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Found 11 results

  1. After "OSx16 Multi Bankswitch Board": http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242873-diy-multi-bs-with-atmega8-for-atari-2600/ Just "OSx16 Joystick-Mice Adapter." With This Adapter, Connect Atari Standard Joystick To PC/LAPTOP. Connect Adapter To Serial RS-2323 Port (COM PORT) And Play Atari Games Under OSx16 Operating System With Joystick. With Only : 1xMCU (Atmega8A) 1xTransistor 5xResistor 1xCapacitor 3xDiode 1xDB-9 - Male 1xDB-9 - Female Firmware and "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta CD-ROM" (Schematic and Values and Device Driver are In CD-ROM) Address : http://1drv.ms/1iE3ci3
  2. For some reason, Minecraft won't run on my near stock (RAM upgraded to 2 gigs from 512MB stock, windows vista stock now win7), it says this: (full error report) Bad video card drivers! ----------------------- Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated OpenGL mode. This can usually be fixed by updating the video card drivers. --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 7fe0271 -------- Generated 29/07/17 23:38 -- System Details -- Details: Minecraft Version: 1.5.2 Operating System: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1 Java Version: 1.8.0_141, Oracle Corporation Java VM Version: Java HotSpot Client VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation Memory: 450538920 bytes (429 MB) / 518979584 bytes (494 MB) up to 1037959168 bytes (989 MB) JVM Flags: 2 total; -Xms512m -Xmx1024m AABB Pool Size: 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) used Suspicious classes: No suspicious classes found. IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 0, tallocated: 0 LWJGL: 2.4.2 OpenGL: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null Is Modded: Probably not. Jar signature remains and client brand is untouched. Type: Client (map_client.txt) Texture Pack: Default Profiler Position: N/A (disabled) Vec3 Pool Size: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null[failed to get system properties (java.lang.NullPointerException)] org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.nChoosePixelFormat(Native Method) at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.choosePixelFormat(WindowsPeerInfo.java:52) at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsDisplay.createWindow(WindowsDisplay.java:185) at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.createWindow(Display.java:311) at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:856) at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:784) at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Display.java:765) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(SourceFile:235) at avv.a(SourceFile:56) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:507) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) --- END ERROR REPORT c8ed6f9e ---------- As said, i have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2236 laptop compuyter with a ATI Radeon Xpress 200M with vista drivers as i can't find win7 drivers.
  3. Hi, as some of us maybe already know, Chris Bobbitt from former ASGARD Software is sending around his findings from his very old Asgard Software Archive to us, to get it digitalized and to share it to the community. What a great move !!! Thanks to Chris, again. As I am one of the lucky guys getting some of this stuff here, my very first action was to make DSKs from the floppydisks he sent to me this week. I attach them here as a ZIP, including a small docu and some screentprints from my testings. I also add some pics of the first ship, as an overview for you. Regarding the amount of paper, it will take some time for me to make scans of that, of course. But, if you see anything very interesting here in the pics, just let me know, so I would do an immediate, selected scan for you. More floppydisks are on the way, to be handled quickly to pass through to all 99ers. I think this will be a big event for all of us, diggin´ through all this fine treasures Many many thanks and all tribute to Chris schmitzi
  4. TI-99/4A Projects Latest update: July 17th 2012 This post lists all active TI-99/4A related projects (hardware, software, documentation, ...) It gives an overview of what folks are currently working on in the TI-99/4A scene. Project authors, please contact me and if you want your project added/updated/removed. Might be that one or more projects need help, so inform me and I'll add a "vacancy open" hint to the thread Hardware F18A - An FPGA based 9918A replacement An enhanced replacement VDP for connecting your TI-99/4A (and possibly MSX1, Colecovision) to a VGA compatible LCD. Author: @matthew180 / Blog Bank Switch Mini 256K Miniature 256K bank-switched circuit board to be used with old cartridge PCB's. Author: @matthew180 Proplay Modified 4 button SEGA gamepads for playing with the TI-99/4A Author: @jchase1970 SIDblaster Soundcard for the PEB (Peripheral Expansion Box) containing a Commodore SID sound chip Author: @marc.hull Software: programming languages Turboforth A new forth cartridge for the TI-99/4A Author: @Willsy / Turboforth site GCC C cross-compiler targetting the TI-99/4A Author: @insomnia / Blog Software: game tools spectra2 Updated version of the TMS9900 Arcade Game Library for the TI-99/4A. Author: @retroclouds GameBase TI-99/4A A Gamebase project for the TI-99/4A containing games, educational titles and a Geneve entry with Hard drive image, also docs & box covers where available. Primarily the TI-99 emulation is through M.E.S.S but now implementing Classic99. Hoping to include every known (and available) TI-99 game ever written. Submissions can be checked here - in case I have missed anything! Author: @OX. Software: games Realms of Antiquity Disk-based CRPG for the TI-99/4A Author: @adamantyr / Blog The Legend of Beryl Reichardt A new vintage-style RPG designed for the TI-99/4a. Stylistically modeled after the 8 bit console RPGs, LoBR features a menu-driven, turn-based battle engine and a classic Final Fantay-style leveling system. Author: @Opry99er Tutankham: Quest for the golden mask A "prequel" to the unreleased TI-99/4A Tutankham game. Covers enhanced graphics and some new features. Author: @retroclouds Ultimate Planet A space themed wargame set in the far future. Author: @Vorticon
  5. Hi, I am looking for the(TI) DISKMANAGER-3 (DM3) on FloppyDisk (.DSK or .HFE) I mean this version which looks identically to the classic DM2-cartridge. (I think, once it was planned as new the version for the TI´s DD-Controller) I have this well-known "beta" as BIN, but I need a DSK-Version. Is there anybody out there who has it or knows about ? Thanks xXx
  6. You may not recall them- they only released two XB programs, FFF TI-Asteroids and Shuttle Command. They were a "team" of three, and one of them has just been in touch. I have permission to pass this on here - it describes a third program that wasn't released. Rick Rothstein was the programmer for a company called FFF Software which wrote a couple of games for the TI-99/4 series of computers. Rick writes: I am 70 years old now and have been retired for several years. I was a Civil Engineer (road design) back in my working days. FFF Software was working on a third program when TI made its announcement. We had the screens designed, the storyline fleshed out and the game action scripted and I had begun the preliminary programming. We thought it would have been good game once completed. It was going to be called Dino Kong and it was to be sort of a Donkey Kong derivative. The story took place in prehistoric times and the storyline was that you (the player) were the person designated to push a huge teetering rock into the volcano when it erupted. In the first screen, was a cross-section of a wide river with trees having huge branches with vines hanging straight down... oh, and the river was invested with aquatic dinosaurs (alligator looking things if I remember correctly)... you had to jump on the vines and cross the river by grabbing adjacent vines one-at-a-time. Sounds easy, right? I forgot to mention the flocks of pterodactyls flying back and forth across the river requiring you to shinny up and down to avoid being hit by them while you attempted to move vine-to-vine. After successfully completing that screen, the second screen required you to climb ladders placed in staggered pattern across a large rock face with several horizontal landings located at the edge of a cliff while dodging fireballs that were raining down after being ejected from the nearby volcano. The third and last screen was located at the volcano itself where you had to run up a spiral path cut into the side of the mountain while jumping the fiery lava balls that were oozing out of the volcano. There were diagonal wooden foot bridges that you had to jump on to move diagonally back and forth across the paths with the fiery lava balls on them. Once you got to the top you would "bang" into the huge teetering rock which would fall into the volcano's opening thus plugging it and stopping the eruption. We were also discussing, but hadn't finalized, adding some bonus screens under certain circumstances memory permitting. In the three years we sold Shuttle Command and TI-Asteroids (it was a side line business for the three of us in the company) , after taxes, those sales paid for our equipment and then some. It was a fun time back then as everything was fresh and new and somewhat groundbreaking at the time. Oh well, we cannot live in the past. Rick" <end quote> Disk with Shuttle Command: stainless8.dsk Screen image of Shuttle Command:
  7. Hi All, When looking around at Atari sites, I notice so many different versions of the same game (such as Centipede) and then within the different versions, different revisions. Normally, the difference between versions are clear, such as the two different versions of Dig Doug. When it comes to revisions within a version, things get confusing. Some are clear and obvious hacks when you run them (such a screen that say "provided by" or games that give cheating options) but others are not so clear. In one game I played, it seemed like the difficulty was greatly reduced in one of the revisions My goal, if it is possible, is to try and play a game (be it on an emulator or MyIDE II) exactly as it is on the cart/disk/tape that I may pick up from Ebay or one of you in the future. So what I’m wondering is if there are any hard or soft general rules I can follow to try and make sure that what I’m playing matches what I’ll be getting on the cart? Like perhaps the .XEX with the smallest file size, etc… ? Are they most likely dumps by different people, with different headers and the like? Is there any software to compare headers of games to known headers/dumps so that I understand what I have? Or perhaps, as a general rule, are these revisions not different enough to warrant any concern? At the same time, I understand some of the people here on this forum have worked very hard to create revisions/hacks of known games, and when I find something interesting that I like (such as the trackball centipede hack for the 7800) I want to be able to recognize it and appreciate their work. Thank you for your help, --SilvaHaloOne
  8. . Dilithium Software / Dilithium Press . Hi, I converted the "32 Programs for the TI-99/4A Computer (Book/Cassette Package)" (#4791 - 2/15/1984) from Cassette to .DSK ( with my old Aiwa Walkman and JS99er.net ) Extended Basic Auto-Load for catalog Have fun xXx Dilithium-Software--32-Programs-XB.dsk
  9. So my main PS3 now is a PS3 80GB "CECHE" model. I play a good amount of PS3 on it still, PS1, and PS2. I've heard two stories regarding this model: -It has half the PS2 chips, others are emulated -It uses 100% emulation to run PS2 games Now, a little research tells me: "North American CECHE 80GB model excludes the PlayStation 2 "Emotion Engine" CPU chip with it being replaced by an emulated version via the Cell Broadband Engine.[11] However, it retains the "Graphics Synthesizer" GPU resulting in a hybrid hardware and software emulation.[16] Due to the elimination of the "Emotion Engine" and its replacement with a software-emulated version, the level of PlayStation 2 compatibility was slightly reduced." So it seems like the first is true, it's a mix of PS2 chips and emulation. I've thrown a lot of PS2 games at my CHECHE and never had any problems. Can anyone say they have, or seen a list of PS2 games that don't work on the CECHE model? Found this interesting as well: https://www.hardcoreware.net/playstation-3-80gbs-ps2-backwards-compatibility-sucks/ It's a crying shame the 60GB CECHA's weren't built to last. That would be a forever system for me if it worked. Keeping my fingers crossed the PS5 is fully backwards compatible as rumors have stated it may be.
  10. I'd like to announce opening up of a website I've been working on over the last few months. It's dedicated to programming, DOS, utilities and other serious (non-game related) software, documentation, and other resources. Most of these resources are available at other sites around the web as well, but the presentation, organization, and some content is unique; and some of the resources you'll not find together elsewhere. I'll also be using it to house documentation updates that I've done quite often (adding bookmarks and improving cover pages, etc.), which I'd formerly hosted at these file-sharing sites that seem to come and go from month to month. So it'll be a permanent location for those resources. The site is more focused on quality and interesting software, rather than quantity, OSS being one of the main focuses. Right now I just have enough content to get things started, but I'll be adding more content as time goes by. Some textual content is incomplete (section descriptions, etc.), and some graphics are just placeholders for the moment. So they'll be other changes to the site besides adding content in the future as well. If anyone has suggestions or resources that they think might fit into the scheme/concept of the site, please feel free to speak up / contribute. Check it out here: Serious Computerist
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