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Found 37 results

  1. PM me if interested. I am happy to announce that I have made 40 copies of Cowltiz Gamers Adventure. This is the standard release, but will be limited in supply and not made in huge quantity. I have the capability to make more if I can secure more donor carts(PM me if you can help). Proceeds of the game will go to help support CJAC, pay for costs associated with Cowltiz Gamers for Kids, and further fund homebrews associated with the show to raise funds for CJAC. The shows I have help organize have raised $47,500 over the last six years. Folks such as yourself have helped so much. This is a brand new homebrew game that was built for Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Show this year. The game was programmed by Lukasz Kur and music by Robert Janota. The illustration manual and box was done by M-Tee Retro Graphics, with the cart and board production by Joe Parcell of memblers industries. A huge thank you to wafflefoot(NA qixmaster)for the box, manual, and label printing as well. Each game comes with a box, manual, standard cart, original new dust sleeve, box protector, foam insert and recycled plastic bag. The second run was made possible by having a local store(Classics and Oddities) donate 40 donor carts, as well as Johnny Mono([email protected]) that placed them on cart for me. This was a huge undertaking for a good cause and am grateful for all the support. At this point, I want people who are interested in a copy of the game to post below. The game will be $60 shipped in the lower 48 states. I do ship to Canada for $5 more. Worldwide payment will be $75 shipped. Thank you to all who were patient with the second release to be done and alot of hard work from my close friends. Thank you to Qixmaster and Johnny Mono went into this unlimited release happening. The carts for this second run were donated by a local game store(Classics and Oddities). Also, the end of this video showcases what the game looks like. PM me if interested and add your name below.
  2. While most would agree that DK for the INTV was not the "best" game for the Intellivision back in the day, you have to give credit to Coleco and CBS for getting it out there in many forms. Not including the excellent new DK Arcade which was recently released, I am aware of 10 different box variations for this videogaming work of art. I have nine of them. ( I may have a problem. ). The five across the top are CBS releases, as you can see the first three are French, English and German language variations, the fourth one is the UK PAL version, then the fifth is the multi-language International version. The bottom four are Coleco versions, two English and two bilingual English/French Canadian versions. The one I'm missing is a German version of the fourth box on the top row with the angry looking DK throwing a silver barrel. To the best of my knowledge, (and off the top of my head), DK might just hold the record for box variations for this system. After 12 years of collecting for the Intellivision, I've got to find something to keep searching for.
  3. SiLic0ne t0aD


    From the album: ColecoVision

    1st run

    © TJW 2014

  4. Just like the title says. I'm trying to get my N64 library complete in box, so I'm on the hunt for CIBs, or just the box and/or manual. If you have any N64 CIBs, Boxes, or Manuals, Shoot me a message with a few photos of what you have, as well as an asking price, and we can work out a deal. Thanks! EDIT: Only looking for NTSC titles
  5. Here we have my boxed, complete never used XEGS system. Box has clearly seen better days but everything inside looks super clean and untouched! I am asking $160, thanks for looking!
  6. ColecoVision Games WANTED LIST *UPDATE - I'M CURRENTLY NOT ADDING TO THE COLLECTION. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS THREAD AT THE MOMENT, AT LEAST TEMPORARILY. (It's more or less a personal reference/placeholder/log for what I still don't have)* Greetings! My goal is to have a complete CV library someday and am looking for the following games either Loose (cartridges), Loose with Manual/Overlays, or CIB (Complete In Box), etc. Box and/or Manual Only would be fine in some cases.. Just depends on the title. I would be willing to take anything into consideration... Trades are also welcomed, just PM me a list of what you're looking for. Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Alphabet Zoo Amazing Bumpman Aquattack Artillery Duel Brain Strainers Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures In The Park Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Campaign '84 Choplifter Chuck Norris Superkicks Cosmic Crisis Dam Busters Dance Fantasy Decathlon Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Dragonfire Dukes of Hazard, The Evolution Fathom Flipper Slipper Fortune Builder Frantic Freddy Gateway to Asphai Gust Buster Gyruss It's Only Rock 'N Roll Jukebox Jungle Hunt Kung Fu Superkicks Learning With Leaper Linking Logic Logic Levels Memory Manor Monkey Academy Moonsweeper Motocross Racer Motocross Racer/Tomic the Barbarian Mountain King Oil's Well Quest for Quintana Roo Robin Hood Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Roc N' Rope Rock 'N Bolt Rolloverture Sammiy Lightfoot Sector Alpha Sewer Sam Sir Lancelot Skiing Slurpy Smurf Paint 'N Play Workshop Star Wars: The Arcade Game Strike It Super Cobra Super Crossforce Super Sketch (Loose or CIB) Tank Wars Telly Turtle Threshold Tomarc The Barbarian Up 'N Down Wing War Wiz Math, The Wizards of Id's Zenji Thank you for your time..Cheers-
  7. All I have left are the Journey Escape games. These first six Journey Escape games are still sealed and have some slight damage to the boxes but they are in good condition. $10 shipped each. They will be shipped in a small box for protection (no bubble mailers on these!) ONLY ONE LEFT! The next six Journey Escape games are also still sealed but they have a little more damage to the boxes (front and/or back). $7 shipped each. ALL SIX AVAILABLE The next two Journey Escape games are still sealed but as you can see they are pretty beat up. The one on the right has a decent looking front but something was hungry so it ate part of the box. $5 shipped for the box on the left and $4 shipped for the box on the right The next three Journey Escape games are not sealed but one of them is complete while one is missing the catalog. The one complete box is in pretty good condition, not much damage to the box just some normal wear and tear. The other box is missing the catalog and the box is a bit more beat up. $5 shipped for the CIB game and $4 shipped for the one that is missing the catalog. ALL CIB sold, the other one is still available. Thanks for looking!
  8. Like the title states, I am looking to procure a Intellivision System III (CIB). The unit itself must be in pristine cosmetic condition. The box I would prefer to be in excellent shape as well, but I'm not as picky about the box as I am on the unit itself. But I do not want some box that has been munched on by roaches. Price I'm willing to pay will be determined by condition of unit and the box. If you have one for sale, hit me up and I will be happy to assist you financially. If you know where one is at, kindly hit me up as well, might be a 'finders fee' in it for you, if you find me a nice one. FYI, not interested in the two on eBay that are priced at $179 - $229.
  9. From the album: Spawnshop's Atari 2600 Collection

    My A2600 Boxed Collection as of 081615
  10. Here's my list of games available for SALE or TRADE I've set the prices to just about what I paid for them. Prices are negotiable, especially when buying multiples. 99% have labels unless noted. Request pics for condition if interested in a bunch. Buyer pays all Shipping. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e-v_tcuUV6hX92GLdNr3bpwd6X0EsxyJfs-jWfrIGCE/edit?usp=sharing I also have some Consoles and Misc stuff available here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/245820-fsft-misc-consoles-controllers-sears-heavy-sixer-2600-dreamcast/ Thanks for looking.
  11. Dragon Warrior CIB Dragon Warrior II complete, no box Hydlide https://www.ebay.com/itm/302600858679 Blaster Master CIB MINTY https://www.ebay.com/itm/302601300613 Solomon's Key CIB https://www.ebay.com/itm/302601346121 Legend of Zelda (gold cart) CIB https://www.ebay.com/itm/302600887637 Metroid (grey label) CIB https://www.ebay.com/itm/302600879009 Nintendo Power vol 1 (SMB2) & 16 (Maniac Mansion) https://www.ebay.com/itm/302600862652 Shadowgate CIB https://www.ebay.com/itm/302600868722 Ninja Gaiden CIB https://www.ebay.com/itm/302601388152 Lot of 24 loose NES games + manuals https://www.ebay.com/itm/302600868722 1. Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers + manual 2. California Games 3. Classic Concentration + manual 4. Commando 5. Double Dragon 6. Excitebike + manual 7. Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Edition + manual 8. Goonies II 9. Little League Baseball 10. Marble Madness + manual 11. Metroid (yellow label) 12. Ninja Gaiden 13. R.C. Pro-Am + manual 14. Roadblasters + manual 15, 16, 17. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (x3) + 2 manuals 18. Super Mario Bros 2 19, 20. Tetris (x2; 1 missing label) + 1 manual 21. T&C Surf Designs Wood and Water Rage 22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 23. Tecmo World Wrestling 24. WCW Wrestling + loose Maniac Mansion (manual only) All are 7 day no reserve auctions ending next Sunday evening (1/21/18).
  12. I am about to place this ad on Ebay. What would be a good starting bid? The actual add will have photos. Original Atari 2600 Video Computer System CX2600. Tested and fully functional. Original box with card board insert, service contract application. Matching serial numbers. Cloth Atari Logo dust cover. Atari 2600 Junior, tested and fully functional. Short rainbow edition. Original box, and warranty card. Atari AC power adaptor, tested and fully functional. Origianl box. RCA to VHF antenna switch box. Not tested. Coaxial (F-Type) to female RCA adaptor. New. Game Controllers tested and fully functional: 2x Atari joysticks 1x Pointmaster joystick 1 pair Atari paddle controllers 1x video touchpad All games fully functional unless otherwise noted. Atari 2600 Games: Asteroids, with original instructions. Air Sea Battle, with original instructions and box. Berzerk, with original instructions. Combat Defender, with original instructions and box. Galaxian, with original instructions. Jungle Hunt Joust, with original instructions. Missile Command, with original instructions. Star Raiders, with original instruction, and touchpad overlay. Super Breakout, with original instructions and box. Space Invaders, with original instructions. Vanguard Yars' Revenge, with original instructions. Activision 2600 GAMES: These games will work after prepping contacts with alcohol or contact cleaner. Chopper Command, with original instructions. Works intermittently. StarMaster, with original instructions. Works intermittently. Pitfall, Works intermittently. River Raid, Works intermittently. Robot Tank, works fine, original box included. SCARCE M Network 2600 Games Space Attack, with original instructions. Armor Ambush SCARCE Imagic Atlantis, with original instructions. U.S. Games, Commando Raid, with original instructions and box. Parker Brothers Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Promotional Material: DC Atari Force comic #2 Atari Log Book Atari 2600 / 5200 Game Catalog 1983 Atari Video Game Cartridge Catalog 1982 Atari Video Game Cartridge Catalog 1981 Activision Video Game Cartridge Catalog Fall 1982 Imagic Video Game Cartridge Catalog 1982 Sega Spy Hunter, label torn, will only work with 2600 Junior.. RARE No international orders. Will ship to Canada.
  13. All copies of CIBs and upgrades have been sold, or otherwise distributed. The thread is still here in case there is a spark of interest yet in the community. If enough interest is shown then small short run may be possible. Send me a PM or an email ([email protected]) to indicated your choices (or additional choices [CIB or Upgrate Kits]) along with the country you are from and my reply will include payment instructions. Order as many as you like. CIBs are $75 ea. with Paypal fees included: Upgrade Kit $32 (Includes paypal fees and boxes will be pre-built) Shipping for 1 CIB in the US is $5. Shipping for 1 CIB to Canada is $10. Shipping for 1 CIB to Europe is $15. Add $3 for each additional CIB copy. Shipping for 1 Upgrade Kit in the US is $4. Shipping for 1 Upgrade Kit to Canada is $8. Shipping for 1 Upgrade Kit to rest of the world is $12. Add $2 for each additional Upgrade Kit even when shipped with CIBs. 1. cmart604 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 2. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 3. AtariBuff - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 4. gunoz - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 5. RetroAl - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 6. zodiacprime - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 7. mjarnold7 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 8. JasonlikesINTV - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 9. mylok - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 10. ElvisAtari - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED ----------------------------------------------------------- 11. Darrin9999 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 12. intvsteve - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 13. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 14. BriceZ - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 15. Soulbuster - PAID - SHIPPED - RECEIVED 16. AtariBuff - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 17. Bill Loguidice - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 18. BBWW - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 19. Special Teams - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 20. cmart604 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 21. stupus 22. JoeM_Intellivision - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 23. TrekMD - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 24. Special Teams - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 25. Fushek - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 26. ckblackm - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 27. Ambrosine - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 28. scalpel - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 29. bennybingo - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 30. Soulbuster - PAID - SHIPPED - RECEIVED 31. Eric7100 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 32. Eric7100 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 33. Certifiable - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 34. furor - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 35. Spadafermo51 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 36. Spadafermo51 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 37. Private Reservation 01 [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 38. y-bot - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 39. retrogmr - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 40. slab0meat - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 41. grips03 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 42. Intellfan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 43. stc2009 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 44. JoeM_Intellivision - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 45. JoeM_Intellivision - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 46. jeffgamer - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 47. BBWW - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 48. AJChandler - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 49. JohnPCAE - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 50. voltron - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 51. mylok - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 52. InfraMan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 53. Marco Miccoli - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 54. spaceman - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 55. spaceman - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 56. jaybad92 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 57. Alex L. [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 58. RayXamberR [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 59. river9999uk - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 60. Darren [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 61. Darren [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 62. Darren [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 63. Darren [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 64. Intellivisioner - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 65. TrickyMoon - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 66. toymailman - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 67. Ataridan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 68. Paul D [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 69. Alex.Pace - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 70. pittheat 71. dianne t. - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 72. revolutionika - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 73. revolutionika - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 74. rhcocker - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 75. cvga - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 76. dmonroe - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 77. dmonroe - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 78. ghsqb - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 79. ghsqb - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 80. Nognir - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 81. Darren [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 82. Darren [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 83. harveyjcat - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 84. Mike S [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 85. revolutionika - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 86. ChefPepper - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 87. WaveRider1970 [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 88. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 89. CMUalum - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 90. bunion1971 - PAID - SHIPPED 91. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED 92. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED 93. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 94. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 95. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 96. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 97. Sold on eBay - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 98. Miguel L [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 99. chart45 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 100. wolfy62 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 101. mammothservices - PAID - SHIPPED 102. Sold 103. Sold 104. Sold 105. Sold [ebay] 106. Sold [ebay] 107. Sold 108. Sold [ebay] 109. Sold [ebay] 110. Sold Upgrade Kits - No Serials 1. cmart604 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 2. cmart604 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 3. cmart604 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 4. cmart604 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 5. JoeM_Intellivision - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 6. JoeM_Intellivision - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 7. JoeM_Intellivision - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 8. JoeM_Intellivision - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 9. wolfy62 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 10. wolfy62 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 11. Eric7100 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 12. Eric7100 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 13. HunterZero - PAID - SHIPPED 14. grips03 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 15. BriceZ - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 16. TrekMD - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 17. Intellfan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 18. Clownschool - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 19. Nibunnoichi - PAID - SHIPPED 20. Lathe26 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 21. Certifiable - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 22. Greg T. [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 23. intvsteve - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 24. BBWW - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 25. BBWW - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 26. gunoz - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 27. alevin16 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 28. y-bot - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 29. mylok - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 30. Oscar G. - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 31. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 32. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 33. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 34. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 35. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 36. Troy_Whelan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 37. save2600 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 38. Fushek - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 39. scalpel - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 40. mr_intv - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 41. thegoldenband - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 42. slab0meat - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 43. Marco Miccoli - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 44. Marco Miccoli - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 45. Private Reservation 01 [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 46. JasonlikesINTV - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 47. JasonlikesINTV - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 48. Alex.Pace - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 49. ianoid - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 50. Utopia - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 51. evg2000 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 52. evg2000 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 53. 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IntellivisionDude - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 77. gershbec - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 78. revolutionika - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 79. revolutionika - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 80. revolutionika - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 81. revolutionika - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 82. bikeguychicago - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 83. Harmik - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 84. mufla - PAID 85. Ignorama - PAID 86. Zamp1958 - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 87. Intellfan - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED 88. Ashley B [E] - PAID 89. stupus 90. Darren [E] - PAID - SHIPPED - DELIVERED
  14. Ebay auction going now. 4 days left, bidding is already up to $51.00. If this is a game you are looking for then please place your bid. Also have a sealed copy in NM condition. I am going to leave that up to offers at the moment. Below is the Ebay auction. Happy Bidding!! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150880460523
  15. No longer needed... have purchased CIB
  16. Hello! I am selling off all of my extra Atari 2600 games. I have far too much to list here so please email me at [email protected] and I will send you the list in an Excel spreadsheet. I also offer joystick repair services if you want a stick fixed and fixed right! In addition to games, I have a Wico Bat Handle joystick and 2 boxed Competition Pro 1000 joysticks from Coin Control. Also I have a few working consoles as well. Thank for reading! Email me with any questions! ~Matt
  17. From the album: My Game Collection

    Copy of Space Jockey, with box, Paid $3. Ebay
  18. Hello fellow Atariage fans & Atari Jaguar fans, Haven't been on in awhile as real life problems have interfered. Hard times have now hit me like a pile of bricks, hate to let it go but I've made some terrible life mistakes, unfortunately, and I must sell my Atari Jaguar Battlesphere cartridge with custom high quality 3M plastics end label. Its CIB, in very good condition just listed it on ebay. Please take a look and spread the word to anyone that might be looking for an nice "authentic" copy, not a reproduction or any of that jazz. Haz gold edge connector contacts and all as specified by 4Play, lol haha! I set the start price going by the last real Battlesphere cart sold on ebay last month(Feb 04, '19). Willing to ship worldwide. http://ebay.us/HPmvBX?cmpnId=5338273189 Thanks for checking out my sales thread, any suggestions please let me know. Hopefully I can rejoin active posting here soon, as there is so much going on, especially in the Jaguar Forum, i am looking forward to it.
  19. Hey guys I came across this a couple days back and I need some input on it and I know you guys are the right ones to ask. This one is outside of my field of expertise so any info to be contributed would be greatly appreciated and I'm apologizing ahead of time if this is a dumb question.. I'm trying to figure out if this Atari is NEW in Box or just CIB??.The AC adapter definitely seems new as its in its original box that seems to have never been opened. Were these atari 2600 vader systems " factory sealed" when they were produced or did they just come enclosed in this box? Looking at the box there is no sign of where it would have been sealed with sticker, No signs of glue, etc. I was told this was brand new and "never used" but i wanted to run it by you guys and see what your opinions were on it. Like i said this isn't my cup of tea. I've tried doing my research but couldn't find too much on this one. I saw a vader system bundled with 2 controllers, pac man, and combat on EBAY and it said sealed in the listing, however this particular console didn't come bundled with that stuff so I didn't know if that listing was relevant to my current situation. Let me know what you guys think? Thanks again!
  20. I have several of each. Rather sell here than fee bay. Shipping included if your in the lower 48. Super Baseball $8 Off the Wall $14 Radar Lock $14 Defender II $10 These are Mint & CIB & NTSC. PM if interested. Thanks.
  21. Hello, actually I sell some of the doubles from my own collection. In the case of this fine looking rare game I will first ask for interest in the our community. If you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask. See photos for details. If you want to make an offer ... please as PM. Thanks! Cheers, Lars
  22. My ebay page. +252, 100% Feedback: http://www.ebay.com/usr/m15granger Items up on ebay, all current auctions: 9 Game Saturn Bundle. Bid starts at 99 cents. http://www.ebay.com/itm/262578513265 1. Virtua Cop 1 (CIB) 2. Virtua Cop 2 (CIB) 3. Grid Runner (CIB) 4. Tomb Raider (CIB) 5. World Series Baseball (CIB) 6. NHL All Star Hockey (CIB) 7. Robo Pit 8. ZAP! Snowboarding Trix '98 (JPN CIB, has spine card) 9. Biohazard (JPN Resident Evil, CIB) FYI, my ebay handle is m15granger. Also have +16 on Racketboy BST & +1 on Atari Age
  23. Hello everyone, Listed is a Sears-branded "Heavy Sixer" Atari VCS/2600 with beautiful original box, Sears-branded paddles, sticks and 2 games (Target Fun and 01 Combat, both Sears editions). The power supply is original to the unit and very rare to find together. I personally took this unit apart and cleaned everything and adjusted the color. The switches needed some work but they're perfect now. With the exception of an occasional small mark, and the small tear that's visible on the flap of the box, this set is beautiful. This is very much for the completist and I'm not that person. I was thinking of hanging onto it but already have two player units and don't know I'd use this that much. I'd rather see it go to a good home. I've researched and this is the lowest price you will find for a Sears Heavy Sixer of this quality with an original box in this condition (on ebay at least). Other listings have boxes that are pretty wrecked. This is a large package with the original box included. I can ship it however you like - with the unit in the box, or (my preference) the box separate from the console, which would be bubble wrapped separately. Obviously it's large and heavy (hence the name). Buyer to pay actual shipping costs - will ship it however you like with USPS Priority my preference. PM me with any questions you may have! Asking $350 or will trade for some systems I don't have, like Colecovision, Intellivision, Vectrex, etc. Thanks for looking
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