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Found 604 results

  1. Papa

    Panoramic shot

    From the album: Custom Arcade

    This is a panoramic shot of the arcade from the view of someone turning right to left and then falling over..

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

  2. qnr

    Atari on ice

    From the album: My items

  3. From the album: Mod/Repair Projects

    The original RCA RF cable was giving me trouble so I decided to make a make a whole project out of it.
  4. From the album: Colecovision collection

    A Halo 2600 CIB I got from Atariage store.

    © (c) 2013 Oscar Toledo G.

  5. From the album: RetroIndieGamer's classic games collection

    From left to right we have Star Raiders, Circus Atari, Basketball, Mouse Trap, and Super Football. All of these are fun. Unfortunately, I can't play Star Raiders since I don't have the keypad controller.

    © Retro Indie Gamer 2013

  6. rubixcube


    From the album: Survival

    Survival is a simple yet addictive retro style game based on games from the 70s. Objective: Eat enemies The same size or smaller than you while avoiding the bigger enemies. As you eat you will grow. Score big to level up! Each level gets a bit faster. There are 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. How long will you survive? Available on Ouya, and Google Play. https://play.google....androidsurvival
  7. What is the best book you know of on the history of video games from pong days through the third generation?
  8. Updated: 1/15/14 Download: spctank.zip * includes source, 4k bin, manual, map, and label * Difficulty settings: Left switch set to A: more frequent powerups Left switch set to B: less frequent powerups Right switch set to A: slower non-player-characters Right switch set to B: faster non-player-characters Story: Two players (or single skilled player) operate a tank that has a command console with four functions (two joysticks). The left joystick moves the tank around and its button brings up the status display when held down. The right joystick moves a crosshair and its button fires the gun at whatever is selected. Their mission is to rescue prisoners of war from an alien planet. The prisoners are high ranking scientists of the players planet. The prisoners are being kept in a cell which can be found on the map included in this distribution. Three keycards must be found to open the cell and free the prisoners. The players tank has limited shielding and ammunition, but more may be found randomly throughout the planet. Players Will also find upgrades for the tank including the bigmissile and autolock. Alien enemies will be encountered most frequently and must be killed in order to find the keycards. Some aliens will require more ammo to kill than others, but the bigmissile upgrade allows for instant kills. The autolock upgrade causes the crosshair to lock on to aliens. Both upgrades have three uses. When the three keycards are found, the players should find the cell and free the prisoners. The players must keep an eye on their fuel level using the status display. If their fuel is running low, they must return the the ship at the starting position to obtain more. Types of alien enemies: Infantry Blade Saucer Bulldozer Powerups: Shield Ammo Bigmissile Autolock Structures: Ship (starting position/refueling) POW Camp Screenshots:
  9. This is a super-long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone can help me track this device down: It's an adapted Atari VCS with specialised controls and B/W monitor. The image dates from 2006, believed to be from an eBay auction in the USA. You can see it originally being used around 1982 from Ken Yankelevitz (who created it) here: I found the image here: http://www.pong-picture-page.de/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=14&products_id=1593 Has anyone any idea where this ended up, or any extra info on it? I'm really hoping not in a skip, as I'd love to get hold of it if possible for a museum of accessible gaming equipment for disabled people. Cheers, Barrie www.OneSwitch.org.uk
  10. I'm sure I've seen it on here before (and I think that I've done it before), but how do I merge the output executable from Rastaconverter to a normal .exe (i.e. something I've programmed myself). I know it's here somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.
  11. Hi there. I'm offering PS/2 mouse adapter for Atari ST/Amiga with the following features: Atari ST/Amiga mode (switchable) third mouse button support on a machines that support it Slow mode for other computers, namely XL/XE, which cannot read the default full speed small enough to fit inside ST kebyoard (see photos) The modes can be switched durning power on by holding a mouse button durning power on: LMB switches between Atari ST and Amiga mode. RMB switches between default and slow mode. You can hold both buttons to switch both modes in the same time. The actual configuration is then stored into internal EEPROM. The price is 12 EUR + 3 EUR shipping to Europe or 4 EUR outside Europe. I'm accepting Paypal only.
  12. I remember playing Moon Patrol on an 800 XL as a kid with a 1 button controller (push the button to shoot and push up on the stick to jump) The 5200 version makes you use 2 buttons, 1 for shoot and 1 for jump) it really ruins the game play when using my Coin Controls Comp. Pro joystick. Does anyone know of a rom hack that uses only a single button like the xe/xl version?
  13. Now mind you I have only been collecting for a little while now and have a relatively modest collection of about 80 working Atari 2600 games but I find my few Telesys games come broken. Not that they don't work, chips fine and all unlike some of my intellivision 2600 titles, but the case parts inside that keep the board in place seem to always be broken. Ive fixed mine but in a very crude way, fixing a copy of Coconuts right now with epoxy, and its kind of annoying. Ive read ,probably on this forum, that Telesys was a budget publisher and thats why they have such low quality cases but interesting thing is I find that they have metal shields over their chips that the few other publishers Ive opened up don't have. What I would have done is nixed the shield and spent a few more pennies on the plastic housing. Then again I'm still a noob so who knows. Maybe those were necessary? Anyway you got any Telesys games still intact?
  14. Just pimping my auctions. I have over a hundred in my eBay store and a bunch of auctions too. Take a peek! All profits guaranteed to be recycled into classic gaming. If I've bought from you here (and I have bought from most people who sell here), you know what I'm talking about. eBay Seller: ianoid
  15. Hi, I'm looking for some general advice on programming the VBI. While I am able to program vertical blank interrupts, I would like advice on how to use them. For example, what are the best ways of synchronising what you are doing outside the VBI with what is going on within the VBI? How about avoiding modifications to addresses within the vbi which are used outside? Should I try to do as much / as little as possible within the VBI and then as much / as little as possible outside the VBI? What are the best techniques for obtaining smooth gameplay? Are there any best practices maybe for buffering data from the VBI to use outside? Cheers, Steve
  16. After about a month and a half of frustration and fun, I have three game releases for the Atari 2600. I hope that you enjoy them. If you would like to see any of these games on cart, please let me know! Heartbreak Download NTSC - PAL60 - PAL50 Special: Support for the Atari Driving Controller and high score saving via AtariVox or SaveKey About There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time. - Malcom X Heartbreak is an colorful original arcade-style game inspired by Breakout. The game was designed and prototyped for the 2013 Global Game Jam competition and won Best Game Mechanics and Player's Choice awards in the local chapter. Thanks to Omegamatrix for developing a kernel for Heartbreak and to ACrystal2011 and StaticHamster for testing! Extra thanks to the AtariAge.com homebrew community for all the help in getting things to work! How to Play Use right/left or clockwise/counter-clockwise on the Atari Driving Controller to rotate the blocks clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively. Lives Each game mode has 9 lives before heartbreak (loss), with 3 hits per each of the 3 heart sizes. All heart sizes are restored at the beginning of a level. Scoring Red and Blue game modes give points for each broken block and bonus points for the heart size (600 for large, 400 for medium, 200 for small). Yellow and Green games give points only for cumulative ball bounces, so try to keep that ball moving! Game Modes On the title screen, choose left/right, select, or rotate clockwise/counter clockwise on the driving controller to select the desired game mode. Red Fire when the heart is pulsing the desired color. Match primary colors to a block of the same color or a block that contains the primary color until all blocks are broken. White blocks will give a heart size back. Avoid hitting blocks that are black at the start of the level. Yellow Fire when the heart is pulsing the desired color. Press fire at any time to change the ball's color to the current color of the heart. Keep the ball bouncing by matching primary colors to a block of the same color or a block that contains the primary color until all blocks are broken. White blocks will give a heart size back. Avoid hitting blocks that are black at the start of the level. Blue Fire when the heart is pulsing the desired color. Match primary colors to a block that does not already contain the current color until all blocks are white. Avoid matching colors to blocks that already contain the currently-selected color. Green Fire when the heart is pulsing the desired color. Press fire at any time to change the ball's color to the current color of the heart. Keep the ball bouncing by matching primary colors to blocks that do not already contain the current color until all blocks are white. Avoid matching colors to blocks that already contain the currently-selected color. The Way Colors Work Tip: Remember your finger paints: Red + Yellow = Orange Yellow + Blue = Green Red + Blue = Purple All Colors = White No Colors = Black Special Functions Switching Controllers To switch between a standard joystick controller and an Atari Driving Controller, simply plug in the desired controller at any time. It will be detected automatically. Increased Difficulty For a greater challenge, set the left difficulty switch to A (Pro). The ball will speed up over time. Saving High Scores If a valid AtariVox or SaveKey is detected in the second controller port, the current highest score will be displayed on the title screen when the game is turned on. High scores are automatically saved on the title screen when the player loses or toggles reset to return to the title screen. Erasing High Scores To clear the high score, hit fire while holding select when in one of the four game modes. The current score will be saved as the new high score the next time the player returns to the title screen. Muting the Heartbeat If you prefer not to hear the heartbeat while in game, toggle the Color/B&W switch to B&W. Fix-It Felix Sr. Download NTSC - PAL60 - PAL50 About Before the Magical Hammer was passed on to Fix-It Felix Jr., his father had to keep things in order. Fix-it Felix Sr. is a parody remake of the game Fix-It Felix Jr. featured in the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. Fix-It Felix Sr. is a simple, colorful, and fun arcade game. Thanks to ACrystal2011 and StaticHamster for testing. How to Play Avoid ducks and falling bricks while fixing broken windows by hitting the fire trigger. Broken windows in the row Felix, Sr. is standing in are indicated by blank spaces in the indicator at the bottom-left of the screen. If the window Felix Sr. is in front of is broken, the indicator will be red. If it is green, the current window is in good condition. Lives are shown with the indicator at the bottom right of the screen. Keep an eye open for the pies that get set out on window sills--they give you an extra life! You gain points for each window repaired, eating pies, and completing a stage by fixing all broken windows. Special Functions Pausing the Game To pause the game, toggle the Color/B&W switch to B&W. Joy Ride Download NTSC - PAL60 - PAL50 About The sun is setting behind the city across sapphire-blue waters. What better time to go for a joy ride to enjoy such a beautiful evening? Only one problem--you seem to have taken the slow road. Joy Ride is a fast-paced avoidance game inspired by Gate Racer by Atarius Maximus. Thanks to StaticHamster for testing. How to Play Use up/down/left/right to avoid hitting cars for as long as possible. Collect power-up pellets (up to 3) and hit fire trigger to clear the road of traffic for a while. Watch out for the slow lanes! Special Functions Pausing the Game To pause the game, toggle the Color/B&W switch to B&W. heartbreak_final_NTSC.bin heartbreak_final_PAL60.bas.bin heartbreak_final_PAL50.bas.bin fixit_final_NTSC.bin fixit_final_PAL60.bin fixit_final_PAL50.bin joyride_final_NTSC.bin joyride_final_PAL60.bin joyride_final_PAL50.bin
  17. I'm looking for information on this, hoping someone here can help: It's an adapted Atari VCS with specialised controls and B/W monitor. The image dates from 2006, believed to be from an eBay auction in the USA. You can see it originally being used around 1982 from Ken Yankelevitz (who created it) here: I found the image here: http://www.pong-picture-page.de/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=14&products_id=1593 Can anyone please shed some light on what happened to this? I'm really hoping it's not been dumped, as I'd love to get hold of it. Thanks for looking (re. bounced from http://atariage.com/forums/topic/212700-info-wanted-atari-2600-hacked-for-disabled-users/). Barrie (www.OneSwitch.org.uk)
  18. Does anyone have a different way of collecting? a "sub-collection" or just something cool they like to get they're games with? a sort of non-standard collection? Me, I enjoy having the price tag on my games, as long as they have a high price on them. I also enjoy having games in rental cases... I find that very odd. but its cool. :thumbsup:
  19. This thread is about how I went about getting controllers to work with the Atari800Win emulator. My first problem is that three of my four notebooks have broken down (after repeated repairs, both professional and DIY) and therefore I'm running my emulator on an HP Mini, a small notebook computer. This presents some various obstacles, of which I will explain. Like most people who first begin to use emulators, I had no controllers to use with the emulator and was therefore using the keyboard to play the games. The first problem I encountered was that being that I was using a mini laptop and did not have a full sized keyboard. With no number pad or NumLock key this was a drawback. Needless to say, I quickly had a desire to use a real controller rather than arrow keys, etc. for my gameplay. I did my research and read up on how to use a joystick/controller with Atari800Win. The results were disappointing. It seemed, from what I'd read, that I needed special controllers or adapters, designed to be plugged into either the printer port or the game port, neither of which I had on my laptop. Darn! Frustrated, I decided to hold off on playing the Atari800 games and wanted to revisit some of my old Super Nintendo favorites. So I downloaded and installed ZSNES and a few roms. It quickly became apparent that my lack of a controller was now even more detrimental to gameplay because of the many more buttons on the SNES controller versus the original Atari controller. Since the only available place my computer had to plug in a controller was a USB port, logically I began to read up about use of USB controllers with emulators. After looking at the various classic USB gaming controllers available on Ebay, and watching some reviews on YouTube, I settled on the SNES USB Controller made by Tomee. I went ahead and ordered two of them. They were very well made, the price was quite reasonable. The convenience of Plug and Play made using them with the ZSNES emulator quite easy. I simply went to the emulator's menu and clicked Config>Input>Input Device #1, and began to assign the D-Pad and buttons. It worked perfectly! Then I went back and tried to get these controllers to work on the Atari800Win emulator. Not quite as easy initially but I did get it figured out. Do the following steps: Step 1) Plug in one or both USB retro gaming controllers. NOTE: My laptop computer has two USB ports on one side and one on the other. When I had both controllers plugged in on the right hand side the emulator would NOT recognize both controllers. When I moved one to the left side (i.e. one plugged in on the left and one on the right) then it DID recognize them both. Step 2) Click the following: Input>Joysticks, the Joystick Options dialog box will popup. For Joystick 1 select "2Axes 11Keys Game Pad". If a second controller is desired, then for Joystick 2 Select the other 2Axes 11Keys Game Pad (there should be two) from the drop down menu. Remember, if the two controllers are plugged in next to each other then the emulator may not "see" them both. If using a desktop computer perhaps plug one on the front USB port and one in the rear etc. Step 3) Recommended: In the Joystick Options dialog box click Advanced. The "Advanced Options" dialog box will popup. Then make sure "Do not toggle options using joystick buttons" is checked. This will allow full use of the controller's D-Pad and ANY other button on the controller may be used as the fire button. Step 4) Play! I hope that this will be of some help for people who are having difficulty getting their controllers to work for the Atari800Win emulator.
  20. Had this atari for a while and always worked fine. Was playing the other day, turned off, came back later. Now it will not turn on. Flipped power switch and nothing. Any ideas?
  21. OK, I tried cleaning my new (new to me, it is so clean and the box is purty!) 5200 2 port and pushing pins/sockets/chips - whole 9 yards. Still get the green screen of death, so I'm looking for a 2 port motherboard only - just the board, don't need the outer shell or the PS or the RF cable. I'm hoping someone out there has a working 2 port MB just sitting around collecting dust and they want to sell it for REAL CHEAP - well, a brother has to try! Anyway, PM me if you have one you'd be willing to sell or trade. Thanks, that is all.
  22. Get a jump start on your Atari collection with this great lot sale! --Sold as a lot only --Buyer to pay for shipping --Please make a reasonable offer . . . --PM or email offers for quickest response All boxed and with manuals - --Atari 1200 XL Home Computer --Atari 410 Program Recorder --Atari 1050 Disk Drive --Atari Programmer Kt with Basic --Games (Pengo, Rosen's Brigade, Target Practice) --(2) joysticks Atari Video Pinball (Pong) --model c-380 --with instruction manual, but no box Atari 2600 Console (nearly new - boxed with manuals, plastic, etc . . . Only used a handful of times) Atari 2600 Games --Real Sports Football - Factory sealed --Battlezone - Factory sealed --Galaxian - Factory sealed --Basketball - Factory sealed --Real Sports Volleyball - Factory sealed --Dig Dug - Factory sealed --Jr. Pac Man - Factory sealed --Circus Atari - Factory sealed --Phoenix - Factory sealed --Asteroids - opened, box + manual --Missle Command - cart only --Defender - cart only --Space Invaders - cart only --Combat - cart only --Baseball - cart only --Football - cart only, no label --Colleco Donkey Kong - cart only
  23. Hi all. But a question that's been burning in my mind in the past few months is if it is possible to build a synthesizer utilizing the 2600's TIA (or even two of them) to build a Minimoog style synthesizer. I've seen broadly similar projects (google them) like midi controlled TIAs, & the Gatari 2600. But would going all out & adding "Moog style" controls, a VCA, VCF, pitch bend & modulation wheels even work? (assuming it's even possible) Just a question I thought I'd pose to the hardware hackers & mods here. I'm sure this will make for some interesting reading!
  24. I just recently got my Atari 2600 and I've been playing a bunch of games on it and having fun! Anyway, I'm interested in buying a single homebrew cart from AtariAge and I'd like to know what you guys would recommend. If you had to pick a single original (meaning not a port) homebrew game for the 2600, which would it be? Also, consider that I would like a game that is unique on the Atari and isn't a rehash of a game that already exists for the console or on other systems. And yes, I know there is already an official Top 10 list, but most of them are ports of some kind, not the most original (aka yet another space shooter), and people are allowed to vote for multiple ones. I want to know what you guys think is a single one that is really good and stands well on its own. And that you can buy at AA or be otherwise readily available for purchase. Thanks.
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