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Found 19 results

  1. REAL 3DO Panasonic Player with Ultra Rare Accessories 1 - REAL 3DO Panasonic player in excellent condition - it has the S-Video port too! 1 - original remote in excellent condition 1 - Ultra Rare 3DO game guru with game samples and original box in excellent condition 1 - Rare 3DO 6 button joypad in original box and like new condition 2 - Rare 3DO American Laser Game game guns only excellent condition 2 - ULTRA RARE 3DO Cheat Books in good to excellent condition. Perfect for the collector 1 - Theme Park game in LIKE NEW condition. Disc has no flaws. Selling from ORIGINAL owner. Has been kept stored safely and away from humidity. Must be sold all together. I’ve included extra game samplers and 3DO magazine discs at no extra cost. $900 CDN. Shipping is at your cost either through Canada Post (at regular rates) OR using my discount with UPS (much faster). Shipping quotes can be given for serious offers. Just message me your full address including zip/postal code when doing so.
  2. Greetings, So from a thrift store I happened into a stack of sealed 3do games. This included 2 sealed copies of slopestyle, a sealed Tripd a sealed Snowjob, sealed Strahl (which I opened to play as I actually always wanted to play it) some woody woodpecker video discs and a few other titles. I am really wondering what something like the slopestyle and woody woodpecker discs go for as I really dont have any desire to hold on to them. Also anyone here interested before I throw them onto ebay. I o ow they are rare and I'd be willing to sell them a bit under market value to a collector whod love em. I will take some pics of the stuff today for anyone interested.
  3. larrylaffer


    Title says it all 😀 Please let me know of you have one to sell. Thanks!
  4. Dear AtariAge forum Recently I found out interesting 3DO stuff. - In some Japanese 3DO FZ-1 theres is a single SOP44 ROM chip which does contain BIOS and Kanji fonts on the same package. The second ROM slot on the board is left blank. - SOP44 3DO ROM chips can be read as if they were 29LV160 chips (eg. AM29LV160**, MBM29LV**, MX29LV160**, ES29LV160**, HY29LV160**, the asterices being any letter) - BIOSes can be written on to AM29LV160DB and AM29LV160BB. Probably on the rest of the afore mentioned chips too. - The RSA check can be removed from the BIOS by changing the two occurrences of 000313A0000111A0 into 000313A0000011A0. It is important to leave the 000213A0000111A0 as it is. - Without RSA check all arcade games and unlicensed games will run on home console 3DOs - M2 games did not run on such systems yet and probably won't Member Tajigamer was a invaluable help during these explorations! Keep on preserving stuff, kind community! Ben
  5. Evil Australians is a small game i made for the 3DO, Sega Dreamcast and PCs for the Ludum Dare MiniLD. It's a platforming arena game made from scratch with the help of my own library, Gameblabla's Wrapper. The game has several missions and in each mission, you are stuck in an arena where you must defeat all the remaining enemies. To defeat the enemies, you have a rapid-fire gun that can shoot several bullets at the same time. There are 4 missions in total. Story John, living in Australia, is an avid video game collector. However, he learns from the news that the Australian government is soon going to ban video games. John became furious : he grabs his weapons and swears vengeance on the government. However 7 years ago, the government collected his own DNA as part of a secret project. This secret project allowed the government to steal DNAs from all the aussies. The Government learned of John's plan and they used his DNA to build an entire clone army of himself. John is now facing an entire army of himself, will he make it alive and finally kill the law ? Download 3DO Source code The 3DO port was almost never going to happen... but thankfully, i made a breakthrough and found a way to reuse CELs without reloading them ! Unfortunately my game is CPU-intensive and not very well optimized so it's a bit slow... Hopefully i can improve this in the future.
  6. Something happened that inspired this topic: Were there any 3DO games you couldn't play before that you now enjoy? I was never into Slayer. Not a D&D kinda guy, but I do like RPGs in general. I always lauded playing this one. I bought it for the sake of collecting and my first few recent attempts at playing it always left me sorta disappointed. I died a lot and never really knew what I was doing or where I was going. The only good thing I could say about it was that it moved like an FPS at least, and not like some screen-by-screen nightmare (Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, that sort of thing). That's until yesterday. I caught a cool gameplay video on YT that showed me a couple things I hadn't considered and I ended up playing for 1+ hours last night and I have the itch to get back home and play it again asap. Here's some pro-noob advice: DO NOT create a character, unless you're knowledgeable about AD&D. DO pick a melee class, unless you're knowledgeable about AD&D (with a mage you'll be running away a lot, until you pick up items that help killing baddies) DO use the items you find. Inventory is limited so it's better to use the potions and scrolls as you go than to hoard everything and die with your backpack full. DO hit Select to bring up your map, you'll see the full layout of the floor you're on DO NOT apprehend dying. If it happens, you can re-start with the same items in your inventory and equipment (i think), sort of like New Game+, so you get a proper second chance at finishing that floor you died on. Seriously, choosing a pre-rolled character will guarantee that you will have the required HP to tank hits, the required STR to wield weapons, the required stats to equip armor, etc. The full map also auto-fills as you explore, so it's easy to tell where you have and haven't been, making navigating through the randomly generated mazes much more statisfying. Also, most walls and corridors look similar so the map is a great help there, too. tl;dr choosing to play as a pre-built Fighter and using the map make this game MUCH more enjoyable for me.
  7. Hey all, I'm new here so hello. I've recently become aware of two pretty unique games (in that they differ significantly from other versions of them) I really want to play, on original hardware if possible. I've tracked down the games (Super Wing Commander & Wing Commander III), so that's been the easy part. The most difficult part is, because of their nature, I *only* want to bite the bullet on the console if I can find a Flightstick Pro for it, and so far I haven't had any luck (searching on places like eBay). There are tons of PC Flightstick Pro's (I have two myself) but the 3DO version is a tough find. Assuming I can find the former, I'd also really like to get a 3DO, preferably a refurbished one that's guaranteed working and also has a fresh save battery. Either FZ-1 or FZ-10 should be fine. I've found plenty of old hardware, but few options that refurbish 'em. Is this a possibility? Finally, I'm acquiring legit copies of both games in good condition (possibly sealed - we'll see). Would most of you recommend going ahead and using the discs? Or do you suggest burning backups and using the backup? I've seen reports of scratched discs. (Yes, I know if I do get a sealed copy, breaking the seal immediately loses value, but part of me would get a kick out of using the original disc because I'm nuts. =oP). Thanks all for any advice/assistance!
  8. I am selling all my 3do games....around 80 or so in various condition. Some in US/EU, some in japanese. Some in big box edition, some in more classic jewel cd boxes. I am selling all the games for 1100 euros (shipping from France). I only take paypal. You can get the list as an attached file.. I can sell them separatly but only if several games are bought at once (and it might depend on the games). Thanks for looking!!!
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/YBSnAEN4iSydCEQy7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/YBSnAEN4iSydCEQy7 Hi, I tried to do the 240p mod but after doing it, I turned the console on, it gets the 3do logo boot screen and then a black screen. I opened up the console again, and I realized the usb mod (the one you get from MNEMO) was not booting at all. Then I put back the stock cd drive and the same problem. I started sweating cold thinking I screwed up so bad the console (after having invested a lot of money on the console and the usb mod) . Finally, I decided to remove the cables off the VP chip.... and the console booted as normal again, and with the usb mod, as before. I am not technician but I wonder what I did so bad? Everyone says this is an easy mod but didn't work for me lol
  10. Austin


    Ah, screw it.. I just found out I can get more for what's left by trading them in to the independent gaming store locally than I would by selling them here, haha. Consider everything that was left to be gone!
  11. From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Panasonic FZ-1 3DO.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  12. Hello I recently saw the My Life in Gaming episode in which they mention that some Japanese FZ-1 have a A/B switch which toggles between 480i and 240p. Today I opened my FZ-1 to change its BIOS. At this opportunity I discovered that all other Japanese FZ-1 have the necessary elements for the 480i / 240p switch on PCB, yet non-populated. Could somebody with a Japanese FZ-1 and switch make a photo of the PCB part on the back of the console, which makes up the switch? thanks =) With kind regards Ben EDIT: I have a somewhat strange PCB though: It's Japanese but lacks IC340 (where people belief the Kanji are saved; I guess mine has them at a different place)
  13. OUTDATED, you can ask about this stuff, but it may not be current. I've got a number of Original PSP 1001 systems for sale. Used black 1000 series in working order. Includes charger, battery cover, and battery for $50 each. Sega CD 2 with generic power. Fully tested and working, just add your Genny. Four Three available. $50 each. Genny 1 to Sega CD 2 Extender Plate $20 Sega CD / Saturn Games just added: Why are the prices are slightly higher than the typical for the following Sega CD and Saturn games? These are from my collection. I took painstaking efforts to make sure that my cases were not broken. This often meant buying cases or taking them from other games and selling the extras at a loss with broken cases. I do have a FEW broken cases I can swap out if you want to knock a few bucks off the price of any of them. $5 Games: Links NHL 94 NFL 97 NHL 97 NHL All-Star Hockey Quarterback Club 97 Quarterback Club 96 Madden 97 Worldwide Soccer Worldwide Soccer 97 Slam N Jam 96 Slam N Jam 96 Bottom of the 9th $7 Games : Jeopardy Cliffhanger Tomcat Alley NFL's Greatest World Cup USA 94 NBA Live 98 Madden 98 World Cup Golf World Series World Series II Fifa Road to world cup 98 Pebble Beach Golf PGA Tour 97 $9 Games: Thunder Strike Dracula Ground Zero Texas Trivial Pursuit Double Switch Racing Aces Wrestlemania Criticom Battle Stations $12 Games: Rage Cage Surgical Strike Midnight Raiders Alone in the Dark Decathlete Steep Slope Sliders $15 Game: Iron Helix $18 Games: Dragons Lair Masked Rider Creature Shock $21 Games: Third World War Wing Commander Star Wars Battle Chess Wirehead Revenge of the Ninja $24 Game: Space Ace $30 Games: NFL Football Trivia Challenge Double Deal Frankenstein / Dracula 3d Baseball $45 Game: Fatal Fury Special $99 Game: ESPN NBA Hangtime 95 New Sealed (one of the hardest games to find to complete a SCD set) Dreamcast: Evil Dead $5 Surfer $3 Trick Style $3 Quake III Arena $5 Dino Crisis $12 Wild Metal $4 Kiss Psycho Circus $6 D2 $40 Rare Boxed Blue Justifier Light Gun $69 NOW pending for Mancavearcade : Dark Blue clone Justifier 2nd Player for either SNES or Genesis (cord color my differ) $29
  14. Hello, i am working on Gameblabla's Crappy Compilation : a compilation of my 4 3DO Games on one disc ! This compilation works on all 3DO consoles, except the early Goldstars. (perhaps because Goldstars are looking at the CD's manufacturer ?) The 4 games are... Unlucky Pony A game for the NEO Compo 2013 that was improved since then. (No idea if the judges liked the game or if they even bothered to test the game) Hinote the delivery man My first 3DO Game back when i first released it in February 2013. Helicopters A full clone of Swing Copters. KillMinds Based on Quartet and SuperKillMinds. So yeah, nothing fantasic or AAA-grade, just simple games. I also intend to make physical copies with a manual, case... Let me know if you are interested in a copy. If you want to have an idea how they play,you can download it here
  15. Helping one of my best friends sell some of his systems, games, and controllers/accessories! He has some longbox 3DO games for sale as well as some 3DO games in jewel cases both complete and some loose discs. The longbox games are all working, and the discs are in good shape. The boxes are in ok condition, although they aren't perfect and have some standard wear. All of the games as far as I know are complete. Below are the prices without shipping. I am located in the ConUS. Can provide more pictures and details upon request! Will be posting additional 3DO games later! Space Hulk $20 Road Rash $30 Mad Dog II $29 Sherlock Holmes $28 Shockwave $11 Quarantine $22
  16. Austin


    meh.. decided to trade most of it in locally, and hold on to some of the other items (3DO games). Whoever has already paid, your package will be shipped out tomorrow or the next day.
  17. Sega Genesis James Buster Douglas Boxing cartridge $2.50 Sega Genesis Caesar's Palace cartridge $2.50 N64 JPN Import Doreamon 64 cartridge $2.50 Sega Genesis Family Feud CIB $3 Sega Genesis Desert Strike CIB $3.50 Sega Genesis Jungle Strike CIB $4.50 Sega Genesis Urban Strike CIB $5.50 Mega Drive Micro Machines 2 $4.50 Sega Master System Gangster Town in box $3 Logitech USB Extreme 3d Flightstick $12.50 UltraBots NP Poster $1 Battletoads advertisement $1 Vallis III advertisement 50¢ Generation Nex Messiah Controller - Wireless with battery cover $8.50 Night Trap for the 3do in box $39 Sewer Shark for the 3do with Box $26.50 The Need for Speed for the 3do with box and manual $10 Super Wing Commander for the 3do with both box halves and jewelcase with back insert $12.50
  18. I am currently looking for a nice startup 3DO lot for a friend of mine. Budget is about 200$ PM me with details/information. Thank you.
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