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Found 28 results

  1. Realized I posted this in the ST section and not here where it probably should have been... Does anyone have a used but known working STFM PSU they can sell me? I know Best sells them for around $75, but the machine itself was listed as un-tested so I don't want to spend that much money on something that may end up being pointless.... I'm in the USA and can pay immediately...... hope someone out there can help! Thanks!!!
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have a used but known working STFM PSU they can sell me? I know Best sells them for around $75, but the machine itself was listed as un-tested so I don't want to spend that much money on something that may end up being pointless.... I'm in the USA and can pay immediately...... hope someone out there can help! Thanks!!!
  3. Hello, So I was thinking about getting an Amiga or ST and I'm trying to decide which one to get. I live in the US and there's a game I want to play that was released for both systems called "Fire & Ice", but it only came out in Europe. Comparing the Amiga and ST, which one is the most import friendly and which model would be the best to get, so I can play PAL games like "Fire & Ice" in the states? Thanks in advance.
  4. I am receiving a Falcon here soon and I have some questions. I briefly owned a falcon maybe 10 or 12 years ago, however I was new to it and didn't really get the Atari way of doing things. So I sold it shortly after. Since then I have gained quite a bit of ST experience, so I feel more comfortable with revisiting it. On to my questions: 1. What's the best overall monitor solution for the Falcon? Do I really need both a VGA monitor for Falcon specific stuff and a separate ST monitor for ST low stuff? 2. Speaking of ST stuff, is there much Falcon patched ST games and demo's available for the Falcon? 3. Where can I buy a new or used replacement case and US or UK keyboard for the Falcon? The one I am receiving had its case painted as it was yellowed. I already checked Best and B&C's website and didn't see anything. I would rather keep the desktop case rather than a rack or tower conversion. 4. As a Falcon noob, anything else I should know/consider before making the plunge? Thanks! todd
  5. Just curious. Anyone using EmuTOS on EPROM on real hardware? Sounds like quite a project. I watched some videos of it in action on YouTube. The only concern I could see was that DRI's GEM icons are not exactly attractive compared to the Atari's versions we're all familiar with.
  6. Hello friends, I am happy to announce that the 11th OFAM - Atari Meeting will take place from 25th September to 27th September 2015 in Germany, 95213 Münchberg, Kirchplatz 7, approximately 35 km away from the Czech border. Would be great to see many of you! http://ofam.de.vu Best regards, Chris
  7. I'm throwing together a "Franken-PC" from older parts with an internal 1.44MB 3.5 floppy drive for archiving and/or creating floppy disks for my recently acquired 4MB 1040STE. As documented HERE. This made me think... Besides the popular 1050-2-PC process (SIO2PC interface attached to a Atari floppy drive), is there software out there similar to the ST world's FloImg that can make use of a PC with an internal 1.2MB 5.25" floppy for creating/archiving Atari 8-bit disks? Lump
  8. Please excuse the intrusion. I wanted to publicize my new podcast about the Atari ST. If I get an overwhelming number of complaints on this post, I will delete it, but I though some of you may not venture in the podcast thread. Apologies if anyone is offended by the post. I've just released the 1st episode of my new podcaST. This is a podcaST about the Atari ST. This project started as blog idea, and blossomed into this. It is the documentation of my journey of re-discovery of the Atari ST. Episode 001: The One With The 520ST - https://1632podcast.info/2016/07/31/e001-the-one-with-the-520st/ Thanks for listening.
  9. So a few months back I acquired a 1040STf from a local craigslist seller... Bargain basement price and it was in the original box, however... No mouse, no cables, no manual. I have a monitor, so ok on that front, but I am needing to acquire the other odds and ends. Anyone out there have some spares they might be interested in selling? Manual can wait (and I can probably find that on my own), but a mouse and the appropriate cables would be HUGELY helpful! Thanks! ~Scott
  10. Hi all. I am wanting to run Temple of Apshai Trilogy and it is a TOS 1.x game. I know at one time it seems I had a boot disk that would load an older verion of TOS into memory, but I may be wrong there. Am I remembering correctly? I have looked though my 100s of disks, but haven't found anything. Thanks! Rob Catron
  11. This is intended as a quick guide for folks who may come across a used SatanDisk and want to transfer some files from a Windows type PC to an SD card for use on their Atari ST computer. There are more detailed resources on the web that cover all the ins and outs and potential pitfalls or alternate methods but I will try to keep this a simple and brief description of what worked for me. Your mileage may vary as they say. First, this is for the original (now out of production) SatanDisk not Ultra Satan. 1. Have an Atari ST with TOS 1.04 or better. 2. Have HDDriver on ST floppy disk. 3. Have a 512mb SD card. Use a Windows PC to format the SD card as FAT (not FAT 32) Put the SD card in the SatanDisk and the HDDriver floppy in your ST and boot the ST Switch to medium resolution if you have a color monitor. Load HDDRUTIL.APP from the floppy. On the Hard Disk drop down menu select Partition. It will tell you a capacity value for your card. Enter a slightly smaller number on line 0 right hand column under heading MiB. Click on Compatability button then next to where it says Windows check Tos & Windows Click OK and click through the next few dialogs to complete the partition of the SD Reboot the ST Load HDDriver from floppy again From the File drop down menu select install HD Driver and click OK (or whatever to install the driver on the SD). From the General drop down menu Next to Cache for FAT change 10 to 2 Next to Cache for Data change 10 to 2 Next to Additional Folders change 100 to 0 Click OK or whatever it says to accept/save those values From the File drop down menu select install HD Driver and overwrite the previously installed HD Driver. Reboot the ST. If all went well your SD card will look like one large hard drive to ST and Windows will also be able to see it and read / write files on the SD card when you insert it into a PC. This process worked for an Atari 1040STf with 1MB and TOS upgraded to 1.04. By default HD Driver configures without the ability to transfer files between TOS and Windows and also configures itself some nice fat caches. I assume the author had a higher end ST or a TT or Falcon. Reducing those caches will allow the smaller memory machines to run more programs. Good luck.
  12. Hello one and all, this is the first post I've ever put in here and I've been lurking a little while. It's nice to see a place that keeps Atari alive and well! I currently do a show on youtube which is called "Dave's Nostalgia Trip" which a lot of the time is me putting my friends through my childhood games and mostly, they ruin it because they have no clue on how to play anything. If you hadn't guessed, my childhood was primarily the Atari ST520! However, I'm willing to play games I've never heard of and put everyone through it with me. So that's what I'm here for, to hear about some games that I should have played but never did. It'd be great to hear of some that I should really get round to and cover on my channel. You can find out some of my stuff at the link here: Http://www.youtube.com/infectedflinch Http://www.facebook.com/davesnostalgiatrip I just don't limit myself to the Atari either. Yet again, I hope to see more of this forum in the future! Dave (Infectedflinch)
  13. I'm selling a bunch of ST games and Atari 8-bit and Mac software on eBay, low starting prices: http://www.ebay.com/sch/alandavies780/m.html - if shipping from here is expensive, I'm happy to ship untracked (at my risk) for people with good feedback or who contact me on AtariAge.
  14. I bought this on eBay on Tuesday, it arrived yesterday. It had a buy in now price of $499 or best offer. I Offered $300 (good deal?) and was accepted, plus shipping and tax. Atari ST Mega 4 unmodified with keyboard, no mouse (I had one though) SF314 with power and data cables. Impulse hard drive enclosure with a Seagate ST157N (abt 50 mg) hard drive inside and an ACSI cable. A modem (No value to me) Monitor Master switch box with one cable. 2 power cables In the pictures you can see the keyboard cable plugged into the modem. Not my pics, these were the one on eBay. It all works. Not including any kind of storage, I have plenty, what mods should I do?
  15. I think that, Burger Time on the Atari ST is a great conversion of the arcade. Fluid gameplay and I love the music too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwBGqJrShkQ
  16. Album: "aTTraction" by Yerzmyey. Released in March 2016. Chiptune/micromusic songs as well as MOD-like/digital and MIDI music from classic ATARI computers (Falcon 030, Atari TT, Atari ST/MIDI and Atari 600XL). DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/attraction/yerzmyey-attraction2016.zip Tracklist: 01. Yerzmyey - aTTraction (ATARI TT) 02. Yerzmyey - Globular Cluster (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32) 03. Yerzmyey - Amai (ATARI FALCON 030) 04. Yerzmyey - Time Machine II (ATARI TT) 05. Yerzmyey - Inside a game (ATARI FALCON 030) 06. Yerzmyey - uTTerly unseTTling transmiTTal (ATARI TT) 07. Yerzmyey - Purple Galaxy (ATARI FALCON 030) 08. Yerzmyey - Bizarre creature (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32) 09. Yerzmyey & Tfardy - Brutal attack (ATARI FALCON 030) 10. Yerzmyey - The missing piece (ATARI 600XL) / Bonus Track Total Time: 34:59 min. The idea behind this album was to collect all my songs made with 32-bit ATARI computers: Falcon 030 and Atari TT. Finally I decided to add also two songs made with the 16-bit machine - Atari 520ST - but those have been made in MIDI technique, using also the classic module - Roland MT32. All the songs have been recorded from real machines, the sound hasn't been changed. As the bonus track I added a song created with 8-bit computer - Atari 600XL - with heavy postproduction setup: track-by-track recording / filters / phasers / choruses / flangers / delays / echoes / reverbs / equalizers / compressors / limiters. Guitars on the 9th track "Brutal attack" by Tfardy. ATARI soft&hard used: Atari Falcon 030 (with 14Mb of RAM) - Digital Home Studio Atari TT (with 4Mb of RAM) - Hex Tracker Atari 520ST (with 4Mb of RAM) - Cubase Atari 600XL (with 256Kb or RAM) - Chaos Music Composer - NeoTracker. Related WWW sites: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/ https://www.facebook.com/yerzmyey/ https://soundcloud.com/yerzmyey https://www.youtube.com/user/yerzmyey The cover-art has been made by Jokov. http://jokov.deviantart.com/ © by Yerz, March 2016
  17. Hey guys, so I finally got myself an Atari 1040 STf. I used to own one back 1992 and I really missed it. Now the only thing is, I have like zero games for it. I know there are Goteks and Ultrasatans out there and I might buy one of those one day but for now I really just want some good old floppy disks so I can enjoy it the way I used to back in the day. At this point, Im not too picky as Id be happy to play almost anything at this point but I will list some of my favorites that Id love to have. With that said, if you have anything available and its not on my list, please let me know anyways. The only two things are, first, I really would like to have them in box if possible as I find the box art makes a real cool display piece and second, I live in Canada, so if you are from the UK or the USA, it only makes sense for me to buy multiple games at once since the shipping starts our pretty expensive but it doesnt go up much the more you add. Anyways, thanks to everyone that takes the time to look at my post and for all replies. Top Wanted Games: Arkanoid Ballyhoo Code Name: Iceman Flood Forgotten Worlds Gold Rush James Pond 2 Kings Quest 1,2,3 & 4 Lemmings Marble Madness Police Quest 1 & 2 Rod-Land Sensible Soccer Space Quest 1,2 & 3 Tetris Time Bandit
  18. After reading about the Commodore 65, it made me think of a short musing that I had with Metalguy, a few years back, where we were discussing using an ST keyboard with an Atari 8-Bit. We did conclude that it would be a nice hack, because there would be so much space available inside the case, which would be useful for adding all kinds of mods. When I saw the C65, it made me think of this. So, considering that an ST is a fairly cheap computer to purchase, lets discuss all of the things that would be necessary to do, if one wanted to build a 130 XE into a 520 ST case, as a platform specifically designed to accommodate all of the cool new mods that are available today for the Atari 8-Bit. I think that it would be a really good starting point for advanced Atari 8-Bit users, who are interested in building The Ultimate Kickass Ataribox, but don't want to worry about cramming all sorts of stuff into their beloved Atari, that they already own. Something like this proposed system would be something that you would built from scratch, specifically as an upgraded machine. Let's discuss the best way to do this.
  19. Hi I'm repairing an Atari St mouse (STM1) and I need to get the wiring, from the connector on the PCB to the Db9 on the Atari , does anyone has that thing ?
  20. Hello!, I just got myself an Atari 520STFM and I am very excited about what I can do with it and all its features. I am aware of a book called 1001 things to do with your Atari ST which has all sorts of fun things to do with an Atari ST, but does anyone know where I could find a PDF or E Book version of this book online? Thanks for reading
  21. Hello! Is there any insight to making the stock keyboards more responsive and touch friendly? Ideas for retrofitting new springs and such?
  22. Hi all... VERY VERY long shot here, but i'm looking to put some of my systems away and want to get the boxes they originally came in. I'm looking for... SNES (Gen 1) - FOUND!!! Genesis (Gen 2) 32X Dreamcast Jaguar Atari STFM or E PS1 (Gen 1) PS2 - FOUND!!! Cardboard or styro inserts would be a huge plus, manuals and other media not important. Really hoping someone can help! Thanks for reading!!!
  23. Hi, does anyone know what the trace port is on the STacy? It is along the side of the cartridge port but closer to the keyboard.
  24. I found this pretty cool looking mouse driver on an old L.A.C.E. disk today and decided to pull the documentation together and format it a little. I fixed a lot of errors, but maybe introduced a few new ones, since I didn't really go over it with a fine-toothed comb yet. I've included the L.A.C.E. disk as well as the all the original files pulled off the disk, including the Docs ARC and Programs ARC. I've only tried out the little BASIC test program that was included, but it looked pretty good, and the documentation and utilities seem to be pretty thorough. I also liked that he set it up to use CIO. Supposedly it will work with TBXL with a little configuring. Many thanks to Simon Trew, the author. Multi-Mouse.zip
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