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Found 16 results

  1. Some great classic TV commercials in this short video. Including Batman Returns. Which was a decent port for the handheld. Link: https://goo.gl/cKSmC4
  2. I have 3 CRT TV sets that we need to get rid off. These would be great for old video game consoles and I wanted to give the Atariage community a chance to get them first. If you live on the North shore of Boston (Massachusetts) and are looking for a CRT TV for your video game collection this could be the chance are looking for. I am moving and we simply do not have the room to keep the TVs. The TVs all work, details below. 1] 20 inch MGA tv. This is an old TV that someone left behind at the location where we are moving. It is small and light weight. There are only two inputs: coax and a two-channel composite (has only video and single audio, like the original NES). I tested the coax and channel 3 looks perfect for gaming. The composite is messed up - maybe it just needs an adjustment, I don't know. But if you just want a simple TV that plays old Atari consoles, the coax input is all you need. 2] 32 inch Sony Trinitron SDTV. This is my TV I have been using with my video game collection. I bought this a couple of years ago from Salvation Army for $20. It is a bit scuffed up but It works. It is heavy and I can not take it with me when I move. You'll need at least two people to carry it. 3] The cream of the crop. 32 inch Samsung HDTV 1080i in beautiful condition. This is taking up a large portion of a room we need at the location where we are moving to. While the screen is 32 inches, the bulk of this TV is bigger than the trinitron and is heavier. You'll need at least two people to carry it. If you are interested in taking one, PM me. We would like them gone this weekend. We have junk dealers coming to take them away on Thursday morning if no one wants them.
  3. NOTE: THIS GUIDE IS NOT YET COMPLETE IN THIS ONE POST! THERE IS PLENTY MORE TO KNOW AND I'M JUST GETTING STARTED! CHECK BACK IN LATER POSTS FOR MORE INFO! Hello AtariaAge! This is a guide I've wanted to put together for a while about getting the best possible image (and audio!) quality from all of your retro consoles, including Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and even other consoles like the Colecovision, TG-16/PCE, Neo Geo, and Intellivision! IMHO one of the coolest things about collecting games today is the fact that we can experience them better now than we did years ago with the new technology available to consumers via the magic of the internet. If you've ever wanted to make your games look amazing on real hardware, this is the guide for you! Check out this comparison! It is truly stunning to see. For starters, you need to understand the issue non-HD consoles present: to plug into the largest amount of standard consumer televisions, all consoles from the Atari 2600 all the way until the Wii were packaged with either a Coaxial RF (Radio Frequency) cable or composite RCA cables. These pack all of the audio and video into one and three cables respectively. The video is condensed and is ruined before it even reaches your TV. However, with the power of better cables many systems can output superior quality right out of the box! Take the SNES (non-mini) for example. It can output a superior Video signal! Check out this comparison! It is even more stunning in person! However, the SNES can still do even better! RGB is a video signal that carries the video and audio over even more pins than S Video, separating the red, green, and blue parts of the image. Most RGB signals are carried over SCART cables, which were popular in Europe but never available in the USA: Here it is! The glory of RGB! However, you may have already noticed an issue here: even if your console does output a superior signal like S Video, RGB, Component, or VGA, how do you display it? Like I said no American TVs had SCART inputs ever. Also, what about systems that don't output anything anything above RF, let alone RGB, like the Atari 2600 and ColecoVision? Don't worry, there's much more to come very soon! This is just a teaser post for anyone who hasn't been lucky enough to see the glory of RGB and retro consoles looking their best.
  4. I'm looking for the following BBC TV series which followed "The Computer Programme" (1982). According to Wikipedia, these are: Making the Most of the Micro (1983) Micro Live (1983 - 1987) I already have the first series (The Computer Programme), and would like to see the rest of the series. Can anyone provide a torrent, or the actual videos, etc?
  5. CatPix

    Kaisui TV

    From the album: CatPixtures

  6. Hello, Back in the early 1980s I was yearning for the computer component for the Intellivision. I didn't get any magazines and the Internet was not around then so I had no clue that it was scrapped and the ECS would take its place. My parents knew that I wanted to get the computer expansion for my INTV and during the Xmas of 81 (maybe)my parents got me a new 13 inch color TV. I had been using a 12 inch black and white that was dying Anyway, one of the reasons my parents picked this particular TV out for me was that it was made for Mattel Electronics Aquarius Computer. I was not sure what the Aquarius was and it didn't really matter because later that year I got my Atari 800 XL. I have checked the net and didn't see any info regarding the TV. The set itself doesn't indicate anything about Mattel but the box does. I found the box in my parents attic. I still have the TV, but it is buried in my garage. As of 10-15 years ago it still works. Attached are the pictures of the box depicting the Mattel stickers. Does anyone know anything about this? The unit was purchased at Kiddie City a toy store competitor to Toys R Us. It was owned by the Lionel corporation.
  7. I am looking for a CRT tv for retro gaming. I cam across the Sony Wega KV-34XBR910 (also known as Sony Wega KV-XBR910). Does anyone know if this is a good model? Supposedly you should get one with 50hz, but i am not sure if this model has 50hz. Is there one you would recommend if not this one?
  8. Hi all, I recently pulled my Atari 2600jr from storage for testing. I only have one cart to play with (Battlezone) and it's not really working. I'm connecting it via RF using the original cable. There is sound but video is very very distorted and from time to time disappears altogether. Basically it's unusable in this state. What could be the culprit? Thanks
  9. Hi all, Can't believe I haven't signed up to this forum earlier as I am a big Atari fan ! But I have a bit of a dilemma regarding my Jaguar 64 machine. I have the RGB SCART lead (the ribbon cable type) and this works perfectly when connected directly to my TV (Panasonic Viera LCD). The problem is I have quite a few consoles that I like to leave connected. If I plug the Jaguar into either my small 3 SCART switch or VCR it starts to flicker every so often (My PS2 using the same setup works fine). Also, if I try extending the Jaguar lead with a coupler and another SCART lead I get the same issue. If I extend the switch with the coupler and SCART lead and plug the Jaguar into the switch I get flicker AND no sound. The thing is I'd quite like to run the Jaguar through a switch but may still need to extend the lead (either coming from the Jaguar or the switch). Does anyone have any ideas or what might work? Many thanks in advance . F4LL3N
  10. Hi everyone, I'm trying to connect my old Atari ST to a flatscreen TV (Toshiba model 37RL853). I'm not 100% clear on all of the AV terms when it comes to connecting things, so bear with me, but this is what I've got so far: -- Atari ST - connected to mains (duh) and connected directly to the TV with a phono-to-RF connector (i.e. plugs into the coax input on the TV). -- TV is on ATV mode, not digital, and I've run a scan to tune it in -- It finds the Atari signal on Channel 50 but no matter how I try to fine-tune the signal, the best I can get is a dodgy, fuzzy signal which flickers and jumps about and also sometimres flickers red/B&W. -- The cable I'm using to connect is brand new from Maplins today so I doubt it's a faulty cable? Any ideas what might be happening here and more importantly, how I can get the Atari to work on the TV? Many thanks in advance for any help :-) Danielle
  11. TV has been tossed. Thanks for your time!
  12. What do you hook your retro consoles into? I haven't had a CRT TV in my house for several years now, so I've been plugging into an HD TV for a while. But I recently bought a huge tube-type from a friend of mine for $20, and it's made a pretty big difference in my opinion. No black bars on the sides, the pixels aren't so sharp, etc. There's something so nice about living in a world where everything is "smart" and then plugging a console without an operating system into a TV without an operating system. What's your opinion? Does the kind of TV really matter to you? Do you prefer HD TVs for retro games?
  13. CatPix

    Kaisui TV close

    From the album: CatPixtures

  14. SmellyJelly

    CRT Setup

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    Here's my setup with all of my cart games and some of my consoles. From clockwise starting in the top left we have the Pikachu Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Toploader NES, Model II Genesis, and a 4-switch Atari 2600. They all get their use, and I constantly am making sure the area itself is clean/dust-free.

    © SmellyJelly

  15. AtariVCS101

    Atari 2600 games

    From the album: Atari Stuff

    These are all of my 20 Atari carts for my 2600. 20 games!
  16. MUNCIE INDIANA LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - MUST HAVE A TRUCK OR VAN this will NOT fit in your sedan; even if your seats fold down. Have a dolly/hand-truck. 37" screen, great picture and sound. Just replaced wheels and the speaker cones were all but dust;;; replaced with some $45 car audio speakers from Wal-Mart. The speakers wouldn't fit so I cut the holes bigger with a Dremel, not the prettiest job but you can't see that because the speaker covers hide it. They sound as good/better than the original speakers. See pics, the back has additional hookups for satellite speakers, though the built ins, I believe most people would find more than sufficient (miles better than the tin-cans TVs have now-a-days). The CRT has no scuffs/scratches. The console has some minor scuffs hardly noticeable, and one pretty good one on the top right (a few inches long). The glass door on the front works, but needs re-mounted properly. I'd not used it, and when I put it back on, I didn't have the proper screws/mounts so its not on super-sturdy, but easily fixed. Dual S-Video hookups; perfect for some old school gaming. The CRT is not removable from the console/cabinet - it's all ONE PIECE. It weighs probably ~150+ pounds; guessing. When you push it across the carpet, it's so heavy it wants to roll up your carpet if your not careful. It is 45 1/4" tall. 39" wide. 21 1/2" deep (at base). and of course the CRT is 37" diagonal. Looking for $100 even. Would trade for Atari 8-bit (800/xl/xe series; not 2600) stuff, nothing particular, but even if I already have, I love spares/extra I just don't have the room for this monster floor model :-(
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