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Found 703 results

  1. Atari / Retro videogame podcast recommendations, what is in your podcatcher? What if any are podcasts focusing on retro videogames / atari 2600. Is there any media of this kind if so share your favorites.
  2. I'm presently in the market for an Atari XE game system. The bare minimum I want is the console & keyboard with any accessories for TV hookup. If anyone has the whole setup - console, keyboard, joystick, light gun, Flight Simulator and Bug Hunt Cartridges, hookup accessories - that's even better. I reside in the USA. While I am willing to pay for shipping in the USA and Canada, I will not pay shipping costs for any units from elsewhere (UK, Europe, etc). Anyone who has the above and is willing to part with it can either reply here or contact me via DM. If we decide to do business and close the deal, I'm willing to cut a check but can negotiate other payment terms.
  3. For those of you still needing to fill that Tigervision hole in your 8-bit Atari collection, there's a 'Matterhorn' up now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Matterhorn-HOLY-GRAIL-for-Atari-8-bit-Computers-400-800-XL-XE-ONLY-SEVEN-KNOWN-/111629975616? Not the crème de la crème, but rare as sin nevertheless.
  4. hola a todos, muy buen foro. tengo una atari 65xe que me han regalado, siempre quise una cuando yo era pequeño, pero eran muy caras. al encender se ilumina el led, y el tv me muestra que esta entregando una señal en ntsc, pero se queda en negro, aveces aparecen rayas verdosa o amarillas (solo basura),nunca aparece el fondo azul o "ready". no tiene sonido alguno. no puedo ingresar al self test, no puedo hacer nada. -probé con la fuente original (5V. 1,5A) -probé con una fuente automática (5v, 3A) -conectado a la TV por RF. -conectado a la TV por vídeo compuesto. -sin teclado. -con teclado. -la casettera no trabaja (start + option)(esta buena) no tengo cartuchos para probar probé todos los diodos y están buenos. alguna ayuda para reparar esta querida consola se los agradecería del fondo de mi corazón. help please thanks
  5. Its a game by game podcast, but we did not want to call it that Ar-kay and I are getting ready to record episode 1 which we will talk about the pack in games for the 5200. Super Breakout and Pac Man. If anyone wants to submit any audio or written memories for the episode, please send them to [email protected] Ar-Kay loves getting emails about the 5200 and is looking forward to reading and/or playing them on the show Episode 0 was a podcast overview with some 5200 console talk, so if you have anything to submit about the 5200 console in general please send it in Thanks! Willie!
  6. Atari 2600 games. Some have box, some are sealed in shrinkwrap and some are loose. I'll give you the chance before ebay. I am selling off collection to raise money for LASIK. I have systems, joysticks and tons of other stuff as well. Included are price checks from 2 webs sites. I usually only deal in bulk. Let me know what you want and we can work out a fair price . If interested email me at [email protected] Shrinkwrapped Carts Batttlezone Sealed (Silver) Defender II Sealed (Red) Dig Dug Sealed (Silver) Galaxian Sealed (Silver) Gravitar Sealed (Red) Joust Sealed (Silver) Jungle Hunt Sealed (Silver) Kangaroo Sealed (Silver) Ms. Pac-man Sealed (Silver) Super Football Sealed (Red) Super Football (Atari) Sealed (Silver) Venture Sealed (Red) Yar's Revenge (Atari) Sealed (Yellow) Boxes air sea batle (Atari) box amidar box donkey Kong box frogger box galaxian box GORF box Race (Telegames) box robot tank box space invaders (Atari) box space invaders (Telegames) box target fun (Telegames) box Zaxxon box LOOSE CARTS activision decathelon top label damaged adventure adventure adventures of tron Air raiders air raiders air sea battle Airlock Amidar Armor Ambush asteroids blue asteroids yellow Astroblast Atari Video Cube in plastic. Atlantis atlantis backgammon Barnstorming baseball basic programming basketball beamrider berzerk blackjack bowling red bowling yellow boxing boxing brain games breakaway IV breakout bridge bugs california games canyon bomber casino centipede Challenge of Nexar checkers chopper command circus atari combat red picture combat red text Combat Top lable not attached commando raid commando raid cosmic ark cosmic ark dark cavern defender demon attack Imagic demon attack demons to diamonds dig dug dodge em red picture dodge em red text donkey kong donkey kong junior double dragon dragonfire dragster encounter at l-5 enduro ET NOT the worst game ever made. fast food fast food final aproach fire fighter fishing derby football green football white label football yellow picture football yellow text freeway Frogger frogger II frogs and flies ghostbusters golf gopher GORF grand prix gunslinger haunted house home run human cannonball yellow picture human cannonball yellow text ice hockey indy 500 infiltrate international soccer top label damaged Journey escape Top lebel damaged joust red 'p' jungle hunt kaboom kangaroo keystone kapers laser blast Lock in chase mario bros maze craze megamania midnight magic miner 2049er missing top label missile command yellow atari missile command yellow sears moon patrol Mouse Trap ms. Pac-man name this game night driver night driver no escape damaged top label outer space red outer space yellow picture outlaw red text outlaw yellow picture pac-man pac-man phoenix pitfall II pitfall II pole position pong sports Popeye porkey's pressure cooker q bert loose top label Q Bert raiders of the lost ark Rampage realsports football realsports soccer realsports tennis riddle of the spynx river raid robot tank Rubik's Cube in plastic. Letter 'j' on top left seaquest skiing sky diver sky jinks slot racers sneak n peak solar fox solaris Sorcerer in Plastic space attack space cavern loose top label space combat space invaders red text Space Invaders Top Label not attached Space Invaders space invaders yellow space invaders red space jockey space shuttle space war Spacechase not top label speedway II orange speedway II yellow Spider Fighter Spiderman Squeeze Box Stampede Star Raiders Star Raiders Star Ship Missing top label Star Trek: SOS Star Voyager Star Voyager Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back Starmaster Steeplechase Stellar Track Strategy X in Plastic Strawberry Shortcake Street racer super Breakout super challenge baseball Super Challenge Football Super Cobra Surround Swordquest Earthworld Swordquest Fireworld Taz Towering Inferno traget Fun trick Shot Tron Deadly Disks Top label a little damaged Turmoil Vanguard Video Olympics 1 with 21 on top label Video Olympics 1 without 21 Video Olympics Video Pinball warlords orange sears warlords yellow atari warplock damaged top label winter games word zapper Xonox Duel (Chuck Norris/Artilllery Duel) Xonox Duel(Spike's Peak/Artillery Duel) yar's revenge yar's revenge zaxxon
  7. Hello everybody:) I just downloaded to latest version of Stella onto my laptop and got the ROMS for it. I was wondering if anybody had any joystick advice for me. The USB sticks that look like Atari knockoffs on Amazon have pitiful ratings. I'm surprised that their isn't more of a selection for vintage gaming enthusiast. I wanted to get two joysticks so my Wife and I could play together. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott
  8. Hello After cleaning and restoring my Atari 800, I made a slideshow : Enjoy ! Thanks for watching ! gameplayerspecial.com
  9. Thrift Store: $5 each Cosmetically, both are in great shape. They use those huge C and/or D batteries and might be able to use a ac adapter as well. Other than that, they use RF. Anyone know what their values are? I'm assuming not a whole lot, but I don't even see any past ebay or previous sale listings online
  10. I've scoured the web and the AA archives and I can't seem to find any schematics for the 7800 Maria. I'm referring to logic diagrams for the chip itself, not the 7800 motherboard. These do seem to exist for TIA but I can't find any for the Maria. Does anyone know if they even exist? Surely GCC must have had to conceptualize the internal logic of the chip at some point during development, right? The reason I ask is because I'm working on a hardware project for the 7800 and I've hit a point where I fear the only way to proceed forward will likely be to attempt to replace the Maria chip with an equivalent. This has already been done with TIA but I have yet to see this done with Maria. If anyone has any information at all, it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi Guys, I need some help, please... I recently bought a 600XL off of eBay, picked it up tested it - all working. Then opened it and found to my delight that all the chips were socketed! A hardware project in the making. First things first - upgrade to 64k. I tried bending a pin on the IC living at U5 and broke the off - the IC can be replaced, right? So, two questions from this (slightly less than competent) amateur modder... 1) I need to replace the IC at U5... is there any difference between an 74LS158 and a 74LS158N IC? 2) If I do this upgrade can I not upgrade the memory futher - i.e. if want an ultimate 1Mb or similar do I a) have to reverse the 64k upgrade, b) leave it in, it's necessary, or c) nope this is the only memory upgrade for a 600xl? Cheers!
  12. Hey just a quick question- does the gray ac adapter have the same amps, voltage, and polarity as the black one? I got a heavy sixer and I know they usually use a gray power supply, but the one i got came with a black one. Thanks.
  13. Ebay auction going now. 4 days left, bidding is already up to $51.00. If this is a game you are looking for then please place your bid. Also have a sealed copy in NM condition. I am going to leave that up to offers at the moment. Below is the Ebay auction. Happy Bidding!! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150880460523
  14. Ebay listings Modding Service: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150858490298 Modded Flashback Console: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150858473677
  15. So I have the opportunity to buy an original Atari Pong C-100 which was the first one they made I believe. I won't say the price this seller is asking, but I'm wondering what these things are worth and if there is any interest in it? the pics show the condition and contents. So anyway, is anybody interested in buying one and what are they worth? Thanks!
  16. hey i have a vintage atari dust cover on ebay right now excellent condition no rips or fading
  17. Hi everyone, Well I have not been on here too much lately because I've been working hard and my wife (co-manager) and I are expecting a child in August. So, you all know what that means: time to make the gameroom into a nursery. I've had a good run of it, and will be keeping most of my collection but a lot of it will now be stashed away in our newly-purchased IKEA furniture (I plan to take a pic of all that soon too) and not as much on display/being played with. So, before breaking it down, I took some pictures. First off, my desk area or what I like to call "mission control": Yes, that's a monitor mounted on the wall--you can see it was not a good week for the Sub Commanders Fantasy Baseball Team... Pretty much everything within reach - the 800XL was out to test the awesome Santos Sdrive Micro, which is super-cool. Usually my Macbook Pro lives there, but everything else is a permanent fixture--or was! Love my Vectrex and Mega... Here is the TV area with all loose 2600 carts. I am keeping all the carts, but the TV is up for grabs. Seriously a great TV for the classic gamer--tube flatscreen, great picture, tons of hookups, S-Video, component, I am going to miss it so! If you are in the Bay Area let me know before next Wednesday--that's when the Sal Army truck is showing up. Here's a closeup of the awesome cabinet with etched videogame artwork in the glass. I love this thing! Need somewhere to sit and play, of course... And I like to listen to some tunes while playing homebrews! This is my custom-built NES shelf made from two IKEA units--I added extra shelves at the appropriate heights to store my accidental Nintendo collection. Seriously, I never intended to collect these things! The shelf was originally in our kitchen until I got my hands on it... worked out pretty nice! Finally, a sneak peek into the closet -- I'll post more of what's inside those doors soon but right now I gotta do some cleaning up and get to selling some things!
  18. Saturday evening my neighbor came over to visit and brought over a few items his son wanted rid of because of moving to a smaller house. Two of those items were Atari 400 computers and the other was a Coleco Adam base. I have been trying to get an 400 for a while now and I finally got two for free! Tested them out, but neither wanted to work. One just shows either a back or green screen and that is it, the other would show a screen off and on and you could hear the speaker make the key press blips when you pressed a letter. I completely tore apart the worst on first and used it to get my bearings. Neat little critters. It still only shows a black or green screen. I fiddled with the second one and could get it to work if I wiggled the power/AV board around. So, I detatched it, sprayed some contact cleaner in the channel switch and the connector socked and plugged it back into place. Voila! Now I have a fully functional 400 computer! Looks like the keyboard pad was replaced sometime in this unit's life and I am surprised how sensitive it is for an old touchpad. Now I wonder if I can save the other one or make it into a parts machine? Not sure what is wrong with it. One thing I do know, I now need to find more cartridges!
  19. At the flea market I probably hit he best possible place. I didn't find anything rare or something like that but I did find some amazing deals.So here's the story: I wanted to burn a hole in my pocket that day so I looked up all the local flea market or swap meet or whatever you call it. The closest one that I haven't been to yet was this small one that was actually 2 hours from where I live, but had a great website, so then I packed some water and started driving away to this place. Once I got there it was actually double the size of what had been described on the webpage. Although its size I did't find one game until I came to one stand. It was a two brothers(I think) who were renting a double booth and selling old and new records. At the corner of my eye on their stand I saw a Colorsport 8 (pong clone) complete in a 70s like box. It screamed 70s more than anything else! The box was in PRISTINE condition.The two guys knew what it was and we talked over it alot and one of them told me that he had owned a game store but wasn't interested in that stuff anymore. He knew prices but never gave a price over the fair line. When I finally asked him where he would land the price on that console he said $10 .I screamed inside my head. Bought it in a heartbeat but I also asked if he had anything else then he took out from under part of the table a HUGE chest. The chest was covered in controllers of all types games for the nes, snes, VCS you name it. I bought almost everything for about $20. AWESOME :-o !!! I looked around the other part of his stand and found the jackpot: I saw an Odyssey 2,an intv, and a 5200 all lined up with all of the correct hook ups. He said a dollar a piece. I couldn't control my excitement. Next to all of that he gave me a complete Super Metroid for $5. Since he didnt care much he also gave me some 2600 commons for free . When I went back to my man cave I found that not one thing he sold to me was non-working. A couple weeks later I bout a gamecube ps1 cib dreamcast and a sega saturn 5 each and all also worked. I completely cleaned the guy out. so happy :) :-D ;-) :grin: :thumbsup:
  20. There is not much to my vectrex collection but I have a couple things for sale: ***BOTH SOLD*** Cosmic Chasm with manual and overlay $18 Space Wars (loose) $10 If you want some pix I'll post if you pm me. I will also bundle shipping if you buy both. (which I strongly prefer) I'll will also give a small description of the item if you want one instead of a picture. sorry but I will only ship to the lower 48 states in the USA pls pm if interested. Thanks.
  21. Like so. My Atari 2600 had really bad RF out. Way 'snowier' than normal so I figured it was probably just the RF circuit so why not mod it. Results are striking. Well worth the effort (",) It uses a 'daughterboard' that someone local to me gave me to try out. You can see it in the second pic, sitting next to the original RF unit, just above where the original coax connected o the motherboard. My model had the coax permanently attached. I used an old cable I had lying around, but I have ordered an aftermarket gamecube s-video cable. This has a round cross section. It will be thicker than the original but will still look the part, and it means I don;t have to do any drilling
  22. Anyone heard of INHOME Software? Anyone still programming for 8-bit atari? What is the best set-up. I'd like to use my Mac and a 65XE? Or should I go old-school with an old 800? Is there an interest in New games for the Atari 8-Bits?
  23. Before anybody starts trolling about using CRTs over PC monitors, I just want to know if anyone on here has used a modded Atari with the Enko Composite to HDMI converter or something similar and had it work on a modern LCD/LED PC Monitor. I need to record some gameplay, so its important that I can use a PC Monitor. What I have currently is an ASUS VE247H. I know the converter works with my SNES and Sega Model 1 (but only with the 32X hooked up to it). I do not have a modded Atari though, and was wanting to know if I got mine modded, if it would work as well.
  24. Here is my list of spares, for sale, for trade: http://www.classic-consoles-center.at/s__tradesell.pdf Prices are in the list. And I will be happy to trade.
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