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Found 7 results

  1. PLATOTerm 1.1 Lite for Atari 8-bit systems is released. Available in 16K cartridge and single-file bin versions. No preferences, 1200 baud only, but it is a complete terminal. Come get it! https://github.com/tschak909/platoterm64/releases/tag/PLATOTERM-ATARI-LITE-1.1#irataonline #plato #platoterm #atari Have attached release notes here, as well: PLATOTerm Lite Version 1.1 ===================== About The Atari Lite Release ================== This is a special version of PLATOTerm, that has been re-organized to fit the code within approximately 16K of space, so that it can be fit onto a cartridge, or with other programs on a disk. In order to do this, preferences was eliminated completely, and 1200 baud is the only data rate supported. But the upside is, you can flash this onto a cartridge. Like the larger version, PLATOTerm requires a loaded R: handler. The cartridges are configured to load the DOS first, before jumping into the main program, so any handlers you wish to run, you should be sure they are loaded first (e.g with AUTORUN.SYS). Since devices like the Atari 850 can autoboot their handler if no disk drive is present, they will also work with the cartridge version. Just be sure that the 850 interface is switched on, before poweron. R-Verter users must ensure their handler is loaded, before starting PLATOTerm. The only available hotkeys are: * SELECT-T to switch to TTY mode. * SELECT-P to switch to PLATO mode. * SELECT-RETURN to send a carriage return and a line feed. Versions available: ============ There are file and cartridge versions available for the following touch devices: * Amiga mouse * standard Joystick * Koala/Atari Touch Tablet * Atari Trak-Ball * Atari ST mouse ------------------ What is PLATOTerm? ------------------ PLATOTerm is a terminal emulator to access CYBIS services now available on the Internet utilizing a WIFI Modem, or (soon!) an Ethernet device supported by a Crynwr Packet Driver. For the purposes of this documentation. PLATO and CYBIS are interchangeable names for the same platform. -------------------------------------------------------------- What services are currently available to access via PLATOTerm? -------------------------------------------------------------- As of writing this preliminary documentation (October 2018), there are two major CYBIS systems running. CYBER1.ORG and IRATA.ONLINE. --------------------------- WHAT IS PLATO? (aka CYBIS?) --------------------------- (from the PLATO wikipedia page:) PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations), was the first generalized computer-asisted instruction system. Starting in 1960, it ran on the University of Illinois ILLIAC I computer. By the late 1970s, it supported several thousand graphics terminals distributed worldwide, running on nearly a dozen different networked mainframe computers. Many modern concepts in multi-user computing were originally developed on PLATO, including forums, message boards, online testing, e-mail, chat rooms, picture languages, instant messaging, remote screen sharing, and multi-player games. ------------------- What is CYBER1.ORG? ------------------- CYBER1.ORG is a CYBIS system initially set up in 2004, as a haven for ex-PLATO users to experience a classic PLATO author experience. CYBER1.ORG is home to many thousands of classic PLATO lessons and notesfiles which have been restored from various sources, and have been made available in the interests of preserving PLATO. --------------------- What is IRATA.ONLINE? --------------------- IRATA.ONLINE is a CYBIS system that has been set up for the benefit of the greater vintage computing community, in the interest to provide a unique experience that can be accessed on a wide variety of vintage computers with a bitmapped graphics display. To this end, IRATA.ONLINE develops PLATOTerm for dozens of platforms, so that they can access CYBIS systems, as well as provide a community and learning infrastructure for vintage computing users of all types, in the hopes that as a cohesive community, something unique can hopefully emerge. ----------------------------------------------------------- What is the connection between IRATA.ONLINE and CYBER1.ORG? ----------------------------------------------------------- CYBER1.ORG and IRATA.ONLINE are independent of one another. With that said, the reason IRATA.ONLINE and PLATOTerm exist, are because of the efforts of CYBER1.ORG to not only preserve a running PLATO system, and provide the necessary information for interested parties to write terminal software to access CYBIS systems, but also in their effort to produce a publically available distribution of CYBIS that others who are interested may also run their own CYBIS installation. IRATA.ONLINE is a direct result of the public release of this distribution. -------------------------- Connecting to IRATA.ONLINE -------------------------- Once PLATOTerm is started, you can connect to CYBER1.ORG using your WIFI modem, using a command such as: ``` ATDTIRATA.ONLINE:8005 ``` ------------------------ Connecting to CYBER1.ORG ------------------------ Once PLATOTerm is started, you can connect to CYBER1.ORG using your WIFI modem, using a command such as: ``` ATDTCYBERSERV.ORG:8005 ``` PLATO Keyboard ------------------- The PLATO keyboard is mapped to the Atari keys, like so: | PLATO KEY | Atari Key | |--- |--- | | ANS | CTRL-A | | BACK | CTRL-B | | SHIFT-BACK | CTRL- + (left arrow) | | COPY | CTRL-C | | SHIFT-COPY | CTRL- - (up arrow) | | DATA | CTRL-D || | SHIFT-DATA | SHIFT-CTRL-D | | EDIT | CTRL-E | | SHIFT-EDIT | SHIFT-CTRL-E | | FONT | CTRL-F | | ÷ | CTRL-G | | HELP | CTRL-I | | SHIFT-HELP | SHIFT CTRL-H | | LAB | CTRL-L | | SHIFT-LAB | CTRL-= (down arrow) | | SUPER | CTRL-P | | SHIFT-SUPER | SHIFT CTRL-P | | SQUARE | CTRL-Q | | ACCESS | SHIFT CTRL-Q | | STOP | CTRL-S | | SHIFT-STOP | SHIFT CTRL-S | | TERM | CTRL-T | | × | CTRL-X | | SUB | CTRL-Y | | SHIFT-SUB | SHIFT CTRL-Y | | CR and LF | Select RETURN | Pressing the function keys will cycle through all possible color values. Credits ======= * '''Thomas Cherryhomes''' - Terminal coding, sleepless nights. * '''Steve Peltz''' - original PAD protocol decoder from MacPAD. * '''Christian Groessler''' - multiply funcs for Atari, lots of testing * '''Jon Halliday''' - Fast text output routines for Atari * '''Ron Klein''' - Testing, testing, and more testing ' '''Sijmen Schouten''' - Testing, testing, and more testing. * '''Michael Sternberg''' - Apple2 testing, showing off at Kansasfest 2018 * '''The.Doctor''' - Help tuning XON/XOFF parameters. * '''John Buell''' - Testing * '''John Manterola''' - Testing * '''Jasmaz''' - Commodore 64 testing * '''Paul Rickards''' - Commodore 64 testing * '''Glenn Wiorek''' - Commodore 64 testing. * '''Rory McMahon''' - Testing PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-cart-amigamouse.rom PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-cart-joystick.rom PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-cart-stmouse.rom PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-cart-tablet.rom PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-cart-trakball.rom PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-disk-amigamouse.xex PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-disk-joystick.xex PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-disk-stmouse.rom PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-disk-tablet.xex PLATOTerm-1.1-lite-disk-trakball.xex
  2. Atari 800 Carts / Frogger (I think it's a 800 cart?) (See picture's) $3 Intellivision Carts / Dracula $5 Demon Attack $3 Beauty and the Beast $3 Atari 7800 Carts / Karateka $3 Pole Postion II $3 NES Carts / Bart vs.The World $3 Operation Wolf $3 SNES Carts / Killer Instinct $4 Mario Paint $5 Pac-man 2 $3 Super Mario All Stars $8 N64 Carts / Turok $3
  3. One of my favorite games on the Atari 800 was MULE. Ozark made several copies for other machines but never got around to the Ti. For a (very) long term project I'm thinking of doing a MULE copy for the TI. Some advice, if you have played or seen MULE what do you think i should program it in? The graphics aren't very fast paced or complex but very Atari-centric. What you think ? C, Forth, XB, assembler ? Anyway, suggestions welcome.


    From the album: QLvsJAGUAR's collection

    My ATARI JAGUAR collection in 2013. Scenery running the early Jeff Minter demos with coWo and QLvsJAGUAR logos on Screen.

    © Urs König

  5. Hi guys, I need a working video cable for ATARI SC1435 (so 13-pin DIN to DB-9) to make it work properly. If anyone has one for sale, reply this topic or shoot me a PM. Grettings. Thibaut.
  6. While I was searching the Internet for a potential metal case to use for a custom 5200 joystick, I came across a GORGEOUS joystick, except it's for the 7800... Then I got to thinking... WHAT IF... someone merged that case and stick design with one of these... ... there is obviously room in the case to fit it all. While the finished product would not be cheap, the overall cost would be less for an all-in-one than for one that required multiple cases. It would also have the extra benefit of taking up less space. A right handed version would be PERFECT! Sadly, like most things I think are perfect... they simply do not exist!
  7. NEW PICS COMING SOON! Hey there everyone! I've finally completed my [CIB] Complete In Box Atari 7800 collection. I have all of the cartridges and manuals, including some label variations, a PAL Sentinel and a few weird errors. I added some pics of my collection which are quite old now, I just won a new & sealed Pete Rose Baseball which was the last box I needed. I had such a hard time finding complete Tank Command, Rampage, Kung Fu Master & Title Match Pro Wrestling but it's been years of collecting. Here are some pics of my Atari 7800 and 2600 collection, I also keep my PS2 and Cube games around the same area so you may see those. I keep my PS1, SNES, N64, Wii, DS, 3DS, PS3 and others but they are kept on other shelves, under a television stand and who knows but they're safe. Thanks for looking! APRIL 16, 2013 - NEW PICS ADDED:
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