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Found 3 results

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SPIG-pi4Ro&feature=youtu.be Gtia 1-bit Music 0:00-2:20 - Atascii (FastTracker > LyndonSharp Engine) 2:20-4:05 - Atascii ii (FastTracker > LyndonSharp Engine) 4:05-5:00 - Hurry! (1Tracker > LyndonSharp Engine) stuff: http://www.un8bg.com/stuff/g2012p1.atr http://www.un8bg.com/stuff/g2012p2.atr
  2. MusicStudio Engine for GTIA (source code) opt h+l+o+ gractl equ $d01d consol equ $d01f skctl equ $d20f dmactl equ $d400 nmien equ $d40e S_REG equ $f0 speed equ $f1 _channel equ $f2 ; 4 byte org $2000 run_adr sei lda #$00 sta nmien sta gractl sta dmactl music_studio_stack tsx stx S_REG ldx #$03 _lch lda _ch1,x sta _channel,x dex bpl _lch _loop lda skctl and #$04 bne _cont ldx S_REG txs rts _cont ldx #$00 _load lda (_channel,x) bpl _80_1 lda _ch1,x sta _channel,x lda _ch1+1,x sta _channel+1,x lda (_channel,x) _80_1 inc _channel,x bne _80_2 inc _channel+1,x _80_2 tay lda _nuty,y pha pha pha sec sbc #$01 pha beq _80_en1 lda #$08 _80_en1 pha lda #$00 pha txa eor #%10 tax bne _load tay ; =0 lda music_speed sta speed _iloop tsx _2kolej lda $0101,x sta consol dec $0105,x bne _2kl eor $0102,x sta $0101,x lda $0106,x sta $0105,x lda $0104,x cmp #$20 bcs _2kl inc $0106,x _2kl dec $0103,x bne _2kn lda $0101,x eor $0102,x sta $0101,x lda $0106,x sta $0103,x dec $0103,x _2kn txa ;clc ; too slow, replace with sbx ;adc #$06 ;tax sbx #$100-$06 ; +6 cpx S_REG bne _2kolej dey bne _iloop dec speed bne _iloop txs jmp _loop _nuty .byte $FF,$F0,$E3,$D7,$CB,$C0,$B4,$AB .byte $A1,$97,$90,$88,$80,$79,$72,$6C .byte $66,$60,$5B,$56,$51,$4C,$48,$44 .byte $40,$3D,$39,$36,$33,$30,$2D,$2B .byte $28,$26,$24,$22,$20,$1E,$1C,$1B .byte $19,$18,$17,$15,$14,$13,$12,$11 .byte $10,$01 music_speed .byte $0f _ch1 .word kanal1 _ch2 .word kanal2 kanal1 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$11 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$25 .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$08,$14,$25,$14 .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$0F .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$08,$14,$25,$14 .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$07,$25,$25,$25 .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$0F .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $0A,$16,$25,$16,$0A,$25,$0A,$25 .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$25 .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $0A,$16,$25,$16,$0A,$25,$0A,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$07,$05,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$07,$25,$03,$25 .byte $30,$30,$31,$30,$30,$31,$2D,$2D .byte $31,$2B,$2B,$31,$27,$31,$27,$31 .byte $30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$2D,$2D .byte $2D,$2A,$2A,$2A,$27,$27,$27,$27 .byte $18,$1F,$18,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1F,$18,$24,$1F,$22,$24 .byte $18,$1F,$22,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1B,$1F,$1A,$1D,$16,$1A .byte $18,$1F,$18,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1F,$18,$24,$1F,$22,$24 .byte $18,$1F,$22,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1B,$18,$1A,$1B,$16,$1A .byte $ff kanal2 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$11 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$05,$25,$05,$25 .byte $1F,$0C,$1F,$0C,$1D,$1F,$00,$18 .byte $03,$18,$1B,$18,$03,$18,$1B,$18 .byte $1F,$14,$1F,$14,$1D,$1F,$08,$18 .byte $05,$18,$1B,$18,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D .byte $1F,$0C,$1F,$0C,$1D,$1B,$25,$18 .byte $03,$18,$1B,$18,$03,$18,$1F,$18 .byte $1F,$14,$1F,$14,$1D,$1B,$08,$18 .byte $05,$18,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1A .byte $18,$0F,$18,$0F,$16,$18,$03,$13 .byte $05,$18,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D .byte $18,$0C,$1A,$0C,$1B,$18,$00,$1F .byte $0A,$1D,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D .byte $18,$0F,$18,$0F,$16,$18,$03,$13 .byte $05,$1D,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1A .byte $18,$0C,$18,$1A,$1B,$18,$00,$1F .byte $0A,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D,$1B,$1A,$16 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$07,$05,$03,$05 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$07,$05,$03,$02 .byte $30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$2D,$2D .byte $2D,$2B,$2B,$2A,$27,$27,$27,$27 .byte $30,$30,$31,$30,$30,$31,$2D,$2D .byte $31,$2A,$2A,$31,$27,$31,$27,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1F,$31,$24,$31,$22,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1B,$31,$1A,$31,$16,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1F,$31,$24,$31,$22,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1B,$31,$1A,$31,$16,$31 .byte $ff org $2e0 .word a(run_adr) music_studio_stack.obx
  3. test version: http://atari.pl/veeblefetzer.mp3 http://atari.pl/veeblefetzer.xex about Phaser1: http://battleofthebits.org/lyceum/View/Phaser1
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