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Found 5 results

  1. So recently I've been looking into acquiring various prototypes for the Jag CD like American Hero, Demolition Man, Native, Fallen Angels, Varuna's Forces, Soul Star and Black Ice White Noise. I had minimal luck finding anything and nothing for those ever pops up on eBay. Regarding the latter I email Kelp Entertainment after hearing rumors that they had released it a while back. I got this response: Hey Rick. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I do still sell Black ICE, but it isn't old stock, I burn discs fresh for each order. http://bjwest.com/BIWN/ These are encrypted discs, so they work on any Jaguar with a CD drive, no need for a bypass cart or developer board. Thanks, B.J. West So there it is. Revision 18, 23, and the Soundtrack, still available. Now I just need to get Custom Game Cases to make a DVD box with art for it... They come in slim line CD cases with printed insert and label. I think I actually stumbled upon this page when I first started collecting for Jaguar, but had no idea what it was at the time. If anyone knows where to find any other rare Jag CD protos, please do share!!
  2. I had the opportunity recently to buy this cartridge and picked it up. I was told this "Gold Battlesphere" proto/developer cart is actually the finalized version of the original Battlesphere that was demo'd at shows before the game's first run was originally published in 2000. The port on the front is where the ROM was loaded from the alpine development unit. I am excited to add it to my collection and am curious to know more about it. Does anyone: -Else have one or has seen one? -Know about this version and the date? -Any other assorted info or stories? Thanks, and excited to learn more about this cart.
  3. I recently was given a large collection of Atari items. There were many catalogs in it, including a 6-page DataQue Software "Product Information Release #91.06.03." There is some pretty neat (and hard to believe) information about some two Atari-compatible computers it it. Here is a picture of the first page of the "catalog:" I've also scanned and uploaded the full 6-page catalog to archive.org, here: https://archive.org/details/DataQueSoftwareProductsForAtari8BitComputers1991 I've dictated, using Dragon, the descriptions of these two Atari computers: 130XEC: An Atari 130XE computer on a PC card! This will allow you to have all the fun and utility of an 8-bit system hidden in your PC. Using a special MSDOS interface, you're 8-bit applications can use the PC video and other peripherals, in addition to normal 8-bit devices. It may even be possible to run an 8-bit process as a task using Windows 3.0! The 'XEC' will be designed with a high degree of compatibility with the original XL/XE line. Connections will be provided for two joystick ports, cartridge port, audio/video monitor output, SIO connector, and of course normal 80x88 PC card edge. 1600XLE: The Ultimate 8-bit machine... with a blazing 'no wait state" 8MHz 65C816 processor on a 'baby AT' size motherboard, nothing will come close to the performance of this machine. A custom interface chip will allow PC interface cards to be used on the Atari 8-slot backplane. This motherboard will fit into most PC style cases, and will run Atari 8-bit applications which make no illegal entry points into the OS, or use direct screen access. This monster would be for the power users only, not the casual game player! Using normal PC peripherals would keep costs down, and allow maximum expandability. Has anyone ever heard of this company before? A search of the Internet associates someone named Chuck Steinman with some DataQue products. What's the story of these, very-probably, unreleased hardware items? Were prototypes of these computers ever made, or was this just an idea that never even reached prototype stage? What about the other products in this catalog; were they released? Adam
  4. In a home of a man that had passed away, a nice treasure of retro games and accessories where found. Boxed and stored for around 30 years. Prototypes boxed games in both cartridge and diskette. An Atari 2600 with box all black, Coleco vision controllers Atrai 2600 Carrying Case with mail proof name of VIP that it was sent to at the magazine. Games I have never seen and still can't find. To many things to list. I have provided a picture of some of the prototypes. I can add or send more pictures on request. Has anyone seen any of these?
  5. Game: Alligator People System: Atari 2600/VCS/Sears Video Arcade Unreleased by 20th Century-Fox Programmer: John Russel Serial/Catalog Number: None Copyright: 1983 Prototype discovered in 2002 by collector Ben Liashenko Genre: Shooter Controller: Joystick (Sega Game Pad compatible) Players: 1 Game Variations: 9 This game was finished, but was cancelled before a manual could be written, so I'm going by my own playing experience and the entry for this game at AtariProtos. I bought my reproduction cartridge from Atari Age. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=199 This game is loosely based on the low-budget sci-fi film The Alligator People, released in 1959 by 20th Century-Fox. You play as Jane Marvin, depicted in the game as a syringe, who must inject (that is shoot) 6 people who are turning into Alligator People. Three are displayed at the top of the screen. The other three at the bottom of the screen. This includes her husband, and five of his friends. As Jane, the syringe, you dart about the screen gathering up vials of antidote and serum. That is if you can avoid the real alligators that travel about the screen. As you go you inject (shoot) the infected people, who you can see slowly mutating from people to alligators. Or should that be Alligator People? As you inject them you can see them gradually change back into people again. Your points are displayed at the top of the screen. At the bottom you will see your extra lives, depicted as syringes. You can have a maximum of 3 at a time. If the Left Difficulty Switch is in the B position you will have infinite lives (reportedly management at 20th Century-Fox were quite displeased when they discovered this). So the Left Difficulty Switch must be in the A position, unless you like games with zero challenge. It can be quite difficult in the A position however, so A it is (for me anyway). The more vials of serum that you gather, the more potent the antidote. At the bottom of the screen, and to the right of the syringes, you will see S: 1 A:01 (as an example). The number beside the 'S' is how many vials of serum you have collected (they are depicted on screen by large red 'S's). The maximum that you can hold is 9, but you will continue to earn points by either shooting them or passing over them. The number to the right of the 'A' indicates how many vials of antidote the you have collected (they are depicted on screen as thin vertical lines). The maximum that you can carry is 99. You can continue to shoot or pass over the vials of antidote to gain points, but once all 6 victims have been cured you automatically move on to the next level. The vials of serum and antidote that you have collected can not be carried over from one level on to the next. GAME VARIATIONS Game 1: Walls are off. No serum. Game 2: Jane can move through the walls. Game 3: Walls on. Jane can't pass through them. Game 4: Moving walls turned off. No serum. Game 5: Jane can move through the walls Game 6: Walls on. Jane can't pass through them. Game 7: Moving walls turned off. No Serum. Game 8: Jane can move through the walls. Game 9: Walls on. Jane can't pass through them. SUMMARY AND TIPS Collect 9 vials of serum to get it up to maximum strength. You will need to do this at the start of each level to do well. There are 6 patients to cure on each level. 3 at the top of the screen; 3 on the bottom. The patients on the far left mutate at a slower pace than the ones to their right. Shoot the patients on the left as quickly as you can. If you can collect 9 vials of serum, then it will take only one shot from your syringe to cure the first stage patients. You can see the patients transform to the higher levels of mutations stage by stage. The more stages of mutations they go thru, the more shots they will need to cure them. As you shoot them, you will see them transform to a lower state of mutation with each shot. Extra lives are possible. In fact, you start off with 3. Once you reach a high enough score you will begin to get an extra life at the end of each level, assuming that you don't collide with a real alligator during the level. The extra lives are depicted at the bottom of the screen as syringes. You earn 5 points every time you shoot a real alligator, but as you go from the lower levels to the higher ones the more of them there are filling the screen, making collisions more likely. Another way to avoid some collisions is to shoot the vials of antidote that are near the edges of the screen instead of passing over them, as an alligator (a real one) will most likely appear from off-screen as you try to collect the vials. It's not that they're rare. As soon as all of the vials are either collected or shot, a new batch of them appear. I play all 9 Games Variations, but I play Game 1 the most. My current high score for Game 1 is 172,540 points, but I quit with 3 extra lives left. Game Ranking: 2 (out of 2). This was a tough call, as I really like this game, However I like Demolition Herby more. It was quite the challenge to describe and keep everything straight in my head. As I mentioned, there is no manual. My head hurts. CURRENT RANKING OF REVIEWED ATARI 2600 GAMES: 1. Demolition Herby 2. Alligator People My inspiration and philosophy for my reviews I've wanted to do something along the lines of The No Swear Gamer on Youtube for quite some time, but in my own style and with my own ranking philosophy. I really like his channel (after all it is one of several gaming channels that I support through Patreon), it's just that I prefer to rank homebrews and commercial releases from back in the day together, instead of within separate ranking lists. Obviously I've elected to include prototypes, as long as reproductions are available in physical form. I also plan to include games that were exclusive to PAL territories, such as Acid Drop and Meteor Defense. Everything ranked on one list. The only requirement will be that I own a cartridge of it. Also, I should mention the awesome community here at Atari Age, as well as my friends at http://highscore.com who continue to expose me to games that are new to me. Special thanks to Atari Age members RetroRob (also a user at High Score) and carlsson for both commenting on and liking my first game review. I greatly appreciate it.
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