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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I've just bought 2 power supplies for my Atari 130XE and my Atari 800XE as I lost my previous power supplies during moving. I've bought the new power supplies from here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324218268282 Now, this seller has MANY positive reviews and experience, so I'm probably reading every schematic / pinout wrong. The adapters do look hand made though - the connector part - maybe a mistake was made. I've connected both supplies to my 130XE, and nothing. No signal, completely dead. Ok, I've tried the 800XE. Same, dead. I've measured the power supply and it gives 5volts, it is rated at 1amp. Still nothing. But then, I started noticing the polarity might be wrong. It's reversed from just about any picture / pinout I can find. So I've opened the computer and measured. Please see photo attached. Is this the correct polarity, and my Ataris just died, or is the polarity reversed? If reversed, did I just kill my computers?:( Thank you all a lot.
  2. Dear 8-bitters Your advice on which Atari micro to purchase would be greatly appreciated! I thinking of getting back into the Atari 8-bit scene and plan using the machine with some regularity but am not sure if I should go with an Atari 130XE or Atari 800. To me the Atari 800 is very special indeed as it was my first micro computer so it holds an enormous sentimental place in my heart but then again I might be better off with a machine that has more RAM, has BASIC built-in and can enjoy a larger software base. In addition to this, I would like to get one of those newer hardware add-ons like the FujiNet which I know very little about but keep hearing about or an SIO to SD type of device, something I have also only heard about. The plan is to avoid the need for a floppy drive on either system and if I can load software from the LAN it would be pretty incredible. Can both the 800 and 130XE benefit from either of these hardware add-ons? Can the Atari 800 enjoy a RAM upgrade today and is it relatively affordable? What advice would you offer? Kind regards —Alex
  3. Hello guys! I need your help Atari 800, ATARI 800XL/600XL owners! If you guys own a caliber I urgently need to know which size in millimeters (or even better in keycaps unit 1U) the following keys: ATARI 800: - CONTROL key (to my measurements using pictures found on internet) 1.5U - LSHIFT key 1.75U as well as the RSHIFT - FUNCTION KEYS (Select, Start...) 1.5U - CLR SET TAB key 1.5U - RETURN key 1.5U ATARI 800XL - CONTROL key 2.0U - LSHIFT key 2.25U - RSHIFT key 2.0U - CAPS LOWR key 1.25U - RETURN key 1.75U - ESC key 1.25U - FUNCTION KEYS are spaced as 1U keysize. The only correct keyboard I can check is the Atari 130XE style... In attachment the PDF layouts of those keycaps (used by MaxKeyboard) and the keysize in keycap units. Please help me, Gianluca atari-800-xl-style-maxkeyboard.pdf atari-xe-style-maxkeyboard.pdf
  4. This 130XE's video with its vertical lines has been driving me crazy. So I opened it up and started playing. Not only did the lines on the left side of the screen vanish, but as an unexpected bonus - the video is now crisper and the colors look soooo much better. To be fair, the "before" pic has the brightness and contrast on the display turned up little so the lines were more noticeable in the pic, but the "after" pictures brightness and contrast was NOT re-adjusted. The fix is simply jumping one resistor to one pin on the ROM just below it. My results are amazing and I hope this helps somebody, as most other solutions I've seen require de-soldering which I'm not ready for yet. YMMV of course, but I hope yours are as good or better than mine!!
  5. Hello! I've just purchased an Atari 130xe computer. I'm excited to learn some BASIC, find some games online, etc. I've purchased an adapter online that will allow me to hook it up to my TV (via the Monitor output to RCA connector.) Is there an easy way to connect it to a computer monitor that uses a VGA input? I've searched online but can't find any relatively inexpensive solutions. Thanks very much!!
  6. I recently got my old first computer out of storage. It's a 130xe and it's been dead for 30 years, and I wanted to repair it. It shows a solid black screen when running. I ran a logic analyzer across a variety of pins on the system to see what seemed to be working. The address and data lines across all ram chips, the sally, antic, and gtia all seem to be good. The BASIC chip also has solid connectivity to these lines. The OS Rom chip was socketed by the former owner of the machine (I bought it in 1986 used,) and most of the pins on this socket aren't making contact to the address and data lines. This is likely the cause of the fault in the system. The socket doesn't seem to be gripping the pins very well and the chip comes out a bit too easily. But the other thing I found is that P5 on ANTIC, which goes to P20 on GTIA, and P23 on GTIA are all solid logic low, when the Sam's guide says they should be going back and forth between low and high. Most of the other pin the wave form is provided for seem to have good signals on the analyzer. (I don't have a scope to verify the waveforms though.) Would the OS chip being disconnected cause it to be a solid black screen all on its own, or could there be some other problems with the GTIA and ANTIC? I'm going to be ordering a new socket for that (and maybe a new ROM, just to be safe,) and wanted to order any other chips that could be bad at the same time so I don't need to wait around twice if the first thing doesn't fix it. (I already have sockets for the RAM chips, and new ram chips on the way, since I figured this is a common failure mode with a MT ram based 130xe's.)
  7. Does anyone know if there is a working version of Rogue for Atari 8 bit computers? (not A-Rogue, but Rogue) The only versions I've found are .cas and .xex and none of them work properly/fully in emulation on Atari800MacX or on my stock 130XE (the .xex files; no real, hardware cassette option): all of the versions of the games play but none allow you to access your pack*, the contents of which are fairly important for the function of this game. Am I missing a control option? Are the commonly circulating copies flawed or "incomplete-ware"? This looks like it could be an amazing game. According to what I could find this game should be compatible with 400/800, XL and XE. Thank you very much for reading and considering my question! Thank you for any help or insight you all might have! Apologies if there is an answer to this question posted previously elsewhere; I searched google, AA and atarimania and some .rom and .xex sites but could find little more than the non functioning versions of Rogue and 1 youtube depicting Rogue working on an Atari 8 bit computer. * To clarify, when the white cursor + symbol is moved over the pack contents nothing happens; there is no menu popping up for accessing/using the pack item contents.
  8. I recently managed to snag an Atari 8-Bit lot at an estate sale. I mostly bought it for the accessories it came with (since I already have an 800), but it also came with a 130XE. However, when I turn it on, it boots to the self-test. I pulled it apart and noticed the 320k upgrade had been done to it (according to a sharpie label on the RF shield, it was done in July, 1987). How do I interpret the memory test? Is there any set of steps I should take to try and fix this? I've attached pictures of the mod and the memory test screen (the white box one being tested in the photo passed).
  9. RetroElectroDad

    Atari 130XE

    From the album: RetroElectroDad Computer Collection

    Atari 130XE.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  10. Hi guys, I got myself an Atari 130 XE recently (after a 20 year gap) and I finally found the time to open it to see the conditions inside. I found a couple of hacky looking wires in there and I haven't a clue what do these fix / improve. Can someone here recognize it as a typical mod / fix? Thanks for any comments!
  11. Hitachi


    Hello all. I've decided to condense my wanted into one post... any mods observing this are more than welcome to delete my other topics... I'm almost done getting the classic computers I want, but there are a few others I'd like... An Atari ST. I'm not really picky on model, but if it doesn't have RF out, I'd like a monitor too. A Color computer 3. I really thought about getting an earlier model, but after seeing the stuff cloud9tech has put out, I think I'll go for this one. Apple iii. I know this is a lot to ask. However, I am a Tron fan, and seeing that Kevin Flynn used one in the movie, I'd like to get it. Apple //e games Commodore 64 monitor and tape drive Ti-99/4A monitor and speech 130xe monitor and games Thanks for looking Adam
  12. The other day a friend was over and we were testing an Indus drive that he fixed up with my 130XE. The drive worked fine and we loaded up a RAM Test program since it was on the test disk. Much to my surprise, the program reported that I had bad RAM at location 01F6 (502 decimal). I ran the internal ROM test and I got this result: There is a white box on the first row. It's the sixth box from the right-hand side. (It might be hard to see in this picture). This means I have bad RAM, right? I re-ran the memory tester today and the RAM now turns out okay, as in these three pictures: According to "Mapping the Atari," decimal memory location 502 is part of the stack for the OS. I tried POKE and PEEK commands there from BASIC, but I get unexpected results (which, I think is normal). I'd like to run a burn in RAM test program, probably overnight, that will test all 128K of my 130XE. Can anyone recommend such a program to me? Adam
  13. Ok all... please be gentle as I'm way out over my skis here! Lol. I've been an avid late 80's/Early 90's 286-486 PC collector for some time and have been interested in getting into Atari's 8-bit machines for a while but haven't taken the plunge. Well, I stumbled across this lot in a box at Savers today and couldn't leave it there as I never see stuff like this in the wild. Problem is, I have no idea what I'm getting into! From what I can tell both the 800 and 130XE have been modified. The 130XE has an Omnimon board by David Young but it won't boot... I tried both the 'Monitor' out and RF and both screens look the same. The 800 boots but keys "esc through 6" on the top row are unresponsive, could be something simple but I haven't cracked it open to see what's going on. I started to open it and found what looks like additional RAM/ROM and figured it was time to post pictures and get some more information from the experts. Excited to learn but a little overwhelmed with them already being modded. I'd love to sort the 130XE and fire up some games. And sorry about the PCjr looming in the background!
  14. I have a 130XE that boots straight to the memory test and shows all red and some orange (instead of green). Before I unsolder, socket and replace the 16 memory chips I wanted to ask if there are other memory options for the 130XE. Questions: 1) Could I just install an Ultimate 1MB upgrade? OR does U1MB require the underlying default 64K (or 128K) to be available and functioning? 2) I see the '64k SRAM Module for XL/XE' upgrade on The Brewing Company site. Could I use this to get to 64K of RAM and just leave my faulty RAM on the board? Obviously this would only give me 64K rather than 128K but then I suppose U1MB could be installed. 3) Other options short of replacing the original 16 memory chips?
  15. I have an abused 130XE that was failing memory testing. I removed all the RAM and went back with sockets. I now have the first bank of RAM in place and thought I would test before the 2nd bank is in (because I have not soldered the sockets yet on the 2nd bank). Will a 130XE boot with only a single bank of RAM (essentially with 64K instead of 128K)? OR do you need to make a mod to do so?
  16. Hi all, I'm having some issues with a 130XE and a svideo cable. When I use the same cable on my 800XL (svideo mod) and on the 800XLF, I have a good image. But on 'all' my XE's (130XE and 800XE) I have give a distorted image. So, my TV is ok, the cable should be ok. But I can't believe all my XE's are faulty. Does anyone have an idea on this one? I've included a picture.
  17. Hi everyone, I need some assistance / advice in obtaining a power supply in some form or another for my recently purchased 130XE, which I'd had shipped from the US to the UK. I'd ordered a PSU with the 130XE, which after it was finally delivered turned out to be completely useless and the wrong one. I'm now considering taking it up with Paypal as a dispute, so I won't go into the detail behind the order. So, on the day of the delivery I sourced a supplier on eBay UK and paid for a compatible PSU to be shipped to me, which after getting back from holiday, was two weeks from when the 130XE arrived. Unfortunately this one was also dead - checking the pin outs, there is no +5V from the PSU. After contacting the supplier, they said they would send one FOC - which after a week still hasn't arrived. I'm having absolutely no luck in trying to get set up with my 130XE - sourcing a power supply is proving to be particularly difficult here in the UK. Does anyone have any advice on two solutions I'm considering:- 1) They know of a (reliable!) supplier / someone that is willing to supply a UK 3-pin 220V 130XE power supply and it can be delivered in about a week? 2) Know how of a DIY solution that would allow me to convert a PSU with compatible output current / voltage for use with a 130XE? I can solder so making up a cable poses no issue for me, I do want to make sure that I get the correct wiring diagram though. Thanks for anyone that can advise. Steve
  18. Hi; So I hauled out my 8-bit collection (that has been modded for various reasons back when I used it heavily back in the '90s). I have forgotten soooo much! This 8-bit stuff got me through a dissertation, online database searching and early attempts at running a profession-related BBS before the Internet was ubiquitous. Current problem. I'm trying to efficiently figure out what to do to resurrect a 130XE that currently only boots to a blank green screen. I noted that a different computer (Also Atari 8-bit) booted to green screen when the ribbon cable for the keyboard was badly inserted (a corner was folded over itself...straightening that out allowed it to boot correctly, but that was not the problem with the unit at hand). First question: I have a pretty horrid/beat up 65XE that I was thinking I might scavenge for parts/chips, BUT other than memory are the 65XE chips the same as the 130XE? Next question: Is there a step-by-step logical process for teasing out the most efficient process for diagnosing/repairing the green screen issue? Thanks Stuff I have on hand... CSS Black Box with Floppy Board (Bob Puff was my main go-to guy back in the day!) SpartaDOS X with R-time-8 cartridge 130XE with 320 RAM upgrade/Multiplexer OS (in good working order) 130XE with a ROM board/switch that can switch/boot between 3 different chips (this is the machine with the problem) 800XL standard/good working order 65XE with horrid case and keyboard with many dead keys (I might be brave/foolhardy enough to try and desolder this for parts). 1050 disk drive XF551 disk drives (2) Hard drive with various Sparta/MyDOS boot partitions and utilities. Various game cartridges and 8-bit software mostly on 5.25 disks.
  19. According to the Atari Museum, the 800XE wasn't such a great machine. To put it more bluntly, it sounds like it's the mongrel/bastard of an already cheapened 8-bit line. Atari Museum quote: "The Atari 800XE was the last of the XE line of computer systems. Having said this it would be assumed that such a system would be the most reliable and well designed system. However the 800XE turned out to be more of exercise of simply using up existing spare parts and dumping them onto the European market. The 800XE is plagued with timing issues, incompatibilities and poor reliability since its chipsets are a mis-match of various revision levels and some of the semiconductor components were not within spec or were poor quality components which failed to meet their own spec's. While the 800XE was produced in small numbers and in the European market, it may be a nice item to add to a collection, but a 130XE is a better choice to actually use in a productive manner." I'm interested in hearing from 800XE owners as to their personal experiences with these machines, if they mirror what's said about them in the Atari Museum quote. Are they really this bad? If they are, how much work is necessary to get one into satisfactory condition?
  20. Can anyone identify this modification on a 65XE with the 130XE motherboard?
  21. SOLD! For sale is a MINT, NOS Atari 130XE. This was purchased new from B&C, and used only to test the modifications. This is a PAL computer but because it has the DVI output, it can be used in US/Canada to play all the European games/demos, etc. that depend on PAL! I've used it with Dell S24221 new monitor as well as the classic Dell 2001FP, and the picture is perfect. Here is everything included in the sale: 1. NOS PAL Atari 130XE Computer itself, with professionally installed sockets for GTIA, MMU, ROM and POKEY 2. NEW, latest version, Ultimate 1Mb installed 3. NEW, latest version, Sophia 2 DVI installed, and DVI port mounted in the back - soldiered to the motherboard for a solid connection 4. NEW PokeyMAX V2 sound chip, full version (Quad + Covox). It is installed in the socket and fully working, but not connected, so it currently functions as a Pokey mono replacement. I can replace it with the original NOS Pokey for a $75 discount on the total price 5. NEW SIDE3 cart included - this is the ultimate (pun intended?) combination, allowing for full PBI: hard disk emulation, cart emulation, SDX DOS, etc. 6. NEW power supply from Brewing Academy 7. Original box and manual The computer looks and works perfectly! Looking for $650 + shipping from Charlotte, NC, US. Paypal or local exchange.
  22. As the title says really....anybody out there got :- 1] 2x 130xe/65xe or 800xe keyboards or 2] 1x mitsumi 56-3217A & 1x FKJ0201131A mylars or 3] 2x broken XEs am looking for either 2x working keyboards or mylars as above only.
  23. Hi guys, A few weeks ago I ordered a Sio2Sd from Lotharek. Now I am trying to copy an ATR to a floppy disk, but I cannot get it to work. I tried to find answers in the Sio2Sd wiki (the English part) and I searched AtariAge, but I can not find a solution. Hopefully some of you can help. My setup is a 130XE and a XF551 fitted with a XF Speedy. I can succesfully boot from the Sio2SD as drive 1. I can succesfully boot from the XF551 as drive 1, a copy programm recognizes the Sio2Sd as drive 2 but when I start the copy process I get an error 138 on the Sio2SD. It is the same when I swap the drive numbers and when I switch off the speedy part in the XF. But then the really strange part. I disconnected the XF551 to see if the drive is the problem. I use only the Sio2SD as drive one. I can succesfully boot an ATR with Mycopier (got it from this topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/206903-transfer-of-atr-images-via-ape-or-prosystem/#entry2667433 ) but when I start the copy process (with the Mycopier.ATR still as the active ATR) I get a read error. So the ATR which succesfully booted cannot be read anymore. The display of the Sio2Sd first displays the following: 31: $3F(?) $0004 and when I hit start again it displays 31: $53(S) $0004. The Sio2Sd is configurated with Highspeed off, Topdrive off, device 0. I have set all unused drivenumbers to off. Any help is appreciated! Best regards, Fred Meijer
  24. Got a display cabinet from a garage sale (IKEA DETOLF) for only $10. I think it looks pretty good. Sadly the 800 didn't fit. Quite happy with my XEs all fitting though! (Will post more about some of these items in the future) ;-)
  25. Hi all, I've recently ordered a 130XE from the US. I live in France but this kind of machine became recently hard to find. So it was easier and cheaper to buy it in the US. I'll soon receive it, but I have some question regarding the connection: - What kind of power cable do I need to plug it? Does something like that will do the job? http://www.amazon.fr/HQ-P-SUP-32-HQ-Convertisseur-tension-vers/dp/B000MRY5CU Also I'll need to plug to computer, but also the floppy drive, which comes from the same seller. - What's the best way to plug the 130XE on the TV screen? Can I use a Scart cable or a AV composite cable? Or is there a better way? Thanks. Can't wait to receive and play with it!
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