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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I just wanted to share my latest cover, and coincidentally there is another Mega Man 2 cover in the other thread . Anyway, hope you'll like it. https://soundcloud.com/pseudografx/mega-man-2-dr-willys-castle-pokey-cover
  2. Hi, in order to avoid flooding Atari Age forum with topics, I decided to create an universal topic for all my new songs, which I will use from now on. And here comes the first new cover tune, coming from Super Nintendo Entertainment System's game Final Fantasy VI. Uses stereo POKEY, doublespeed player routine. RMT, SAP and XEX files attached. https://soundcloud.com/pseudografx/final-fantasy-vi-terras-theme FF6-Terra.zip
  3. I made this .rmt file which is a WIP. It uses a filter for that weird instrument at the beginning. Does it sound better than the other conversion? sanxion.zip
  4. Here's a video of it: I have the .RMT file zipped. Auf.zip
  5. How do I go about playing POKEY chiptune on a real Atari? I've heard that you can convert .sap to .xex and then execute it somehow, but when I tried it all I got were flickering lines on my screen. Any advice?
  6. I was reading this COMPUTE article on reading from the POKEY key code register: http://www.atariarchives.org/c3ba/page004.php Look at who wrote it. o_O (BTW, it didn't fix my problem. I'm reading in a set of single-digit coordinates that the user has to type in. However after I get x, the next read of the register has the same value, it doesn't wait for me to punch another one in. Is there a way to clear the register so it will wait on another value coming in? I'm writing this in cc65, but I don't want to use any C functions for this since I'll need to change this over to work on the 5200 at some point.)
  7. I've been having a weird SIO problem that I'm hoping someone might have some insight into. The symptom of the problem is this. The Atari will attempt to read a sector (or some other SIO operation). There is about a 70% chance that it will succeed, but the other 30% it will sit for the timeout period (a few seconds) and then retry the sector read. I've seen a sector fail to read 3-4 times in a row before it succeeds and then a bunch will succeed in a row. The aspeqt log looks like this: [Disk 1] Get status. [Disk 1] Read sector 1 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 2 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 3 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 4 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 5 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 6 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 7 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 8 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 9 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 10 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 11 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 12 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 13 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 14 (128 bytes). <-- this is the failed command [Disk 1] Read sector 14 (128 bytes). [Disk 1] Read sector 15 (128 bytes). ...etc... So aspeqt isn't noticing a problem; rather the system just isn't seeing the sector come in for some reason. Here's the history of the problem. It all started when I dropped in a PAL ANTIC for playing some PAL games. At the time I figured the occasional glitch might be due to timing differences so I didn't think anything of it. After a few weeks of not using my system, I received and installed one of mega-hz's stereo boards (in the process I moved my OS ROM IC to the BASIC spot and removed BASIC, because in a 600XL the board doesn't quite fit). I booted up and everything seemed to work great on the first try, *except* that this SIO problem was still there and in fact was quite a bit worse than it was before! Figuring I had banjaxed something (SIO = POKEY = seems like it might have been related to the stereo board install), I tried reverting the upgrade and there was no change - the SIO problem was definitely still there. I swapped my ANTIC out for the original NTSC one again hoping that this would resolve the issue but it did not. I checked and rechecked the board for broken traces along every path I could find, even tried different POKEYs to no avail. Then I made a quite interesting discovery. If I boot in Aspeqt using the "boot XEX" feature, it consistently works fine (after it loads the initial few sectors containing the boot loader). This is interesting to me because the OS loads sectors at 19200 bps, but the Aspeqt XEX booter uses 57600 bps (I believe) to transmit the XEX data. So maybe the problem is actually in the OS ROM somehow, though I don't see how since it passes self-test which I think does a checksum test. My other thought is that maybe IRQs are not being handled right somehow since (I think) the OS SIO routine is IRQ-driven, whereas high-speed boot loaders aren't? Anyone have any thoughts about what I should try next? I was thinking about writing a test program pair for the atari and linux which transmits a data stream and checks for problems, and maybe just swapping ICs (SALLY gets a little warm but I think that's her normal behavior).
  8. Just wondering... Aside from space considerations, how many POKEYs could an Atari handle, from a technical perspective? I know that there were Atari arcade games that used four POKEYs for sound... Really, though, multiple POKEYs could be used for sound and/or enhanced I/O interfacing, something that I don't think anyone has really explored very fully. Has anyone ever hooked up an huge number of them, like 8 or more? I would think that you could build a multi-port joystick port patch-bay, and have lots of fun, & potential for interfacing all sorts of real world stuff. I'm not quite sure how you would figure out the Theoretical Maximum, since I'm sure that it would be an enormous number, especially if multiplexing was used in the design. I would guess that 8, could be done without too much fuss. Any ideas?
  9. Dear all, I'd like to open this thread on my recent development "MidiJoy" because the topic of the thread which led to its inception is now only merely loosely connected to what has come out of it. I'll begin with posting some general information on MidiJoy, afterwards I'm looking forward to questions, comments and bug reports here . The most up-to-date information will probably always be on my website: http://www.phobotron.de/midijoy_en.html and a video introducing the basic idea of MidiJoy is available on YouTube. However, the software will only be available after the ABBUC hardware contest in which MidiJoy is participating (this is part of the competition's rules). Of course I'd be glad if you vote for it in the contest, and if it should make it to the Top 3, I'd make MidiJoy available for free afterwards . Enjoy, F.
  10. Hi guys as per title I am after POKEY CHIPS C012294B-01 x2 of these. Can anyone help please? Cheers!
  11. Some games in the 7800 that would have been better with the POKEY chip installed inside them: Xenophobe, Double Dragon, Planet smashers, Klax(unreleased) Plutos(unreleased), Mario Bros., and Mutant Mansion. ;-) Sad that Atari Corp, was too lazy and stingy to add them to more than just two games. :_(
  12. A lot of us 7800 fans hold the POKEY up in high regard because it's the sound chip we feel should've been standard with the 7800 in the first place or Atari [inc/Corp] should've included it in more titles. There's mods to add it to our 7800s, the Concerto, or a big reason to support the XM. However, the number of available POKEYs for use are dwindling and we have to compete with Atari arcade collectors and A8/5200 owners for those supplies. And the HOKEY solution hasn't been perfected yet. So why not use the DPC/DPC+ instead? It has an authentic Atari - via Activision - pedigree and receives support from the 2600 homebrew scene. Looking back, I'm rather dumbfounded why as to Activision didn't use their own chip in their post-Pitfall II 2600 - and 7800 - releases other than them pinching pennies. Same goes for Atari Corp. Thoughts?
  13. Great news for all fans of POKEY sound chip! The Atari SAP Music Archive has been updated with 273 new songs, bringing the total to whooping 5281 POKEY tunes. The update includes lots of added information and bugfixes. Download the archive at the official ASMA homepage.
  14. PacManPlus needs your help! original thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/199637-work-in-progress-bentley-bear-crystal-quest/
  15. Even as hardcore and lifetime Atari user, I’m also a fan of SID music like the tunes from Rob Hubbard, Maniacs of Noise, Matt Gray etc. even though I rarely played games on the C64. The popularity of SID music have sprawled many remixes with modern instruments (see remix.kwed.org). And even a couple of studio albums like the “Back in Time” series, “Press Play on Tape” and “Sidologie” (see www.c64audio.com). And I have them all :-p Currently Marcel Donné is working on a sequel to his “Sidologie” CD and has started a KickStarter project to fund it. It will contain 3 to 6 CDs (depending on the amount raised) with SID remixes coated with a Jean-Michel Jarre (and Vangelis) sauce. As both a SID remix and Jarre fan I of course backed the KickStarter in an instant. One of the Sidologie CDs will contain remixes from Rob Hubbard. As you probably know Rob Hubbard did only do the music for 4 games on the Atari 8-bit. Three of them are conversions of the C64 version (International Karate, War Hawk and Extirpator). But one of them was an Atari 8-bit exclusive namely “Jet Set Willy” which I consider one of the best Pokey tunes of that era. There was never a C64 version of Rob’s JSW tune on the C64. Because there never was a C64 version I pitched the idea to include an Atari Jet Set Willy remix on the Sidologie CD. And to my surprise and amazement Marcel Donné liked the idea of doing a JSW remix. So Rob Hubbard's Atari "Jet Set Willy" tune is now officially on the track list of the Sidologie CD dedicated to Rob Hubbard. Since a unique Atari Pokey remix is part of the Sidologie CD, I’m sure there might be more Atari fans that are interested in the Sidology KickStarter project. Thus if you want to support Marcel Donné for his daring choice to do an Atari Pokey remix for a largely C64 fan base, go to the Sidologie KickStarter page and pledge some money Robert
  16. Hi all how goes it! I am on the hunt for TIA and POKEY chips both PAL and NSTC. Please give me a shout if you have any spares you would like to sell. Kind Regards
  17. Well, I decided to open up my first Atari blog ... the first of many I hope. A bit about me, I am an Atari enthusiast from Knoxville, Tennessee. I started with an Atari 600XL in 1984, progressed to Atari ST and Amiga computers, and eventually even released my own iTunes album of 80's inspired synthpop music, all created using an Atari ST computer. I then caught the emulation bug and got back into retro Atari programming. Well, I found out recently that a guy named PacManPlus is programming a platform game for the 7800 called "Bentley Bear: Crystal Quest" and he needed someone to do POKEY music for his game. I used to mess around with POKEY stuff back in the day, so I thought I'd give it a go. It has been a real adventure so far for me, considering I haven't even messed with chip music in about 25 years. A lot to re-learn. For those who have forgotten, Bentley Bear was the protagonist in the Atari arcade game "Crystal Castles", quite a fun game. I noticed the original arcade game had bits of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite in it, so I decided for this project, I would stick with the classical music theme as well. Currently, I have music for 3 levels done, plus title music and end level music. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a snag. The problem: I want to use 16-bit POKEY sound for the title music and end level - defeat boss music. For those not in the know, the POKEY chip has 4 sound channels by default, but one of the drawbacks is that you can't get really good bass sounds out of it. One way around this is to combine two channels, which gives you 65,536 frequency settings to choose from (instead of the normal 256), by setting a value in the AUDCTL register. Using this method, you essentially have a 9-octave range for your music now. In practice (and in the emulator) this works awesomely. The title music has a definite Nintendo quality to it. Unfortunately, this is proving hard to work on the actual 7800 hardware, PacManPlus is reporting that the bass track seems not to be playing when it is called. It may be a problem with the emulator, maybe the POKEY is laid out differently on the 7800, there may be a coding issue, but it's been a real mystery. Anyone who has ever programmed sound on the 7800 POKEY, if you've got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I'd really love to stick with the 16-bit sound for this music, I think it would really lift the quality of the game. Time to go ... wish me luck.
  18. As a disclaimer I should say upfront that I won't be in a position to purchase the chips/games until February 1st, but I did want to get the word out in advance in case someone wouldn't mind setting them aside for me. I'm planning on picking up two Atari 7800 homebrew games next month but both will require that I supply the POKEY chips needed for them, so if anyone happens to have a couple spare POKEY chips or Ballblazer carts with cruddy condition labels that they wouldn't mind parting with I could sure use them. I'm not sure exactly what the chips or rough condition Ballblazer carts go for price wise, so I'm open to negotiation on the price. PayPal payment is preferred but I can send a money order through the mail if the seller isn't keen on PayPal. Thanks much and just shoot me a PM if you happen to have what I'm looking for and wouldn't mind setting it aside for me until February.
  19. Since I've been experimenting with RMT (and loving it), it's time to peel away the onion and get deeper into the tracking / chiptune thing. I've always been a "sound" guy - I play music, own synths, etc and often thought POKEY could be flexed more than it was (and we see this is now true). Just downloaded MPT, which I believe allows native A8 track development. I also wanted to play around with NeoTracker, but I can't seem to find it. Does NeoTracker run natively on the A8 / XL / XE platforms? Would like to give it a try - any help is appreciated!
  20. Hi! I have an Atari 800XL. First time user. I am having an issue. POKEY sounds are VERY distorted. They seem to be playing just fine, but certain sounds are badly distorted. I hear that the stereo POKEY mod helps the sound, but I want to keep this machine mono, as it would be worthless upgrading a US machine to Stereo. I soldered the RCA jack to from audio to audio out and ground to ground on the DIN monitor pins. using the internal amp keeps the issues, even connecting DIRECTLY to the POKEY gives distortion. Using a 0.75uF bipolar cap doesn't help at all. low or high volume on speakers, still distortion. adding various resistors, still distortion, but the audio is quieter. I've enclosed a recording of Szczur, by Grzegorz Kwiatek, as this song is the best example for what I am expiriencing. Thanks. (Please not that I am a beginner with the Atari 8-bit line) Atari Distortion.mp3
  21. There is a new hardware for A8: SIO_FIFO. This device allows data transmission with up to 127kbps speed. Here is the movie with copying disk using this hardware, "US SECTOR COPIER 4" by E.Reuss and AspeQT emulator. SDX, IDE+ loader etc. also working at this baud rate. Form of device is small PCB between POKEY and mainboard. No cables, no solder (if there is a socket for POKEY on the MB). The device is yet in testing phase but will be available soon.
  22. Another cover, this time from Sega Megadrive's Sonic the Hedgehog. Uses stereo POKEY, doublespeed player routine. RMT, SAP and XEX files attached. https://soundcloud.com/pseudografx/sonic-the-hedgehog-green-hill-zone-pokey-cover GreenHill.zip
  23. For any interested and/or can help... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/199637-work-in-progress-bentley-bear-crystal-quest/page__st__550?do=findComment&comment=2741903
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