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Found 7 results

  1. When apemaster (aka Kemal aka Yoda) released the 25 years "Techo Ninja" edition http://atariage.com/forums/topic/236686-new-game-released-tecno-ninja-25-years-anniversary-edition/ a lot of people had trouble starting the program in emulators. The reason behind that was that when Yoda wrote the program 25 year ago, he was faced with the problem that a compiled Turbo Basic program cannot load another part that is also compiled. Back then he came up with a clever trick to circumvent this problem: If the RUNTIME.COM is loaded, (for example by renaming it to AUTORUN.SYS), it tried to automatically load the program "D:AUTORUN.CTB". So what Yoda did was, that he had the TITLE and the MAIN program on disk and depending on which was to be started, he renamed it to "AUTORUN.CTB" and restarts to runtime. Because the default for mounting files as disk images in Altirra is "Read/Only" exactly this renaming failed and the pogram was stuck was a DOS error message (you could not see, because a dedicated display list is active). When he told me amout the issue I thought is was an interesting problem. So after only 8 months of tracing and debugging from time to time, here is the solution. Pitty it won't help TecnoNinja itself because the sources are long lost, but maybe it will be useful for other Turbo Basic fans. The solution is a relcoatable inline machine language routine to which you can pass the name of the file (with ".TUR" extension!). If the routine is called from within regular Turbo Basic,it will return without doing something and you can load the uncompiled program using RUN "D:....TUR". If the routine is called from within the compiled runtime, it will load the compiled program with the ".CTB" extension instead of the ".TUR" extensions. This way you can have a single source that transparently works with uncompiled and compiled programs. The archive contains and ATR and also the MADS source for the routine. RunCTB.zip
  2. Hi all. I'm about to release officially IntyBASIC v1.4.0 with new features, corrections and enhancements. But before doing it "officially" I need your help to check if your current programs compile with this new version of compiler and post here with your OK. I've been careful but I'm trying not to release version after version because small bugs Thanks! Edit: for some reason I couldn't upload the ZIP here, so find it here https://github.com/nanochess/IntyBASIC/releases/tag/1.4.0 o Tracker allows playing 8 channels of music (using ECS PSG) o Now detects failure of flow control when using GOTO to jump wrongly between procedures. o Detects wrong flow of control (GOTO to PROCEDURE or GOSUB to non-PROCEDURE) o Name mangling for assembler now uses original names, easing assembler interface. o Support for local labels (using period character before a label, uses last global label as prefix) o Added MUSIC GOSUB, MUSIC RETURN, MUSIC VOLUME and MUSIC SPEED. o Added contrib/accel.bas it shows how to move sprites by fractions of pixel (contributed by intvnut) o VOICE INIT now "shuts up" the Intellivision (contributed by intvnut) and the initializatin is done in automatic form at start of program. o FLASH INIT SIZE to choose Flash memory size. o Allows constants in DATA PACKED. o Added ON expr FAST to avoid two instructions. o Generates warnings for AND/OR/XOR and small operators non-parenthesized. o Now direct CONT1, CONT2, CONT3 and CONT4 generate 8-bit results. o Solved bug where IF CONT.B0 THEN wouldn't work, also ABS and SGN. o Compatibility with Tutorvision consoles.
  3. [NOW WITH LINUX AND MACOS SUPPORT!] Welcome to the batari Basic Extension for Visual Studio Code which allows users to create games for the Atari 2600 VCS using the batari Basic language. The average person who wants to make an Atari 2600 VCS game no longer has to spend years trying to figure out assembly language thanks to batari Basic! This extension was created and is maintained by mksmith for the AtariAge community and is free to use. If you have paid for this extension please seek a refund. Big thanks to everyone who has helped along the way and to the 60+ users who have so far installed the extension! Atari Dev Studio My new extension Atari Dev Studio for Homebrew Development is now available for designing homebrew games for the Atari 8-bit systems (Atari 2600 and 7800). Atari Dev Studio is a one-stop-shop for any programmer and includes a number of built-in features to allow you to design, develop and test games for your favourite system. Get started with batari Basic (2600) or 7800basic (7800) using easy to learn BASIC-like languages or go hard-core with assembly using dasm. During development test your creation using the Stella (2600) or A7800 (7800) emulators right from within Atari Dev Studio. I will continue to do minor updates to this extension for the time being if you wish to continue using this one. What is batari Basic? batari Basic created by Fred "batari" Quimby is a BASIC style language used in the creation of Atari 2600 games. batari Basic is compiled to generate a binary file that can by used on actual Atari 2600 VCS hardware via cartridge (such as a Harmony or UNO cart) or by using an Atari 2600 VCS emulator such as Stella. batari Basic logo created by RevEng (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/282960-batari-basic-logo). What is Stella? Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Stella was originally developed for Linux by Bradford W. Mott, and is currently maintained by Stephen Anthony. Since its original release several people have joined the development team to port Stella to other operating systems such as AcornOS, AmigaOS, DOS, FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux, OS/2, MacOS, Unix, and Windows. The development team is working hard to perfect the emulator and we hope you enjoy our effort. Stella is included as part this extension with many thanks to Stephen Anthony. Stella is a external project and can be downloaded separately here. If you enjoy using Stella place consider donating to ensure it's continued development. System requirements This release is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. The latest releases of batari Basic (BB.1.1d.reveng41), dasm (2.20.11 - 20171206) and Stella (6.0 - WIndows and Linux only) are included so you can be up and running straight after installing the extension. As noted you can optionally provide links to your own specific releases of batari Basic, dasm and Stella (or other emulators) via the configuration settings. Installing the extension The extension can be installed directly within Visual Studio Code. Complete the following: Install VS Code onto your Windows machine From the menu select View -> Extensions or click the Extensions button on the Activity Bar From the Extensions tab, click on the Search Extensions in Marketplace entry box and type batariBasic. Select the extension from the results list and click the Install button. Make sure you restart VS Code to ensure the extension is properly installed (thanks Gemintronic) Using batari Basic So you've installed this extension and want to create a new modern day Atari 2600 masterpiece? Help is available here: Random Terrain has created a very useful getting started page on how to use batariBasic with information about using the language and some great samples explaining key features: http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html The batari Basic forum at AtariAge is the perfect place to get help and assistance from the community: http://atariage.com/forums/forum/65-batari-basic Available features This extension includes the following features: Syntax highlighting for the batari Basic (.bas) and 6502/7 assembly (.asm, .a, .h) languages Compile batari Basic files (.bas) and dasm assembly files (.dasm) Optionally launch Stella (or other emulators) after compilation to test your program Customised batari Basic snippets containing some useful re-usuable code Provide links to your own specific releases of batari Basic, dasm and Stella rather than use the provided ones Extension settings A number of extension configuration options are available via the File > Preferences > Settings > Extensions > batari Basic tab allow you to customise your experience. Compiling your program To display the available extension features press CTRL+SHIFT+P to display the command palette. From the command palette prompt type bB or dasm to short-list the available options: batari Basic bB: Compile batari Basic source code (CTRL+ALT+N) bB: Compile batari Basic source code and run in emulator (CTRL+ALT+M) bB: Stop/kill the batari Basic compiler Dasm dasm: Compile assembly source code dasm: Compile assembly source code and run in emulator dasm: Stop/kill the assembly compiler General bB: Open the batari Basic Welcome page (CTRL+ALT+W) bB: Open the batari Basic forum at AtariAge (CTRL+ALT+F) Snippets The following batari Basic language snippets are available by entering the snippet prefix and pressing TAB in the code editor: bbntsccolors NTSC or bbpal60colors PAL-60 color tables bbscorevar output variables to the score for testing purposes (left and/or right) Note: If you are having trouble using the snippets press CTRL+SHIFT+P to display the command palette and choose the Insert Snippet option. Known Issues Please send a PM to mksmith Debugging the extension During the development phase of the extension i've added some developer output to assist with any issues that may appear. To view this output, open the Developer Tools using either CTRL+SHIFT+I or Help -> Toggle Developer Tools from the menu and in the debugger window, ensure the Console tab is activated (see image below). This information may help identify the area where the extension is failing to process. Releases 20190418 (Build 0.1.8 ) Added Stella 6.0 packages for Linux (Debian, 32-bit and 64-bit). macOS will still (for now) be required to provide a path to Stella. 20190416 (Build 0.1.7) Fixed issue compiling a file which was located in a subfolder of the open workspace (thanks vbauer!) 20190413 (Build 0.1.5, 0.1.6) - Preliminary Linux and macOS support! Fixed issues with chmod permissions for Linux and macOS (hopefully!) Added extension support for Linux (and macOS?) users. Linux users on a 64-bit OS will need to ensure they can execute 32-bit applications Added dasm executables for Linux and macOS users to compile assembly Added message for Linux and macOS user to configure the emulator path when attempting to launch a game [breaking] Updated setting dasm.compilerFolder to dasm.compilerPath so the user can now set the filename (more flexibility) Removed setting emulator.use64BitEmulator as the extension will now determine which release to use based on the architecture detected (Windows only for now) Removed the bbtemplatedpc starting DPC+ game template snippet as we now have templates available from the Welcome page 20190406 (Build 0.1.4) Added new Welcome page (CTRL+ALT+W) to provide quick access to key functionality (in progress) 20190402 (Build 0.1.2, 0.1.3) Fixed issue (hopefully!) where the VS Code Workspace folder was not properly determined (thanks TwentySixHundred!) Fixed issue launching Stella with a space in the compiled game filename Fixed issue validating potential errors from the compiler and is now less strict (thanks Lillapojkenpåön!) Updated the debugger output to include information from stdout and stderr pipes to help identify future potential validating issues Thanks to TwentySixHundred and Lillapojkenpåön for helping with a couple of compiler/launcher problems. 20190331 (Build 0.1.1) Added debugging information to all processes. To view this output, open the Developer Tools using either CTRL+SHIFT+I or Help -> Toggle Developer Tools from the menu. Added options to Stop/Kill the batari Basic and Dasm compilation process 20190311 (Build 0.1.0) - First public release
  4. Hi. I went ahead at full speed for IntyBASIC v0.9 with new powerful features to ease programming, in order to help to the many programmers that are using actively IntyBASIC: Cybearg, catsfolly, freeweed, atari2600land, Tarzilla, grips03 and many other people. (put a message in this thread if I missed you!) Most suggestions made it and some really needed features: Added ON [expr] GOTO/GOSUB statement (to alleviate the need for dozens of IF statements and it's faster!) STACK_CHECK statement to verify your code on the go for unwanted recursion (GOSUB without RETURN) INCLUDE statement to separate your code/graphics/music in different files (needed for bigger games!) DEFINE statement with expressions as parameters. (atari2600land suggestion) Fixed numbers and two fixed operators for playing with them (+. and -.) (GroovyBee suggestion) Multiplication and division operators optimized for constant 256. (intvnut suggestion) Remainder operator optimized for constants 32, 64, 128 and 256. Extra comments in manual for SOUND, MUSIC, MODE and DEFINE. (freeweed suggestion) IntyColor limited to 16 GRAM per block in order to support PLAY without modifications. Thanks everyone for using IntyBASIC, it feels great to contribute! Enjoy it! intybasic_compiler_v0.9.zip
  5. Shout out to Tursi and Senior Falcon. I ran in to another issue compiling today. I was determined not to ask for help. So I read all the things you guys posted and shared all the other times I had issues and it was a success. So happy. Thank you. For others drawn here because of the title, here's what happened and how it played out. I'm using classic99 with Harry Wilhelm's XB256 and his 256D Compiler to compile an Extended BASIC program. The program compiled without issue. It was the Assembler that threw this at me... . So without changing any DSK settings (I do not save all dv to windows text and I do not save in TIFiles format) I typed this into the compiler "DSK2.?w.Z43,TXT" The ?W being a flag for classic99 to tell it to save dv as windows text as long as I use the txt extension I think. I assumed that everything after the DSK2. was a filename character count. so ? to the second T equals 10 total characters. I could be mistaken but better safe than sorry. . Then I loaded the saved txt file into notepad++ with line numbers turned on and scrolled down to line number 1252. I found 1252 to contain a line reference to line 3500 and it was right above line 3500 with line 3490 preceding it. . I went to lines 3490 and 3500 in my Extended Basic program and found a typo! I'm so grateful for the knowledge everyone shares with the community. Bravo and thank you for making me that much more self reliant. So happy.
  6. Back in junior high, I wrote a lot of games in Atari BASIC, on my 800XL. Later, I purchased an old 800 from somebody, and it came with a compiler program. I was able to compile about 4 of my programs, and then the disk became corrupt. I think I have since lost the disk. I looked online, and I found 2 Compilers. I haven't tried them on actual hardware, but neither seem to work for me. One is Datasoft, and the other is Monarch, I believe. I even tried compiling the same games I know compiled before. Is my problem because I am using Altirra to compile, or is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated. ...OR, is there a different option? I just want my slow Atari BASIC programs to play at a decent speed. Thanks!
  7. Fell over another short piece of old XB coding. All it did was make some nice lowercase characters. And yes, then it printed a few lines of text to the screen. Only 7 lines of character redefinition. Executed fairly quickly. Thought it would do nice with something - maybe even a text adventure, though it never really was my department, I did play a few, but was never hooked. Text adventures are often trying to be a bit dark or scary. To make it exciting I guess. I had kept then original black foreground color for the text, and just changed the background color. Easy and effective. Dark red was chosen. Made the text fade just a bit, but still clear enough for reading. Okay, I thought I might try and bring this one a bit further. With the Basic Compiler by Harry Wilhelm in mind. I searched high and low, but I didn't find something simple enough. I didn't want to spend hours at this. Just wanted something to make it one step further. Thought about writing something on my own, but then English is not my native language. I don't think I have the time for setting an atmosphere. Would be good practice though. Should it be action word oriented, maybe just walk around, pick up and use. Maybe just multiple choice. Or even just a yes and no. Started searching for short stories. Came across this storybytes.com. There's a link there saying "Lengthwise". Some of the really short ones were actually funny. Began to read the 128 words category. Settled for one. The idea is to be presented by some text and the choice to just continue to read the story. Altered the story slightly to be in first person (or whatever you say in English) - for this text adventure type like dramatic effect. Thought about adding some graphics, but chose not to. Started to format the text, which turned out to be the most boring part. Have to think about how to autoformat stuff in the future. Also realising that 28 characters is not a lot. Often you have to make some stupid decisions about where to break the line to make it readable, flow ... Full 40 column mode is unfortunately not an option just as it is. Attached is compiled version - named "load", so it will as you probably know, autoload. Also in the zip is the source. Nothing fancy there. Suggestions and feedback will be appreciated.
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