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Found 62 results

  1. Hi, I have come into possession of an ASCII Stick Alpha for the Sega Master System. I have done some Google/Atari Age searching and have come to a limited understanding that trying to use it on a 7800/2600/800XL might be a bad idea, but I don't understand why and under what circumstances (if any) that it might work. But then I have a buddy who swears that he has played some of his Atari games using a different SMS controller for decades and it hasn't caused him any problems. What happens when one tries to play his or her Atari with a Master System controller? Thanks for your time, --SilvaHaloOne
  2. Coming Soon for Vectrex... MiniVex Pedal I Vectrex Controller Button Controller. Following Larry's (ClassicGamesAndCarsFan) current MiniVex controller is the new MiniVex Vectrex Pedal Controller. The controller is designed so that it may be used either in tandem with another Vectrex controller, or independently on a different controller port. Plug the Pedal Controller into your Vectrex. Plug your controller into the extension box controller. Select button 1,2,3 or 4 with the rotary switch. Then stomp it! The selected button still operates from the controller as well as the pedal. The Pedal Controller can be used in on its own too. Plug the pedal controller in the desired Vectrex controller port. Select button 1,2,3 or 4 with the rotary switch. Then stomp it! Keep an eye on availability through Larry's regular eBay sales. Here is his his eBay sales via his "ClassicGamesAndCarsFan" seller account. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ClassicGamesAndCarsFan/m.html?_sop=10 I'll post more pictures later when mine arrives. #Vectrex #MiniVex #Pedal #Foot #Switch #Controller #MiniVexPedalI
  3. Hi looking to buy 1 or more of these. Redemption 5200 Controller Adapter, thanks
  4. Who was the giant idiot at Atari Corp. who thought that the Jaguar controller was in need of a friggin' keypad?? The controller would have been better off looking like a larger version of the PC Engine controller. Its because of the controller scheme mainly that made the Jaguar fail in the end. :mad: :mad:
  5. I just finished this, it took quite a while but I got it working. I am finally free of the CX52 joystick! I was so sick of the mushy buttons on the CX52; when I push the system buttons, it feels good to have them push back! I'll post a schematic later if anyone is interested, though I suspect anyone capable of building one of these already knows how.
  6. I am lacking a second controller for my Super Nintendo due to sales of spare systems I had. I thought I had one more but I guess I didn't. Send me a PM and tell me about or show me pictures of any wear. As long as it is fully functional and you don't have to jam any of the keys in in order to get the buttons to work I'm ok with it. I don't care if it's yellowed or has the "Super Nintendo" logo wearing off. I'm going to see how many offers I get and take the cheapest one.
  7. I had some Coleco Gemini Controllers included when I bought some games off a kijiji ad and when I bought a system. My problem: I opened them and cleaned them and there was black gunk all over the connectors. I first ran it through stella with the 2600 daptor 2 and it was funny. The dial moved the ship in defender and the stick when I pushed up would shoot but when I had the case off it would work no problem. I tried ms pac man on a 2600 and it worked the button worked and the joystick worked (with the case on). When I tried it on breakout the dial worked but I had to press up on the joystick to shoot the ball (This was also on a 2600). Now what I think it is I used too much rubbing alcohol and took something out of the board but I just want to fix and remedy it. There was possibly some black gunk that was supposed to be there possibly? HELP!
  8. Hey all, With a keen eye I spotted this 'untested' 'Modded???' drive on eBay. Sure enough it had a genuine Happy board, later 8KB SRAM revision, and Controller, but the mechanism needed some TLC. It was definitely stored for a long time in a humid environment because there was a bit of rust, and Aluminum oxidization that cleaned up nicely with an IPA wipe-down. The stepper motor and the top clamp spinner were totally seized. The stepper released with a little force and seems to be behaving now, and the top spinner and rails received a healthy dose of 3-in-1 oil. Now onto the testing! As you can see in the 'before' pictures the lower switch was busted off. This switch selects the write protect mode, which operates a little differently than the standard DIY mods in that the LED is an indicator of Write enable, even when in the lower position - It will actually turn off and on live depending on what the optical sensors see. The middle and top positions function as usual (always read only / always allow write) so I spent this evening replacing the broken switch with a spare On-Off-On switch. I didn't have one with the side-mount pins, so I fabricated it by soldering the bendy leads from the old switch onto mine, and then onto the PCB. It was a little tricky, because too much heat and the graft would let go. It's also not the same 'flat paddle' style switch, but it's not too practical to search & wait for a custom order for that... But I might still replace it I come across one in the future... so it matches that little paper printout The board has 4 wires that connect to a pin-header on the Happy board itself, and to the write-protect sensor & emitter pin header at the back of the drive. The removed sensor/emitter header then plugs directly into the controller board so it can monitor, and intercept or pass-through the real write-protect status. Anyhow, I believe there's been some interest in the 'Happy Controller' companion board for Genuine Happy 1050 upgrades, and maybe some detailed pictures may help someone someday in reproducing these. I've used Happy since forever, but its my first time with my hands on this little add-on. The upper track-buffer toggle switch is interesting, as it will actually still operate in Ultraspeed SIO, but with long gaps between each sector on a regular skew disk similar to USDoubler on a standard skew disk. I haven't yet tried a disk formatted with Ultraspeed skew. If you'd like to see any other views, let me know!
  9. From the album: Flight Yoke to use on the 5200 (w/ PC to 5200 controller adapter) or on PC (with a 15 pin to USB controller adapter)

    Best for use on Atari 5200 with a PC to 5200 controller adapter for games like Rescue on Fractalus, Star Raiders, and Star Wars the Arcade Game. If you use it on PC to play flight games (ie. Star Wars) , you'll need a 15 pin to USB controller adapter.
  10. up2knowgood


    From the album: Jaguar

    The back of the two controllers, grey buttoned on the left, and black buttoned on the right.

    © David Haring

  11. Hi Everyone, I have for sale: 1. one Atari Video Touch Pad Controller: System: Atari 2600, Model Number: CX21 Also known as the Star Raiders controller, functionally identical to the Kid's Controller and Keyboard Controller. Also included is an overlay with commands, for use with the game Star Raiders. The game itself is not included. 2. one pair of Atari Keyboard Controllers: System: Atari 2600, Model Number: CX50 Functionally identical to the Kid's Controller and the Video Touch Pad. Included are overlays with commands, meant to be used with Basic Programming. Can be used with the following titles: Basic Programming, Brain Games, Codebreaker, Game of Concentration, Hunt & Score, MagiCard and Memory Match. The titles themselves, are not included. Asking € 10,- + shipping for the Atari Video Touch Pad Controller and € 15,- + shipping for the pair of Atari Keyboard Controllers(PayPal Gift of IBAN bank transfer) I can ship worldwide from the Netherlands. The items are listed elsewhere. Thanks for looking.
  12. So i'm pondering dropping some cash on a splitter and second controller for my CDi. At this point, I have most of the good games for the system and i'm not sure if any of them are two player. Even the 1 or 2 games I have that are two player seem to be alternating turns which require only one controller. Does anyone happen to play two player CDi and know what games support two player simultaneous, or alternating with two player? Is it even worth bothering? If there are even three decent two player games I'm all for it. There doesn't seem to be a definitive list anywhere or much information that I can find; so i need some resident CDi expert input. Thanks!!
  13. So I recently acquired an Odyssey 2 and some games. When I bought it, I checked to make sure it booted up and everything, which it did. Unfortunately, I didn't actually try playing a game. I sat down today to play one, and it seems the player 1 controller has an input problem, because the player is always walking to the left. Its acting the same as if on an N64 where if you have the analog stick held down when you boot the console, that input repeats itself until you reset. I plan to open up the controller and console this weekend and give it a cleaning, but I was wondering if anyone had insight as to what to look for or any videos to point me to. Thanks!
  14. Hi all! (I reposted this from the Homebrew thread) Im new here but have been a Jag fan forever. I wanted to replace my Jaguar buttons from red to Orange. I prefer the classic Atari color scheme so...there ya have it. WHile i was making the orange I decided to play around and see what other color combinations i could come up with. The buttons and D-pads are made from 2 piece silicone molds and filled with liquid plastic resin. My silicon moulds made from original Jag Controller parts "Classic Orange" (right) "Blackout" (left) "The GT" "Ivory" A Fresh Batch of Uncleaned Ivory, Blackout, and a Grey color Im calling "Winter in Michigan" Random Parts ready for cleaning Thoughts? Judas-Prime
  15. (not mine) Vectrex "MiniVex II" controller, with Rapid Fire, twin analog joysticks Brand-new, twin joystick controller for Vectrex! It's got a tough, all-metal case. Size is about 3/4 of the factory unit, see photo 4. The two joysticks are analog, like the factory controller. The left and right cables correspond to the left and right joysticks, and a toggle switch on the back selects the left or right cable for button inputs, so you can use the buttons with EITHER joystick, when only one cable is plugged in, or you can plug in both cables and use BOTH joysticks at once! (The toggle switch prevents overlapping button inputs.) Thus this controller is compatible with Robot Arena, and (hopefully) the upcoming Stramash Zone. Now, if those homebrew designers would only grace us with Crazy Vector Climber, and Vectrex Widow, and Cloak & Vector... The buttons on this controller are smaller and stiffer than the factory controller, but there's a remedy for that...button #4, most often used for firing, has a rapid fire feature. Just hold it down and bangbangbang! The other toggle switch on the back selects rapid or normal fire, and with the rotary pot you can adjust the firing speed to YOUR liking. This controller is not cosmetically perfect...I make them by hand, so they're not going to be perfect. Please see my other auction for a simpler, single joystick version of this controller. I'll guarantee this controller for 30 days from the day you receive it. If it fails within that time, I'll repair it at no charge. Paypal only, will ship anywhere EBay's Global Shipping goes, and THANKS FOR LOOKING! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-MiniVex-II-controller-with-Rapid-Fire-twin-analog-joysticks/222794918982?
  16. Upon getting back into my Intellivisions this past week, I have been noticing a common problem with the model 1 units. Now, the controllers on both my Sears units have excellent flex circuits left in them and are very responsive. Well, except the controller with the bad cord. My original model 1 I bought years back for $5 has always had problems with the disk on the left controller, so I decided to investigate. The circuit under the disks seem to be prone to not only wearing through the plastic, but also the ink or whatever they used start to look burned and flakes off! The controllers on my mostly dead Tandyvision showed similar issues, but one was good enough to act as a donor for my model 1 for now. Now, here's some questions: Is there a way to slow this issue and even extend the life of the controllers? The Intellivision seems to be a solid console, with my Tandyvision being the only unit I have so far to get a major problem. Also, is there a way to repair the controllers? I am wondering if one can carefully apply an adhesive tape to repair the split plastic, then maybe paint the circuit back on with conductive ink?
  17. I've been on a pretty big Neo Geo kick lately, and I've started looking at my Pro Controllers (bean-shaped) as something to upgrade. The issues I'm running into are trouble with precise stick control (impacting fighting games, and Neo Mr. Do) and a general cheapness in the buttons. I've seen mod guides for these in the past, but darned if I can find them now. Has anybody done one of these before, and if so, what am I in for? I'm a fair modder, but I've never done a controller before. The wiring seems pretty straightforward, but the shallow depth of the controller might mean I have to do some butchery both on the button end and the case. What I have seen are a few places mentioning using a 'Sanwa LB-35' balltop to get a better grip and some more precision, so I bought two of these. I don't think I want more shaft length--at least not yet. I also notice Jamma Nation X has one in their store (priced very well, but out of stock) that mentions 24mm Sanwa buttons, so I've purchased one of these to test fit. Again, anybody done one of these before?
  18. Hey guys, just wanted to advertise a 3-Day eBay auction for a working SC-450 Atari Stunt Cycle controller with gray Atari power adapter, with No Reserve on eBay!! Auction is starting at 5 bucks, and you can buy it now for $55. It came with an auction for a Heavy Sixer I won about a year ago. I tested it back then and it worked fine, but my Atari is currently in storage so it hasn't been tested since then. However, it's been stored safely in an adult, non-smoking household so I'd be very surprised if it suddenly stopped working during that time period. Just want to give full disclosure. Condition is amazing, it's just a little dusty with a couple of very minor scuffs, but the rubber on the grips is perfect, the decal looks perfect, and the throttle mechanism is smooth and tight. Only reason I'm selling a few of my larger items is I'm moving from a 3-bedroom condo into a 2-bedroom apartment. Please bid! It'll go out within 24 hours of me receiving payment and I have a perfect seller rating on eBay! Atari Sc-450 Stunt Cycle Accessory Controller 2600 NR!!
  19. Hi all, This is my first post here, but been lurking and taking in all the useful advice re atari! I'm looking for one of the black plastic controller ports thats soldered on to the pcb of an atari flashback 3-7. Can anyone help me please? I currently have one good and one melted one, that I accidently destroyed whilst trying to remove for a raspberry pi project. Any help greatly appreciated!
  20. I have a bunch of games, an original Minecraft Overlay, and an unused Vectrex controller. Auctions end on Sunday with no reserve. I will combine shipping Auctions can be found here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=cowabungaturtles&_sop=12&_dmd=1&_osacat=0&_ipg=200&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR9.TRC1.A0.H0.Xvectrex.TRS2&_nkw=vectrex&_sacat=0
  21. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place, I didn't know where else to post this. I'm looking for a pair of keypad overlays for MouseTrap, if anybody has an extra pair laying around. PM me with your price and shipping cost. Original overlays HIGHLY preferred. Nothing against repros, it's just not what I'm looking for in this one instance. Thanks much, everyone!
  22. From the album: Accessories

    CIB. Box was opened, but the controller was never used.
  23. From the album: My Collection

    I did not do this, This was done back in the 80's by somebody who REALLY liked this controller and wanted to use it on their Atari computer (Probably) The controller does function but the controls are reversed forcing the player to hold it backwards,also it has a dead zone the size of Kansas, all or nothing whatsoever. Yes That is Duct Tape
  24. From the album: My Collection

    I did not do this, This was done back in the 80's by somebody who REALLY liked this controller and wanted to use it on their Atari computer (Probably) The controller does function but the controls are reversed forcing the player to hold it backwards,also it has a dead zone the size of Kansas, all or nothing whatsoever.
  25. From the album: Jaguar

    Two Atari Jaguar Controllers.

    © David Haring

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