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Found 10 results

  1. Well since 2015 is 3 weeks away from being in the books and a thing of the past. What are your goals for collecting or purchasing in 2016? As for me I am actually pretty good game and console wise. As I have over 30 systems. And like to add a couple more systems in my collection that year and narrowing down my wish list this is the what I do not want and what I want to purchase. Here is a list of the consoles. Do not want: Magnavox Odyssey/Odyssey pong systems: Respect and admire the history of it and it is a pioneer in video games. Too primative and the price is pretty steep to find one. Also it is mostly board games to play on your television. As for the variety of pong systems for the 100, 200, 300, etc. Not interested. RCA Studio 2: Uhhhhhhhh the beeping noises are irritating and sounds like a chicken masturbating. Astrocade: Awesome units and an impressive system for it's time. Expensive and hard to find one and the reliability issues as it is prone to overheating. Arcadia 2001: Weak library and too short of a production run as most games are clones of other systems. Jaguar: Don't even get me started.... 3DO: Neat system. Cons are the intermittent disc read problems from the laser lens from what I have heard and most of the library looks weak. And the later releases were also released for the Playstation. PS4/XBox One: Too many software updates and don't like the library. Maybe I will reconsider if the price drops more and if the library looks good for my taste. Here are the systems that I am leaning on wanting to get. Channel F: Another great pioneer in the video game market and I was fascinated with the pilot grip controllers. Most of the games are very primative and a good chunk are two player titles. About 32 or so games were released for it. My setback is that these systems run for quite a good chunk of money, problematic pinpoints as they overheat as well and also the controllers will fall apart from what I heard. Vectrex: I always admired these systems and love the game library for it. The controller looks amazing and have heard numerous great things about them. The price for it is a little high but not insane. I've heard they run well and hardly fall apart but some screen abnormalities. What do you reccommend? Other than that what are your collecting goals and stuff you like to add in your game room?
  2. I thought it might be fun to make a thread for the "curators" out there, and by that I mean people who only collect games that they think are good games worth playing on their systems of choice. The people who keep wants lists for what they consider to be all the good games they know of, and wouldn't buy a game if they didn't think it was going to be enjoyable to play. With that in mind, for those curators out there, how many games do you think are worth playing on the systems that you collect for? If you combined the number of games you currently own with the number left on your wants list, how many would there be for each system you like? After pondering the question myself last night, today I did the math to see how many good games worth playing I think there are for the various systems that I've collected for over the years. There's 10 systems in all on my list, and here's how the numbers turned out. Note that this list does include homebrew titles and prototype games and I'm sure there are probably still many good games I've yet to discover for the systems I like. But, of the ones I know about, there are: Atari 2600: 208 Game Boy: 135 NES: 134 Sega Genesis: 126 Game Boy Advance: 125 PlayStation: 110 Nintendo DS: 105 Game Boy Color: 92 Wii: 67 GameCube: 62 How about you? How many systems have/do you collect for and how many games do you think are worth playing on them? Feel free to share your lists of what you consider the good games for any given system to be as well, just be sure to spoiler tag the lists so that the thread doesn't get clogged up with giant lists of games in every post.
  3. I am now thinking about possibly collecting for the Gameboy Advance. My question to everyone here is how hard is it to get complete (box, instructions, game) carts for the system and what is the "average" price? I know it probably depends on what game I'm talking about, but in general. Is this something that would be fairly easy to do, or would be rather difficult? I don't know how "collectible" the Gba and games are right now, so your thoughts on it would be appreciated. I would want full game sets, not just carts. I have an old Gba (the original with no backlighting) already, but might want a boxed one if they are available. Any comments would be highly appreciated!
  4. Serial lurker here... I've been collecting 2600 for some time now. But I'm at the point where buying games is stale... nothing but $50+ games I need on ebay. So Im very interested in starting to collect 7800. I've never owned one but I understand the serials staring with A1 OR A2 are the ones to get. Anything else I should be looking out for? I'm frugal, but the rarer and cheaper I can get the better. dropping hundreds ATM isn't an option. Besides specific serials or models would anything else that would indicate early production runs etc? Oh, and games... I need a good top 10 to start with. Cheaper the better. But games usually come as the deals do. I'm really excited to start this collection process. But I need a clean system first. Thanks so much in advance!
  5. I have been thinking to myself lately "the Genesis is such a pleasure to collect for." Here is why: -Its fun hunting for various hardware iterations and motherboard variants. (whereas with the SNES its just regular and mini) -I love the fact that the games came in clam-shell cases direct from the factory. This often means manuals and carts are in good shape, and there is no need to print art and buy UGC's like for most of the other systems I collect for which is expensive and time consuming. -Prices seem to be mostly reasonable. Nintendo seems to have gone pretty bonkers lately, and so have a few Genny games here and there. Still, overall I think you can get most of the good titles in the Genesis library for $10-$40 bucks. Amazing! -The games are excellent. I grew up as a Nintendo kid and played Genesis mostly at friends house, and it was usually altered beast or Sonic. Little did I realize at the time how many great games are on the genesis. Streets of Rage series, golden axe series, road rash series, Shinobi series, and on and on. SO MANY good games to build a select collection from. -Cartridges. I have a few K in my Saturn collection; and i'm starting to regret it. Discs have been failing me across systems the past few years. The slightest scratch seems to render and old disc useless; which is sort of scary when you have $200 tied up in a game. It's only my carts that I don't worry about. I know my genesis carts will be working without worry for decades. -Homebrew. There are some fun rom hacks and home-brews out there for the Genesis, with more on the way from companies like Piko interactive. Pier Solar was a blast and I like having Duke Nukem 3D as well. Not a dead scene by any means. -Repro's. For those that like to have a real cart but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, many high quality repros are available for the Genesis. I try to have the genuine item, but in the case of MUSHA I may spring for a repro sometime soon. -The Mega Everdrive-Save states, Master System capability, 32x, Sega CD, etc. etc. etc. What a great device. -Love 16 bit gaming. Great 2D graphics and sound. The Genesis really shines at its core competencies. Its just a nice solid, clean, 16 bit system to collect for. I started collecting for the Genesis very casually and on the side, but I as I find myself gaming on it more I think i will really focus on it as a standout system in the years ahead. Why do you like collecting for genesis?
  6. The Immortal John Hancock (SWLOVINST here on AtariAge) walks us through his amazing NEO GEO console and game collection. He covers the AES (Advanced Entertainment System) and arcade MVS (Multi Video System), plus the differences between the two cartridges, controllers, accessories and even the NEO GEO X GOLD and rare NEO GEO CD... Anybody else collecting for this system? And if so, who is your stock broker?
  7. Can I get some links to your preferred place to get those clear plastic box covers to protect my boxed games? I would be buying in large quantities (at least 100).
  8. I've been collecting for the VCS for some time now, and during that time my collection has grown quite large. Yesterday I was looking at my boxes of games and asked myself, 'Is there really any point to collecting?' So I got a few rares from eBay, cool. Did I end world hunger? No. Why buy these games anyways? So they can sit on a shelf forever? 'cause let me tell ya, I won't be playing Eli's Ladder anytime soon.
  9. What would you say qualifies as a collection or makes someone a "collector." Is it subjective like art; or objective based on size? If someone has a Wii and say five games; is that a collection? Are they a collector if they say they are? If someone had a big collection and sold 99% of it; are they still a collector? Etc. Curious to hear your thoughts on this one!
  10. They look nice but is there any point in purchasing them. Some people are like why pay so much for old cardboard so they go for reproduction boxes.
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