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Found 11 results

  1. Good afternoon friends, I'm a collector and I'm having trouble identifying a double dragon cartridge sealed in NTSC, I found several on ebay that have the AK-050-02 manufacturing code that are PAL, some member or administrator can clarify me if the box in Does NTSC have another manufacturing code or do you also have the manufacturing code AK-50-02? How to identify the sealed cartridge in NTSC? I know that if it's out of the box the NTSC model is black and has the Double Dragon logo, PAL models are white with text only. Thanks for all the help you can offer me, I'm looking for one of these in sealed NTSC but I can not tell the difference by the box.
  2. As long as I can edit this post, it will include any of my future hack projects alphabetically to avoid clutter and simplify finding them. NOTICE: If anyone wants AA to make a cartridge of these, feel free; you don't need my permission. They are hacks and as such, I hold no rights to the software. However, if you do want to make a cart, please contact me in case I have a newer version than what's uploaded. Adventure Long-Term "Mystery" Project I was hesitant to post about this because it's going to be a very long project due to my lack of time to work on it. I know there are already several great Adventure hacks and I didn't want to clutter the list. However, I decided to go ahead and share this teaser because it is at least a completely playable hack. At the moment, this is just a graphically enhanced hack of Adventure with a couple extra features, but the groundwork has been laid and it should give you an idea of where I want to go with this. It uses Nukey Shay's new kernel which is just awesome. I borrowed the bat from one of Espire8's hacks. I think it's pretty clear what inspired the castle and the dragon sprites. One of the members here has been very helpful and patient with many questions I've had. I won't mention names yet, because I don't want to draw them into this at such an early stage, but once I'm further along I will give full credit and thanks that are due to anyone and everyone who helps & has helped along the way. Below are screenshots of some of the changes: Click the button for more: Minor update to avoid overlapping the playfield with the Warren Robinett easter egg text. No other changes: Adventure Enhanced.bin Previous version: Cart Labels: Boxing Color Edit I always wanted a blue boxing ring, so here it is. In one version the players are Red & Blue, in the other they have Skin tones. Zip file includes 3 versions: "Red vs Blue", "Skins", & "Blue Ring". Boxing Hacks.zip Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Sprite Edit The player ship has been edited to more closely resemble the arcade version. The saucer enemies look more like saucers and the gates look a little more like other versions of the game. No colors have been changed in this one. A good screenshot is difficult to obtain because of the way sprites warp, but it looks much better on actual hardware. Buck Rogers.bin Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park Sprite & Color Edit This has got to be one of the best games never released. The author really did a great job with the graphics, gameplay, and sound (yes, even music). I imagine I would have spent a lot of time playing this as a kid. I loved these multi-screen games like Smurf, Pitfall II, H.E.R.O., etc. Anyway, I recently played some older versions of this prototype and it got me wanting to tweak a few things -- so here we go: As I said, the game is already really good, so I looked for ways to polish it a bit, maybe as if it had been released. Player colors made more like an earlier version. I can now clearly tell that it's a girl with pigtails Many more color tweaks -- too many to list Various graphics cleaned up a bit (Trees and, most notably, the grass) Also, it seems the original game was Athletic Land for the MSX, and Konami used it to add the Cabbage Patch Kids license, which is what made it to the Coleco and almost Atari. So, the zip file now contains Cabbage Patch Kids and an Athletic Land version: Athletic Land - Cabbage Patch Kids.zip Previous version: Cart Label: California Games Sprite & Color Edit What can you do to improve a nearly perfect game on the 2600? Not much, but there is one thing that always bothered me -- the footbag player looks like he has a major bald spot. Looking at the graphics, I think part of them were just miscolored, so I took the liberty of updating the hairdo and tweaked the hands while I was at it. The only other change was on the half-pipe screen. I changed the color to gray with black underneath just for something different. I haven't tested it on real hardware with a CRT yet, so the gray may appear too dark and be indistinguishable from black. If this is the case, just post in the thread and I'll change it back. Footbag player hairdo fix and hands tweaked Half-pipe new colors California Games (Hair-Color-Edit).bin Commando Sprite & Color Edit I've always loved Commando on the 2600. Maybe it was because I had never seen the arcade version when I first played this, but to me, it had great graphics and was fun to play so I would show it off to my friends (who were playing Nintendo at the time). Anyway, as great as I thought it was, there were just a couple of things I wished were different. I thought the player/enemy sprites leaned back too much instead of having a more aggressive stance, I wished the bridges in levels 2 & 3 were gray instead of orange & blue. So... here's what I ended up with: Player/enemy sprites changed (adapted the 7800 version sprite to this) Enemy color changed to gray to match the arcade Fertilized those mounds in level 1 so now green "grass" grows on top Sandbag barriers now tan instead of green Grenade boxes now green instead of purple Extra lives sprite edited Orange and blue bridges in levels 2 and 3 changed to gray Green of level 2 / 4 changed to be a little less bright Ground of level 3 darkened a bit Detail (shading) added to fortresses Minor palm tree update for v2: color table error present in original ROM corrected and coconuts darkened. See screenshots. Be sure to unzip the file as it contains 2 variations -- first the standard... Commando v2.zip ...and of course an "Airborne!" version. Here's a version with the player as Rambo!: Rambo.bin Older Version: Double Dragon: Arcade Style Sprite & Color & Gameplay Edit ***New Version!!!*** Seeing some sprites by CDS Games inspired me to rework the player/enemy sprites. Here is Release Candidate 4, also compatible with the Flashback Portable (RC3 is not). See the Cast of Characters image below for new sprites. RC4d - Jan 16, 2017 Double Dragon Arcade (RC4d).bin Here is the older Release Candidate 3. I'm leaving this here because it contains an assembly file and trained versions not yet packaged with RC4. Zip file contains standard version, trained version (thanks to Nukey Shay), 2-button versions, & assembly file. Double Dragon Arcade (RC3 pack).zip Click "Show" button for older versions: Here is the cast of characters, old and new (Updated for RC4d): And here are maps of all screens so you can see what's been done. These are new (Sun Sep 09, 2012) updated to reflect changes in RC3. Note: The forum software is preventing the maps from uploading correctly. It is downsizing the images so they are no longer full-size. : Mission 1 : Mission 2 : Mission 3 : Mission 3B : Mission 4 Latest changes: Major color overhaul for several screens. The sunsets are more like the arcade colors. Combined with other color changes, these screens are now some of the nicest in the game. Replaced mountains with city skyline in the 2nd screen of Mission 3 (with long brick wall). This gives a nice transition from outskirts of the city to the woods. Sprite & color edits for everyone to make them look more like the arcade and/or general improvement. Ex: Abobo's walk has been completely redone. I feel he is much more fluid and his walk resembles the arcade more. New punch, kick, bat-swing sprites as well as new hit & knockdown sprites: most characters hunch forward when hit. Abobo and Shadow Boss turn their heads in addition to previous animation. No change for Linda hit sprite. Font more like arcade font. Graphical changes are probably finished, but I'm not yet satisfied with Mission 2. Yet to do: adjust music volume, add pause feature, title screen. Explanation: Cart Labels: Goofing Off: Dragster Color Edit I always liked Dragster, but thought it might look better with more realistic colors. Here's the result of about 5 minutes of tinkering: Dragster.zip I merged some of Atarius Maximus' Drag Race hack into the source & edited the car to come up with this: Drag Race.zip Zip file contains Blue and Red versions. Dukes of Hazzard Color Edit I wasn't going to upload this but I figured someone might like it. The Duke boys hardly ever drove on asphalt unless they were going into town. So... in this hack, they now drive on dirt roads. I thought Daisy looked kinda like a mermaid with the green pants, so I put her in her famous Daisy Dukes. The General Lee is slightly more orange instead of RED. Last and definitely least, Boss Hogg's face is now flesh tone instead of gray. Dukes of Hazzard.bin Cart Labels: Electric Yo-Yo! Title Screen Edit I simply hacked the title screen of Elk Attack to say Electric Yo-Yo! as it may have looked had the game been completed for release. Electric Yo-Yo.zip Front Line Sprite & Color Edit Front Line is a great game, but I wasn't satisfied with the player sprite. The arcade player has a boogie walk, so I tried several variations and settled on this one. There's not a whole lot you can do with the sprite, but here's my best effort at making the player look a bit more like the arcade. If you don't like it, blame it on the boogie. Also made a few other minor color changes. Changed the background at the beginning from gray to orange/brown Minor color changes to desert area, cacti, and rocks Changed colors of brick barriers Changed colors of title screen to imitate arcade Front Line Arcade.bin Galaxian Arcade - Expanded Gameplay, Sprite & Color Edit Update! My previous upload was a simple sprite and color hack of Galaxian to make it more like the arcade. I was hoping to add 2 colors to the player's ship, but Nukey took it far beyond anything I'd hoped for. Here is his tremendous work with my sprite and color arcade interpretations: By Nukey: added startup animation and arcade-like score table added multiple colors per enemy added flagship sprite made player ship multicolor added sound when starting game heightened pitch of enemy diving sound added difficulty switch functionality (flip right switch to A for normal shots, B for wide shots) added pause (flip color/BW switch to hide player ship, effectively pausing action) added hidden bonus level probably more that I can't think of at the moment By Me: all new player ship sprite changed the enemy colors & sprites made new enemy and player explosion animations changed other colors and sprites to more closely reflect the arcade removed the border (actually, I removed it from the old version, Nukey removed it from the source in this version) For more detailed info about this hack and what's under the hood, see Nukey's thread here. Be sure to unzip, as download includes stock and trained version with invincibility as well as the assembly file. Latest Version: Galaxian Arcade.zip Old Version: Galaxian Vector Sprite & Color Edit neotokeo2001 started a Galaxian Vector hack back in 2004 but left a few things for others to finish. I just found his thread the other day and took him up on that offer. I changed the ship a little bit (the other was one pixel too tall) added the new explosions from my "Arcade" hack made everything green that wasn't before -- including enemy shots left the original title screen logo but changed the colors to shades of green Galaxian Vector.zip Mangia' Color Edit This game is rather interesting, but the colors hurt my eyes. So, I made some changes to make it a little easier to look at. Mangia.zip Zip contains 2 versions as seen in screenshots above. Pac-Man Arcade Gameplay, Sprite & Color Edit This is simply a sprite and color edit of Nukey Shay's Pac-Man Arcade Enhanced hack of Rob Kudla's hack. rounded off Pac-Man and the ghosts made alternate style for the frills of the ghosts tweaked the ghosts' colors to more closely match the arcade changed the color of the pellets to match the arcade reversed direction of extra lives sprite to match arcade tweaked cherry sprite to more closely imitate arcade added detail to ghosts' eaten eyes Zip file contains 2 versions as seen in the screenshots above: one with the alternate ghost frills and one with the original frills. Pac-Man Arcade Enhanced.zip Pete Rose Baseball Color Edit I've always loved Pete Rose Baseball on the 7800. It's about the only Baseball game where I can win with the little patience I have to play a baseball game. The 2600 version's gameplay mechanics are pretty much identical to the 7800 and IMO is an amazing visual accomplishment, but I've never spent much time playing it. I decided to mess with it a little yesterday and one thing that stood out to me was how much more green the grass is in the 7800 version. I decided to adjust the 2600 version to my taste and made a few other color changes while I was at it. Changed grass to more green color Changed dirt to light brown Added skin color to players faces in close view Added color to bat Added shading to dirt along wall in close and outfield views Added a touch of shading to players' uniforms Lightened blue wall and added a little more shading Made outfield grass darker than close view and infield Adjusted color of bases indicator at top of screen I spent some time tweaking the colors to look just right on my TV with real hardware. However, they look too light in Stella and Z26 in my opinion, so I've included an alternate version in the zip that looks a little better in the emulators. Let me know what you think. Pete Rose Baseball.zip Note: Zip file includes 2 versions. Cart Labels: Rampage! Sprite & Color Edit I've always been very critical of Rampage on the 2600. I just couldn't get over the disappearing blocks when you punch a building. Due to a friend who really likes the game, I thought I'd give it another shot. I always did like the gameplay, but I decided my main issue with the game was still the buildings. I decided to try out different colors instead of "pink." Then I figured I'd see what I could do with the sprites. I got to this point and decided I really do like the game and it wasn't so much the blocks of the buildings that bothered me, but rather the pink color on some of the stages. So here's a hack with new sprites and a few new colors (no more pink!). It's probably not done, but it's good enough for now. George and Lizzie share the same sprites, so I tried to come up with something suitable for both. Ralph shares these as well for certain frames. George is a little more brown than before, $F2 instead of $34, and Lizzie is one shade darker to help her stand out against the buildings. The color of Ralph on the selection screen now matches his color in-game. No more pink buildings, but I'm not quite satisfied, so more experimenting needs to be done. Helicopters are now a shade of green like the arcade instead of red. I went with a more blueish green than the arcade, just to give more color variation, since there's already so much green with Lizzie, the items, and some of the people. Player sprites re-aligned to improve continuity between frames. More color added to ground/sidewalk/trolley tracks/docks (see screenshot for example). Some other minor color and sprite changes here and there. Here are screenshots: Old vs New: Latest Version: Rampage v2.bin Older Version: Cart Labels: Tomb Raider: Mystery of the Scarlet Dragon Hack of Montezuma's Revenge Original hack idea by StanJr. You can read his backstory here. I got the idea from his hack in the link above. I used a 16k Montezuma's Revenge ROM and altered the sprites and colors. Some of the sprite edits are from StanJr, some are my own. For the Lara standing and walking sprite, I used StanJr's basic appearance and adjusted it to not get stuck on doors and also to be a bit more shapely. I kept the rolling/bouncing skulls and changed the static snakes to be grinding spikes. The spiders have been changed into snakes like in StanJr's, but with slightly more movement animation. The flares are similar to StanJr's, but have been correctly animated. Of course, the Scarlet Dragon sprites have been borrowed from StanJr's because he came up with an excellent backstory for the game that I did not want to alter. The colors have been changed for Lara, the rooms, and some items. I tried to use colors that fit the environments from the early Tomb Raider series. If anyone would like to see the sprites or colors altered/improved in some way please speak up. I'd love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to make this better! Below are 4 variants of the hack along with some cartridge mockups and level maps: Tomb Raider (Classic).zip Lara with with colors closer to the more recent games: Tomb Raider (Modern).zip Tomb Raider (Underworld).zip (This is an alternate "Modern" with some brown in the shirt and dark gray shorts) If you want the older version with the original Montezuma colors, download the one below: Tomb Raider (Original Colors).zip Level Maps: Cart Label & Mockups: If you would like to read my original (heavily edited) post in StanJr's thread, please look here. Again, I'm always seeking advice and feedback. If you like something about a hack... please say so. If you don't like something about a hack... please say so. If you couldn't care less about a hack... why are you reading this? Xenophobe Sprite & Color Edit Xenophobe on the 2600 has all the important gameplay elements, but I never understood the color choices. Here's my effort at making it look a little more like the arcade & other console versions. New Xeno sprites (& raised by a pixel since they are actually out of place in the original ROM) New sprites for weapons and most pickup items Mothership edited to be closer to arcade version Colors more visually appealing: Rooms now shades of gray, Xenos now shades of green, tweaks here and there Changed number font to match arcade Changed player sprite to more closely match arcade stance & walk animation Made variations for alternate characters Mr. M Brace Mr. EEz Dr. Kwak Mr. Fogg Dr. Zordirz Col Schickn Latest version: Xenophobe Arcade v4 (Multi).zip Be sure to unzip; archive contains all character variations. Older versions: Cart Labels:
  3. What are your guys thoughts on this so far? How true do you find it to be graphically and with music/fx to the arcade original? Looks and sounds good to me but the gameplay isn't what I remember it to be. It's certainly okay but it seems slow and sloppy compared to other beat em' ups like the Streets of Rage series and some of the better Beat Em' Ups from the Neo Geo. It seems like the enemies are able to get a lot of cheap shots in, and the collision detection makes it hard to hit them. Oh well....still pretty fun in the grand scheme and happy to have the original arcade game in my library. I grew up playing 1-3 on my NES and thought they were bad ass at the time.
  4. Hi, i am selling some Atari 7800 HES games at ebay. Double Dragon https://www.ebay.com/itm/232687107661 F-18 Hornet https://www.ebay.com/itm/232687107427 Titlematch Pro Wrestling https://www.ebay.com/itm/232687107948 Super Skateboardin' https://www.ebay.com/itm/232687107794 Kung-Fu Master https://www.ebay.com/itm/232687108240 Tomcat https://www.ebay.com/itm/232687108073 I ship worldwide. Feel free to ask me, if you have any questions. Regards Schitti
  5. Hi there, looking for a nice used copy of Double Dragon for my Lynx. I don't necessarily need the box, or the manual for that matter, but if you have them that would be nice. I was thinking about $60? Found it new for 99 so happy to go the used route if the price is right. Thanks, -Rick
  6. Over 25 years after I first bought the game, I have finally finished Double Dragon! Back then I played it a lot with my best friend in 2 player mode, but now I am relegated to playing it single player. It still feels great defeating the Shadow Boss solo though. I actually killed him the first time I ever made it to him. I know there are plenty of Double Dragon threads already, but I really wanted to start a new one for this momentous occasion. I had 1 block left on my last man and 10 seconds left on the timer. Fortunately I was able to get on top of the Shadow Boss quick and he never even landed a hit on me. In fact, he never even fired a shot from his gun. Two hits probably would have been all it took to finish me off. Like the thread title says, I only hit him with the elbow. Has anybody ever finished this game 2 player? I am really curious if Billy and Jimmy have to fight after defeating the Shadow Boss. I really like the You Win screen at the end, it is nice seeing something like that on a 2600 game.
  7. This game isn't available for sale in the PS3 store anymore, and Majestco isn't selling it on their website. Is it just unavailable now if you want a copy because Majestco's server is down? Any pointers would be much appreciated. I'd be happy to pay my 9.99 for this but if it's no longer commercially available I don't really consider downloading a free copy piracy (nor sure if it's even out there or if I could get it on the PS3 from an USB Stick.) Thanks for any and all thoughts on this.
  8. Atari 7800 HSC Season 6 Game 11 Variety Pack Game Information Game Name: Double Dragon / Ninja Golf / Sirius Released by: Activision / Atari / Tynesoft 7800 HSC High Score: Double Dragon: atomickneedrop 112,340 Ninja Golf: atomickneedrop 201,030 Sirius: darthkur - 77,900 Settings: DEFAULT / NORMAL / EASY To play Sirius on easy, press and hold F5 in Prosystem emulator then press Fire while on the screen that shows the credits and copyright. You'll see the option of either hard or easy at the bottom, select EASY before starting. Manuals: AMG Rating: Bonus Set a 7800 HSC record for [+1] bonus point. Break a previous record for [+2] Contest Ends Sunday September 16th 11:00PM 'EASTERN TIME' Double Dragon Scores 1. 80,100 oyamafamily +5 2. 28,000 NIKON +4 3. 9,400 roadrunner +3 4. 6,610 darthkur +2 5. 5,900 aftermac +1 6. 4,540 Gorfy +1 Ninja Golf Scores 1. 117,360 northcoastgamer +5 2. 110,950 roadrunner +4 3. 91,670 NIKON +3 4. 73,960 oyamafamily +2 5. 49,700 darthkur +1 6. 22,670 aftermac +1 Sirius Scores 1. 975,800 oyamafamily +5+2 (RECORD SMASHER!) 2. 68,300 darthkur +4 3. 43,600 NIKON +3 4. 33,000 roadrunner +2 5. 6,050 aftermac +1 Rankings 1. oyamafamily [145] (10) 6 2. NIKON [114] (10) 3. aftermac [84] (10) 1 4. Gorfy [77] (7) 1 5. Northcoastgamer [76] (8] 1 6. Liduario [71] (6) 1 7. Mord [65] (10) 8. darthkur [64] (10) 9. roadrunner [43] (8] 1 10. Atarifever [37] (9) 11. JacobZu7zu7 [31] (6) 12. jblenkle [28] (9) 13. atomickneedrop [25] (3) 14. StarKnight [20] (1) 1 15. Mister-VCS [20] (2) 16. chuckwalla [19] (3) 17. classicgamer_27330 [19] (7) 18. patbb [14] (1) 18. YANDMAN [14] (1) 20. ahuffman [14] (2) 21. vacuumnoise [8] (1) 22. Darrin9999 [7] (2) 23. suaiden [5] (2) 24. LarcenTyler [2] (2) 25. BSA Starfire [1] (1) [ ] = Points ( ) = Rounds Played GREEN = Games Won GOLD = Seasons Won Double Dragon.a78 Ninja Golf.a78 SIRIUS.A78
  9. Selling Double Dragon for Atari 7800, cartridge + manual. Cleaned and tested and works great! Asking a reasonable $40 + shipping OBO. Will be well-packed to ensure manual's integrity, in particular. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  10. https://youtu.be/M56i8qTQ-Lk (This video is not the latest progress, not yet uploaded) Here is a sprite and color hack of Double Dragon for the 7800. It's not a major overhaul... no miracles were worked. I was looking at the sprites of the game and realized they actually look really good and are more faithful to the arcade than most of the 8-bit home console counterparts. The thing that always bothered me was the transparency. I know there's only so much that can be done with 3 colors and to do this game justice, we really need at least 4 color sprites, but here's an alternate interpretation. Originally, I used the original sprites and started by filling in the gaps while also adding a bit of shading here and there with various tweaks. Doing this meant having a blonde Billy was no longer viable, so his hair is now dark red-brown. However, as of late Aug, 2016, I've redrawn the player sprites from scratch, trying to match the arcade proportions as much as possible at the decreased size. All levels have also received quite a few graphical and color changes. Let me know what you think and if anyone has better ideas for sprites, please share. The a78 file can be played in MESS as is. If you want to use Prosystem, you'll need to add these lines to your Prosystem.dat. [098b209aac126f2c2edbc982df09cd1b] title=Double Dragon (Sprite & Color Hack RC7b) type=6 pokey=false controller1=1 controller2=1 region=0 flags=0 [59ca19c4b024fdfcd25b75ac836c7749] title=Double Dragon (Sprite & Color Hack RC7) type=6 pokey=false controller1=1 controller2=1 region=0 flags=0 Update 15 June 2017: I probably should have uploaded this a long time ago, but wanted to have all graphic edits done before I uploaded again. As far as I can remember, this is the same as the version 7 ROM, but has a lot more color variations for the enemies. I'd still like to update the leaves graphics in the forest area (not that there's anything wrong with the original ones, but I'd like to make the style match the newer grass), but I don't know when I'll get time to do it, so I'm uploading the latest version which is probably from late September 2016. Update 5 Sep 2016: It looks like I chose the wrong ROM last time I updated this thread. Although labeled as "RC7", the last one was not RC7. That has been corrected and it is now available for download below. If you downloaded the last one, please download this one instead. Changes since the last update include a complete re-draw of the player/enemy sprite. I started from scratch, trying to get as close to the arcade as possible in the constraints of the resolution and colors. I'm finally pretty happy and the animation can be seen above. I introduced a bug a while back where the game would crash if you fell down a pit. This has been fixed. Also, the title screen has been updated as well as Missions 1B, 2 and 4. I still haven't done the work I plan to do on the forest level, but I'm pretty much done with the other stages (unless more ideas come). Latest: RC7b Double Dragon (RC7b).a78 RC7 Double Dragon (RC7).a78 NEW ORIGINAL Older Versions:
  11. Check out this trailer for a new web series a friend of mine and I are starting later this week. We are giving away an Action Set as a subscriber contest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYgac1hZtuY
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