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Found 262 results

  1. Looking to purchase the Atarisoft version of Pac-Man for the Intellivision, complete in box (stock image below for reference). If anyone has one they'd be willing to part with, please send me a PM. Thanks!
  2. Here we have an Intellivision Console Bundle Complete In Original Box with 5 games. Everything has been fully tested and works great. Includes all original cables. All games are complete in box except for Tron Maze-a-Tron, which is missing the manual and one of the overlays and has masking tape all around the outside of the box. The console is in fantastic shape. The faceplates have very few scratches on them, something that is fairly uncommon to see - they're usually all scratched up in my experience. I tried to point out the couple of imperfections I noticed on the faceplates with zoomed in pics. The box is pretty worn but holds its shape well. A hairdryer might be able to get that tape off without scarring the box but I haven't tried that myself. One of the box ends is still factory sealed and that end still has the styrofoam insert, too. Here is everything that comes in the bundle: - Intellivision Console (power supply & cord is built-in) - Original Console Box - AV cable (will need a separate, cheap RF adapter to connect to the coaxial input of more modern TVs) - RF switchbox (rendered mostly useless these days) - Console Manual - Intellivision ad/booklet - Five games: Bowling, NFL Football, Space Armada, Space Battle and Tron Maze-a-Tron Please see pictures for exact condition of everything. Looking for $120 plus shipping. Please PM me to purchase. Thanks!
  3. I picked up a minty Sears Super Video Arcade last month and have been enjoying it a lot. Looking to build a collection, including trying to get my hands on all of the Sears-branded "Super Video Arcade" titles. Here are the ones I'm still looking for, CIB: Backgammon Snafu If you've got one or more to sell, please send me a PM and we'll see what we can put together. Thanks!
  4. I am looking for a functioning Intellivision console. I'm not really concerned about games, just that the console has been tested and works. And if you know how to use it on a modern tv I'd appreciate the help. If there are some games with it, that would be great. We can negotiate price. Thank you!
  5. I bought directly from Nurmix FB control to INTV 1 long cord adapters. I heard the FB has all the circuits right but confused pin numbering conventions somewhere, therefore making a mirror image pin map. If that's true, then INTV 2 and INTV FB adapters can be made with this middle adapter: A1 F5 A2 F5 A3 F3 A4. F2 A5. F1 A6. F9 A7. F8 A8. F7 A9. F6 And since At Games has consistently made this mistake, then this would be a universal x original to x flashback adapter Also wouldn't be bidirectional going both to FB consoles and from FB controllers?
  6. Hello I just got something in the mail today from a friend. He saw this along his route to work pre-Covid and it was I believe a hundred bucks. First day salvation army was open from Covid he checked and this was something like 10 bucks or less. Since all of our friends that are Circle all look out for each other and help each other when we can and think everyday could potentially be Christmas so we don't have to intentionally go out of our way and feel artificial during Christmas and birthdays, when we treat each other like any day could be potentially a Christmas or birthday. As you can see in the picture it's an intellivision two style keyboard adapter and keyboard, along with the Genesis style one controller and an official Sega 9 pin extension cord. Obviously the first one is the star, but maybe someone modded the Genesis joystick to work with Intellivision. If so that would be kind of cool. May I have a place where there's more information about this on AtariAge? Is there a PDF of the instruction booklet somewhere? I doubt there are many games that are compatible with it. Tell me which ones they are and I'll see if I have them. I also noticed a cassette audio port and an auxiliary port and a remote port and a separate power port. I assume it's not going to work without a power supply. Is that correct? If it does need a power cord may I please have the proper voltage polarity and pin size from a universal adapter?
  7. Does it increase the value of an Intellivision if you composite mod it? Or do people prefer it kept in it's original condition? I just got a bunch of old Intellivision 1s from a second hand store and I'm wondering if composite modding them would increase or decrease their value.
  8. In this issue of Video Game Collector from Spring 2006 you can win an Intellivision along with 20 games. This is issue also includes a price guide which I'll talk about in a video I'm working on so stay tuned for more.
  9. CIB I.I. Sea Battle eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283960066764
  10. In this video I'm playing BurgerTime while talking a little about how much this sells for, if it will be on the Amico, and compare it to the 2600 and ColecoVision versions. I see some Data East collections out there and have seen this game in an Arcade 1Up cabinet and those mini My Arcade cabinets. And the Amico Wikipedia page lists BurgerTime so it looks like it will be but I don't recall Tommy mentioning it but I could have missed one of the 8,000 interviews he's done.
  11. Since the Amico game system controllers support Bluetooth, I'm going to take a stab and supporting them in the MrBoehm project. (See my AA blog for more details). I'm looking for someone with an in-depth understanding of the original Intellivision controllers who might be willing to provide guidance on how I can configure the MrBoehm controller output so that I can provide Amico controller support for the original Intellivision systems. PM if you're interested in volunteering. Thanks, Aaron
  12. I know Star Strike isn't the most playable of the classic games, despite its top notch graphics for its time. But i think the concept of a Star Wars inspired Trench run space battle game always has potential to be fun. You could even have a vector like level as a homage to the Star Wars arcade game. Anyone else onboard?
  13. I have the digital manual (The printed Elektronite manual will be different) for this game. The game is complete. We could begin to sell LTO Flash! ROMS for this game very soon. However, before we do that, I want to gauge the feelings of the Intellivision fan base on the following idea. Due to many reasons, mainly caused by the worldwide pandemic, we have not been able to box up and sell the 3 Kai Magazine games TNT Cowboy, Ninja Odyssey, and Anthropomorphic Force yet. The cost of printing has been prohibitive and frankly, our main focus has been on programming. In order for the developer to pay the rent and feed his children, most of our resources have been focused on keeping producing content rather than printing. I have an idea that will help us gain the needed capital to get the materials needed to 'properly' release the game. Pre-orders. Yes, I know that a certain individual somewhat wrecked the idea of pre-ordering a game in the Intellivision community. However, those pre-orders were for an incomplete or yet to be written game. This game is finished and ready to play. My proposal is that for people who pre-order the game, they will get a FREE LTO Flash! ROM encrypted for their personal LTO Flash! . Please be aware that I am not going to entertain any suggestions that the ROM be unprotected for use on emulators. Not going to happen. Sorry. We put far too much money into these games for them to end up on a ROM site. That being said, we would need about 100 pre-orders in order to have the box, manuals, overlays and stickers printed and to purchase cartridges for the games. My idea would be to collect the names of people willing to pre-order and then when we hit 100 copies, ask for payment and then get the materials printed and copies ready to ship ASAP. Please let me know your feelings below. Cost of the game would be $70 US plus shipping/PayPal fees which would vary depending on where the game is distributed. This has already been posted on facebook. Please do not express interest HERE if you've already expressed interest on the facebook Intellivision Invasion group. Here is a video of the game play for those who are not familiar with the game. Just because we are giving away a bonus LTO Flash! ROM does not mean that you are unable to pre-order and help make the release happen. The ROM is a 'bonus' not a requirement.
  14. In this video I play Intellivision Night Stalker while talking about the Amico & CUPodcast. I explain why it should be called an Intellivision system, mobile games, and who this is for. I'm playing this on my Sears Telegames Super Video Arcade which I show in the video.
  15. Are there some dead gaming genres you'd like to see the Amico bring back? There are three I'd love for the console to resurrect. Here they are:
  16. Hello folks! This video shows the upcoming Mattel Intellivision game “A Tale of Dragons and Swords” developed by Kai Magazine, published by Elektronite and based on an idea of Valter Prette. In this video you can see the intro, six minutes of uninterrupted game-play and after that, you can see several levels of the dungeon, enemies and key elements of the game. At the end of the video you can see an epic fight against a huge dragon: The game is finished and in the beta-testing process. This game features different difficulty levels, in-cartridge game save, different graphics and musical tracks for the dungeons, many multi-coloured enemies, 99 levels of experience for the player/character, shops, magic items, new abilities, 3 endings and much more, all in a big capacity cartridge (the game is 200Kb aprox). The musical tracks are composed by John Hassink (TNT cowboy, Antropomorphic Force) and the cover is illustrated by Miguel Angel Jimenez (TNT cowboy, Antropomorphic Force). We hope you like it!
  17. Other than my main Atari 7800 console, the other (retro) console that gets a workout in my household is the Intellivision. I've always found the controls frustrating, especially the disc. Since I have two systems, I can actually compare what they are supposed to be like since one seems to have the controls working properly. The unit that's a bit more beat up cosmetically is the one that seems to function better. So I'd like to get the main unit we use working in the same way. I searched for replacement controllers, considering building my own out of arcade parts, and even debated about swapping the controllers. In the end I came across RWAP's replacement membranes. Interesting enough, I found the original thread here at AA after purchasing them. I have an Intellivision I, made in Hong Kong circa 1979 so I figured perhaps over the years the component degraded and worthwhile doing the replacement. I ordered mine and about a week or so they arrived from the UK. May have arrived sooner but with Covid-19 I wasn't really going to the mailbox every day. The pair of membranes look in pristine condition and pretty much identical keypad buttons. Here we are in 2020 and one can get amazing parts for an old system. Having done replacements in various Atari controllers, the Intellivision version takes more patience and I personally found it tricky. Unscrewing the controllers shows the simple (non-)mechanical nature of this controller. The trick to get these out is to slide the side buttons up. The 5 layers should come off easily. My circuit boards said REV E 1 and 2 for each of the controllers. The Replacement Process Open the controller by removing the four screws Once open take out the disk and the spring. Keep track of the plastic thin disc that goes between the two controller layers. Slide up the two side buttons. Pull out the entire plastic circuits. Nothing should be attacked or glued to the controller. I suggest you make a note of the order. The replacement pieces come gently pre-folded. On the two shorter keypad pieces do a proper fold on the two sides. The better you fold it, the nicer it will sit snugly on the controller. On my controller, the attached foam pad ended up being too thick. I used the replacement pad provided. Peel the thicker pad gently. Fold the longer membrane with the clear piece sitting in between. DO NOT fold it too much or you may break the circuit lines, fold in the clear sections to keep its shape. No that the disc contacts are set lower than the keyboard, so you will need to. There should be two plastic pins above and below the keyboard that allow you to guide the mylar replacements and provide alignment. The tricky part will be to replace it. Align the longer parts focusing on the keypad section. Place the two smaller keypad pieces above it. Push the two side button sections in and put the buttons back in. You may need to push the sides in a bit more although I found the action of putting the buttons back helped. Make sure the disc section sits centrally. Place the white disk between the clear and the bottom layer. Place the spring and the plastic disc controller over the circuit. Screw the controller case back in. I should note that the first time I installed it, I skipped the plastic thin disc and nothing worked properly. That's when I also noticed the bulge due to the thicker pad. Layer Order The layer with the circuit contacts with the foam attachment goes to the very bottom, while the gold keypad will be the top layer. The transparent long piece will go in between the two longer circuit membranes. Observations It's a tricky set-up and takes patience. Before this I never bothered to see how the internals of the Intellivision worked. It's great that RWAP included the thinner variety of the foam pad. For Snafu or Space Armada, I can notice the difference. For Pac-Man and Lock'n'Chase it's pretty much the same, so I'm guessing it's the game or my skill. I will probably order another pair just to have the parts. I'd love to find replacement brand-new side buttons or disc just to spruce things up a bit. Overall I'm very happy with the replacement part.
  18. Available to purchase now for the Mattel Intellivision, ROM versions of the arcade games Cosmic Avenger and Wizard of Wor. The price for both ROM's is $25 plus fees. The ROM files are for use only with the LTO Flash and will be locked to your LTO cart specifically. Sorry but the ROMs cannot be used with emulators or any other flashcart for the Intellivision. Please, email me at TrekMD[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send you instructions for payment. A PDF Manual for each game will also be included. Wizard of Wor Welcome to the mystical kingdom of Wor! You have been placed in command of an elite squadron of Worriors assigned the task of outwitting the sinister Wizard of Wor! As you descend into his diabolical dungeons, you will encounter deadly Worlings and maybe even the Wizard himself! Your only weapons are your trusty laser, your radar scanner, and your ability and cunning. You will need them all as you attempt to beat the Wizard and earn the title of Worlord! Prepare now, and then let the battle begin! Cosmic Avenger Coleco’s exciting COMSIC AVENGER™ game puts you in control of a space fighter battling a planet full of aliens. Fly your fighter over domed cities, across open plains, and through underwater caverns, firing missiles and dropping bombs on enemy installations and targets. But beware! The aliens are not defenseless. UFOs, tanks, and submarines shoot at you, bombs fall from above, and missiles rise from below and track your every move. Advance through the alien terrain, dodging the relentless enemy assaults, and eventually you’ll reach the secret station that you must destroy. Fire, dodge, and fire again! How long can you survive flying above the surface of this dangerous alien planet?
  19. Hi guys! How are you all doing? I hope you all are OK in these hard times. I wanted to let you know that we (Kai Magazine as developer and Elektronite as publisher) are working on the remake of the Intellivision's original TNT Cowboy, with the same essence that you enjoyed so much (as many people told us) but better graphics, musics and longer game-play. The game has the same depth and fun as the original: A "Final Fantasy" kind of game (where you can level up your character, accept quests, earn money, build your reputation, buy abilities and better equipment, etc) but instead of boring turn based combats, you get to blow up all those mutant beasts and undead creatures with TNT charges in real time! Regardless of this last statement, it is family friendly, it is aimed for all ages. The game will also have new features such as multiplayer! We thought it would be fun for those who played the original game, to be able to compare certain key elements and areas of the original game versus the remake's same elements and areas, so here you can see a bunch of pics, showing the original Intellivision’s graphics, and the remade graphics of those areas. I hope they are shown in the same order I uploaded them, so they are easier to compare ^_^! Many graphics and elements still need to be improved, such as the main character itself and some background details, so the final game will probably look much better than this. We are developing the game in Unity, so it can be easily ported to any modern console or device. We are aiming the game performance to work (with different quality settings) to the following systems: -Amico -Atari VCS -Nintendo Switch -PC (Steam) Other systems might be considered in the future. We will publish a promo video shortly, so stay tuned if you are interested in this game. Please let us know what you think about it, and for which systems would you like to see this game published in. Stay safe!
  20. Intellivision ABPA Backgammon FCTVVO Version Complete In Box Complete in box version with the rare FOR COLOR TV VIEWING ONLY label inside the box artwork. All original materials include full color manual, no insert line cart, logo overlays with protector sleeves, and early game catalog. Game is tested and working but sold as is. Item is in a plastic game protector (as sown) and will be shipped in a box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283816389566
  21. Intellivision Armor Battle, NFL Football, Major League Baseball - FCTVVO Versions Complete in box versions with the rare FOR COLOR TV VIEWING ONLY label inside the box artwork. All original materials include full color manuals, no insert line carts, logo overlays (NBA, NFL and MLB) with protector sleeves, and early game catalogs. All games tested and working but sold as is. Items will be placed in plastic game protectors and shipped in a box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283808838380
  22. Intellivision Dig Dug Complete In Reproduction Box and Tested Game comes complete with reproduction box and reproduction manual. Actual items shown, tested and working but sold as is. Packed in plastic game protector and mailed in a shipping box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283808849412
  23. Kiosk Multiplexer The electronic brains behind the large kiosk displays used in stores to sell Mattel Electronics’s Intellivision games and consoles. This deep-dive video covers a lot of material. This video is the culmination over almost 1 year of research including dumping and disassembling the ROM code as well as working out the schematic. Reverse Engineering documentation is located here: Mattel Kiosk Multiplexer Reverse Engineering Notes - 2020-03-11.pdf https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UDeJS-M6uQRu5MVHvmfKoLmsXHp4RZuBjOPrJtoSaD4/edit?usp=sharing The schematic has been worked out. Kiosk Multiplexer Schematic v2.pdf Here is some of the reference material used is the research: “Intellivision Store Display” video by Trade-N-Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oJyhXORYpc “Mattel Intellivision Kiosk Demonstration” video by cylonrdr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW4O57cOiuQ Papa Intellivision main site: https://papaintellivision.com Papa Intellivision document that briefly mentions POP hardware: https://papaintellivision.com/pdfs/CCF10232011_00026.pdf I would like thank @intvnut, @decle, and the owner of the Rev B Kiosk Multiplexer for their help in this project. Mattel Kiosk Multiplexer Reverse Engineering Notes - 2020-03-07.pdf Kiosk Pre-1982 ROM and Disassembly.zip
  24. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283801324403 Intellivision Super Pro Decathlon Complete in Box and Tested Actual items shown. All original and tested but sold as is. Item will be sent in a plastic game protector and mailed in an actual box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence.
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