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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, some weeks ago another ABBUC member ask me for a way to update his Atari 400 to 48K main memory. Until the end of 2016 mostly I prefer the usage of the genuine Atari 400 48K Factory Upgrade Kit - Atari part number CO61553. BEST Electronics offer them until somewhere up to the end of 2015 for approx. 25 USD each w/o any additional parts or manual. In 2016 the price rises up over 35 USD and now it´s sold out. Due to this impossible mission to get more of the CO61553, I create my own solution - even better than the original Here´s the Atari 400 48/52 KB RAM-Card with "external" OS-ROM support using standard EPROM sizes: This card is a full replacement for the 16 KB built-in RAM card. At least only two wires must be soldered at the bottom side of the Atari 400 mainboard. My RAM-card uses the same pinout like the CO61553 by Atari, but only 2 of the 4 wires suggested by Atari are really needed. But it works also, if you have already equipped an Atari 400 wit the CO61553, you can easily change to my RAM card, if you want. The 74LS243 chip has to be removed, it´s not needed any longer. After soldering the 2 (or 4) wires, just plug in the DIL connector into the socket were the 74LS243 was before, the other end has to plugged on the new RAM card. That´s all. The new RAM card uses SRAMs instead of DRAM and provides 48 KByte or 52 KByte main memory. When enabling the 52K RAM mode, the address range of $C000-$CFFF is also RAM. Please remind, that this area isn´t usable under BASIC (or, to be more precise, I didn´t know about that). A jumperfield on the PCB let´s you choose which size is active. The second new feature is the possibility of using a standard 27128 or 27256 EPROM for the operating system (and math-pack). When the "external" OS-ROM mode is enabled, the three ROMs on the Atari 400 mainboard won´t be used anymore. You can remove them or leave it in their sockets. The EPROM´s first 6 KB are unused, then 2 KB math-pack will be followed by the 8 KB OS-ROM code. A third jumperfield switches the highest address line A14 of the EPROM, so you can hold two different operating-system sets in one 27256 EPROM. What you get? - PCB "Atari 400 48K/52K RAM Card" with ENIG (Gold contacts) surface levelling. Picture shows only standard HASL, but I offer only the better quality with ENIG. - Ready-for-use crimped ribbon cable for the 74LS243 socket to connect with the RAM card - some wire for the 2 or 4 solder connections at the Atari 400 mainboard´s bottom - Installation instructions with pictures in english, sent by email Price? - from 20 up to 25 euros each depending on the amount of orders - Shipping costs to any place in the world for up to 5 pieces is 9 euros Schedule? - Please show your interest and how many you want to order here in this thread - I will collect inquires until 2017 July 2nd (end of date) - If 10 or more orders will be placed, everyone who´s interested get the payment details - Shipping out at the end of July 2017 Best regards, Jurgen
  2. Hi, I live in the UK and just bought a couple of Atari 8-bit computers from a car boot sale (common in the UK). An Atari 800 which works perfectly and an Atari 400. When I switch on the Atari 400, it makes a bleeping sound and shows the normal black border and blue screen. Sometimes Memopad appears when I press a few keys, sometimes not. It sounds like a fault. Can anybody point me as to what the problem might be? Am I just booting incorrectly? For information, I'm using the same power supply that the Atari 800 uses i.e. 9V DC. Any advice would be very helpful. Would like to bring this little baby back to life! Thanks. Mark
  3. Have a friend with an Atari 400 in its box. His parents purchased it for him BITD, and he no longer has any use for it. What would be a fair price? I'm thinking of taking it off his hands, but don't have any clue as to what these are worth. Thanks, Steve
  4. So I am working on a Atari 400 I picked up at a rummage sale (I am new to classic Atari systems) Blank screen so I do a little research and pop it open and find this board inside. It is connected to a SPDT switch that needed to be replaced. I got the 400 working but have no clue what this is or what the switch does. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. I have 2 copies cab with warranty card. Asking $50 shipped each. Or $90 for the pair. Let me know if you'd like more pics. Thanks.
  6. The Adventures of Bounty Bob, brave Cananian Mountie on the trail of Yukon Yohan. Bounty Bob, who looks neither like a Mountie, nor like the miner on the box covers and as the title would suggest. Until now. With sprite designs by TIX, and sprite hacks by your's truly, I introduce to you the burley Miner 2049er! Click here to download Prior revisions and the thread on how this was hacked here
  7. Okay, taking a look at the chart on this page: http://www.atariarchives.org/dere/chapt01.php It mentions that the RAM portion goes from $2000 to $A000, which is 32 KB. Therefore I suspect that this memory map is assuming a machine with three ram boards (48K). But how would this memory look in the case of a 400, with only 16KB avaiable? Would all the address between $6000 and $A000 be dead space, or would everything else be moved down 32K? I'm wondering this because I'm trying to make a cc65 memory config file which matches the specs of an Atari 400, so I don't end up using more memory than will be available on the 5200. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hi, some years ago I gave a promise to an ABBUC member to make a video-out solution for his Atari 400 without the need of changing parts, scratching conducting paths or any other destructive mod to his Atari 400. He´s a real "hardcore" collector with no way in give-and-take regarding this point. After tinkering around with an "add-on" PCB for the GTIA socket I failed, because there´s not enough space. Of course - from a collector´s view - it´s a No-Go to remove the metal cabinet, so I decide to create a complete new CPU board with the needed components directly on it. I´ve reached the goal by 99%. A very little bit of soldering is required and the need to drill one hole into the metal assembly - the shielded video cable needs a place to break out, there´s no way else than making a new 5 mm hole somehwere in the upper part of the metal assembly. So here´s my solution: The Super Color CPU Card for Atari 400 and Atari 800 systems This PCB is a complete replacement for the original CPU card in any Atari 400 or 800 using PAL or NTSC. This PCB works NOT with SECAM. You are able to use both CPU-types found in the Atari 400 and Atari 800 series, the standard 6502B MOS CPU (without HALT signal) and the Atari-specialized version 6502C, also called "Sally". Chips (CPU, ANTIC and CTIA or GTIA) are not included and must be pulled of the built-in Atari CPU card. But they are always in sockets, so it´s easy. Circuitry on this PCB is nearly 100% the same like at the genuine Atari CPU card with some changes to make it possible to use both CPU types. You only need to set five jumpers to select the desired CPU type. Addiitonal the PAL color clock generation circuit is onboard for PAL systems. There´s a seperate jumper to select PAL or NTSC - this jumper connects the GTIA "PALC" pin to either the output of the PAL color clock generator or directly to 3,57 MHz system clock (NTSC). Only for clarifying this: You can´t just switch the jumper and make a NTSC system to a PAL computer or vice versa. At least you´ve to change ANTIC, GTIA and of course the system clock crystal at the mainboard At least a third jumper block (not existing an the prototype shown on the picture above) enables/disables the 75 Ohm termination resistors for Luma, Chrominance or CVBS output. This setting must be tested depending on the connected monitor or television - sometimes the picture quality is better with, sometimes without termination resistors. The video out solution is based on the Atari 800 XL video circuitry without mixing Luma and Chroma together. Of course the well-known mods are already integrated. The final signals are amplified and filtered by the Fairchild FMS6410 VideoAmp. This chip also generates the CVBS signal. So you can use either S-Video (Y/C) for best picture quality or CVBS for common monitors and televisions which doesn´t accept S-Video (Y/C) input. Please notice: This video solution can´t performing magic. I test it on different computer monitors and televisions. The best performance - as ever in every setting with old computers - will be shown on CRT (tube) monitors or televisions. Of course for Atari 400 owners EVERYTHING is better than the antenna (RF) output, but don´t expect a higher quality than the regular Atari 800 S-video output. It might be better, but I can´t promise. That´s impossible by the dozens of different monitors, cables, T.V. systems and so on. Scope of delivery One PCB "Super Color CPU Card" for Atari 400 or Atari 800 computers, capable using 6502B or 6502C CPU, runs on PAL or NTSC systems A manual (illustrated installation instructions) in german and english (sent by email with shipping out notice) One DIN connector 5 pin to lead out the video signals (optional for Atari 800 users) approx 50 cm shielded cable for video out approx 50 cm shielded cable for internal audio connection (optional for Atari 800 users) I offer two versions of the PCB "Standard" = Full populated (except Atari custom chips) PCB, standard HASL surface (as shown in the picture above) "Gold" = Full populated (except Atari custom chips) PCB, gold-finished (ENIG) surface (like my Sys-Check and many other solutions) The ENIG (gold-finished) surface is more rugged against rust and fouling. Because the naked PCB price doubles when choosing ENIG at this board size, I offer two versions. Prices One "Standard" PCB = 48 Euros each One "Gold" PCB = 59 Euros each Registered and insured shipping 1 or 2 piece(s) worldwide = 9 Euros Registered and insured shipping 3 or 4 pieces worldwide = 12 Euros More than 4 pieces or specialized = please ask Info: After some bad experiences with some postal services I only ship insured now. Time schedule I will collect orders and payments until the end of January, the 22.th 2017 (GMT) At the end of January I will order the parts and PCBs Assembling and shipping out can take up to 6 weeks, because there´s no holidays for me, assembling will be done in my spare time Depending on shipping time you will get your PCB(s) in March or April 2017 - This is the worst case, but I won´t promise things I can´t realize. So this is a safe suggestion. First payment, first serve: I can´t make all PCBs at one time, so small batches will be made. Date & Time of cleared payment sets the order of shipping out Please sent me a PM (personal message) or leave a post in this thread. You will get an answer soon. Practical hints for Atari 400 users The Atari 400 hasn´t any S-Video/CVBS output and no standard monitor jack, just an antenna (RF) cable. This cable is replaceable, so the best way is to remove the whole cable. You can use the hole in the case where the antenna cable was now for the new video out cable. At the end a standard DIN 5 pin connector coupling is applied. You can use ANY standard CVBS or S-Video cable made for any Atari XL or XE (or the Atari 800) to connect your Atari 400 to a monitor or television. The sound signal must be clamped from the main PCB. Nothing is destructive, only two solder drops at the mainboard of your Atari 400 must be made and one hole with ~5 mm diameter must be drilled in the metal cage for leading the video cable out. Practical hints for Atari 800 users Remark: The Atari 800 has already a quite good video output (S-Video). The CVBS output ranges something in the middle of existing video solutions. The need of my Super Color CPU card isn´t really mandatory for an Atari 800 owner, but it CAN improve video quality. Of course without any promises. I repeat that to make this point of view clear for all interests. The first option is to go ahead like the Atari 400 user. Replace the antenna cable with the new video cable. The existing monitor connector is always out of function when replacing the Atari CPU card with my Super Color CPU Card. Second option for Atari 800 users is to use the existing monitor jack with the new Chroma, Luma and CVBS signal. For this purpose the best way is to bend away the three connections from the mainboard to the power-PCB transmitting these three signals. This is reversible, non-destructive and needs only four additional drops of solder at the monitor jack. The manual will show how to do and also point at the junctions where to grab the audio signal, too. If you want, the external monitor DIN 5 pin coupling connector is already soldered. Leave your wish with your order, otherwise I will ask when confiming your payment. Any questions? Feel free to ask Jurgen
  9. Holy crap this place is awesome! I sold a bunch of this stuff to some of the good people who enjoy some time here :-) I am selling my house and have unpacked the Atari stuff which has been in boxes since the early 80's. My son is grown and I am minimizing, and I really didn't expect this. These are actual Atari's my little brother and I grew up on! Make an offer for what's left! C'mon! who wants the rest of the lot... - Atari 800 w/power supply, basic cart, 48k - Atari 400 w/power supply, basic cart - 810 Disc Drive w/power supply - I have pretty much everything but the computer boxes, even have the Atari 800 dust cover. - original controllers, track balls, paddles, early flight style joysticks, and a rapid fire controller thingy - Books (I also remember sitting for hours with my brother and typing in games and programs I really don't want to move with it! The $ goes right in my son's college account :-) Thanks everyone! This place is great, makes me want to get back into all the Atari stuff.... ok maybe not, but I'll probably go and buy a couple of Atari t-shirts or something now. SOLD so far: Basic Fun book Compute's 3rd Book of Atari All the Atari game cartridges All the original games and software on disks (omg that one was a steal!) :-) BTW- My son actually left for college on Feb 7th :-) !!!!!
  10. Being a relatively new Atari 400 owner I've been hunting around for lots of Atari 8-bit computer game cartridges lately, and today I got a couple games in the mail that surprised me in that they simply would not fit in the Atari 400's cartridge port. The cartridge shells are too wide to make it more than halfway down the cartridge port and they snag up on the metal shielding rather quickly. Has anyone else experienced problems like this, and are there any other games known to not fit in the Atari 400's cartridge port? Specifically I'm wondering whether or not there are issues with any of the Parker Bros. and Activision carts, since those are the main third party games I'd like to play.
  11. Hey there lovely people. I just got my first classic computer in the mail today, an Atari 400, and it worked great for about 2 hours. However a problem soon arose that I could use some advice on. The problem is that the all of a sudden the computer thinks the + key is being held down, so when I load Atari BASIC or just boot into the built in notepad application with no cartridge inserted all I get is a continual stream of + symbols and can't enter any other inputs. The strange thing is that if I power the computer off and leave it alone for 10 minutes or so then come back and power it on everything works as normal again about half the time, including the + key. I can press the + key all I want and can't make it stick again, but after a few minutes of use it will go back to thinking the + key is held down even if I don't touch the keyboard at all. So what I'm trying to figure out is whether the keyboard needs to be replaced (which would be quite unfortunate since I blew all my discretionary funds for the month on the computer itself and wouldn't be able to afford to replace the keyboard until at least next month) or whether this could be an issue with another piece of hardware in the computer. I've read that the POKEY chip is responsible for interpreting all the keyboard inputs in the Atari 400, so is it possible that a failing POKEY chip might create an issue like the computer thinking a key is being held down when it isn't? Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello all, hoping someone here can give me a bit of advice regarding SD card/compact flash cartridge solutions for an Atari 400 - after years (ok, decades) of wanting to play Lucasarts and Llamasoft games on an Atari 8-bit I finally got hold of an Atari 400. Only to find the membrane keyboard had started to die so I couldn't hold down Start when turning on to load from tape. Got that replaced with a new one from Best Electronics (and in the process also discovered it had had a memory upgrade so it's a bit more capable than a stock one) but still having a fair bit of trouble as need to replace the belts in my xc12 and a spring in my 410p. Just about able to get *some* things loaded on the 410 but it's very hit and miss so think what I could really do with is a cartridge solution to load from disk/tape/cartridge images instead. So, what would you recommend for an Atari 400 (with memory upgrade)? I know the atarimax myide2 isn't an option as borrowed one from a friend, only to find it's XL/XE only. I've seen sd2sio and sdrivemax doohickeys going on eBay but would really rather a cartridge solution instead, does such a thing exist or are they all only for XL/XE systems?
  13. Hello! I have been drawing a new layout for the "Little Brother Grows Up" schematic this afternoon. Since I am only an amateur and lack some technical knowledge (e.g. I do not understand why there are two further capacitors - C1 and C5 - necessary in this schematic, both just connecting the top of C188 - a mainboard capacitor - to its bottom). I put them in anyway. If one only wants composite, it should be perfectly "legal" to leave out R12, AFAIK. Since I also sincerely doubted the necessity of another CD4050 on the board (since there already is A111 on the mainboard and in the original schematics, the output signals from this CD4050 are directly fed into just another CD4050), I left it out (this has been done with the 2600 s-video mod from the FAQ already, with good results). AFAIK, Instead of tapping the CD4050s output from various resistors on the mainboard, it is also possible to bend up pins 2,4,6,10 and 12 and solder the mod to these pins. Please check the design for any mistakes (as I said,i am an amateur) before trying it yourself. Oh, and sorry for the lying resistors depicted - several of them need to stand upright, but the software I used doesn't allow that.
  14. After a major restoration/retrofit session (NOS keyboard, new upper case, Super Colour CPU card and 48/52K RAM Card as well as swap of the system crystal to PAL) my 400 seems to work fine with the exception of the [sYSTEM RESET] key. I have to admit that I did not test the keyboard that thoroughly so I'm not sure if that key ever worked. I noticed some "black spots" in two of the conduits on the mylar keyboard connector and would appreciate feedback on whether that could be the culprit and if/how it can be tested and/or repaired. I set up the new RAM card to run Newell OS N - so different System Reset behavior would be another possible explanation. As it is supposed to switch to Omnimon using Option+System Reset that doesn't look like a plausible explanation, though.
  15. I am working with a character set in RAM (copied from ROM) using an example program from ANTIC Magazine. In the article it replaces the ampersand symbol (&) and says that it is located at decimal number 6 [CHR$(6)]. But I am on an XE system and I have noticed that the entire ATASCII character set has been rearranged on XL and XE systems compared to the original 400/800 models. Is this the reason for the need of a translator cartridge? I am sure that there are other reasons as well but this might change the way I need to develop any programs for the Atari 8-bits. To make sure that programs written on one machine will work correctly on another, is there a way to POKE somewhere to tell what type of Atari computer a person is using?If not then I will have to let the program ask the user what Atari they are using so the character set can be correctly loaded. Are there any other differences I should be aware of (besides CTIA/GTIA and controller port differences)?
  16. I recently purchased an Atari 400 computer, a handful of games for it, and a book on learning Atari BASIC. Now as I begin learning BASIC I could really use a way to save my programs and play disk based software, so I'm in the market for a 1050 disk drive that is in good cosmetic condition and proper working order with the power supply included. I'm looking to spend around $85 shipped on the disk drive and it doesn't need to have any custom modifications like Happy or anything like that, a plain old standard slow speed drive will do just fine for my needs. I'd also be interested in purchasing a 48K memory upgrade for my Atari 400 at some point, though acquiring a 1050 disk drive and some blank 5.25" floppy disks to use with it is my first priority. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad and if you happen to have a working 1050 disk drive in nice condition that you'd like to sell then feel free to shoot me a PM about it!
  17. Picked up an Atari 400 and 130xe with loads of software this week. Tried getting it working allong with an 810 disk drive. However the coaxial cable is damaged so thinking about doing an a/v mod on it.
  18. I have new old stock RAM for the 400. Manufactured byIntec Peripherals Corp. I have several and going to keep a few for my system but figured someone here would enjoy and have a need for it. Pay actual shipping and maybe original cost or trade.
  19. Some sealed ROMOX games from 1982
  20. Hi, I used to have an Atari 400 with imagic's Demon Attack game. I the computer and all of the games and recently bought a 600XL with Demon Attack once again. The Demon Attack cartridge does not work on my Atari 600XL computer. I read that some third party games do not work on a 600XL. Would someone please tell me if Demon Attack is a compatible game, or perhaps I may have gotten a non-working cartridge? I have Galaxian and Centipede and both of those games work great on my 600XL so I don't think there's a problem with the computer. Thank you!
  21. From the album: My Game Collection

    Bought this at a local Metal and Electronics recycler, was in their "Second Chance Resale Section", paid $10. Works Good. Came with 4 Joysticks and Epyx "Pit Stop" Cartridge.
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