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Found 6 results

  1. Howdy Folks, I wanted to give everyone a heads up that we're beginning to take pre-orders for DB2600. The following list shows those who have shown interest in our thread and have been contacted, if you're not on the list, but are interested please shoot me a PM and pre-order from our fancy pre-order page: http://preorder.dese...m/index-aa.html and we'll add you to the list. All carts are built to order and will be shipped as the orders are received but please allow 2 weeks after the close of preordering for your cart. Pre-orders will end at midnight Saturday Oct 26th. At that time we will begin shipping and sending out orders and will no longer be taking cart orders. We will then move onto setup for the boxed release. The cart is $30 shipped in the continental US. For international orders please contact me directly here on Atari Age or email [email protected] You can check on your order status by checking back here. That being said we're also doing something special for those who pre-order by adding a bonus gift to whoever guesses or gets closest to the number we're thinking of between 1-1000. You can either add your guess in your PayPal order or post on the thread. You get one guess per cart order, multiple guesses will be ignored. This is an NTSC cart only pre-order. Here's the current pre-order status: Thanks and good luck, -M
  2. Those of us who have loved TI BASIC and TI Extended BASIC for these many years we have grown to love the unique way that we use the various sub-programs in the TI-99 system. How could we survive without CALL CLEAR, CALL SCREEN, CALL HCHAR and how about CALL MYSUBROUTINE like we do in XB? Awesome! It isn't bad enough that you have to do your math backwards in Forth but for some reason, implementations of the Forth programing language like TI-Forth, Turbo Forth and FBForth have completely failed to respect this noble tradition. Well I say "No More!" In my new CAMEL99 Forth I have added this staple TI-99 feature to the language. Here is how it works. Forth contains a large list of functions that for some reason are called WORDs. Not a lot of computer language savvy in that community I guess. I mean what's wrong with SUB-PROGRAM, FUNCTIONS, METHODS or MONADS? Some people just don't have the gift of creating good jargon. Everybody knows what "WORDS" are. Now if we want to CALL those so-called "WORDS" we need a way to find them. Fortunately FORTH has a SUB-PROGRAM called FIND. (See what I mean?) FIND takes a string argument and returns a true or false number and the actual string where the SUB-PROGRAM resides in the forth "DICTIONARY" or words. So that sounds like a good place to start. Now using a string in ANS/ISO Forth can be complicated because the people on the language committee could never agree on how to do strings one way. So there are byte counted strings, stack strings, text bytes in raw memory and if you want to you can even make strings like 'C' with a zero on the end. Make up my mind... please. Fortunately there is a FUNCTION called WORD that lets us parse out a word from what we type into the console, delimited by any character. Thank goodness it returns a simple string that we understand. We can pass that string from WORD to FIND and check the flag to see if we found the SUB-PROGRAM. That's great. But the string that it returns does not get us a way to CALL the Forth SUB-PROGRAM. It just gives us another string. Useless! Even worse it's actually not a REAL string. It's the ACTUAL address in memory where the string starts. They call it the "NAME FIELD ADDRESS". (NFA) Of course they do. So inside each Forth SUB-PROGRAM, right after the string, is a pointer to the machine code that needs to run to make the SUB-PROGRAM start. So we have to get that. This ADDRESS is called the "CODE FIELD ADDRESS" (CFA) and we can use a Forth FUNCTION to convert the NFA string to a CFA. So that is solved. But the CODE FIELD ADDRESS is not the address of the code we need. It is just the place where the CODE's address is stored. So now we need another CAMEL Forth sub-program ... I mean "WORD". The word we need is EXECUTE. EXECUTE calls a SUB-PROGRAM called FETCH which gets the contents of a memory location. Why Forth could not call it PEEK is more than I will ever understand. Once EXECUTE calls "FETCH" then and only then can EXECUTE run the SUB-PROGRAM. Of course in typical Forth "take the easy way" fashion, EXECUTE just uses one pathetic little assembly language instruction to run the SUB-PROGRAM. So it looks like we have all the things we need to make a "CALL" keyword for Forth and yet NOBODY in that world got off their butts to make it happen. Here is how it looks when we put it all together as a new definition. : CALL ( <TEXT> ) 32 WORD ( read the program text until char 32 ie: space char) ( pass output to FIND no variables in between Huh?) FIND ( FIND returns a string and a true/false flag) ( if the flag is zero stop with a useful message) 0= ABORT" * BAD NAME" NFA>CFA ( from the name string get the code field address) EXECUTE ( EXECUTE the code held in the CFA) ; So after all that coding we finally bring Forth into the TI-99 universe where we can write code that is a little more normal. (even though the parameters are still backwards) : MYPROGRAM CALL CLEAR 6 CALL SCREEN 9 9 102 12 CALL HCHAR ; CALL MYPROGRAM theBF PS After showing this to Lee Stewart he has "optimized" my CALL code to this. : CALL ; Looks to me like it defines a SUB-PROGRAM that does nothing... What? Like sub-programs are going to call themselves? These Forth people are REALLY weird. Happy April 1st
  3. Hi, after many,well, years I finally manged to clean up my computer room and found some things that really gave me a smile. When I was 12, I stood in the entrance hall of the pub in our village with pen & paper, trying to get the pixels from the arcades. When I was 14, I sat in my room in front of my Atari with pen & paper, trying to get the pixels from the TV set. Now I'm 40 and sit in front my PC scanning that stuff into mega bytes, hehe. So who can name the games these are taken from? Some are easy, so will be hard I think. And don't be confused by all the hexadecimal numbers written everywhere, I was and still am a coder as you know :-) Answer format: Sprite Set Number/Column Number/Row Number/Game.
  4. So I just got a Lynx two with a sun shade and California Games. I've been having a blast with it (except for half pipe,) but it is time to broaden my horizons. This time of year, my funds are tied up in other summer related pursuits, not to mention my Jaguar collection lol. What are 10 games that I should get right off the bat that are fun, but also nice and cheap, I'm talking like 5-20 bucks on ebay? Thanks!! -Rick PS-Does the Lynx 1 AC adapter work with Lynx II? If one person could answer this that would be great. Looking to order one today, so I don't have to stockpile AA batteries in bulk.
  5. This was presented during the 26th edition of the ADAMCon in Cleveland, at 11 o'clock Friday July 25, 2014. Link Blog (download) : http://newcoleco.dev-fr.org/p4219/2014-07-19-draw-your-coleco-sound-effects.html DOWNLOAD CVSoundFX.zip Give it a try and if I see a clear interest to use this tool , new functionalities wilit will be part of the toolkit with some improvements. Story My previous presentations about the sound chip inside the ColecoVision console got some attention. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have done anything with this information. I was thinking : "Maybe this is too technical, I need an even more family friendly approach." For this year ADAMCon, I was invited to talk about sound effects and instead of showing again a bunch of numbers they might forget, I've decided to create this tool for everyone who want to have fun making their own Coleco sound effects. Technical Information Coded in Java 1.6, this tool allows to draw frequencies and volumes as you want and save your creation. It's simple and a lot of fun just giving it a try and say "I can do Coleco sound effects! Listen!" Please note that the resulting file ( .sfx ) is a text file with the following structure : MODE [0 = tone, 1 = periodic noise, 2 = white noise] SIZE [120 by default, number of entries ( period + attenuation ) in this file, 120 @ 60Hz = 2 seconds] START [0 by default, it's the index value where the selection starts] END [119 by default, it's the index value where the selection ends] sound data ( each period and attenuation values )
  6. A lot of us here like to play with graphics, others like to view anything TI. So, how about a thread to turn any photo from a current event or something of interest into a "TI related photo"? The two below have already been posted, but hey, I had to start this thread with something. What do you have?
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