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  1. Hi Everyone!, For years I've been coming to the AtariAge Forums as a "lurker". Mostly in this section (Intellivision) as it has been my passion and favorite system for almost 40 years. The people who know me personally or who have met me at conventions over my 30 year video game career know my passion for Intellivision. If you are a lifelong Intellivision fan like myself... please know that the brand is in good hands. The fact that we still have 4 people at the company who have been around Intellivision since 1981 is also an incredible achievement for ANY video game company. And although it may have gone silent for a few years in the early 90's... rest assured that the original passion is still very much alive. I'll look in some parts of the current office and see things like original signs, marketing materials, awards and my favorites... test carts! Bill Fisher recently found one for the original Space Spartans BEFORE him & Steve Roney (co-founder of the new Intellivision Entertainment) started working on it. SO COOL!!!!!!! I'm hoping I can answer as many questions as I can... so please feel free to ask away. Obviously there will be a LOT I'm unable to discuss (or my marketing & PR folks would KILL ME!)... but I'll try to answer the best I can. If anyone is interested in the latest interview I did (from a few weeks ago) that gives all of the most recent up-to-date public info... you can check it out HERE: Thank-you for keeping the Intellivision name/brand ALIVE all these years!!!! One of our big goals in launching the new system is to ensure that folks 30 and under are well aware of what Intellivision meant to the video game industry 40 years ago and how we helped to revolutionize the gaming industry in so many different ways. I feel it's time for another REVOLUTION!!!!! Anyone with me? Tommy Tallarico CEO/President Intellivision Entertainment
  2. Hey guys, I'm starting this new thread for the various adapters I make since the old thread was getting a bit long, and the original posting didn't contain the various adapters I now offer. The original thread can be found here. Here is the current lineup of adapters and extension cables I have for sale: Intellivision 1 Flashback Controller Adapters (for the original console, INTV, Radio Shack etc. variations with the "hard wired" controllers): These are $24/pair (only sold in pairs). Approximate length is 18 inches. Intellivision II / Sears Flashback Controller Adapters (for the Intellivision II and Sears consoles with the removable db9 connector controllers): These are $14 each, or two for $26. If desired, you can specify the color of the decorative heat shrink tubing near the cable ends. Black is also an option. If not specified, you will receive whatever color I have in stock at the time. Approximate length is 6 feet. Standard db9 controller extension cables - 6 foot length (for Intellivision II / Sears consoles, Atari 2600 / 7800, Sega Genesis, Atari and Commodore computers; basically anything that uses a standard db9 type connector): These are $7.00 each. Colecovision Y-Adapter cable - allows connection of standard Colecovision system controller and an additional compatible joystick (Atari 2600, etc) without the need to unplug / swap controllers one at a time. Should work fine on other consoles that use db9 connectors - but only tested on a Colecovision): These are $12 each. If desired, you can specify the color of the heat shrink tubing, including black. If not specified, you will receive whatever color I have in stock at the time. Approximate length is 24 inches. ----------------------------------------------- Please send me a PM here on Atari Age if you are interested in any of these cables. Include your shipping / address information, and preferably an email address, and I will get back to you with a total. Payment is via PayPal. Credit cards (processed through my business - White Flag Computing) are also an option if you don't use PayPal. You can also email [email protected] instead of sending a PM if you prefer. Shipping is not included in the above prices. USA orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (usually flat rate small box, which is $6.80 - the price went up January 2016, it used to be $5.95). I can also ship USA orders via First Class Mail in a padded mailer for a little bit less. International orders will be shipped via USPS International First Class (padded mailer - price varies depending on weight and destination). Thanks!
  3. Mattel Test Cartridges Mattel's test cartridges were used by Mattel and others to diagnose malfunctioning Intellivision consoles. This is an attempt to document the various Mattel Test Cartridges out there. This information is likely incomplete. As folks contribute more info, this original post will be updated. Note that freewheel's "FW Diagnostics" cartridge is not listed here but is a modern homebrew test cartridge. Known Cartridges There are 7 known Mattel test cartridges. They vary by 2 things: Version of the test code Whether a game plays at the end They are: Version Displayed Successful Name Version Ending Original Label ------- --------- ---------- -------------- v1.0 <none> no game, "PASS-PASS-PASS" VIDEO TEST CARTRIDGE v1.0a V1A no game, "PASS-PASS-PASS" ? v3 V3 Baseball MTE 201 TEST CARTRIDGE v3b V3 Night Stalker ? v3.3 V3.3 blank green screen ? v4.1a V4.1 blank green screen ? v4.1b V4.1 Night Stalker ? "Version Name" is the common name given to ROM files. For example, v4.1a and v4.1b have identical testing code and only differ by whether the game Night Stalker runs at the end of successful tests. Note that v3 is also commonly called "MTE-201" but will be mostly referred to as V3 for naming consistency with the other cartridges. "Displayed Version" is shown in the lower left corner (except for v1.0). Confusing the issue of labels is that even among cartridges that are otherwise exactly identical, the printed labels vary. However, most of label variations appear to be non-original labels (ex: someone printed a new label with a name they picked) and some of these non-original labels are easy to spot. For example, in the photo below, the left label is fortunately correct but it uses a modern font that on paper with rounded corners only on the top half. Some non-original labels with different text look somewhat similar. Most of this document will use the Displayed Version to differentiate between the cartridges since the test code, not the game, is the focus. The exception is the "Video Test Cartridge" that will simply be called V1. Results on Various Systems Most of the cartridges will pass a functioning original Mattel Intellivision (includes Tandyvision One and GTE Sylvania). However, the Sears Intellivision, Intellivision II, and Tutorvisions have differences that will cause the early versions to incorrectly report a failure. The later cartridges attempt identify what system they are on and print it in the lower left corner with an "M" or "O" sometimes followed by the number "1" or "2". One exception is V3.3, which was intended to only test the Intellivision II. Oddly, it incorrectly identifies the Intellivision II as "O" rather than the expected "M" or "M2" due to a bug in the code (thanks to JoeZ for the analysis). However, it will correctly test the Intellivision II. In the table below, each system lists 3 things: What system was displayed in the lower left corner (or n/a if nothing was displayed) What tests failed, identified by letter (ex: B) What chips failed, identified by the circuit board's name of the chip (ex: U09) Version INTV 1 Results Sears Results INTV II Results ------- -------------- ------------- --------------- V1 n/a | Pass n/a | Pass n/a | Fail B, C, J | U03, U06, U09 V1A n/a | Pass n/a | Pass n/a | Fail B, C, J | U03, U06, U09 V3 n/a | Pass n/a | Fails L, M | U03, U09 n/a | Fail B, J, M | U03, U06, U09 V3.3 O | Fails B | U03 O | Fails B | U03 O | Pass V4.1 M1 | Pass O1 | Pass O2 | Pass Tutorvision results are missing from above since Lathe26's TutorPro's already damaged RCA jack broke off. Failure Codes So far, only full service manuals for V1 / V1A, and V3 (MTE-201) have been found that list failure letters (ex: V1 reports test B failed) and which chips they map to (ex: V1 identifies U9 as bad). These come from the "Sylvania Intellivision Service Manual", from the "Intellivision Service Manual", and from Papa Intellivision's "CCF10232011_00012". Both documents are attached to this post below but the relevant tables are here. V1 / V1A Failure Table V3 Failure Table V3 Failure Table (alternative) Note that Lathe26 has a "Sylvania Intellivision Service Manual" and eventually plans to scan it in color. This includes a separate addendum that apparently has never been scanned before that the covers differences from the first Intellivisions (serial numbers <4000) from later serial numbers. Acronyms IMI = Incoming Material Inspection MTE = ?? 1+7 Test Menu At the controller testing screen, if the user presses 1+7 at the same time, the user is presented with a Test Menu on the later test cartridges. It allows the user to run individual tests one at a time. This menu is operated with the right controller only. Simply type in the test's number and press Enter. Type in "00" and Enter to exit the menu. Version Test Menu ------- --------- V1 no V1A no V3 Yes V3.3 Yes V4.1 Yes There is some variation in the menus, mostly notably because the V3.3 cartridge test the Intellivision II which has slightly different chips. V3 Test Menu V3.3 Test Menu V4.1 Test Menu 2+8 Checksum Screen and Games At the controller testing screen, if the user presses 2+8 at the same time, checksums of any game code will be displayed. The checksum is displayed for all test cartridges even though only some of the test cartridges will play the game after a successful test pass. Only the later test cartridges will play a game if the tests are successful by jumping to code starting at the $5000 address range. Earlier test cartridges lack code to jump to a game, even though they will calculate the checksums. Further, there 2 slightly different ways the checksum is calculated. In all cases, the checksum is simply a 16-bit of various memory ranges. Older test carts display 2 numbers in octal format called "CART CHECKSUM LO" and "CART CHECKSUM HI". These correspond to checksums calculated for the 2K word ranges of $5000-$57FF and $5800-$5FFF, respectively. The checksum is displayed whether or not a game is present. When a game is not present, 00777774000 is displayed (the sum of 2K's worth of the value $FFFF). Newer test carts display a list of memory ranges by displaying a list of hexadecimal numbers in the left column (ex: "5" means the 4K memory range of $5000-$5FFF) and then display a checksum in octal next to it. This displays multiple memory ranges from 5xxx through Fxxx. Checksums are only displayed if code is present. These cartridges always skip 1 number in the 5xxx through Fxxx range (V3.3 skips 7xxx while V4.1 skips Cxxx). Below are the known cartridges: Version Low Chksum Hi Chksum Checksum 5 Game ------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---- v1.0 00777774000 00777774000 n/a none v1.0a 00777774000 00777774000 n/a none v3 00002371677 00003372642 n/a Baseball v3b 00001014317 00002732341 n/a Night Stalker v3.3 n/a n/a n/a none v4.1a n/a n/a n/a none v4.1b n/a n/a 00003746660 Night Stalker Note that for the 2 cartridges with Night Stalker that adding the checksum values of 00001014317 with 00002732341 results in 00003746660. Most games can be used with the test cartridges. As an experiment, the game Brickout, which was never released by Mattel, was added to each of the test cartridges. This game was chosen so the ROMs would never be confused with legitimate ROMs from real test cartridges. This game is <2K so the HI checksum is 00000000000 and the LO checksum is 00001604524. Later test cartridges also display the same 00001604524 value. The below table also shows that V1 and V1A don't play the game. Version Game Appended Low Chksum Hi Chksum Checksum 5 Game plays? ------- ------------- ---------- --------- ---------- ----------------- V1 Brickout 00001604524 00000000000 n/a No V1A Brickout 00001604524 00000000000 n/a No V3 Brickout 00001604524 00000000000 n/a Yes V3.3 Brickout n/a n/a 00001604524 Yes V4.1 Brickout n/a n/a 00001604524 Yes Using Brickout, the checksum displays are: V1, V1A, and V3 Checksum Screen V3.3 Checksum Screen V4.1 Checksum Screen Interestingly, V4.1 is compatible with the ECS and will display checksums of the ECS ROMs as well. This only occurs for the real v4.1 test cartridges. The LTO FLASH disables the ECS ROMs so a V4.1 ROM running from the LTO FLASH will not see it (likely changeable via an LTO setting). The Brickout versions of the various Test Cartridges are attached at the bottom of post. Also, a Unix Bash script is included that will compute checksums for any game or other ROMs such as from the ECS (script tested under the Cygwin shell). Memory Ranges and ECS Compatibility The test cartridges code (excluding any game code), use the following address ranges. Version Size Memory Ranges ------- ---- ---------------------------- V1 8KB $7000 - $7FFF V1A 8KB $7000 - $7FFF V3 8KB $7000 - $7FFF V3.3 16KB $4000 - $4FFF, $C000 - $CFFF V4.1 12KB $4800 - $4FFF, $C000 - $CFFF Note that only the V4.1 is compatible with the ECS. Older cartridges either conflict with the ECS's $7000-$7FFF range or with the ECS's RAM at $4000-$47FF. Cartridge Internals Some of the test cartridges have been opened up and photographed. This shows what the chip numbers and manufacturing dates were. What's interesting is that some of the cartridges show that the test code was on one chip while the game code was from same chip that was used in the normal game's cartridge. v1.0 (no game) shield is soldered onto the board, two chips are visible underneath v1.0a (no game) no photo v3 (Baseball) v3 (Night Stalker) board appears to be a standard Night Stalker board that the 994 chip was added at a later time (solder work on underside of board for 994 chip is noticeably different) v3.3 (no game) no photo v4.1a (no game) v4.1b (Night Stalker) no photo IMI Tester-MTE 100 Briefly, there is a portable Intellivision diagnostic system that enables testing individual chips. It is called the IMI Tester-MTE 100. It comes with what appears to be an MTE-201 (i.e. a V3) built into it. More information on this system is available at http://www.intvfunhouse.com/hardware/mte100/ Acknowledgement While small parts of this was from my own investigations, the vast majority of this information was many other people who scanned, photographed, dumped, and analyzed the cartridges long before my involvement. Most of this documentation stands on their shoulders. Test Carts with Brickout and Checksum Calculator.zip Sylvania Intellivision Service Manual.pdf Intellivision Service Manual - Big One.pdf
  4. (also posted in the Intellivision forums last week) Looking for CIB or better.. no loose carts. Also, preferably no rips or tears. PM with info/price please. Still need: 1) Defender 2) The Jetsons' Way With Words 3) Learning Fun I 4) Learning Fun II 5) Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball 6) Triple Challenge 7) Turbo 8 ) World Series Major League Baseball 8a) Sears Backgammon 8b) Sears Checkers Thanks
  5. For Immediate Release THE ORIGINAL BOULDER DASH® NOW AVAILABLE FOR INTELLIVISION Best Selling, Action-Puzzle Classic Finally Available On Retro Hardware After 30 Years! NEW YORK, MARCH 18, 2015 - Dig your way through the original caves of the legendary, best selling, action puzzler, Boulder Dash®, now available for Intellivision. Guide Rockford™ through 16 scrolling caves and 4 bonus caves (with 5 difficulty settings) in the classic, original, multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash, created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray, as you try to avoid deadly fireflies, butterflies and falling boulders in a race against time to clear a path, collect valuable diamonds, open and find the exit. But, be careful not to let Rockford become trapped. Surround the growing amoeba, use magic walls or drop boulders on butterflies to create even more diamonds! The Intellivision port is co-published by First Star Software, Inc. and Classic Game Publishers, Inc./Elektronite; and, was programmed by Scott Nudds. A limited number of serial numbered cartridges are now available from Naber Hood Games for USD $70 at https://www.naberhood.com/boulder-dash-new The original publisher and owner of the Boulder Dash brand and all related intellectual property rights, First Star Software, Inc. first released Boulder Dash for the Atari 400/800 and Commodore 64 home computers in 1984. Last year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Boulder Dash, First Star Software, Inc. joined with Peter Liepa and Chris Gray, to develop Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary™ which is available for Android and iOS SmartPhones and Tablets. As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations, Classic Game Publishers, Inc./Elektronite; and First Star Software, Inc. previewed the Intellivision version of Boulder Dash at the Classic Game Expo in Las Vegas, September 12th – 14th , 2014 where the game was very well received. Richard M. Spitalny, First Star Software’s co-founder and president noted: “From the outset, after William approached us about porting the game to Intellivision we’ve all worked hard to create a quality product, for collectors and retro gamers, that successfully defies the limitations of the hardware, largely due to the efforts and skill of Scott.” William Moeller, Classic Games Publisher’s president said: “We at Classic Game Publishers, Inc. are pleased to be co-publishing a world renowned franchise with First Star Software. By producing entirely new, professional quality product for a classic video game system that is no longer in production, we are breaking new ground. We are excited to be partnering with a software publisher that has been around since virtually the beginning!" page 1 of 2 About First Star Software, Inc. Founded in 1982, First Star Software, Inc. develops, licenses and publishes games across all platforms including SmartPhones, Tablets, hand-held devices, home computers and next generation consoles. Creators of numerous best selling and award winning video game titles including the Boulder Dash® and SPY vs. SPY series of games, millions of units of each series have been sold throughout the world. A privately held corporation, it is one of a very few surviving publishers from the early 1980’s that are run by the original founders. For more information please visit http://www.firststarsoftware.com. About Classic Game Publishers, Inc./Elektronite Classic Game Publishers, Inc. was formed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2012 with a goal of publishing NEW games for defunct video game systems. Classic Game Publishers, Inc. teamed up with Elektronite shortly after forming. Elektronite is a third party Intellivision video game brand that was founded in 2005 in Italy to foster development of new games for the classic Intellivision video game system. Boulder Dash® is the eighth game published by Classic Game Publishers, Inc. under its Elektronite brand. Legal Notices Boulder Dash® is a registered trademark of FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. The name and likeness of Rockford™ is a trademark of FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. Copyright © 1984-2015 FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. All rights reserved. The original Boulder Dash was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Elektronite is a trademark of Classic Game Publishers, Inc. Intellivision is a registered trademark of Intellivision Productions, Inc. Intellivison Productions, Inc. does not endorse Elektronite products. # # # Press Contact: Dianne Press [email protected] page 2 of 2
  6. One buglet that I've noticed with the Intellivision Flashback console... the volume of the IntelliVoice games/module seems to be WAY TOO LOW, compared to the other normal InTV sound effects for the IntelliVoice games. Is there any 'super-dooper-secret' menu that can be accessed to adjust the volume of the sysnthesized IntelliVoice sound effects (akin to the "Titan ROM Test" menu that can be accessed on the console)? Or, maybe a user hardware modification that could accomplish the same thing (note that I'm fully aware that would void the warranty)? The volume of those Intellivoice sound effects are just WAY TOO LOW! FYI (the "Titan ROM Test" menu): .
  7. There are ten mystery boxes in this thread, each contains 2 games of middling rarity and/or value. If you see a system listed you want, post in this thread which one you want. Rules: 1) First to post for an item, gets that item 2) ONE choice per poster. 3) Be definitive when you post; I will disregard posts with more than one pick, or an "either or" pick. 4) USA only, just because of the cost of shipping. Sorry After posting here, I'll contact the poster via pm for where to ship to. Below is a list of how many of each type of box: 1- C64 CLAIMED - INFRAMAN 1- Intellivision CLAIMED -EBELHAKI 1- Colecovision CLAIMED - SCALPEL 2- Gameboy Advance 2 CLAIMED - RED 5 AND DRAGONAUTIC 5- Atari 2600 5 CLAIMED - RHCOCKER, JETSET, SEGASATURN, ROADRUNNER, ATARI 181
  8. Hey guys, I have just received my latest copy of Retro Gamer (no. 117) and in the section of Homebrews (p. 105) there is a small article on Groovy Bee and Rocketeer. Well done Groovy Bee! I hope that Retro Gamer interviews you some time Cheers!
  9. All prices are without shipping. Feel free to make an offer if you see a price you don't like. I will gladly send pics of anything. Positive feedback here, NintendoAge and Racketboy. Want list at the bottom. Prices are without shipping. Shipping to Canada is tough unless you're making me an offer I can't refuse. Please ask any questions you like. Want list at the bottom (short version: I want CIB Sega stuff). Intellivision ALL CIB except NFL (no overlays for that one) Sharp Shot $3 Q*Bert $10 Popeye (box is a little water warped but very much intact) $10 Happy Trails (top flap of box missing) $20 Space Hawk $3 Star Strike $2 Poker & Blackjack $2 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons $7 Armor Battle $2 NFL Football $2 Atari Heavy Sixer console x2 (not tested...yet) Make Offer Superman Tele-Games text version $20 Atari Manuals/Inserts/Catalogs (feel free to make offer on anything) Miscellaneous Inserts Atari Game Catalog (1982, booklet) Atari Game Catalog (1983, foldout) Atari Cartridge 90 Day Warranty page Atari Accessory 90 Day Warranty card x2 Tips on Getting E.T. Home Fast! (foldout hint page) Swordquest: Earthworld comic (front and back cover are loose) Swordquest: Earthworld Challenge foldout entry form Wico company product survey card for joystick Cookie Monster Munch Kid’s Controller overlay (two arrows missing) Alpha Beam with Ernie Kid’s Controller overlay (x2, both intact) Atari Manuals Atari 2600 CX2600 owner’s manual Star Raiders Pac-Man x2 Pac-Man (multi-language version) Space Invaders x2 Haunted House Tennis Keystone Capers River Raid Centipede Swordquest: Earthworld E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Raiders of the Lost Ark (front and back covers are loose) Cookie Monster Munch Alpha Beam with Ernie Pole Position Defender Strawberry Shortcake Musical Matchups Missile Command Missile Command (smaller sized version) Stampede Maze Craze Berzerk Starmaster Target Fun Colecovision Manuals Cosmic Avenger TimePilot Mr. Do! Zaxxon Omega Race Odyssey Alpine Skiing cart $2 Baseball cart $2 Sega Master System Penguin Land cart $9 SpellCaster cart $9 Input module for 3D Glasses (or if you have the glasses alone, they're in my Want list) Offer PS1 DEMO CD: Lunar Silver Star Story $3 Nintendo DS Starfox Command CIB (all inserts) $12 Nintendo DS empty boxes Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash w/ manual $7 Hot Wheels Beat That! w/ manual $3 Hot Wheels Track Attack w/ manual $3 Diddy Kong Racing DS w/ manual $3 Super Mario 64 DS w/o manual $3 Pokemon Black Version 2 box/manual and inserts (Nintendo code used) $8 Super Nintendo Super Scope, game, manual, no sensor $15 Sega Genesis Model 2 system with all hookups and 2 controllers, tested $20 Winter Olympic Games Lillehammer ’94 cart $1 Jurassic Park cart $1 Sega Game Gear Super Battle Tank CIB (box smooshed) $3 Sega Saturn Sega Rally disc only $2 Sega Dreamcast Sega Rally $3 Chu Chu Rocket $10 Toy Commander disc only (disc is really beat but works!) $2 Big Box PC Games Rebel Assault II CIB (Mac) $10 Ultimate Flight IV sealed $5 Populous: The Beginning sealed $30 Miscellaneous Manuals Poker & Blackjack Intellivision $1 NES Cleaning Kit $1 Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues SNES $2 Tom and Jerry SNES $1 WANT LIST As of now I want any games for Sega consoles or the NES. Interested in decent common games as much as uncommon/rare ones. Below are specific examples of what I'm looking for but again please let me know what you have. Chances are I need it! Master System Any uncommon/rare titles Cloud Master Slap Shot NA version Wonder Boy in Monster Land Alex Kidd series (sans The Lost Stars) 3D Glasses only, I already have the input for them Genesis Any uncommon/rare titles Revenge of Shinobi non-Best Of version Golden Axe non-Best Of version Splatterhouse 2 Toe Jam & Earl Sega CD Snatcher (my personal white whale) Eternal Champions CD Earthworm Jim CD Dreamcast Street Fighter III Double Impact Manual for Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves Cannon Spike SMS and Genesis manuals I need: Double Dragon SMS Rescue Mission SMS SpellCaster Walter Payton Football Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Need new cover art for Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars Need box and manual for Aztec Adventure, Global Defense, and Penguin Land 688 Attack Sub Shadow Dancer Spider-Man Quackshot Pinocchio Steel Empire Clue Castle of Illusion The Lion King Super Battleship Super Thunder Blade Tint Toons Acme All Stars Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis) Need cover art for Atomic Runner Need many box/manuals, can't really list them all but if you have some PM me
  10. UPDATE - 5 AUG 2013 - PM's replied, added just a few games from a box I found I found in the garage... I need to thin the herd ! As you can see from the pics I have amassed many Intellivision commons in my pursuit of the "Original 125" over the years and I am cleaning out the closet from hell ! Just $1 each on the games!! I am just down your basic common games, I would prefer to ship at least 3 or 4 games BURGERTIME is gone, I will try to get a new pic soon... Thanks!
  11. Just added 17 Playstation 2 games with no sports titles. I have not gone through and tested all of these, some have scratches, fingerprints, etc. A few are missing manuals. Therefore, I'll keep the price low. $45 shipped in the USA. I'm selling 15 different Atari 5200 instruction manuals. A few have the overlays. $12 shipped in the USA. Picture is below. Let me know if you have any questions. Box of junk is new and improved with a few more intellivision games. Still has the labeless 2600 games (Frogger, infiltrate, lost luggage) and Intellivision games (Buzz Bombers and I think, Bump n' Jump?) The Colecovision games have not been tested, neither has half-life. Asteroids handheld does work, but screen is scratched. There are about 21 different titles when you take out the dupes. $15 shipped USA.
  12. Hi Gang, I picked up a CIB Sealed Intellivision Learning Fun I close to 20 years ago and it's been the centerpiece of my collection ever since. I have recently ran into financial difficulties and, regrettably, will have to sell this baby to pay some serious bills. The cart is sealed in the box and shrinkwrapped as well. This is how I acquired it back in 1996. I am hoping to get $700- for this rare cart. I'm at work right now but will post photos when I get home later today. Thanks for reading this! Mike
  13. A few questions regarding the Intellivision and memory... Are there any games/demos/ROMs available that use cartridge RAM? Is the RAM typically 16 bit? Are there any games/demos/ROMs available that use bankswitching? I know some of the "LTO" games do... are they still using a simple scheme, or is it a more complicated scheme? Are there any non-LTO games that use bankswitching? What is the method used? ... I'm just laying out the next version of my Intellivision game PCB, and adding an option for RAM (and thinking of utilizing the unused half of the ROM chip). Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm selling off a bunch of Intellivision cartridges I picked up at a country market recently. I'm a total noob to intellivision - so if you think prices are too high and they don't sell, make me an offer. Located in Australia - so postage is going to be high internationally, but usually you can get 2-3 items combined for the same cost as sending one item - feel free to PM and ask for specific postage quotes. Plus more to come
  15. ** Prices updated 1/9/2015 ** I selling off some duplicates from my collection. All have been tested and are in working order. Items for sale are listed as follows with pictures of the items for sale displayed in the album below. If interested, please send me a PM with your location and the ones you are interested in and I can give you a quote that includes the shipping costs. I will combine shipping for multiple items as well. Games will be well-packed so that they arrive in the condition in which they left me. I ask that payments for the games be sent via PayPal gift payment. Games for sale are as follows: Chip Shot Golf (Cart and manual only) $10 Defender (Cart only) $8 Carnival (Cart and manual only) $2 Donkey Kong (Cart only) $1 Poker & Blackjack $2 Space Battle (with catalog) $4 Space Battle (no catalog) $4 Space Hawk $4 Astrosmash $4 Word Fun $4 Tennis $4 Utopia $4 Lock 'n Chase $4 Pictures of the games can be found in the following album:
  16. Intellivision, model one, serial #166504, accessories and games for sale. Joystick on left controller for easier game play. All manuals and overlays included with games. Unit DOES NOT have it's power switch, but is in the "on" position permanently. This is beyond the scope of my repair, but someone else would most likely find this an easy fix. Pictures: Asking $70.00 shipped U.S. Only. Low serial number on unit for a collector out there. Boxes in "fair" to "good" shape. Preferred method of payment is U.S. Postal Money Order. Sorry, I want to sell this as a bundle and will not piece it out. If you're interested, send me a P.M. First come, first serve. Any questions about this, please also P.M. me. Unit power up and was tested about two weeks ago. All the games work. Only game not in picture is Tron Deadly Discs (loose copy but with overlay and manual). -Steve
  17. Hello I am new to the forums and to Intellivision programming, so bear with my noob question. Today, I downloaded SDK-1600 for some reason when I try to run the command "Jzintv", I get a pop up message which says: "The program can't start because SDL.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." I later tried to reinstall the sdk, but it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?I Also, I want to know what the command is to run your programs in the emulator.
  18. I have a whole bunch of games I don't want any more. Perhaps you do? United States only, all are NTSC games. PM me. I'll try to respond to all when I can first come first served and I'll try to update and remove things that have been sold. All the games are loose except where noted. atari 2600 game lot all these for $5 asteroids championship soccer - missing end label dodge 'em home run missile command othello realsports baseball x2 street racer surround target fun video chess Atari 800 games ($5 each): asteroids defender dig-dug donkey kong jr. (pending) frogger (pending) galaxian (pending) joust missile command pac-man pole position space invaders super breakout Atari 5200 (note: I don't have a 5200 to test these on, so as is.) all 3 for $7.50 galaxian pac-man super breakout CD-i $5 each compton's interactive encyclopedia defender of the crown jigsaw laser lords mystic midway - rest in pieces pinball treasures of the smithsonian video speedway NES CIB games snake rattle & roll - $10 loose games alfred chicken - $15 (pending) al unser jr. turbo racing - $2.50 excitebike - $2.50 (pending) millipede - $2.50 (pending) rolling thunder - $5 xevious (yes i have a loose one too.) - $2.50 saturn (all have boxes except mr. bones. some of the boxes have a crack or two, you know, saturn and all.) $5 daytona usa frank thomas madden 97 madden 98 minnesota fats nba live 98 $10 amok black fire croc grid runner last gladiators pinball machine head mr. bones myst robotica tetris plus wipeout wii-u Sonic All stars racing - $20 Nintendo Land - $15
  19. Hello everyone, I have just posted some Intellivision games I have for trade on Marketplace. Here is the link: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219357-ft-fs-rare-and-sealed-intellivision-games-tutankham-super-cobra/ Cheers, Oscar
  20. Looking for a Wico Command Controller for Intellivision and an Amiga Power Stick for intellivision. Will pay a reasonable price. Up to 50 for Wico and more for Amiga Powerstick (with Keypad). I can also trade some cool and rare Intellivision games.
  21. Hi, up for sale I have the Intellivision game Worm Whomper, complete in box. The box has creases, shelf wear and minor indentations. Instructions show some wear, overlays are in mint shape and cart is in good shape. Game is tested. I'm here on Atariage but this is my first sale (I have done a few trades and have some feedback). I do have 100% feedback on ebay under the same username. I am asking $75 which includes shipping via First Class to anywhere in the U.S. I can ship internationally as well via First Class International or Priority, your choice. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks. Sorry, forgot to add that payment is to be made via Paypal as a gift.
  22. Welcome to my Summer Sale! I will be thinning out a few things in my overall collections. *NOTHING RIGHT NOW - SORRY! CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES* (last updated 2-15-2019) I have plenty of positive feedback on eBay and here. Will ship within 48 hours of received/cleared payment. All games, manuals and boxes are clean tested and packaged with care. Any other questions, just ask. PayPal or Cash (if local) only, please. Thanks!
  23. What is your Favorite second Gen console out of Atari 2600, Intellivision, and Colecovision? And Why. Provide specific examples why it is your favorite and the games you liked for it. Personally I prefer the Colecovision for its good arcade ports and cool accessories and you gotta love the pack in Donkey Kong
  24. Hey guys, time for another variations thread, this time a small one based on variations of variations. Those of you who are new to variation collecting for the INTV and who are super OCD and must have all versions are going to hate me. We're going to look at Space Armada and a couple of cool variations of it (One was cool enough to get mentioned in another thread even - at #17) http://www.atariage....ion-variations/ First up is the RED Action Network version of Space Armada which wasn't released in the US, but rather just for PAL land. (Unlike the Red Space Battle which did have a US release). There are three versions. The top one was the Australian release distributed by Lifestyle Electronics, and manufactured by Radofin Electronics whom you may recognize from Aquarius fame. The second one was also manufactured by Radofin but this time was distributed by Advanced Consumer Electronics in England. Finally the third release was a regular Mattel Hong Kong release. Next up are the two Digiplay versions, which, annoyingly, have two different addresses, or rather, one had an address correction on the back (see the third pic). There are a number of Digi releases that came out as both Digimed and Digiplay releases after the company changed its name during the production life on a few of the titles. Hope you enjoy this little knowledge drop. Happy variation collecting and please stop sending me hate mail for bringing this stuff to your collective attention. :lolblue:
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