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Found 6 results

  1. Looking for some of the last pieces for my Vectrex Collection. A mixture of modest and rare items. Willing to either purchase or trade. 3D Crazy Coaster City Bomber (Standard) Dark Tower Vectopia (numbered) Vectrom 16 in 1 (Intellivision cart shell) Star Sling LE Logo LE Warrior On the off chance....Solar Wars, Minestorm II, Vector 21: Fistful of Wildcards, and I,Cyborg X.
  2. Yes you heard it...the reproduction overlay guy is closing out his collection! Fear not...I'll still make overlays for those who request them from www.vectrexoverlays.com. I'm debating selling my entire Vectrex collection in one swoop....here is what it includes: Vectrex System - great condition Two Controllers - both in great condition (one has a tighter spring than the other but even the "looser" spring is still very responsive) Reproduction Light Pen from RecycledGamer 3D Imager in excellent condition MineStorm color wheel VecMulti microSD card "Multicart" pre-loaded with almost every Vectrex Game you can think of A complete set of 43 reproduction overlays (made by yours truly....still selling for $6.99 a piece at www.vectrexoverlays.com) The last remaining reproduction kiosk display unit (also made by yours truly....originally sold for $400 a piece...only 9 more in existence) So there it is....I'd love to hear your feedback on what you think a collection like this is worth, whether you think I'm crazy for letting it go, whether you want to buy it or know somebody who does....and how in the world you think I should ship a collection like this LOL! Thanks for everybody's support of my overlay endeavor....it's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun.
  3. Hi folks, this is my new for sale thread. It was time to retire my old one. Currently selling an original era MB euro Vectrex Carry Case/Bag. I hate to sell this, since I've been after one for a long time, but current circumstances force me to free up a few things. I paid a lot more but my loss could be your gain on this. It's in Excellent condition for its age, although there are a couple minor stains here and there. The Euro ones seem to be more rare the US versions. See pictures for details. $179 Shipped Note * I might possibly trade for a couple Vectrex homebrews I'm after - Dead of Knight and Nox/Death Chase). I also have some ColecoVision and Intellivision homebrews that I'll probably list on here sometime in the near future as well. FREE SHIPPING! ALL PRICES = SHIPPED WITHIN USA, - Paypal fees if sent as goods/service (+4%). PM me if outside the USA for a shipping quote. I have plenty of positive feedback on eBay and some here. Will ship within 48 hours of received/cleared payment. Any other questions, additional pictures, etc.. just ask. PayPal only (or Cash if local,) please. Thanks!
  4. However, please feel free to make copy the original post in this thread for use in other areas of the board forums. Especially if you would like to start a new thread in order to discuss topics further, or to make an historical archive of this post. Thank you. FS/BO: Vectrex Demopod Bubble Store Display Stand Bubble Top Front Half Shell BIN: $175 Listed on eBay Also entertaining offers on other sites and forums. Ships internationally. Location is USA West Coast. [ebay][/ebay]322107159454 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-Demopod-Bubble-Store-Display-Stand-Bubble-Top-Front-Half-Shell-/322107159454?
  5. Hey AtariAge! Thanks for everybody's feedback and support on my endeavor to create reproduction Vectrex overlays. The price has settled in at $9.99 per overlay and they are available on eBay (or at www.vectrexoverlays.com). I'm going to be offering a special rate for members of AtariAge - $6.99 per overlay plus a flat shipping rate of $5.15 regardless of quantity. All you need to do is email me through AtariAge with your request, I'll send you a PayPal invoice and you can buy overlays at a special AtariAge price. If you were one of my original buyers, I'll offer you two free overlays with an order of three or more (I've created new home brew overlays since you ordered your first set). Enjoy! (Check out the eBay auctions for photos and descriptions...come back to AtariAge.com to request your overlays for a discount!)
  6. Bandai Vectrex (Kousokusen) バンダイ 光速船 Japanese System Console by GCE MB TESTED Bandai Vectrex (Kousokusen) バンダイ 光速船 System Console Japanese area version of the General Consumer Electronics (GCE) / Milton Bradley (MB) Vectrex ORIGINAL ERA BIN Price : $700 TESTED Console and controller in working condition. Excellent Visual appearance RARE to find in any condition in the USA. Loose Console and Controller Great Condition. Even though this a Japanese branded Vectrex, all of the menus remained in English. As shown in item listing pictures More pictures available on request. Please message me if interested. Please note console power requirements are for Japan. 100VAC, 50/60 Hz, 26W. Compatible with, and for play with games and accessories for all regions of the Vectrex video game system by Milton Bradley (MB), General Consumer Electronics (GCE), and Bandai バンダイ (光速船 / Kousokusen). Vectrex games, Controllers, 3D Imagers, and other accessories are not region specific to a particular Vectrex console. The manual language printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), box printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), and overlay printing (Japan) are the only differences. Ships from USA Zip: 94044 Package Data: 21" x 13 " x 15", 21 lbs 0 oz, Large Package Size, Fragile Handling Please use www.USPS.com, www.UPS.com, and www.FedEx.com along with the information above to verify shipping costs to your destination. I'll combine shipping, as appropriate, when ordering more than one, or when including this item with other Vectrex items I have for sale. Please message me for details. Local Pickup Allowed to save on shipping costs. Buyer pays shipping on shipped item. And on any required returns. PLEASE NOTE: This item is listed for sale on other sites and is available at the listed BIN price. Buy now of risk missing out. Message me with any questions. Bidding also available via https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bandai-Vectrex-Kousokusen-Japanese-System-Console-by-GCE-MB-TESTED/253639158868
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