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Found 38 results

  1. Recent announcements from the Bubster...
  2. Interesting news for Bubsy on twitter... Here is one of the release of the new game and that it is coming out in May! (Gamestop had no info on this BTW when I had them check) BBS... the Bubsy Broadcasting System. I'm a fan of this since I have been calling BBSs Bulletin Board Systems) long before the internet. Since Bubsy is kinda stuck in the 90s this sorta fits.... And unrelated but still an interesting off topic...
  3. Art from SpongeFox right before the time ran out... Here is some love Bubsy got on twitter before and after the kickstarter.....
  4. There are four days left on the Bubsy kickstarter to raise $25,000. So far the counter is at $16,204 Which is actually impressive when you do the math and realize Bubsy has 405 backers! To help with this Bubsy fan Rusty Everhart has doned the Bubsy costume for some promotional moments to advertise for the kickstarter: At the very least the kickstarter has shown that Bubsy does indeed have some dedicated followers. You can check out the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bubsy/bubsy-paws-on-fire-spicy-extras
  5. A quick mention of a sales flyer on ebay that is featured as I write this with a unique Bubsy signature and paw print Auction can be found here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Accolade-Video-Games-Sales-Brochure-1990s-Sega-Genesis-Super-Nintendo-Bubsy/303057668589?hash=item468fa509ed:g:4jAAAOSwJrdcYHJz
  6. Bubsy has a kickstarter for the next game coming out. Really exciting stuff, check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bubsy/bubsy-paws-on-fire-spicy-extras Original blog entry here: http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15490-bubsy-kickstarter-for-paws-on-fire-february-2019/
  7. Bubsy and his Paws on Fire gang give the warmest whisker wishes this Christmas! (art by SpongeFox)
  8. Hey Bubsy fans! Have you ever wanted to play Bubsy Bobcat: Fractured Furry Tales from the Atari Jaguar on the Sega Genesis? Well you can't. But today you can play all the mod music from that Jaguar game on your Sega Genesis, or in this case the Sega Gopher or whatever you call that Sega handheld system that Atgames sells. File is attached, (Called "Game.zip") along with all the best versions of Bubsy to play on the Genesis and a few modified games with Bubsy in it. And as a added bonus: The MDB.DAT (also attached but also in the "Game.zip" file) or menu was updated in this game directory to show pictures of Bubsy as you select games. Yep, all that hard work and research that I did for the Atari Flashback Portable, which come to find out disabled the MDB.DAT support, came in handy for this Sega Gopher directory. So I've been busy, and things I might do next is... 1) Find a way to slow mods down. What you will hear on the "BubsyFFTx.bin" files is the NTSC version that actually sounded the best by at 5/6th the speed. The Pal version was at the right speed but sounded horrible on the Sega Gopher. But if I slow the mods down to compensate then the music will be closer to regular speed. 2) Make more unique pictures of the Fractured Furry Tales mod tracks. Currently they just have Bubsy giving a cheers in drinking pose. One of my two favorite photoshops I did of Bubsy to date. (and quite popular on the internet now) 3) And finally I might just make more picture modifications so you can scroll through and see many pictures of Bubsy at the menu level. Ultimately, thanks to Oerg866 and Nineko for hacking Toy Story on the Sega Genesis and finding a modplayer embedded in a Genesis game. It was exciting to hear the Jaguar Bubsy music tracks on the Genesis for the first time. The places to find information on the Toy Story modplayer hack can be found here: https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=13458&st=0 And the download for the utility here: http://oerg866.tototek.com/toy.html And while that worked, this version was even better: https://github.com/plugnburn/tsmod/blob/master/index.html And if you did through all that, the beta version of THAT Toy Story hack utility can be found here: http://db.tt/Zk2CZpwn <------ That is the version you really want. Here are the credits of who made that possible: <li>Original MOD player engine code: by TT Games</li> <li>Title-bypass hack and NTSC 4MB ROM patcher: by Segaman</li> <li>PAL patcher and size optimization of both versions: by Suborg</li> <li>TSMOD build tool and this website: by Suborg</li> Want to make your own Sega Gopher menu? Try this: http://gopherscreen.narod.ru/eng/downloads.html You have to modify images to 120x112 with less than 63 colors. Have fun! And more to come!
  9. From Albert (who runs Atariage.com) I received a note from Mike today, "As of 9/11/2015, I am cancer free after 7 months of chemo and radiation therapy. Please post this information, and thank you for your kind words and well wishes. Best, Mike Berlyn" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This is too awesome. Mike, glad you are better, you had us worried there for a bit. What was awesome was SpongeFox also sent me a message about it with a picture. She heard the news from here: "...he pulled through and is alive and kicking! (Heard from) the first message at the very top. http://spongefox.deviantart.com/art/Bubsy-s-Blues-555132006" Which looks like it was RobRendahl who posted a day ago the Good news on Mike Berlyn, relayed from Albert. The word is getting around! Keep it up Mike, just keep it up. In the celebration picture above by SpongeFox.
  10. Working on content for the Bubsy episode of the Jaguar Game by Game podcast by Shinto. Got exciting news: We have an interview with Michael Berlyn, the creator of Bubsy, and Faran Thomason, the producer of Bubsy FFT for the Atari Jaguar!! We want to ask them some really gripping questions that will blow the listener's hair back!! Have you ever wanted to ask either of those two a question? Now's your chance! Submit your questions in the comments below! Need questions for Faran by tomrorow. Questions for Michael by a week from today. Non-Bubsy questions for both also welcome. I want to make this fun for them too. Of course Bubsy questions will take precedence, but a few for variety would be fun.
  11. This picture alone raises so many questions in the Bubsy story and wanted to other fan theories. The picture looks old, obviously a newspaper clipping. Was this an uncle of Bubsy or father? My guess is the father. In the Purrfect Edition Bubsy has the Indiana Jones look on the postcard. The Sean Connery looking bobcat in the picture would be his father if we go with the Indiana Jones theme. Any theories on this?
  12. Here's an interesting ad of Bubsy II from an old magazine called Sega Visions. Sorry if it's a little hard to see... ^^; I don't know where the other ad is from, but it looked cool... XD
  13. http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5414/A_FistFull_of_Bubsy_Collection/ Well if I didn't already have these two games on Steam would be a pretty good deal. Basically Two-Fur for free and a few dollars off Woolies Strike Back.
  14. First off, 10 am PST October 30th will start the 24 hours of Bubsy answering questions. This should get interesting! Secondly, Do You Know Gaming has released a very informative video on Bubsy. They approached us at the Bubsy Fan Blog on it not too long ago to use materials from the Bubsy Fan Blog, and in the end added even more information. Well done guys! And finally, today I got my PS4 to play one of my copies of Bubsy! So as soon as I get my regular or purrfect edition I will have reviews and pictures. See everyone at the 24 hour question session with Bubsy this Monday!! -------------- I will leave you with this epic Bubsy / Wolfenstein picture from the twitter feed as both are being released around the same date.
  15. A lot of people think Bubsy started on Atari (really the SNES and then Genesis) so .... sure... why not! Here we have it folks... BUBSY : Kitt'N Kaboodle This fun hack of Fast Eddie was made possible by Hack-O-Matic 3 and some coloring by KevinMos3 who has already made many good color hacks for Atari 2600 games. The Woolies are at it again stealing Bubsy's stuff and this time they stole EVERYTHING and stored it on the planet Kaboodle!!! Bubsy will need to JUMP OVER the Woolies to get it all back. In the game you'll see objects Bubsy needs to collect on based on items he collected in... Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. Bubsy 2 Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective And even the newest which came out recently that I'm enjoying... Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back. This was originally started on the Atari VCS/2600 and since the code for Fast Eddie for the 2600 and 400/800 were very similar I converted the sprites over. First stage with all the graphical work done on the 2600 is was easy to convert over the sprites for the characters (Bubsy, Woolies), the prize sprites, and number fonts. The background code for the ladders is different so for now the ladders are the same. Bubsy0 R1.bin
  16. lot of people think Bubsy started on Atari (really the SNES and then Genesis) so .... sure... why not! Here we have it folks... BUBSY : Kitt'N Kaboodle This fun hack of Fast Eddie was made possible by Hack-O-Matic 3 and some coloring by KevinMos3 who has already made many good color hacks for Atari 2600 games. The Woolies are at it again stealing Bubsy's stuff and this time they stole EVERYTHING and stored it on the planet Kaboodle!!! Bubsy will need to JUMP OVER the Woolies to get it all back. In the game you'll see objects Bubsy needs to collect on based on items he collected in... Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. (Yarnball, exclamation marker point) Bubsy 2 (Nerf gun, Trading card) Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales (Ball with exclamation point, extra life shirt) Bubsy 3D (Rocket part, atom) Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Respective ("No Relief" gag from the fan made game) And even the newest which came out recently that I'm enjoying... Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back. (glowing yarn ball) This was originally started on the Atari VCS/2600 and since the code for Fast Eddie for the 2600 and 400/800 were very similar, the Atari 400/800/XL/XE version soon followed. Finding it fun to put Bubsy on one more Atari system, the 5200 version was also created. Not crazy about how this XL Conversion to the 5200 has Bubsy always running but meh... it's done. If someone can figure out how to get the main character to stop running that would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! Bubsy0 5200 R1.bin
  17. Good morning! So the news of the 6th Bubsy game "Paws on Fire" has stirred up some excitement on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and it is always fun to see the activity on Twitter. These are locations that Bubsy news sent out, Bubsy fans are talking, and "Bubsy" himself tends to show up from time to time. There are other places like Discord that I keep getting notifications from but I have no idea how to use. . There is the Bubsy Bobcat group on DeviantArt. There are also Bubsy conversations on the Steam Forums, And there are the conversations on the Playstation Network groups. We'll feature those to the bottom of this message thread. But first, here is the latest top ten on the Bubsy Woolies Strike Back Leaderboard: And, as a added bonus today, we have the latest Bubsy art from Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog staffer, SpongeFox! Title of this picture is "Bubsy Supreme" So when on the Playstation Networks check out "Bubsy Bobcat" and "Bubsy Forever" ALSO, want to be a staffer of the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog? Bubsy fandom has grown since the release of Woolies Strikes Back last year and there is a lot to keep up with. Want to be a Bubsy reporter? Submit Bubsy Fan art? Even write articles and reviews about Bubsy? Or just want to give a heads up about a place to find more Bubsy? Just reply to this blog post or send me a PM. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15225-cruizin-psn-november-2018-fan-comments/ Here is some dialog from both.
  18. Contest: First person to PM me a message with the correct name of the arcade machine photo altered in the picture below wins the Humble Bumble deal on Steam (Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back and Bubsy Two Fur) or $20. Originally I listed the above picture on Twitter by saying (and some more clues for this contest...) "Hey #BubsyNation was at Free Play in Arlington, Texas and was amazed to find the @BubsyThe_Bobcat Russian arcade game. It was the coolest game I never played." I of course revealed a hour or so later that there was a Russian home version of Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (And Bubsy 2) but not a arcade game. Just had some fun photo editing which turned into a contest. (Contest provided in fun solely by the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog) --------------- Here is more information of the Humble Bumble deal going on for the next eight days.... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/bubsy-the-woolies-strike-back
  19. For Bubsy fans we live in exciting times: The Days before the launch of Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back. There have been times since the launch of this Bubsy Bobcat fan blog in 2008 that I would search the internet and maybe find one new picture of Bubsy, but I am happy to say that is not the case now. Going forward till the launch of Bubsy and after I will be featuring the excitement of those going into this game, initial thoughts, and reviews. And I will post some of the fun things as I find them. Others are welcome to PM me with submissions as well. So here are some fun pictures I found yesterday: Some context for this one: "James Nicholas Stanton, better known by his pen name Jim Sterling, is a British freelance video game journalist, critic, and pundit." Funny picture. Here are a few others I've been meaning to post for a little bit... Some really cool art. I wonder if this was the add for Bubsy 2 originally? "Bubsy Hashtag on Twitter" was all I got for this one. Every so often a new piece of swag shows up from the Bubsy 1 and 2 days since there was not any real swag from Bubsy (3) Fractured Furry Tales or Bubsy 3D. Hopefully we'll see more swag for Bubsy (5) The Woolies Strike Back. Alright, and this last part is for fun. I have recently gotten into the cartoon series "Rick and Morty" on adult swim. In that series there is a character, a old friend of Rick's named Squanchy that is a obnoxious talking and walking cat. Obnoxious but cool. So far no talking to the 4th wall like Bubsy, but otherwise you look at this character and say things like... Fun stuff. So as I come across some Squanchy stuff, I will share it here. So far I have found the following: This was a T-Shirt that you could find here, but the link seems to be down? https://pixelpoptees.com/products/get-your-squanch-on Two interesting "facts" from this fan wiki 1) Squanchy might be dead. But then we didn't see him die, and you know what they say in comics... "no body, no death. Oh there was a body? It was a clone..." 2) Squanchy might have been based on Snarf from Thundercats. Can see that, but the party animal with attitude is definitely Bubsy inspired. But then animorphic cats are quite common. We've featured at least two other characters (Magic Cat, and the Fox animal network mascot in Japan) that greatly resemble Bubsy. All we can say is, always fun to see a character that is similar and what others do with it. In Rick and Morty Squanchy is a old friend of Rick's. Obnoxious but a liked character. And in the end, quite heroic. I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of Squanchy. Hahah... this reviewer says about the same thing... And I'll leave with this epic picture...
  20. Ok, when I am not searching for new life in Bubsy, I am actually enjoying mankind's search for life elsewhere. Taking a paws (see what I did there) from Bubsy, I have loved following the space program. The Space Shuttle program was a great part of my child hood, Skylab, etc. But nothing was more fun than "Neptune all Night" and the Voyager 2 flyby of Neptune in 1989. I have a video channel on YouTube where I recorded some of that: Later there was the probe that landed on Titan. The rovers on Mars. And in mid-July we will get the first close up look at Pluto with the New Horizons probe. I am so excited. Only a new Bubsy game could be more exciting. Well... nah, but it would come close. NASA has released an app where you can get a computer simulation of the New Horizons mission called "Nasa's Eyes" and I made a video showing that off here: Then I saw this article and said on Facebook: "Oh cool, I could play Bubsy 3D on the New Horizons​ probe. Excellent!" And hey, we have a tie in for the Bubsy blog!! So check it the New Horizons probe progress and tune in when mankind makes another epic bookmark in space exploration! And now, the feature article preserved here in the Bubsy blog just in case the Interwebs march on.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.theverge.com/2015/1/15/7551365/playstation-cpu-powers-new-horizons-pluto-probe The CPU from the original PlayStation is guiding a probe to Pluto By James Vincent on January 15, 2015 10:01 am @jjvincent You probably already know that your smartphone is more powerful than the computers used to land astronauts on the Moon. But did you know that the processor used in the original Sony PlayStation is currently guiding a space probe the size of a grand piano towards Pluto? Yep, the same MIPS R3000 CPU that once ran Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid was repurposed by NASA in 2006 to fire thrusters, monitor sensors, and transmit data from the New Horizons space probe. You may have thought defeating Ruby Weapon was an achievement but try orchestrating a gravity-assisted flyby past Jupiter on a four-hour time delay. This isn’t unusual behavior for NASA though, as the space agency always prefers the tried-and-tested to the cutting-edge. The next-generation Orion spacecraft, for example — the one that will hopefully take humans to Mars one day — is controlled by an IBM processor made back in 2002. The CPU in New Horizons may have been tweaked a little to better survive the radiation bombardment of space, but other than that it's the same old chip: NASA’s engineers don’t need power; they need reliability. This is why there’s nothing better than a reputation staked on years of commercial use. Is your old PlayStation still working? Good. Because New Horizon has been in space for nine years already. The probe was launched back in January 2006 but is now on its final approach to Pluto, moving at a speed of approximately 36,373 mph with a projected arrival date of July 14th. Once there it will explore the dwarf planet and its moons before moving on to travel through the Kuiper belt — the massive asteroid belt that fringes our Solar System. This chip is going to parts of space where man-made objects have never been before, meanwhile your PlayStation is stuck in a closet somewhere beneath a stack of Pokémon trading cards. "bubsy 3d" by Chopfe-d6tg16p
  21. Here's wishing a great 4th of July to an American game mascot and all the fans and others who make Bubsy famous and infamous! And some Bubsy fireworks at the end of this video from Arkane Kids...
  22. If you wanted to see Bubsy on a Atari system other than the Jaguar, now's your chance to play it online! http://www.virtualatari.org/soft.php?soft=Bubsy Enjoy! -Doctor Clu
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