, manual, case Asking $18 + shipping Nice Prince of Persia Lot: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has discs, case Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones has discs, manual, case, sleeve Prince of Persia: Warrior Within has discs, manual, case Asking $10 + shipping Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, both have discs, manual, case Asking $8 + shipping Pools of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor has discs, manual, case Asking $8 + shipping Again, I am totally open to offers, trades, and speculation, check out my wants thread: Link to 'wanted' thread: http://www.atariage....-vectrex-stuff/
  6. If I have too few posts for this, just let me know. I'm here from Racketboy. I don't need CIB or anything, but THE CART AND LABEL HAVE TO BE IN GREAT SHAPE. Even minor tears/deterioration will make me uneasy. PM me a picture if you're unsure. Thanks, guys! Saturn Battery door Nintendo 64 Mario Kart 64 WIT DAT MINT LABEL Super Smash Bros MINTY LOOKIN LABEL Rubber feet (anyone have those?)
  7. ...I'm also willing to check lists for a few different items, make bundles and price lower that vgpc (just bear shipping in mind) Also have a nice black DSi i'd like to move as well...thanks! Listed below are most of my DS games, please refer to my listings link below for completeness (most are cib though), and some might be pending ...thanks ALSO, if u come across ANYTHING else on my available list ur interested in purchasing, shoot me a PM, everything is also FS, just TOO MUCH to list...ty AVAILABLE LINK: http://gametz.com/usertab/FibroFreak78/tab/AllAvailable.html DS GAMES: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Animal Crossing: Wild World (x2) One still Left Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Burger Island Carnival Games Club Nintendo: Game & Watch Collection 2 Factory Sealed Disgaea DS Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear Nintendo DS Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Kirby: Super Star Ultra The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Mario Kart DS Mega Man ZX Miami Nights: Singles in the City Nintendo DSi Black w/ charger Nostalgia Phantasy Star 0 Pogo Island Pokémon Black Version Pokémon Diamond Version Pokémon HeartGold Version (Big Box ,no pokewalker) Pokémon Pearl Version Professor Layton and the Curious Village Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon NEW/SEALED Trauma Center: Under the Knife Virtual Villagers: A New Home NEW/SEALED 3DS (all are cib or new) Club Nintendo Rainbow Styli http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11100991846/ Fire Emblem: Awakening - NEW/SEALED Mario Kart 7 Paper Mario: Sticker Star - NEW/SEALED Star Fox 64 3D - NEW/SEALED Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
  8. I recently purchased a broken Sega CD Model 1 off an auction and did a bunch of small repairs. So far I've gotten everything to work perfectly except one annoying problem that I can't seem to figure out, stuttering choppy audio. All of the obvious things have been checked & contacts have been cleaned thoroughly and the Genesis runs fine on its own. When connected to Sega CD the sound is stuttering from the Genesis headphone port as well as the TV and even when the mixing cable is used. The only time it sounds clear is when a aux cable is plugged into the Sega CD mixing jack with nothing connected to the other end, which I assume is disabling the sound that is coming out of the Sega CD side of things. Anyone ever experience this before?
  9. I've recently purchased a non-working Sega CD off of e-Bay that had a problem with the tray constantly ejecting and not spinning discs. After some minor gear realignment and a belt change I was able to get the tray working 100% but for some reason I am still not able to load any games . Strange thing about this is I am still able to play audio CDs just fine. I've tested the games it came with on a modchiped Xbox and they played fine so I am begining to think this may be some kind of laser issue. I've already tried all the basic cleaning steps and am ready to consult the experts. I want to bring this thing back to life! P.S. Any experience with generic KSS-240A laser pickups?
  10. From the album: Flashback Console Hardware

    Reference picture of SEGA Geneis HD Flashback 2017 motherboard - Close up.
  11. Hello! I am looking for a 6 Button controller for the Sega Genesis. I am looking for one with individual Turbo switches and a mode button. If Sega made one like this then that would be optimal but any brand will do if it's good. Also I would be interested in Sega Genesis games if anyone wants to sell a bunch for relatively cheap. That's it for the Genesis. If anyone has the Raiden game for the orginal PlayStation, I'd be interested. Also for the PlayStation, I'd be Market for a high capacity Memory Card, an original gray Dual Shock Controller and a couple of quality arcade sticks. I'm thinking of building a Raiden arcade machine that runs with a PS1.
  12. I've got a crap load of retro stuff I've decided to get rid of. Anyway. Updated list of what I have available. 3DO Games: Gex $5 3DO Game Guru $15 Star Control II $20 Super Street Fighter II Turbo $10 Night Trap(2 Disks) $40 Twisted: The Game Show $5 Sega Master System Games Great Golf $3 Thunder Blade $3 Space Harrier 3-D $10 After Burner $3 Hang On/Safari Hunt $2 My Hero(card) $5 Shinobi $8 Super Wonder Boy in Super Wonder Land $10 Nintendo 64 Games: WCW/NWO Revenge $4 WWF Attitude $3 WWF Warzone $4 WCW vs NWO World Tour $4 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey $5 Top Gear Overdrive $5 Top Gear Rally $5 ECW Hardcore Revolution $5 Top Gear Rally 2 $5 WCW Mayhem $3 WCW Backstage Assault $3 California Speed $3 WWF No Mercy $8 MRC $3 Gensis Games: Lethal Enforcers $5 Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II $5 PGA Tour Golf $1 Sonic & Knuckles $10 Sonic 2 $5 Jurassic Park $5 Mortal Kombat I $5 Sonic Spinball $5 Sega CD Games: Microcosm: $5 Cobra Command $5 Sewer Shark $5 Mortal Kombat I $10 WWF Rage in the Cage $5 Wirehead $10 Jurassic Park $10 32X Games: Virtua Fighter $5 Mortal Kombat II $5 36 Great Holes Staring Fred Couples $2 PS2 Games: Rule of Rose: $60 Ico: $15 Klonoa 2: $15 Psychonauts: $20 PS1 Slim with one controller $20 Hot Shots Golf $5 Final Fantasy IX $10 Rage Racer $5 Ridge Racer Type IV $5 Tomb Raider $5 Tomb Raider II $5 Tomb Raider The Last Revelation: $5 Wrestlemania The Arcade Game $5 Gex $5 WCW Mayham $5 Gran Turismo $5 WWF Attitude $5 Road Rash $5 WCW Nitro $5 Or $50 takes it all(the PS1 lot). Updated Pics: http://imgur.com/a/RwycG#0
  13. Hello everyone! Up for sale is a Sega Genesis Model 2 console. The model manufactured from late 1993 to late 1997. It also includes the model 2 av composite cables, ac adapter, and a controller. Everything has been cleaned, tested, and in working order. Just a note. The reset button is a little flimsy and will sometimes work and sometimes not. But everything else works perfectly and has given me no issues. I have the Model 1 and prefer that system and like this model 2 to go to a great home. Adult owned and a non smoker owned. Asking for $30 altogether shipping already tacked on. Feel free to PM me if interested. Thanks and Happy gaming!!
  14. Reggie is back to show more Reproductions, Home-brew original & Hacked games for retro consoles! A big shoutout to AtariAge in this video! Games Shown: Halo 2600 (2600) Space Rocks (2600) Mother 3 (GBA) Monster World IV (Genesis) Nightmare Busters (SNES) Twinkle Tale (Genesis) Falldown (2600) Juno First (2600) Flappy (2600) Hebereke (NES) Crisis Force (NES) Game Panic (2600) Road Warriors (2600)
  15. Link to pictures below Here's a link to my inventory https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dCJT3pHeUUF9dzB3BwMCbtYloNuqf7tgph6k8Reglvk/edit?usp=sharing Hey guys! I own a small retro store in Dracut, Ma called Bazaar Game Trading (Facebook.com/bazaargametrading) and being the only retro gaming store in the area that takes anything pre nes, I am seeming to run into a lot of really really cool stuff. I got an atari 400/800/xl/xe lot in recently, most CIB, most including ALL inserts, most having pristine beautiful labels, and I'm seeming to only find loose cart copies circulating for a lot of these. I have a variety of stuff though, please message me if you're interested in anything =D so, Message me by reply, private message, email- [email protected], or facebook message at facebook.com/bazaargametrading Thanks everyone! My pictures are uploaded on flickr at this address https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  16. Copied over from another page: Deciding to let about 3/4ths of my collection go. I'm wanting to get closer to my 100% CIB N64 goal, as well as money to buy another car. The only trades that I will consider are for Nintendo 64 game boxes, manuals, or CIBs. Not doing "game for game" trades. NES carts and boxes can be shipped in a plastic protector upon request. Games can be polished upon request as well. Please, no time wasters!!! Trying to do bigger deals so I can move all this stuff quickly! Please send me a message and comment that you have done so. There is a LOT MORE than what is pictured, so just ask. I have tons of other things! Thanks! P.S. I will only be available on the weekend but will try to respond to questions during the week. USA Shipping only! P.S.S. If you would like a list of the games, feel free to send me a message and I can get you a list ASAP!
  17. Yesterday the people of 1985alternativo, responsible for Watman (GBA) and Oh Mummy Genesis (Mega Drive) have announced their next project. The game will once again be a Mega Drive game, and in a genre that the hardware was made for: a shoot'em up. It's called Antarex and will be your typical horizontally scrolling shmup. No price or release date are known at this time, but seeing 1985alternativo's previous releases we can expect it to be very cheap, probably no more than 30 Euros. All there is to share about it as of yet is the first two screenshots: http://www10.pic-upload.de/13.05.13/tb5v5brwjuwt.jpg[/img]
  18. Hi everyone! In an effort to help clear out and get a more focused point of collection in my life, i've decided to dump almost all my remaining consoles on eBay! I've started most at $25 and will let fate decide the ending bid! MOST ENDING IN UNDER 2 HOURS! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN! Huge Lot of 32 Vintage Atari Games with 3 Large Cases with Inserts and Manuals! Super Smash Brothers Themed Nintendo Gamecube Lot with 3 Games and hookups! Silver Nintendo Gamecube Lot with 2 Games and hookups + Free Shipping! Sega Dreamcast with 3 Controllers 1 Memory Card Hookups and Quake III Arena! Sega Saturn Console with 1 Controller and Japanese Christmas NiGHTS and DOA 1! Sony Playstation One PSX Console American and Japanese Compatible System (MODDED TO PLAY PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING) Sony PlayStation 2 Slim Charcoal Black Console with Controller and Wires Sega Genesis Model 2 Massive Starter Lot 3 Controllers, Extensions, and Wires! Nintendo Wii Black Console With Super Sensor Bar Motion Plus and 2 Games! PS1 Playstation One Lot Of 19 Games In Rough Shape + Free Shipping! NES Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set Box and Inserts ONLY + Free Ship! NES Nintendo Entertainment System Power Set Box and Inserts ONLY + Free Ship! Microsoft Original Xbox Promo Demo Discs 07 08 24 25 26 27 and 36 (Set of 7) Nintendo DS Store Display 8x8 Sign Promo Mini Poster Lot Of 10 Super Mario Bros Nintendo DS Store Display 8x8 Sign Promo Mini Poster Lot Of 10 Pokemon Mario Nintendo Gameboy Advance Store Display 8x8 Sign Promo Mini Poster Lot Of 6 Nintendo Gamecube Store Display 8x8 Sign Promo Mini Poster Lot Of 8 Spider-Man
  19. I have for sale a 32mB Tototek flashcart with programmer and all the cables to hook to the computer. I'm asking $30 shipped and I'll include a disk with the programmer software. I will also trade for a GBA flashcart, Saturn modchip, Saturn s-video cables, or at a strech Gamecube Component cables.
  20. Times up.I need to sell some/all or whatever,however by Thursday. Mix and match,make offers We are moving and downsizing.I have accumulated quite a lot of items over the years.Some I had just put in boxes,and others that were setting in closets.I will not have enought room to keep all of this.So,here is a chance to buy that console or part that you might need 8 power packs all work,wiring in good condition,switch works. All for the original Intellivision $10. each,or buy all for $70.00 Joystick Buttons For the original Intellivision Set of 17/Enough for 8 joysticks $5.00 set of 4 or all for $20.00 On/Off buttons and Reset buttons 15 each $1.00 for pair=1 on-off and 1 reset/or all for $10.00 Power Boards Set of 2 $6.00 each or both for $10.00 One of these is for Intellivision 3-see pix Set of approx:70 game overlays,all common,see pix for games.All for $15.00 Set of approx:22 Game instructions,see pix for titles Also some game catalogs. All for $25.00 More Intellivision: 2 Joysticks for the original 3 Boxed games Las Vegas P&BJ/Football/ Sears P&BJ Loose games Burgertime/Space Armada/Adv. D&D x2 $15.00 plus shipping Magnavox Odyssey II Console only-works $10.00***Has joystick ports on the outside of the case**** Atari joysticks,touch pads and games: 1-Gemstick 1-Atari joystick 5-Video Touchpads 5 Paddle shells***2 are Sears branded and the other 3 show paddles 4-Paddle knobs Games-Combat Boxed/ Defender Boxed 2-Pole Position 2 1 Centipede(7800) 1Omega Race 3-Pacman(5200) $35.00 plus shipping ATARi Power Pack Model #4-0033-2 Works $4.00 ****None of the consoles have been tested recently,they do not have power packs,av wires etc.Same for the games.****** Prefer to sell as listed,but will listen to mix and match offers Remember,I need to move quickly,so buy now before its to late :_( :_( PM if you need pictures or details that I may have forgotten
  21. Selling (or trading for Amazon Gift Cards only ) my available list of games...I have a LOT of overstock from handhelds (gb/gba/gbc...some cib) to current gen...please take a look...I do make bundled discounts and sometimes give free shipping for bigger orders in U.S. Please PM me with any interest. Thanks for looking! Available list: http://gametz.com/usertab/FibroFreak78/tab/AllAvailable.html
  22. I'm gonna be needing quite a bunch of cases for my genesis games- Altered Beast Space Harrier II Super Hang On Zoom Quackshot World of Illusion Columns ESWAT: City Under Siege Klax Gauntlet IV After Burner II Columns III *Mercs Bio Hazard Battle *Kid Chameleon DecapAttack Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 *Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (My game doesn't save) Sonic Spinball Side Pocket Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine The Jungle Book Dynamite Headdy Sub Terrania Rocket Knight Adventures Beyond Oasis NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Jungle Strike Ms. Pac Man Golden Axe Ecco the Dolphin Pitfall The Mayan Adventure Shadow Dancer Wonder Boy in Monster World Alien Storm Super Monaco GP Jewel Master Battletech If anyone can afford to part with them, I'll pay 4 dollars for each case. I know that's outrageously underpriced, but I got a big chore list here. Also, I'd like them to be american releases (NTSC) and in the hard clamshell cases and in good condition. PM me if you'd like to sell some. * indicates that I need a game with a better label too. For those we can discuss a price on that case. As for the rest of them, I have the games, just need the cases and manuals. Also could use some empty Sega Saturn cases. I'll pay 5 dollars for each empty case. Make sure they are not broken. I will also need manuals for Rastan and Shinobi on the Sega Master System. I will pay 2 dollars for each manual.
  23. Sega Genesis James Buster Douglas Boxing cartridge $2.50 Sega Genesis Caesar's Palace cartridge $2.50 N64 JPN Import Doreamon 64 cartridge $2.50 Sega Genesis Family Feud CIB $3 Sega Genesis Desert Strike CIB $3.50 Sega Genesis Jungle Strike CIB $4.50 Sega Genesis Urban Strike CIB $5.50 Mega Drive Micro Machines 2 $4.50 Sega Master System Gangster Town in box $3 Logitech USB Extreme 3d Flightstick $12.50 UltraBots NP Poster $1 Battletoads advertisement $1 Vallis III advertisement 50¢ Generation Nex Messiah Controller - Wireless with battery cover $8.50 Night Trap for the 3do in box $39 Sewer Shark for the 3do with Box $26.50 The Need for Speed for the 3do with box and manual $10 Super Wing Commander for the 3do with both box halves and jewelcase with back insert $12.50
  24. Things just got real! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z86thNe-inQ&feature=youtu.be
  25. For trade here is my own Sega 32X. I bought it on a whim last January, but I can't really justify owning one given how few games there are, the pain of having it hooked up with my Genesis/Sega CD at the same time, and how it forces me to use composite instead of the component that my Genesis has been modded for. I'm better off just trading this and emulating the 36 games it has. Works fine, I had no issues with it. Here's my trade interests: INTV games (Tower of Doom, Thunder Castle, Hoverforce, Slam Dunk Basketball, Slap Shot Hockey, Pac Man) AV Modded Light Sixer VCS Atari VCS Homebrew/Repro carts Mario Bros for Atari XE Good, loose original B/W GB or GBA games NEW ITEMS: Here is a CIB Wico Bat Handle I bought NIB. Great condition, works perfectly, has controller, box, cardboard insert, and manual. Here is a CIB Saturn Pro Action Replay, lets you play import games on your Saturn, is a memory backup, and works as a 4MB RAM cart. Last is a loose copy of Phantasy Star IV for the Genesis. More items coming soon.
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