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Found 83 results

  1. I've been running Atari Gamer, a website focusing on Atari Lynx history and news, since January 2018 but it hasn't been until recently that I've got into a regular schedule of article posts. At the moment I'm limiting to one article a week, released on a Monday. I'm starting this thread to announce new articles as they become available. Any feedback, comments, article suggestions are very welcome. I hope you all enjoy reading some fresh new content about Atari Lynx! Last week's article was - Behind the scenes - making of the 48 in 1 Atari Lynx multicart. I'm also working with Mark aka MillipedeMan with promoting his Lynx Handycast. Past articles can be found here: Articles
  2. Hello, guys! I finished work on the Atari Lynx emulator for Android. aLynx - Atari Lynx emulator for Android OS 2.1 and higher. aLynx supports on-screen keyboard, sound output, OpenGL rendering, load/save games states. Link on a Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blogspot.rock88dev.alynx_free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rock88dev.alynx Also, it will be interesting to hear do you think of emulator that could be improved, etc.
  3. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    Greetings fellow Atarians and Lynx addicts! Today I give you a preview of the big project I've been working on for a long while now. The main reason to open a new thread for this is because I had to change the name of the project to something new because I overlooked a game with a similar name. Another reason is that it has been shown on e-JagFest this year and I would like to share what has been shown there on the forums as well. With that, I give you a sneak preview of the foundations of Wyvern Tales! There will be dragons coming to your Lynx in 2013! Attached is a small poster that I've been playing around with in 2 formats. I'm gonna try and have a website up and running soon if time allows it. At the moment the website has little priority though, so please ignore the URL in the poster for now. Thanks for 108Stars for helping me out with the project wherever possible. Been a great help so far, and I'll have to claim more of that valuable time in the near future. He also was kind enough to record the gameplay on his Lynx HD: Hope you enjoy the progress!
  4. I was thinking we ought to have a sub-forum where people can post info on their colllections. Pics, items their looking for, items they are willing to trade or sell. So here is a start. For now I'm just going to list, later I'll add photos My collection: Lynx I - Box, Manual, AC Adapter Calfifornia Games - Curved Cart, Manual (Boxed with Lynx I) Slime World - Curved Cart, Box, English Manual Gauntlet - Curved Cart, Box, English Manual Xybots - Curved Cart, Box, Poster Zendocon - Flat Cart, Large Box, Manual Rampage - Curved Cart, Box, English Manual Paper Boy - Curved Cart, Box, English Manual Hydra - Curved Lip Cart, Six Lang. Manual Steel Talons - Curved Cart, Six Lang. Manual Batman Returns - Curved Cart, Six Lang. Manual Rygar - Curved Cart, English Manual Ninja Gaiden - Curved Cart, Poster STUN Runner - Curved Cart, Poster Double Dragon - Curved Cart Daemon's Gate - Green PCB Cart Desert Strike - In route Joust - In route Lemmings - In route Road Riot - In route Centipede - In route Test/Diagnostic - In route Zaku - No confirmation Alpine Games - No confirmation Alpine Bonus - No confirmation Just for info: Lemmings - Green PCB Cart, VHS type Box, Single Paper Folded Manual Gauntlet- Curved Cart (only functions when cart is torqued back) Item/s looking for next: Xenophobe - Any Cart, Box, Manual/Poster Sell/Trade: N/A
  5. Hello everyone: I am going to revive an old topic, emulating the Atari 8 Bit and Atari ST on the Nintendo Wii. I just picked up a Nintendo Wii, homebrewed it, and put on 5 Atari Emulators. I will post a few pictures here of what I have manaaged to get running after I fix the Hatari 0.005 on the Wii memeory card. I am using version 4.3U which allows me to use up to 128 Gig SD and USB sticks, have filled both up with games , the Atari 8 Bit games are a bit slow loading as I have over 2000 games on it, maybe I need to reformat the SD card into 4 32 Gig partitians IF the Will will support this. My Ultra Satan is using a super fast 16 GB SD card so I don't want to use it. Is anyone here interested in the Homebrew Installation process, as Nintendo no longer supports buying of games online and I must stress that IF I post a tutorial then its to be only for playing Atari emulators on the Wii. Anyone interested in this? I have looked everything up and there might be interest plus I know the best guides now. You can emulate the 2600, 5200, 8 Bit, 7800, and the Atari ST , Jaguar I am not sure about probably not although I have all of the roms that were ever made for these systems, and many more. My Mega Site is appoaching 225 Gigs of all good stuff, if needed I will post a link to it, just about every game that is missing here can be found on my site, I have been maintaining it for over 6 years at 1 TB of space and adding to it every month. Let me know if there is any interest here wth that too. Well back to my Wii Atari testing , pictures of games running on it are coming tonight. Sleep ???? You ask me ??? Whats that ???? Too busy with my Atari collection, oh ya I have a source of an Atari Portfolio ready in 14 days , the store has to hang on to it for 15 days and thnat was yesterday. He has told me its mine, anyone want it, comes with a 64 K card. Please post here if interested. Russ
  6. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    My current collection of Lynx computers; there are two Lynx 96 computers, two Lynx 48 computers (one of which has been upgraded to 96K spec) - and two Lynx 128 computers - one does not have the case badge.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  7. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    To use a disk drive with the Camputers Lynx you need 96K or 128K, a disk drive with the Lynx Disk Controller - and the Lynx Disk ROM which connects to the back of the Lynx computer. The ROM adds several new commands to Lynx BASIC allowing the computer to boot from the disk drive, load and save files.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  8. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    To use a disk drive with the Camputers Lynx you need 96K or 128K, a disk drive with the Lynx Disk Controller - and the Lynx Disk ROM which connects to the back of the Lynx computer. The ROM adds several new commands to Lynx BASIC allowing the computer to boot from the disk drive, load and save files.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  9. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    The Lynx disk controller requires +5V and +12V lines. DO NOT GET THEM REVERSED - YOU WILL DESTROY THE DISK CONTROLLER!

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  10. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    Since I wanted to use an HxC 2001 floppy disk emulator with the Lynx, the disk controller was removed from the original Lynx disk drive and mounted inside the case of a broken Atari SF354. You can see how the Drive 1 line had to be soldered into the controller board, and the drive always reports READY, which is required as the Atari 14-pin cable does not carry the RDY line.

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  11. From the album: Camputers Lynx

    The Camputers Lynx used a disk controller with a WDC1793 chip. The first drive in the chain had the controller mounted inside the drive, and a second drive without a controller could be attached to the first

    © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US

  12. My hard times is your opportunity! Below are linked my first two auctions. All shown in the picture are what I am looking to sell. I hate using eBay, but to be honest I'm in a position I need to get the highest return possible. If you see something you like then stay tuned. I plan on selling these all off spacing them apart depending on how they sell. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292807878570 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yastuna-2-The-Space-Incident-/292807869855?nav=SEARCH
  13. I wanted to share the letter I received in 1992 for Finishing Todd's Adventures in Slime World. If you found the real last exit in Arcade Mode, Todd gives you a message to write to Epyx, it says there is no reward, but I wrote to them, I don't remember what I wrote, but I ended up getting this signed letter from M. Peter Engelbrite. I thought this was a great reward.
  14. In case anyone who in interested isn't tracking... The 3DS, (specifically the New 3DS) has recently gotten ports of Stella, Prosystem, Handy, O2EM, Virtual Jaguar, 4DO, and more via RetroArch/LibRetro. Emulation of these systems run full speed: 2600 7800 Lynx Vectrex Odyssey2 Game & Watch Near full speed: CPS3 Interesting, but not fast enough to be considered playable: 3DO Jaguar These are not yet part of the official build, but can be found in posts by MrHuu in the thread at gbatemp. He plans to make a separate thread at some point, but as of the time of this posting, the builds are posted at page 270 (Stella, Vectrex, & Prosystem), page 273 (Handy, O2EM, VirtualJaguar, & 4DO), page 275 (Game & Watch), and page 279 (CPS3). MrHuu also posted a playlist generator here. Also interesting is that on a New 3DS (not XL), the screen size when set to "integer" is exactly the same as the screen size on a real Lynx.
  15. Funstock.co.uk is asking retro fans for what Kind of retro item or device they would really love to see. It's a slim chance, but I think it would be good if Lynx fans would post that they'd like a new Lynx unit with decent LCD. We have portable Mega Drives/Genesis, Master Systems, Game Gears, we have home console versions of the Genesis, Atari 2600, 7800, Colecovision, Intellivision and what not... it's time for a remodeled Lynx! So if you are on Facebook, please post you would like one. However small the chance is, at least they are actively asking for suggestions. https://www.facebook.com/funstockgames/posts/595738697220544?fref=nf
  16. Hi there, looking for a nice used copy of Double Dragon for my Lynx. I don't necessarily need the box, or the manual for that matter, but if you have them that would be nice. I was thinking about $60? Found it new for 99 so happy to go the used route if the price is right. Thanks, -Rick
  17. Aside from luckily winding up with Mr. Do's Castle recently...these games I bough at a flea market in the 90's when I 1st began collecting, but they have been sitting around unplayed ever since. I never wound up getting the cables & controllers for the 5200 I was given at that time, threw it away before a move (kinda regrettingly) & I don't think I'll ever pick one up again in the future I do want to buy a Lynx II soon, and start a little collection....I would rather trade these 5200 carts towards some Lynx games, but if I get no responses from people wanting to trade after a while I wouldn't mind selling them. Please let me know if you're interested either way & make me an offer. Steve
  18. Updated to reflect status of one unreliable Indus drive after testing it out. Also dug out the Jaguar unit and noticed that switchbox was nowhere to be found, so removed CIB from the description. I've decided to unload my Atari video game and 8-bit computer collection. I'll try to get a full list together soon. Computer collection highlights: 800XL computer Indus GT drives (2 drives; one in fair conditionnot to be trusted, the other in good condition with plastic storage case and the original software) 1050 drive in box (Happy enhanced) APE For Windows Complete Starter Kit USB Games by Atari, Infocom, Epyx, EA (much of it CIB) Misc cables, software, peripherals Video game collection highlights: Boxed consoles (Jaguar w/ CD, 7800) Loose consoles (2600, 5200, Lynx, Telegames II) Some CIB 2600 and 5200 games Controllers for each console system 2600 cartridge adapter for 5200 I haven't used most of these items for years, but they've been stored indoors out of the way. Now they're in the way. Anyone in the Phoenix area is welcome to schedule a time to stop by and check things out. (That would also be the quickest way to take home a huge bargain.) Meanwhile I'll do my best to get a more detailed list ready with condition and prices. Pricing will be fair, as my motivation to unload the collection is more about to time than money. Hope this is enough info in the initial post. I'm trying to gauge interest without spamming the group.
  19. Hi, I bought an Atari Lynx II off eBay recently, and it has some major(/minor?) issues with it. Here it is with some games... http://youtu.be/CWBfSetBSP8 http://youtu.be/uom5cUNRLMQ http://youtu.be/PIIG-Len6w4 These seem to be both video and in game bugs and crashes; I am wondering if there is any fix for this. It seems to be an issuse with the system. ...Or if I should try and get some/all of my money back. ($42.88 after shipping, came with loose Roadblasters and Blue Lightning, boxed Klax, and sealed Xybots and Crystal Mines II)
  20. The title says it all. And no, I'm not talking about the cheat itself; I mean a gameplay explanation. While the original Battlezone is simple, the new version is quite complex, and the lack of documentation is a problem. I managed to pick up some items, others not... never could I complete a mission. Is there any kind of manual out there? Or can someone here give a good explanation?
  21. Up for sale is the screen and back-light assembly for use in a Lynx II. Price is $17.82 $10.18 + S/H Within the US shipping is a flat rate of $6.72. Elsewhere will require estimate. Originally got it in an effort to fix a broken Lynx II, but the system exhibited same issues with it as whatever was wrong had nothing to do with the screen itself.
  22. Over the summer I picked up a used Lynx II bundle on Game Gavel. It worked great for a few months but the sound has recently stopped working. I've read that this is a common issue for the Lynx II and that either the capacitors or speaker may need replaced. Is this a simple repair? Or should I just get another unit as their relatively inexpensive? Thanks!
  23. Hi everyone, It's a pretty silent time during the vacation season. Here is something to help get you through the summer. Read all about it at my blog here: https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/starting-a-new-project-hack-slash-loot/ Or watch the video, then read about the start of this. I will be updating both here and on my blog. Here are some screenshots: As always, I am interested in your ideas. Thanks.
  24. So a couple weeks ago Matt Scott, a friend of mine who developed Lynx music for tons of released and unreleased games sent me some Lynx ROMs he found on floppies. This stuff always gets me excited. One was the Simpsons digitized sound demo the other was 720WS.ROM. I knew that 720 was in development while I was there (the coin op was in my office) and I got very excited thinking we might have an unreleased partially done ROM but you can't just run unprotected ROMs in Handy. I asked for some help in another thread and LX.NET introduced me to Harry_Dodgson. They helped me preview the ROMS in Handy and I now understand that they are both already in circulation. The 720WS.ROM is a silent display of just the skateboard character in the center of the screen rotatable with the joypad, but what happened next was awesome... Some of you may recall that I went to great lengths to recover the RoadBlasters, Toki, and S.T.U.N. Runner source materials in 2011 (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/188836-some-pretty-awesome-graphics-for-the-lynx/page__st__25?do=findComment&comment=2413123). After recovering those materials I recovered other batches of Amiga floppies with adfread, cleaning disks with alcohol, adapting my ruby script to extract files and folders from the various versions of Quarterback used to create the opaque disk images, and after all that I had the source code and .bin files for all the technology prototypes I developed. I wanted to view the prototypes on Handy but they were in BIN format. For 22 years, the only way to see these demos was on a single VHS tape I made of them in 1991. Harry gave me a tool he wrote to convert .BIN to .O which Handy can read, but it didn't work, so he sent me the source. It was done a long time ago in a unix/mac/pc cross platform dialect of C that Visual Studio didn't like but the code was straight forward, well written and documented so I ported it over to standard C. I discovered that Handy jumps to the first byte loaded from a .O file and my code was written using several blocks with the start address typically somewhere in the middle, so I added code to patch the binary adding a 3 byte JMP START at the beginning of the code where needed (along with a couple other technical tweaks) and VOILA! My demos were now runnable on the Lynx! I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to see these demos come to life. These were all exploratory Lynx technologies I wrote for game concepts or just for fun that never found their way into released products (other than the sound drivers). Here are the highlights of my exploits... abtest0.bin.o was a true 3D drawing test (as opposed to pseudo 3D used in RoadBlasters and S.T.U.N. Runner) for a game idea called Alien Brigade, that temporary artwork is my head. The source is dated 11/20/91. fractest0.bin.o, fractest2.bin.o, and fractest3.bin.o are fractal tests. I loved Rescue at Fractalus and wanted to do a terrain based game but that code was too slow. Source dated 11/18/91 polytest.bin.o is a combination of my triangle rendering routine and my Quartet digitized sample midi music driver, press a button to start the music. quartest.bin.o is a simple sprite test and my Quartet digitized sample midi music driver, press a button to start the music. rottest0.bin.o a sprite rotation test. Sprites can be skewed vertically and horizontally which is all that is needed to pseudo rotate a sprite up to 45 degrees. it is undated but was probably done around the time I did RoadBlasters. showfroggy.bin.o shows a full color picture of a frog by multiplexing 4 bit (16 shade) red, green, and blue images. It looks better on LCD, I wish Handy had a "phosphor" setting that would simulate LCD ghosting. If I were to try to do it again, I would do it a different way. testspri2.bin is a simple sprite test with my multivoice 7 bit digitized sound driver I wrote for Al Baker 7/12/1990, either for Pit Fighter or Bill & Ted. Pressing any button plays voices saying "replay", button A plays at subsequently higher pitches, B plays subsequently lower pitches. textdemo.bin.o is a text demo I used to explore trying to improve text appearance by attempting to take advantage of the color masked pixels on the LCD to try to effectively triple the horizontal display resolution. Windows clear type does this for LCD displays now, I should have patented that one (http://www.microsoft...arTypeInfo.mspx). It is undated, I was inspired when I put the LCD into an unsupported monochrome mode - it looked terrible otherwise. :-) DScottWilliamsonLynxTechTests.zip
  25. Hi, Anyone got one of the following (in order of preference) available to buy? - Complete Lynx 1 Shell (including battery cover, OK condition, paint chips accepted) - Lynx 1 front shell and battery cover - Lynx 1 battery cover only Im in the UK, will buy from anywhere in the EU. Thanks! Chris
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