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Found 7 results

  1. Intellivision IntyBASIC Programming Contest 2015 Welcome to the first IntyBASIC game programming contest held on AtariAge (thanks Albert!). The contest is open to all IntyBASIC programmers and is sponsored by GroovyBee, nonner242, nanochess, CollectorVision and Albert. Further prizes are being offered by revolutionika and cmart604, and awards will be given to entries that place 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Drop us a PM if you'd also like to help out with some more prizes! THE RULES So you can get started, the basic rules are laid out below: The competition starts today (Wednesday 1st of July 2015) and the deadline for submissions is 00:00 GMT on the 1st of January 2016 (midnight on the 31st of December) - this gives you around 6 months of development time. There will be no competition unless a minimum of six entries are submitted by the deadline. Your game(s) must be developed in IntyBASIC and use the default prologue/epilogue files. The only assembly language statement allowed within your game is the ORG statement so that you can develop a larger game. However, bank switching is not permitted. All submitted games must meet the entry criteria to be valid. The games submitted do not necessarily need to be new, but must be your own work, not sold commercially or released in cartridge format previously. NTSC must be supported, with additional PAL support optional (but encouraged). The maximum number of single entries from a person or group is set at three. If more entries are made, the applicant has the opportunity to replace a previous entry with a new one. The 1st prize winning game may be published by CollectorVision (should it's developer enter into an agreement to do so). This matter will be discussed privately with the parties concerned and if an agreement is reached a public announcement will be made later. There will be a panel of judges (announced in full over the coming weeks), and entries will be scored on a points basis across several criteria. The decision of the panel is final. All game ROMs below 1st prize (2nd, 3rd etc.) will be published after judging has been completed. However, if the 1st prize game is to be published by CollectorVision its ROM will be distributed after game sales have completed. All entries must be submitted via email to [email protected] by the closing date. The judges will declare the results of the contest by 12:00 GMT on the 31st of January 2016. GAME ENTRY Each entry into the contest must consist of the following items to be valid :- Game image in *.rom or *.bin+*.cfg. Brief instructions on how to play the game. IntyBASIC source code (and any data files). Instructions on how to build the IntyBASIC source code (this must also include IntyBASIC compiler version number). As part of the validation process, each entry's source code will be built using its instructions and the final binary produced must match the submitted binary image 100%. Any entry that fails this criteria will not be judged. It is not necessary for any contestant to publish the source code to their entry. However, if they wish to do so before the contest closes, they will be awarded an extra 5 points. Competition contestants are free to discuss their game's progress, provide source code and WIP ROMs and to also help other contestants should they wish to do so. Your entry must be submitted via email to [email protected] by the competition's closing date. THE JUDGING PANEL The panel of judges is as follows :- Albert Yarusso (Albert) Mark Ball (GroovyBee) nonner242 Oscar Toledo G. (nanochess) J-F (retroillucid) Judges are not permitted to enter the contest themselves. However, they are permitted to answer technical questions and provide assistance to applicants publicly when required. DZ-Jay will validate the entries. His role is to ensure that only the permitted assembly language is used in the game and that an exact game binary can be produced. SCORING SYSTEM The criteria that each game will be evaluated on are: Originality (1 ro 10) - Is the game based on a new idea or a twist on an established design? Concept (1 to 10) - Quality of game design. Execution (1 to 10) - Execution of design, taking into account controls, NTSC/PAL compatibility. Graphics (1 to 10) - Quality of graphics and animation. Sound (1 to 10) - Quality of music and sound effects. Presentation (1 to 10) - Overall presentation. Game play (1 to 10) - A measure of how enjoyable the game is to play. Lasting Appeal (1 to 10) - Replay value, addictiveness. Source code (5) - These points are awarded to any coder that publishes his/her game's source code publicly. When the panel has scored each game accordingly, the totals for each criteria will be added together for each game to give it a final score. PRIZES First prize: Game on Bee3 cartridge (1 copy only). End label and a box designed by nonner242 (1 copy only). Hive Multi-cart Deluxe Edition. 2 blank Bee3s. 1 Bee3 programmer adapter (donated by DZ-Jay). Optional: CIB publication with CollectorVision. CIB Copter Command Deluxe (donated by revolutionika). One console from CIB Intellivision I, CIB Intellivision II or CIB Sears (donated by cmart604). 30 pack of CIB common games (donated by cmart604). Choice of D1K or D2K (donated by cmart604). Second prize: Game on Bee3 cartridge (1 copy only). End label by nonner242 (1 copy only). Hive Multi-cart Standard Edition. CIB Copter Command (donated by revolutionika). One console from the remaining choice of CIB Intellivision I, CIB Intellivision II or CIB Sears after the 1st prize winner has picked theirs (donated by cmart604). 20 pack of CIB common games (donated by cmart604). Third prize: Game on Bee3 cartridge (1 copy only). A simple end label by nonner242 (1 copy only). CIB Space Raid (donated by nanochess). CIB Copter Command (donated by revolutionika). The remaining CIB Intellivision/Sears console after 1st and 2nd prize winners have picked theirs (donated by cmart604). 10 pack of CIB common games (donated by cmart604). Note: These rules are based on RGCD's Programming Contest 2014 rules and are used with permission. DEVELOPMENT The development tools and emulators needed to create and play your games can be found here.
  2. Today I just want to ask what everyone's favorite game of 2015 was. It can be a next gen console game, Steam game, homebrew title, or anything else you can think of. My favorite was Undertale (on Steam). It's a retro styled RPG that does it all: it's original, difficult but not too hard, has amazing replay value, hilarious, has a deep story, amazing music (you telling me you haven't seen the million hopes and dreams remixes on youtube), and best of all is only $10! Rant away!
  3. This year I have had very little time or energy for programming. BUT, I just can't let this cool basic programming contest past me by, so, here I am at the last minute trying to put together an entry. How can I put together an entry with almost no time left? "Holy Recycling, Batman!" - yes by reusing old code that I already wrote... I thought it was fun bouncing on the stretchers in "Clowns and Balloons", so I took that code and hacked it to create it a world consisting only of trampolines! It may be the first endless trampolining game ever. I call it TRAMP, which of course stands for: Trampoline Running Awesome Mobile Platformer As trampoline ace "Nobaudi Holmes", your mission is to see how far you can go.... It needs tons of tuning, and some gimmicks for variety, but at least it kind of looks like a game..... < - click to animate. Hopefully it will look better in a few weeks.... Catsfolly
  4. Dear Atarians, It's the 10th edition of annual Kaz Kompo contest and on behalf of AtariOnline.pl site I would like to invite YOU to take part. Help us to decide which 8-bit Atari game published during last year was the best. The winners from previous editions: 2014: 1. RGB, 2. Treasure Island Dizzy, 3. The Great Return of the Penguins 2013: 1. Assembloids XE, 2. Deathchase XE, 3. The Hunt 2012: 1. Ridiculous Reality, 2. Line Runner, 3. Callisto 2011: 1. Space Harrier, 2. Marbled, 3. Mighty Jill Off 2010: 1. His Dark Majesty, 2. Ocean Detox, 3. Dr. Mario 2009: 1. Kolony 2106, 2. Nightshade, 3. Ghastly Night 2008: 1. Bomb Jack, 2. Hobgoblin, 3. Knight Lore 2007: 1. Yoomp!, 2. Crownland, 3. Mindblast 2006: 1. Flowers Mania, 2. Klony, 3. Nibbly Shortened version of Kaz Kompo rules: The contest is open to all games released in year 2015 for the Atari 8-bit computers. No matter whether they are commercial or freeware games, awarded in other contests or not, whether they require expansion or not, etc. Important is that they became publicly available between January 1st and December 31st 2015 and by the time of our contest there exists a version that can be treated as "final". If something is missing on the list - let know to Xeen. You can vote by adding your comment in this thread or on AtariOnline.pl or by sending an email to Xeen (mcora @ tlen . pl). All the votes (nickname + given points) will be published with the announcement of the voting results. The authors and co-authors of the games participating in the contest may vote for their own works. Vote for up to 10 games, specifying their order. The points will be given as follows: 1st place - 10 points, 2nd place - 9 points, ... , 10th place - 1 point. It is allowed to vote for less than 10 games, by not specifying some of the places. The voting ends on midnight (your local time) of December 28th/29th, 2016. Several prizes will be drawn among the voters. There are no material prizes for the winning games creators, the only prize is the achievement of being on the podium and the right to use golden, silver or bronze Kaz Kompo winner logo. The full version of the contest rules and the full list of 80 games you may find here (article in Polish, Google translated). The package with all entries is downloadable from HERE. There will be more information in this thread soon, I will present the list of the entries.
  5. After a lot of assembles here is my game Ramp Rage v1.2 I've commented on just about every game released in recent times so here's your chance for revenge, comments welcome, good or bad. Yes it's probably still fairly hard on the default level "normal" but easy is easy. Once you've played a few times you should get through a couple of levels and start to learn what is what. It is intended to offer a lasting challenge. The high score club guys play tested v1.1 and I've since made a few changes; hopefully not sanitised the game too much! I've struggled to get all the game elements to work together, probably as I have stuck with movement in a window, rather than fixed vertical position like in other vertically scrolling games. It will never be perfect and probably v1.3 will come after some of you have played it more! Full instructions here Ramp Rage - Instructions v1.2.pdf Download the Game here Ramp Rage - Boot Game v1.2.ATR (1050 enhanced density) probably could be made into a file version but I've used lots of odd addresses. Post any scores here Ramp Rage High Scores Video of level 3 (spoiler: shows docking) Ramp Rage Video #2.wmv Video showing PMG shield Ramp Rage Video #1.wmv Let me know if it doesn't run on your system or you need a file version or single density disk version creating. If you have NTSC and PAL systems I would really like to hear what you think about the comparative speeds, and if one plays better than the other? Possible issues: NTSC TV's: speed gauge may not be fully visible (probable), please post if you can't see 4 segments of the gauge. May lose a life, even with the PMG Shield: if collecting power-up and baddie at same time (probable) Some levels may not have enough fuel (unlikely) Baddie may get stuck in margin area (possible), if you collect last target docker will not appear until this goes off screen, may take way too long Non-moving obstacles may make sections impossible to pass (possible) Have Fun trbb
  6. Hello guys (m/f) The NOMAM 2015 will be held from Friday April 10th at noon until Sunday the 12th around 15:00 o'clock. The meeting will be held at the same location as last year and the year before. You'll find all the information you need for this years NOMAM on my meetings page. (Scroll up when you're on the page for some pictures of previous editions) Sincerely Mathy PS You don't have to tell us "NOMAM" makes you think or "NO MA'AM". We've heard it before. Women are more then welcome.
  7. Hello guys R.I.K. just announced that the H.A.T.Z. will be held from 12th until the 14th of June 2015. More details will be added when they become available. Sincerely Mathy
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