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Found 16 results

  1. I have some hardware for sale in the Marketplace if anyone is interested: Atari 8-Bit Computer Hardware For Sale
  2. I am selling all the components and the following software as one bundle, unless you let me know what you want and how much you want to pay for a certain item. This was all found in my inlaws home and as of right now, untested. I am going to start testing some items this week. I will take offers as I dont know what it is worth. I dont have the time to separate and list everything by itself. After I get say 4-5 offers, I will sell it to whoever wants it most. I feel here, it will go to people wanting items for their own, not just a reseller although I know you will sell items you dont need. Ok, this is what I found for software. Almost everything has the box, disk or cartridge, and manual. Most boxes are not great, but they are there. Not faded, but just smooshed. Centipede Pack Man Space Invaders Pacific Coast Highway Sesame Street Print Kit Congo Bongo Davids Midnight Magic Ball Blazer game only Monopoly game only Wheel of Fortune game only PrintShop & Print Shop companion no box Net Worth Data Soft Spell Wizard Star League Baseball Time Wise Atari Writer Computer Facts in Time Paint Advanced Music System looking for disc Music Composer Paperclip looking for disc Pole Position Touch Typing Invitation to programming 2 Ms Pack Man Star Raiders Astrology Wiztype Also some books if people are looking for that kinda stuff 101 Atari computer program tips & tricks your Atari computer 400 & 800 Inside Atari Dos Computes 1st book of Atari Atari Basic Book Inside Atari Basics Atari Games and Recreations Picture this All the hardware seems to have the owners manual as well. I am almost certain all the cables are in the one box as well. I dont have the time to piece it all, but will piece some if needed. If you need something, just let me know. Brad
  3. I purchased an Atari 130XE on Ebay back in 2001 and used it quite a bit for a couple of years until I upgraded my PC and no longer had a serial port and couldn't use APE as a file server. It has been put up since 2002/3 and when I got it out recently to try out again, I discovered the video is trash. I didn't show the RF video but it looks like the composite photos only more blurry. Below are photos of the Pac-Man title screen and the boot screen in composite and s-video (custom cable using chroma and luma signals) and I have also included the same screens from my Sophia DVI mode for reference. Pardon the "Input out of range" box in the middle of the Sophia photos. My monitor doesn't like the signal. Can someone give me suggestions on why my Composite and separated video look like crap? The chroma/luma (separated or S-Video) video jumps and displays wavy color distortions like RF interference but this wasn't present when I packed up the computer in the early 2000s. Prior to packing up, the composite was the video mode I used most and it looked good. Now it's vertical gray bars. Could this all be due to the RF Modulator going south on me? I understand some signals (composite) come from the modulator but can that also inject color garbage into the CHROMA signal? Boot screen using bad s-video (chroma/luma separated video) (custom cable) Boot screen using bad Composite (should be blue but has gray bars) Boot screen from Sophia DVI (monitor shows input out of range error) Pac-man title using bad S-video/separated video Pac-man title using bad composite video Pac-man title using Sophia DVI (monitor doesn't like DVI signal)
  4. Hi, I recently got a couple of "dead" 130XE's thrown in as part of a deal. The first 130XE only powers the RED keyboard LED, and doesn't output a TV signal (can't be found with the TV's auto-tune). It's also playing dead when I try it with a SysCheck board, so I am putting it aside for the moment. The second 130XE can be tuned in, but gives no picture. When I try it with a SysCheck board, I get U14 marked as bad. So, I need to get some more RAM chips. Is there any reason I should get anything other than 4164 dips? What I'm trying to ask is, are there any mods that involve replacing the 4164 chips with some other chips, giving more available memory? I'm guessing that this would be the ideal time to do such an upgrade, rather than ordering a load of 4164's that I don't need. I should point out both 130XE's have 16*4164 chips, so I would probably order 32 * 4164 to simplify shipping, etc. My plan is to just replace the defective U14, but I don't know if the other bank of memory (the extra 64K of a 130XE) has defects (I don't think this is tested by the SysCheck board - though I think it should be!). I don't think I can test this until U14 has been replaced. Although I have seen a lot of advice saying it's best to replace all the RAM chips, I don't want to do this unless absolutely necessary, as they are all soldered on. On the other hand, if there is a mod that involves replacing them all with another set of RAM chips, this might be a good time to do so (if you see what I mean). Finally, the second 130XE runs quite well with the SysCheck board plugged in (I'm really pleased with the SysCheck board, btw). I was playing Mercenary on it (48K and high res versions) from disk, and the keyboard is fine, apart from the 'H' and 'J' keys not working. I'm tempted to try swapping the keyboard from the set aside 130XE, but I don't want to do too much unplugging/plugging as I have heard that 130XE keyboards can be quite fragile. Any advice on the best RAM chips, and keyboard swapping strategy would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I have a variety of Atari 8-Bit Computer items up for sale: eBay Items For Sale More items going up shortly including: • 400 Computer System (16K) • 800XL Computer System with 6 Game Cartridges • 2 x Trak-Ball Controllers Make me an offer. Thanks for looking.
  6. Looking to buy a working 130XE and STFM-series ST, preferably an STe. No discolored units/keyboards please. Feel free to post pics here and/or PM of what you have. Thanks so much in advance!
  7. Hello, I recently acquired a 130XE that works great, the only problem is that there are faint bands/lines on the left side of the screen. I originally used an S-Video cable from eBay and thought the problem was with my LCD monitor, but they also show up when I use my Commodore 1084S Amiga monitor and a Chroma/Luma cable. I can adjust the color/contrast/brightness and that helps until the background color changes and they are visible again. After reading through the forums I found a few posts regarding 9 lines on the left side of the screen on a 5200 S-Video mod being "ANTIC noise during a DRAM refresh" and I am guessing I have the same problem. Anybody have any ideas on a fix? I have the later revision with 64x4 RAM. I've attached pics showing the lines, I turned up the contrast to make them more visible to the camera. Other Topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/218246-s-video-mod-9-vertical-lines-on-left-side/ Thanks!
  8. I started similar topic on Polish Atari Area. http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=13760 I have crazy idea. What about STM32 cartridge. It will make faster only some of CPU instructions so Atari will stays Atari. For demos or to have hundred sprites on screen...? Why STM32? Its cheaper than ATMEL and more common than PIC. It is 32bit... Bigger EEPROM, RAM in MCU. There will be no new graphics, no new sound. Only massive CPU upgrade but only for some instructions. For example 256 sprites, fast 3d or vector, game with 128 sprites and sample playback on pokey (as you know MOD on Pokey eats CPU). Or I can image pictures in lot of colors (multiple pages switching). So they will be not blinking... I know there is Veronica. It is beautiful but price of 65816 is higher than STM32 (few cents max to 10 dollars). I know there is very nice Tomek8 but as I wrote PIC is not so powerful as same priced STM32... And as bonus you can get STM32 in huge quantities... I somewhere read something exactly same exists for ColecoVision or 2600... For example 6502 emulator on STM32: GITHUB https://github.com/BigEd/a6502 "On that dev board, the CPU runs at 168MHz and the emulated speed of the 6502 is 18MHz." Thats almost 10x+ faster as original Atari. And there is also 180MHz model STM32... Price is 10Euro... for STM32F407VGT6: 32 Bit Microcontroller, Ethernet MAC, Camera Interface, ARM Cortex-M4, 168 MHz, 1 MB, 196 KB, 100 Maybe we can have Ethernet too on that cartridge for multiplayer games. I can imagine NUMEN engine shooter and LANPARTY! like QUAKE! Or DUNE2 / Settlers 2 game !!! Multiplayer / online... This will adds new dimension to our ATARIs... Playing games together. New speed for CPU. Lot of sprites, pokey sample playback etc etc... So it will be turbocard but also will accelerate graphics and sound. Plus online multiplayer gaming or local LAN party as bonus. Bad or good idea? Lets brainstorm this. I can imagine games in hires with huge sprites. Or 160x200 games with ultra fast scrolling (space shooter) for example. Or vector game with samples. Or 3D demo looking almost like from Amiga 500... When price of cartridge will be 20-30Euro. Everyone will be able to buy it.
  9. There is a 130XE on eBay listed to have a 'Best Heavy Upgrade" and has a toggle switch in the upper left corner of the top of the console. Seller has no idea what it is. I looked on the Best site and found nothing like that. Any ideas?
  10. I have revived a recently acquired 130XE that needed memory swaps, keyboard mylar fixes, and extreme de-yellowing of the case and keys. Previously it was ready for the trash bin, now it's 100% functional and looks terrific! Here's the only issue... the "ATARI 130XE" badge on the front/top of the case looks really crappy on the left side (where it says ATARI in red and has the silver Fuji logo). It looks badly faded/discolored for about 1/3 of the length of the badge (just past the word ATARI ) and the rest of the badge is fine. I have been attempting various ways to replicate the badge and none of them have yielded anything even close to acceptable yet. Again, this thing went from looking like a total piece of non-working junk to working and "almost mint looking" with the exception of this darn badge issue. I saw some threads here related to badges but they were quite old, so I thought I'd put out the request anew. Does anybody have a working solution for a really good Atari 130XE badge replication process? Or even better yet, does somebody have an extra 130XE badge (perhaps could be taken off of a parts machine?) Or, even a 65XE badge could work because I could splice it since the 130XE portion of the badge i have looks fine. Appreciate any help on this matter. It's the last piece of the puzzle to get this machine "fully restored". Thanks! -Eric
  11. Folks, I have a pile of trade/sale fodder that needs to hit ePay or trade for other stuff I do not have. I am open to offers for cash and VERY open to trades. The only thing I have a definite price range on is the 7800 as I need to *try* and get what I paid for it. I have a LOT of stuff to put up, so I will slowly add to this post and, hopefully, edit as stuff gets sold/traded. I have attached photos. (WARNING: They are big, click at your peril!)1 DETAILS: I take PayPal // eBay feedback is eBay Seller: marlin4 I ship worldwide, but be aware USPS raised its rates recently. I prefer trades, in the following order of 'desire.' WANTS: Atari 8-bit carts/hardware. (IDE Plus 2.0 hint, hint ) Not so much disks, but sometimes cassettes. TI 99/4a carts/hardware/cassettes. Sometimes disks. Atari Jaguar games Atari Lynx games PS3/PS4/PS Vita games I do not have (ask for haves list, is long) Exactly which ones? Anything that is NOT on the attached PDFs is something I would be interested in trading for. If you have it and it is NOT listed on my "Haves" list, I am interested. Some may think that is too much. I assure, I am serious. If you want to buy something, make an offer, I will respond politely either way. HAVES: (Pictures attached, but not in body): [Everything that is going up right now is photographed. Some trades are being discussed, but not finalized. As soon as everything gets written up and/or traded. Then, it goes to ePay. Please save me (and the stuff) from that painful fate!] [However, don't wait to message if you want to trade/buy, I will trade/sell it right away!!] MISCELLANY: 2015 Playstation Experience Trading Cards PM for pics and list Consoles Atari 7800 - Peritel/French/PAL Version in box, with docs SOLD to AA Member Tested & Working, Works JUST fine with a US power supply. This is my second one. Includes: 2 CX78 Joypads, working (both have the little joysticks, but only one actually stays in) 1 220v//european power supply 1 SCART cable Manuals & registration cards Why you want this: 1) It has an RGB board & port BUILT-IN by Atari!! If you get an Atari ST SC1435 cable (or build your own), it will connect directly to an RGB (15KHz) monitor!2 2) It plays all of the PAL versions of the 7800 carts which are less expensive say, for example, Motor Psycho! 3) The serial number matches the box What I am asking: US$200 OBO (shipping worldwide, NOT included) INTELLIVISION Major League Baseball (Box, docs, overlays, catalog) Atari 5200 THREE versions 5200 Owners Manual (some water damage) 2 5200 SuperSystem manual/poster Controller Holder manual VCS Cartridge Adapter (severely water damaged) RealSports Football w/ manual Pac-Man w/ manual Pac-Man w/ manual & overlay Super Breakout Pole Position Missile Command (manual ONLY) Q*bert (manual only) Qix (manual only) Galaxian (manual only) Centipede (manual only x2) MAC/WINDOWS Intellivision Great Hits CD (from 2003!!!) MS-DOS Police Quest (5.25" floppy) ask for pic Atari 400/800/XL/XE Hardware & Software ANALOG Magazines January 1985 February 1986 April 1988 November 1989 +1 more Parker Bros. Atari 8-bit carts (in box w/ docs) --as a lot-- Frogger Box is a little discolored, cartridge holder a little flattened Super Cobra Label has Actiplaque™ Manual has tear Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle Box is a little crushed Loose Atari made A8 carts --separate or as a lot-- Galaxian traded Centipede Jungle Hunt traded Pole Position traded Robotron: 2084 AtariWriter Missile Command traded Pac-Man Asteroids traded E.T. Phone Home SUPER RARE HTF MOAR POWER UBER RARE: "Star Raider" {ahem}3 Dig Dug Defender Loose Grab Bag A8 Carts --as a lot or separate-- XE Lode Runner XE Ace of Aces XE Flight Simulator II K-Star Patrol Fun With Art Super Cobra Actiplaque! Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom River Raid Demon Attack Loose Atari carts Grab Bag #2 --as a lot or separate-- Defender Dig Dug Asteroids Pengo Super Breakout Pac-Man River Rescue Loose Atari Made A8 cartridge --separate-- Educational System, Master Cartridge (Brown label) Loose w/ Manual A8 carts --separate or as a lot-- Qix traded Frogger Computer Chess Complete A8 Carts --separate-- Kickback (Thorn EMI, Box, docs, catalog, all good shape) Plattermania (Epyx, sealed) Gorf (Roklan Software, grey/blue cart; docs & box: see pics) Robotoron: 2084 (Atari, big box w/ Joystick holder, manual) E.T. Phone Home (box is "okay") Jungle Hunt Asteroids Lg Box (even has a notice telling you if you leave it on pause too long, you cannot unpause!) Galaxian (lg Box, okay) Joust (Lg XL Box, fair to middlin box) Sealed A8 Carts --separate-- Blue Max Ballblazer Food Fight Centipede Jungle Hunt (smooshed box)4 Caverns of Mars (smooshed box)4 Qix (smooshed box)4 RealSports: Football Galaxian (small) Joust (smooshed box)4 K-Start Patrol (box is old, dusty, but technically sealed) TI 99/4a Software & Hardware TI Books Using & Programming the TI 99/4a Including Ready-To-Run Programs Entertainment Games in TI BASIC & Extended BASIC Complete TI 99/4a Carts Defender (AtariSoft, Box, docs, reg. cards) Demon Attack (TI, Box, docs, stickers on box) TI 99/4a Carts with manual & loose CartVer: Bg=Beige, Bk=Black, CL=Bk Cart, Color Label, BgBL=Bg Cart, Bk style label ManVer: P=Plain version, F=Fancy graphics version TI 99-4a Loose Trade.pdf MORE COMING SOON!! 1PM if you want additional pics or have questions 2LIke a Commodore 1084/1084S/Phillips/Atari SC1435. I have tested them working with all but the Phillips. The connector is the ST monitor port, but the 7800 did not sync correctly to the SC1224 I had. 3I say, I KNOW it's not rare, that's what makes it funny. Now go away, you're bothering the customers . . . 4"smooshed" is a highly technical term. You should PM for pics TI 99-4a Collctn.pdf Atari8bit Lists (Have).pdf
  12. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a beaten set of 8bit machines. One of them, a 130XE, booted into an unknown (to me that is) OS: After booting the ROM, the machine doesn't respond to anything, but the RESET button. I've contacted a couple of folks that could know more about this, but that came up empty, hence this post. A couple more shots of the inside of the system with things that stood out (to me): Anyone got some more info on this? I plan on creating a dump somewhere next week, but any info on the ROM is welcome. Kind regards, Senor Rossie P.S. Happy New Year !
  13. I took a chance on an 130XE on eBay no video cable or power supply. I have tested it with the power supply I made for my 800XL and the video cable from the same that only has composite video and audio. If I buy a cable that has separate luma and chroma, that should improve the video, right? Thevideo is already better than on the 800XL, but since I need to buy a cable anyway, I want to get something optimal.
  14. Need some troubleshooting advice. Just re-socketed Pokey on my 130XE, since I replaced the square pins on the stereo board with round ones (the board had previously been pushed into the subsequently ruined machine socket). Work on the stereo board went well, and I replaced the machine socket on the motherboard with a nice precision one. No lifted traces or any other nasties... very clean job. However, when I came to test everything after reassembly, the keyboard's stone dead. Well - not quite: pressing either shift key actually registers as the "Break" key, which is rather disconcerting. All other keys - apart from Reset - are totally unresponsive. I've tried different keyboards, but the problem's definitely on the motherboard. Checked for shorts, continuity, etc... found nothing. I'm wondering if the Break / Shift thing offers a clue; maybe one of the support chips gone? I've very closely scrutinized the keyboard scan pins which are connected to the 4051s... no visual or continuity issues there. Seems everything I touch turns to s**t at the moment, but I'd like to get this fixed as I put a hell of a lot of work into this machine.
  15. Hi everyone I now have a reason to really smile Just got a great deal on a 130XE, which unless my memory is fading, is the first one I ever owned. I was too cheap to buy one when they first came out, and at the time was buying up all the 800XL's for $99 from ToysrUs before they disappeared. Any way I was doing my normal semi-daily check of Ebay items for sale, and stumbled across a deal that at first I couldn't believe. It was an almost brand new looking 130XE with all the accessories still in its original box with all the original Styrofoam inserts and inner packaging. And it came with a good power supply plus an RF switch box and cable. And probably the best thing of all it powered up and works like a charm. Total cost with shipping came to $102.00 Came with one of the better Power Supplies. Yep still has the protective film over the name plate. And I was very surprised how nice the keyboard felt on this guy. Has a pretty solid feel, not mushy at all The Serial Number on the computer matched the one on the box (A1 541111608 M). It's in such great condition I don't want to mess with it . I'm afraid no TransKey is going into this baby. - Michael
  16. There is a lot of good advice on the forum about fixing 130XE's with broken memories. When mine failed I found all the information I needed here and here, but there are many other good posts too. Thanks to everyone who has posted on this topic. I'm not very experienced with hardware, and there is no way I could have repaired my machine without your guidance. Just for the record, here's a description of the fault and repair in pictures: The machine starting booting to the ROM/RAM test. Case opened, showing the 16 RAM chips on the left hand side. Original chips. One is an NEC 4164, but the other fifteen are the notorious MT 4264's. Chips removed by snipping the pins, withdrawing them one at a time with a soldering iron and tweezers, and finally clearing the holes with a solder sucker. Sockets soldered in place and new chips installed. I chose 41256's to give me the easy option to upgrade the machine to 320K in future. Fixed! I still have one question on my mind. Opinions vary on whether it is necessary to tie the unused address line (A8, pin 1) on the 41256's to ground (or possibly I have misinterpreted the opinions). I have not done this yet, but the machine has run perfectly well for days on end. This seems to imply that the chips respond in a predictable manner to disconnected address lines. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?
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