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Found 7 results

  1. I don't technically follow (atariage checkbox meaning) most threads on atariage. Only 2-3 at a time. I can't afford the notification volume. So I propose this thread for support and usability questions regarding TIPI for end users. If it is a 'what if we add x to TIPI' feature kind of thing, go to the Development thread.. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/265136-tipi-ti-994a-to-raspberry-pi-interface-development/ Here are a couple resources for TIPI users: * guide for how to get set up the first time. http://ti994a.cwfk.net/TIPI.html * perpetually in progress documentation. https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki [email protected]
  2. Hello to everyone in this excellent forum. Not everyone regularly looks into the TI-99 / 4A Development Forum, so I want to briefly inform you here about a menu program for TIPI users, which I have provided today under the following link. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/289955-mega-menu-for-tipi/ Please scroll to Message # 4 for the new version and have fun!
  3. TIPIAC... Truly Important Personal Information Alarm Clock. It's alive! *TI Basic version works on bare console(TIPI req.) *Handles 48 reminders *Tone and or spoken alerts(Speech req. TEII, SSSS) *Use wildcards to create recurring events *Existing program integration potential coming soon(developers welcome(gratis))........hopefully... Save/Restore/Autolaod CALENDAR list(s) from TIPI. TI Basic instructions, OLD DSK1.AC RUN Hold S to set ALARM time(s). Just above the INPUT LINE, the CURRENT TIME and exact ENTRY FORMAT are displayed, all three aligned for ease of entry. 1. Enter ALARM time. Use * as "don't care" wildcards to allow alarm to repeat at intervals if desired. 2. Enter 0,1,2 or 3 to select silence, a tone alert, speech read or both tone alert and speech read respectively. 3. Enter an associated ALERT message. 4. Enter another ALARM time or type DONE to return to CLOCK mode(normal mode). After an ALERT occurs it's associated ALARM time is automatically removed from the ALARM time(s) list unless it uses wildcard(s). From CLOCK mode Hold R to view the ALARM list and make manual deletions(one per screen). Please note: DAY and MONTH matching are case sensitive! Entering a lower case "done" results in being returned to the input prompt. This was done to remind "that both upper and lower case must be used for day and month". If an error is entered into the ALARM list, that entry will be ignored. Use R from CLOCK mode to delete if desired. Use upper case "DONE". ALARM and alert MODE entries are unchecked for errors, so dial carefully! Wild cards, which apply to entire fields, need only appear in the first character position of a field, and are ignored in all other positions. The input system "hunts" for the first empty slot on the ALARM list TIPIAC does not do Seconds. Improveyment ideas wanted... P.S. Have a nice day and DON'T FORGET.
  4. It's still in development, lots of bugs, which I am actively squashing, but in the interest of keeping everything compulsively public, I am copying (and updating) the latest build of PLATOTerm99 onto IRATA.ONLINE's web server, which can be loaded directly via TIPI, here: TIPI.http://ti99.irata.online/PLATO Currently, it is set to automatically connect to IRATA.ONLINE. Just run it. Thanks to arcadeshopper for helping me test and make sure that it works enough for basic use. Thanks to jedimatt42 and the guys working on tipi for making an excellent device and ecosystem. Thanks to everyone who will be testing. The key map can be seen here, scroll down: http://github.com/tschak909/platoterm99 Enjoy, it will be seeing rapid polishing over the next couple of weeks, especially once my TIPI/32K arrives. -Thom
  5. I don't recall who mentioned it to me at Fest West, but one guy was telling me how he wished Flying Shark could save it's high scores to a place like myti99.net. I thought that was a BRILLIANT idea, but wonder how many software authors would want to make additions or alterations to their works of art, but it had me wondering about some of those 'older games' that source code still exists for. I figure any modified program(s) would remain in E/A 5 format so they could reside on the TIPI/RPi's SD card since it would have to be on a TIPI enabled system for the WiFi access to save and load the high score table anyway. It might give some old games new life when a little competitive rivalry is going on. I don't know how long high scores would remain, but from the server side I bet they could be reset every month or two. Even one program for experimental purposes would be interesting, although I have no clue which game would be most suitable as a trial.
  6. We all know a TIPI is in many of our futures. As hobbyists, we seem to find ways to exploit and improve our 'big boy toys' by giving them new applications and capabilities. WiFi capability on the Raspberry Pi is no big deal, but once it's hooked up to a TIPI... it makes all these TI's WiFi capable! So, what are we TI hobbyists gonna do? Well, the old X10 command module for the TI is almost unobtanium, but with WiFI there are all kinds of switches and outlets currently available to make a home automation system a modern reality on the TI. As usual, one component is missing... THE PROGRAM! Can you imagine a WiFi controller program stuffed in a FinalGROM controlling everything from the TI? Sounds like fun to me! Some of the many available devices: Number 1 -- Number 2 -- Number 3 -- Number 4
  7. What's more appropriate for NEW gear on older computers, than updated versions of older software? Some legacy programs have 'issues' when dealing with newer gear or storage formats. Some older editors like TI-Writer or BA-Writer leave 'garbage'(see first reply below) at the end of a file which can interfere with programs like 4A/DOS when it's trying to process a batch file. Some older programs cannot use all their functions on newer gear. This editor program works flawlessly. Some legacy editors have multiple selection screens and are bulky multi-part programs, or have stuff you don't need. Some of the old editors don't even remember the filename you are working on. This newly updated editor by Fred Kaal does it all, in one easy to use compact program. I simply love this editor and I think you will too! Sometimes great things come in small packages! So whatever your hardware, even TIPI's and F18A's, this editor.... "IS THE ONE". Editor_V30.zip (attached below) This ZIP contains two versions of this program. The first version, "EDIT80" is compatible with the F18A. This version works VERY WELL within the confines of the 4A/DOS environment, but can also be loaded and used like any other EA/5 program. The second version, "EDIT40" is for users who still use the original 9918 composite output. EDITOR.BIN (attached below) Used to load the program from an FR99 or FG99. This program is a converted version of the 'scratch loader' originally developed by Mark Wills with tweaks by Tursi and also with support and input from the old SWPB group and members Bill, Tim and Ben. It was converted into cartridge format by AtariAge user JediMatt42. Here, in it's uploaded form it's set to load EDIT80 from DSK1. but it can easily be modified with a sector editor to suit your individual needs. Please, download and check them out for yourself. Also, feel free to leave comments, suggestions or even click 'like' to let me know you were here. If you want a video made, please let me know that too.
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