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Found 194 results

  1. From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Nintendo SuperNES

    © Trevor Briscoe

  2. From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    NES running Elite.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  3. From the album: Donkey Kong Arcade Sales Flyers

    These are the original sales flyers used to promote the original DK & DK JR arcade games in the 1980s. As a huge ColecoVision fan I wanted to share these. And while they may not be specifically for the ColecoVision, Donkey Kong was a huge part of the legacy of that system. I'm also a huge Nintendo fanboy, so I bought them to frame behind my Donkey Kong arcade cabinet! Enjoy! =)
  4. From the album: Donkey Kong Arcade Sales Flyers

    These are the original sales flyers used to promote the original DK & DK JR arcade games in the 1980s. As a huge ColecoVision fan I wanted to share these. And while they may not be specifically for the ColecoVision, Donkey Kong was a huge part of the legacy of that system. I'm also a huge Nintendo fanboy, so I bought them to frame behind my Donkey Kong arcade cabinet! Enjoy! =)
  5. From the album: Donkey Kong Arcade Sales Flyers

    These are the original sales flyers used to promote the original DK & DK JR arcade games in the 1980s. As a huge ColecoVision fan I wanted to share these. And while they may not be specifically for the ColecoVision, Donkey Kong was a huge part of the legacy of that system. I'm also a huge Nintendo fanboy, so I bought them to frame behind my Donkey Kong arcade cabinet! Enjoy! =)
  6. From the album: Matt's Vintage Video Games in Wilmington OH

    We specialize in Vintage games. Old School or retro. We have a full line of inventory from Atari to Xbox 360. Systems & Consoles, Wires & Cables, Games, Guides, T-shirts and more. Stop in and see us at Caesars Creek Flea Market in Wilmington OH. Open 9 to 5 on Sat. & Sun.
  7. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong with improving my NES? I've owned it since new but it's been in storage for 15 years until recently. Some of the games worked but intermittently. The first thing I did was cut the pin to the NES10 chip which worked. Then I manually bent the pins on the cartridge connector for a tighter grip and sprayed some WD40 branded electrical contact cleaner on the cartridges. This helped a bit. Then I removed the 72 pin connector and boiled it as recommended elsewhere, and cleaned the motherboard connector with a fibre pen, then wiped it with nail varnish remover and cotton buds. Since then it hasn't loaded a single game. Just a grey screen. I bought a new 72 pin connector, and cleaned every cartridge with the nail varnish remover and cotton buds, but still no joy. I'm wondering if I've left deposits on the motherboard or cartridge connectors with the fluids I'm using? The WD40 contact cleaner does say it's non-conductive, but that's why I used the nail varnish remover to clean afterwards. I have alcohol cleaner as well but I haven't used that yet. Considering flowing some solder onto the motherboard pins, and then running desolder braid over it to keep the solder area small and flat. Any other ideas?
  8. As usual, whenever I finish another major build I run on over to AtariAge and share the tales of mayhem and mirth. I hope you guys are gonna dig it, it's The Nintendo Snack Pack. After rebuilding every major classic system from the console wars era, I finally brought the remaining two powerhouses of the late-80s/early-90s into one easy-to-carry little console. A light-weight version of the Sega Omega Drive, if you will, featuring a carefully hand-picked list of games for the NES and SNES, running on official Nintendo hardware (emulation, but still). When the NES mini came out, I wasn’t that interested, thoroughly entrenched with Team RasPi & Original Hardware. But when I played my brother’s NES mini and saw that excellent interface, the simple yet rich features, and played on the responsive and authentic controller, I was hooked. And 30 well-picked games was perfect for a guy who never owned anything Nintendo except a GameBoy (SEGA For Life, Baby!). I’ve been wanting to built something Nintendo for a while now, and this was it. I set to work, and created The Nintendo Snack Pack Dedicated Oldschool Entertainment System (DOES). If you’re interested how I built it, visit the buildblog. I wanted the system to be really easy and fun, no brain required, and above all, portable. That’s why the system is fitted with a large 20.000mAh battery and comes with a 12v charger – just carry and play! The system revolves around a SNES mini and a NES mini board stacked on top of each other, which you can switch between via the large vintage-style rotary dial at the front. This dial also allows you to go to other channels, but we’ll get to them later. Each board is hakchi’d and contains a host of platforms and games that can be played via the controller ports at the front, for 1 and 2 player action. The system features a rich 8″ IPS LCD display, running at 1024×768 in 4:3 aspect ratio. Sound is pumped through 1.2watt Logitech stereo speakers for clean & crisp audio, and the whole thing is housed inside a vintage 1972 portable black & white Sony TV-740. The Nintendo Snack Pack has 4 retro channels to choose from, so let’s check’m out! Channel 1: NINTENDO WORLD – Plays the mighty NES, it’s heir to the crown SNES, and Classic Gameboy and GBA games! Of course a channel dedicated to classic Nintendo is fun, but you know what’s more fun than classic Nintendo? Classic SEGA! That’s right, the second mini board is loaded up with everything decidedly NOT Nintendo. Just switch your controller over to the SEGA ports, and Welcome to the Next Level: Channel 2: SEGA ZONE – Play the powerful Mega Drive, Master System, & Game Gear! We even sneaked on a bit of PC Engine, Lynx & Vectrex! All that 8- and 16-bit action getting a bit much? Need a moment to chill, and reflect how to kill that damn boss in Contra Hard Corps? Switch over to channel 3 and chill out with some toons. Channel 3: VIDEODROME – Stream classic cartoons, movies and shows via Chromecast! Classic games are excellent of course, and I enjoy seeing a bit of Ghostbusters over breakfast with the kids, but sometimes you wanna play a little more modern games, right? Well, thankfully this bad boy is equipped with AV RCA input, allowing you to hook up that PlayStation, Saturn or DreamCast for some late-90s polygon action! Channel 4: INSTERT GAME – With oldschool AV you can connect your own console or VHS player! I built this with the idea of making something that would be undeniably fun and flexible, easy to use and portable. What I didn’t consider was how difficult it was to build, especially because I tried following a systematic workflow. This didn’t work out so well, so I went back to building in the manner I had always done: intuitively. Hack and slash, and solder, and fry, and curse, and burn, and replace and finally out from the carnage we get a little treasure that is something I could’ve only dreamed about when I was a kid. A little gaming TV that does it all. Wanna know how I built it? Check out ‘Building the Nintendo Snack Pack’! Wanna know what 30 SEGA Games I chose for channel SEGA ZONE? Check out ‘SEGA’s Fatal 30 for the Nintendo Snack Pack’! Nintendo Snack Pack SPECS: Authentic Nintendo NES Mini Board (Channel 1) Authentic Nintendo SNES Mini Board (Channel 2) 4x Controller Ports (1-2 Player for Channel 1 & 2, respectively) Google Chromecast 2nd Generation (Channel 3) RCA Audio/Video Input (Channel 4) Aluminium Rotary Dial to switch channels 8″ IPS LCD screen in 4:3 aspect ratio, 1024×768 (HDMI/RCA/VGA) Logitech 1.2watt Stereo Speakers (Z120) 20.000mAh 12V DC Battery Vintage 1972 Sony TV-740 Converted Case Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 24 cm, Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
  9. Hello All, I am clearing out a big chunk of my collection. There will be more added here periodically as I clear out all of the games in my home. Feel free to make me an offer if you want to buy a large lot, otherwise prices are as shown. I have feedback on Digitpress and eBay. More pictures of any item you want to see upon request. Please give me a couple days to ship as I am shipping them out with my eBay sales and take a trip to the post office every couple of days. I also have Rare Nintendo game, Amiibos and a ton of others on my eBay. eBay is link is HERE. You can contact me here about my eBay stuff as well if you want to make an offer on combined orders. Most items shipped in standard bubble mailers, delicate items shipped in a box or small flat rate shipping box. Ask if you have questions about how your item is shipped. All prices include shipping. All Complete in Box unless otherwise noted. 3DS CIB: Legend of Legacy Limited Ed. NEW - $28 Super Smash Bros - $20 Soul Hacker - $15 PENDING Devil Survivor 2 NEW - $25 Miku DX - $25 Kirby Triple Deluxe - $20 Mega Man Legacy w/ Gold Mega Man Amiibo NEW- $40 Lords of Magna w/ CD - $25 Mario Tennis Open - $12 x2 Adventure Time Hey Ice King - $10 Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Limited Ed. - $28 3DS Theatrhythm Final Fatasy Curtain Caall Limited Ed. w/ FF Lanyard - $20 PENDING Senran Kagura 2 - $30 DS CIB: Kirby Canvas Curse - $20 Kirby Mass Attack - $10 PENDING Mario Hoops 3 on 3 - $10 Etrian Odyssey - $12 Etrian Odyssey II - $15 Tetris DS - $15 Dokapon - $60 Kirby Squeak Squad $15 Metal Slug 7 - $35 Legacy of Ys - $30 Mega Man ZX - $15 Okami-den - $20 Game and Watch - $20 Dig Dug Digging Strike - $10 Pac'n Roll NEW - $12 Summon Night Twin Age - $25 Space Invaders Extreme - $10 Spectral Force Genesis - $10 Henry Hatsworth - $10 Nostalgia - $40 Pac-pix - $6 Ivy the Kiwi? - $12 Sun Moon Rain - $12 PENDING Solatorobo - Make Offer Super Princess Peach NEW - $40 Legend of Kage 2 - $10 PENDING Wii: One Piece WII - $26 Kirby Return to Dreamland - $28 Rhythm Heaven - $10 Phantom Brave - Price all over the place, make offer GBA: All CIB Sword of Mana - $25 PENDING Astro Boy Omega Factor - Make Offer Advance war 2 - $30 Advance War - $40 Shining force $40 Rivera - $30 Tron 2.0 Killer App - $10 River City Ransom - $60 WarioWare Twisted - $30 Sigma Star - $25 Guardian Heroes - $20 GBA BOX & Manual ONLY: Zelda Minish Cap - Make Offer Golden Sun The Lost Ark - Make Offer x2 Mr. Driller 2 - Make Offer Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Make Offer PENDING PS4: Doom - $20 PS3: Akiba's Trip - $12 Atelier Meruru - $12 Atelier Ayesha - $12 Tales of Xillia - $12 Mugen Soul Z - $12 PENDING Rune Factory Tides of Destiny - $10 Trinity Universe - $30 Tales of Grace f - $12 Guided Fate Paradox - $12 Agarest War Zero - $12 Dragon's Crown Disgaea 3 - $6 PENDING Disgaea 4 - $8 PENDING Ar tonelic Qoga - $15 Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Limited Edition - $35 Other/Misc: NES - Star Solider NEW - Make Offer NES - MappyLand NEW - Make Offer PS2 - .hack Infection PS2 - .hack Mutation PS2 - .hack Outbreak PS2 - .hack Quarantine - Prefer to Sell as a set, but will break it up if I can't PSP - Final Fantasy Tactics - $8 Time and Eternaty Soundtrack - ?
  10. I'd like to get at least an N64 game this month and I have some options. To make a long story short, I own a Nintendo 64 that I bought from my cousin years and years ago fro pretty much nothing. These are the games that came with the system: Super Mario 64, Bomberman 64, Quake 2, Automobili Lamborghini, Chopper Attack, ISS 98, Duke Nukem 64, Space Station Silicon Valley, Star Wars Shadow of the Empire and Turok. Some of the options I have include in my immediate wish-list include Diddy Kong Racing, Mickey's Speedway USA and Pokemon Snap. Am I missing something? I don't know that many Nintendo 64 games because everything that I played was on emulators more than a decade ago and I just focused on Super Smash Bros. and the Zelda games that are hard to come by here and extremely expensive. Also, a copy of ISS 2000 recently surfaced, I thought that game was one of the rarest of the system and the seller is offering for not that much (around $34 to be more specific). Should I go for it? Is that game that rare? Thanks in advance!
  11. I've been trying to get a console this month because I'm in possession of some disposable income. As usual, I have a ton of options and one of the possibilities is getting a SNES. Thing is I've never even touched one. I have a SNES Classic Edition which I loved and has an amazing selection of games, but I'd like to own the real thing just for the purposing of collecting and also to play on the real thing. So how much should I pay for the system? Also, I've seen the original SNES, as well as the SNES Jr. I know the former supports S-video and the former doesn't, but I also know that the Jr. tends to be more collectible. To sum up: 1) Do you think it's worth getting a SNES if I own the Classic Edition, 2) Which version should I look for? 3) How much is an acceptable price for the system in case I decide to go for it? Thanks in advance!
  12. One of my favorite parts about playing Pokemon HeartGold on the Nintendo DS was the game's post content. More specifically, I'm referring to the number of legendaries you could catch. Over the past few years, I sort of lost track of Pokemon games and since I played HeartGold to death, I didn't feel the need to play another one of those. That said, I really want to get back into the series, so I recently got Ultra Sun and I just started playing Alpha Sapphire. My question is simple, but I can't really find a straight answer: which Pokemon game has the most number of legendaries. I know some of the latest Pokemon games have a ton of legendaries, but you can only get one of two per version and you need both of those to get a third or something awfully specific like that. What I was wondering is, which game has the most legendaries if you only play one version and you do no trading at all. If my memory serves me right, HeartGold had Mewtwo, the three dogs, the three birds, Lugia and Ho-Oh and more, I want more of that and I was wondering if I'm going to be disappointed with Alpha Sapphire and Ultra Sun. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, I've made the decision to thin out my console collection and move over to emulation. US buyers only. Here is what's up for sale first (shipping from 27707 is included): AV Famicom. Comes with a new PSU, original AV cable, and a Japanese (short wire) dogbone controller. Asking $120. No games are included.
  14. Reggie brings over a stack of NES & SNES home-brews, reproductions & hacked games including one that stars him! These games are very cool and created in limited numbers by fans. Games Shown: Star Fox 2 (SNES) Clock Tower (SNES) Moon Crystal (NES) Fix-it Felix jr (Genesis) Magical Pop’n (SNES) Megaman & Bass (SNES) BS ShockMan (SNES) Zelda The Legend of Link (NES) Flying Hero (SNES) Reggie’s Radical Adventures (NES) Is there a re-production scene for Atari 2600 games? Seems like a fan-made version of Air Raid would be a popular seller... I'd consider buying one...
  15. Hello everyone! I have just finished another homebrew game, this time on Nintendo DS! It's called Geoincursion, and it's an old-school arcade style beat'em up with a secondary resource system (energy), and features original music, sounds, and digitized actor graphics! Check it out at: http://sebastianmihai.com/main.php?t=102&n=Nintendo-DS-development-Geoincursion If you're interested, you can also check out my Classic Console Development page, which has links to my projects on other consoles. It can be found at: http://sebastianmihai.com/ccd/
  16. Hello! Long time lurker of the forums here at AtariAge, this is my first post ever! I wanted to let you know of a project I am involved in, a New Retro Gaming Magazine called "Classic Console Magazine". As someone who has lurked on the site for a while, I know of all of the people who claim they are working on a retro gaming magazine, only for it never to see the light of day. I also know that there is an awesome magazine called Retro that many on here subscribe to. Understanding that, we are attempting to approach things from a different avenue. We are doing this as we are fans of retro gaming, and are offering it for FREE and via digital only. The old model of magazine subscriptions is dying, and if we did it the traditional way and offered print copies from the start, we wouldn't last anymore than a couple of months.. we are also a monthly publication, as we felt having monthly issues instead of bi-monthly will help us grow a larger base of subscribers quicker by offering more good content. I also decided to wait until the first issue was out to post here just so everyone knows we are really serious! We are in this for the long haul. If you would like to subscribe, simply visit our website: classicconsolemag.weebly.com I am always looking for article submissions, so if you have any ideas for an article you might want published send me an email: classicconsolemag@gmail.com We already have a small team of dedicated writers in place, but the more the merrier! Unfortunately at this point we can not provide any compensation for articles submitted, we are all doing it as a labor of love.. maybe someday that will change. I have added a few pics so you guys can know what we are all about. Thanks for your time! -Josh
  17. SOLD Selling as a lot some game manuals and other misc. All are mostly Nintendo stuff. about 27 individual pieces, all for $20 shipped U.S only payment via paypal
  18. This popped up in a thread about physical media for the system, Flojomojo (thanks) pointed out some generous soul over at the NintendoLife forums has constructed and plans to maintain a list of released and to be released known physical releases for the system. This is that link: http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/nintendo-switch/switch_physical_boxed_games_list_and_release_dates Currently there are these: Legend of Zelda: BOTW (Nintendo) 1 2 Switch (Nintendo) Skylanders Imaginators (Activision) Just Dance 2017 (Ubisoft) Super Bomberman R (Konami) Binding of Isaac: Rebirth + (standard and limited, 2nd print) (Nicalis) Has-Been Heroes (Gamestop Exclusive) (Gametrust) Lego City Undercover (Standard & Toys R Us exclusive) (Warner Bros.) Puyo Puyo Tetris (standard & Target exclusive) (Sega) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo) Disgaea 5 Complete (standard & limited) (NIS America) Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers (Capcom) Cars 3: Driven to Win (Warner Bros.) Arms (Nintendo) Cave Story + (Standard & Gamestop exclusive bundle) (Nicalis) Minecraft: Story Mode (Telltale Games) Splatoon 2 (Nintendo) Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (Marvelous) Troll & I (Maximum Games) Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase (Dispatch Games) There are more to come, but still for 5 months on the market after the uncertainty of the disastrous WiiU that ran off a lot of makers entirely. The future list is pretty strong with between 40-50 more known so far and nice given the turn around of run off old school developers and more making stuff on it now, and hopefully the wii-like boom of hardware and software sales continues to bring more games back home to owners of Nintendo systems.
  19. In the last few years despite my leanings never to touch the stuff as it has been more or less universally crap or at least coming up far too short, there have been a couple cases where I've not been disappointed with the device enough I've sought it out and held onto it. Then you have other cases of stuff, and so far it has been two, both from Hyperkin (Hyperkrap) where I was happy at first but then the problems and shortfalls mounted up I got out from under it. To get the turds out of the way I'm speaking of the Supaboy version 2, and then the Retron 5 both versions. The Supaboy in premise wasn't bad, but it has some problems where it has issues, and compatibility problems, along with being a bulky arm weight that plays against it along with a wretchedly poor d-pad that's not even serviceable (same can be said with the Retrobit device too for this.) Did they even fix that nasty d-pad or the other stuff in their 3rd revision lately? The d-pad itself inside is setup with long legs that tap a lower board in the system with contacts, problem is unlike the SNES d-pad bottom with the bump/nipple there to stop multiple (beyond 2) direction pushes, it lacks that. Most games flip out if you end up hitting over 2 directions and it happens always because of no stopper. Games like Mario can keep you running after you care to stop. Stuff like Gradius will stop going the direction you want as your thumb shifts locked in a track until you release (which is fatal) and fighters like SF2 good luck pulling off better than a quarter circle at all. I had to mod the thing using a 2cent electrical twist cap that had the wider base snug between the 4 posts, then hand sanded it down low enough then rounded it to fake one -- and boom, worked like a SNES game pad...so asinine. The rest people are aware of, randomly shut off or restarts on lower battery. Chipped games outside of DSP won't work, may partly work, or glitch out and die. The Retron 5 the first model had a flimsy top you could crack pushing just to get the cart out. Cart slots were too tight, and worse, very brittle weak metal ripping out pins or twisting them breaking slots, and there were other internal issues too with cheaply attached controller ports that would pop off inside, and other garbage. The firmware was junk too, often getting crash happy or deciding it didn't like specific games to start and decided to hate more as life went on. I had one so bad and 2 awful replacements I got a first off the line model 2. It fixed some of that stuff (the hardware issues) but it still was a picky bitch at times, and it had its unfriendly moments or could get stuck now and again...plus it got testy with some forms of SRAM nuking files on your carts. Personally given the problems I wish I had owned a RetroFreak instead as it does all the R5 attempted but better and also works as a flash kit too since it takes games on a SD card and stores them internally, but it wasn't out then either. And with the good -- both of them mobile devices. The first being the latest(later) rendition of the FC Mobile, the FC Mobile 88. I happened to find this one local, guy even threw in a SuperGames 500in1 cart with it too. This one runs Famicom carts (but you can get an adapter) and the audio is like 99% right, displays very well, the NOAC in there handles the US stuff great and most Famicom games too including chipped stuff. A couple Sunsoft mappers and the VRC4 (Castlevania 3) and VRC6 from Konami, along with some of the Namco mappers don't work. it causes a small percent of JP releases to fail, but not enough to be a problem. The screen is solid, not as pretty as a GBA 101 but quite good still, comfy to use, good battery life on 2 AAAs, decent TV out comparable to an old NES on RCA cables, and it doesn't feel too flimsy, also the speaker put out good loud quality too. I'd recommend it as a dedicated on the go NES. The other good, the KongFeng GB Boy Color. Wow on that one. The GBC people wish they could get since you can't easily get a 101 style screen into a real GBC. Maybe 5% larger in frame but you'd only see it next to a real unit. Comfy controls, good button response, solid loud audio, and a very clean vibrant display on it. Has all the function of the GBC other than its faux IR window up top which is empty. The system is louder than a real GBC too which is nice. It appears to run like a real GBC should so games with pre-coded color sets (Metroid 2) use them, GBC games hybrid and unique display and sound right as they should. Battery life is a good 20 hours so right there with the original. It also has an internal game card (flash kit) soldered in with 66 unique games. Most of them are garbage puzzles or other screwy bunk, but there are around 10 really fantastic GB releases in there (Mario Land, DK, Aladdin, Duck Tales, Kid Niki sequel, and others.) It feels solid and not flimsy, seems well constructed, and now I see why people had raved about it as GB/GBC fans looking for a solution -- it is one.
  20. I am selling two NES games, Mighty Final Fight and River City Ransom. Bot are cartridge only and in good shape and have been tested and cleaned. MFF has only minor wear in the form of scratches and what not and RCR looks good besides a little faded marker above the title of the game. It is pretty faded but you can still see it. So for River City Ransom I'm asking $15 plus $2 for shipping, so $17 total. And Mighty Final Fight I'm asking $40 plus $2 for shipping. If you buy them both, then I can maybe knock off a few bucks.
  21. Anyone that has ever started a business knows that it is quite a financial undertaking and sometimes can be mind blowingly tough, though extremely rewarding at the same time. We have hit a road block with Retro Gaming Magazine and bringing it to life. Asking for help is humbling and hard to do, especially with a project like this. There is quite a bit of interest in Retro Gaming Magazine and we are dedicated to making it happen. We humbly ask anyone that is even slightly interested in seeing the mag happen to please check out the project page and if possible, chip in something to help. We have a solid team running the magazine including: Martin Alessi who was Art Director for Electronic Gaming Monthly in the early 90's and helped shape the magazine early in it's life. Martin has taken up art duties for Retro Gaming Magazine. Compare his cover (and when we can release them, his layouts for issue #1) to the preview pages I created and it is like a night and day improvement. Several staff members have worked with Gamefan Magazine in reviving the magazine with issue #6 (released around the summer of last year). These include: Nick Abrams, well known to The Retro League community as one of the co-hosts of the show (we stole him away to work on the mag that he is co-owner of). Nick was one of the new writers to provide retro content that debuted that section in Gamefan Magazine. Michael Crisman, our resident retro scribe (dude can throw words like no one's business), while he worked on Gamefan #6, he still resides at Video Game Cowboys under the moniker, Modern Zorker. Carl Williams (the guy writing this), known to many as TriVerse and generally a loudmouth and co-owner. I am currently the guy that will get yelled at a lot for the mag not being it's best. If anyone can help promote the project page, that would be great. The more people that see it, the more likely it will be funded and we can realize the dream in it's full range.
  22. I have the following auctions up right now.. Please visit this page to see all my current auctions - http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fmyworld.ebay.com%2Fstingray2772 Currently on eBay Lot of 14 Atari 2600 Games and 2 Atari 7800 Games 64 MB Xbox 360 Memory Unit 3x Club Nintendo 2009 Calendars Super Mario Bros 3 Super Mario 2 Venice Beach Volleyball Tecmo Super Bowl Yoshi and Top Gun NES Game Manuals 2x Nintendo DS Lite Car Adapters Lot of 5 NES Games and the black Alligator like Nintendo Game Case
  23. So ive recently picked up at Atari 400 computer, all stock. I will max out the ram, add composite video in the future, but for now I want to do something with the joystick. Ive seen modded nes controllers (using stock atari joystick cords) that worked on nintendos. So I assume that I can do the same mod, or a similar one, so that i can use a nintendo controller to play games with. Does anyone know if this would work, or have seen it done? I know some people love the old joysticks, but to me they were always a pain.
  24. Well I figured I would go ahead and start a new thread that way we are not clogging up the other thread. ok... seems we need to list friend codes.. They are 5241-2470-3977 for me and 4210-4357-1036 for my wife. My Mii name is Daddyio the town and character are ApplSeed, Johnny.
  25. I am very fond of cartridge games. Not because I hate load screens or for any real technical reason. I just like them. They're like trading cards to me. Even games I don't really even play I just like to look at them for the art or in some cases lack there of. I mean Ironsword has freakin Fabio on the cartridge how weird is that!! The cartridge looks like the cover of a cheap romance novel with Fabio all shirtless and sweaty wielding a giant sword (a little homoerotic even). In the game your a knight in armor. It's like I was lied too. Not that I really wanted to see an 8bit shirtless Fabio. Another classic in my mind is the 2600 super breakout with the guy in the 70's looking spacesuit holding a rod or something that he is apparently using to hit a ball at a fricken rainbow!! That's so cool!! No but I really do just love looking through my collection of cartridges and just looking at the cover art. I also love the original carts for the Atari 8 bit computers the ones that are brown with the aluminum backs. They got some weight to them. With the metal backs I feel like they could almost take a bullet. Also like the 2600 I love the little spring loaded door on the bottom that only opens when pressed into the computer. But my favorite part of these cartridges is that there is no art. Just the name, what controller you use, and a model # like CXL4012. These carts seem to tell me "This aint a toy man. This is an important piece of computer equipment!". There are many carts that suck for obvious reasons. Like no spine labels (N64, 32x), labels where the glue seems to turn into oil and the labels eventually peel or fall off (Atari 2600, Genesis), or game that just don't stack well (Game gear, TI 99/4a). Even with these fails they still got cool art and that makes me to want to collect them. Anyway at the end of the day the Atari 8 carts are my favorite. However I am fickle and my tastes often change back and forth. I want to hear you opinion what system had the best carts for whatever reason. Or what cartridge had the best art either because it was so cool, or because it was so stupid.
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