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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys After drooling over AtariMax's "SIO2PC Universal USB DUAL SIO Jacks", I finally bought one a couple of month ago. Without noticing that AtariMax doesn't seem to have Mac software available. So now the question is: How do I get this to work on the iMac (running High Sierra public beta 2)? Sincerely Mathy
  2. Hello guys With permission of Steven Tucker, I have published the dimensions of his AtariMax cartridge shells on my Docs page. Thanks to both Steven Tucker and Dropcheck (for asking). Sincerely Mathy
  3. I know I'm gonna get some hate posts but I wonder when the full, finished version of Tempest for the 5200 be out as a rom (or other 5200 codec) for all of us to use on our AtariMax SD carts??? Those of us who DID buy the physical cartridge (including myself) would be SO stoked to have the finished version on their AtariMax SD carts too!!! I hope Keithen will allow it considering the tremendous success of the cart release. Also, I wish all of the Mean Hamster Software and First Star Software games (like Flip And Flop, Combat 2: Advanced, Adventure II, and Haunted House II 3D among them), which were available only as limited carts, be available for all of us who didn't (or couldn't) get the carts of those. Also, some few years back I bought the so-called Space Invaders "Arcade Version" (an obvious hack) on eBay and wondered if it will be available as a binary as well. With the most recent release/leak of Venture as a rom (and I DO have that on my AtariMax SD cart too) why not???
  4. Hey everyone, I'm having some issues with my AtariMax flash cart for the 5200. It plays most ROM's just fine, but there are a handful that just won't play. They will start up, but after a second or 2 they crash - scrambled graphics, sounds, etc. until they are unplayable. This is always on the same games, and always in the same manner. Amongst the games that don't work are Frogger 2 and The Last Starfighter. I've tried altering the settings, using different ROM images, using different SD cards, and running the self-diagnostic. Nothing seems to work. Looking at the status screen, I have firmware version 20110125. I compared with my friend William Culver and he has version 20130504. I'm thinking mine is out of date somehow (even though I got the cart not that long ago). Does anyone know how to update it? The Atarimax website has an FAQ, but the section that explains the firmware update is greyed out. I've reached out to Steven, but haven't gotten a response from him after a couple of emails. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! -Matt
  5. SOLD - Pending Payment I am selling my AtariMax ColecoVision 128-in-1 Multi-Cart. It's in tip-top shape and includes the following: * The multi-cart * USB cable * Software CD The software CD is not the original, but I will provide one with the software on it. It's super easy to set up. Asking price is $80 + $5.95 priority mail shipping w/delivery confirmation. Please PM me if interested. Payment through PayPal. Offers will be considered in the order they are received.
  6. I have an Atari 800XL and a 1050 drive. I have old games, written when I was in junior high, and I would like to move them to the PC, where I can casually enjoy them via emulation. Likewise, I have recently hacked a couple A8 games (Popeye and Donkey Kong Jr). I would like to be able to enjoy them on my ACTUAL 800XL hardware. I really liked the idea of Lotharek's SIO2SD. However, I heard it can be tedious to cycle through a lot of software with 1 line of text and 4 buttons. Even though it would require my laptop nearby, I think I am leaning toward the SIO2PC/SIO2USB solution. The problem is that there are two different items with the same name. (One uses caps in the product name). Which one is the most versatile and uses the best software. AtariMax has an SIO2USB, and I have been eyeing that for a long time. My understanding is that it uses WinAPE software. Lotharek has an sio2usb. It is tiny -- the size of an sio plug. I am not sure what software works with it, but he seems to have a lot of good stuff. So WHICH ONE? I would like to be able to use .atr AND .xex files. Can either of these units handle both formats? Which one has easier to use software? Will either one be better for transferring my old games TO the PC? (Will they both act as a 1050 emulator to my PC?) Is it possible that neither of these will work for my purpose, and I need to go SIO2SD? Finally, are there any solutions I am missing? I have searched SIO2USB and SIO2PC in the forums, and I seem to get way too many irrelevant posts..
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