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Found 9 results

  1. Hello. I am currently working on an RPG for the beloved Commodore 64. I will share more, but I need to know how to put my charset at $E000 from a BASIC prg. A LISTing would be excellent, but an explanation would be okay too (although I will have a lot of questions.) After I get this in, I'll have more to show and tell.
  2. SIO2


    Early WIP frogus07062017.a78 frogus07062017.bin You will probably recognize it as a clone of something. Rules are a bit different though. You must collect a fly to enter a gate / cave. Get killed and you must get another fly.
  3. Inspired by the recent Space Taxi thread, I've started to work on a game with the working title "Air Taxi". It won't be a faithful port of Space Taxi but heavily borrows from it, meaning the gameplay will feel very similar, but level design and several details will be different. There will be two different kernels: One for asymmetric levels, unable to display hi-res objects apart from the taxi and the passenger, and one for symmetric levels with an intelligent object multiplexer allowing for more hi-res objects like bullets, snowflakes etc. with minimal flicker. Both are designed to have no empty scanlines and to be able to display dynamically changing playfield graphics, i.e. levels with moving walls or doors opening and closing. I've finished a proof of concept of the asymmetric kernel. Note that the graphics and level design are only a placeholder. For those who don't want to run it in Stella, the opening in the vertical wall is moving, and the top of the ring where the passenger is in alternates between open and closed. You cannot yet move the taxi around; it's only my first experiment if the kernel works as intended. Features of the kernel: The interior of a level has a resolution of 32x40. Blocks can be switched on/off at a resolution of 32x20 during the game, and the level exit can be anywhere on the top. The taxi will be drawn every scanline, the passenger (or the target pad if he's already on board the taxi) every second scanline. The background and the playfield colors can be set every 4 scanlines. Also every 4 scanlines, the missiles can be enabled or disabled. Right now they are used to mark the fuel pad in the lower right corner. I've already created some python scripts that convert PNG images into level data and color data. That allows me to use GIMP (with the VCS palette loaded) to design levels, although changing the level during gameplay (like opening doors etc.) will require custom code for each level. Basically I hold a buffer of AND mask values in RAM that the kernel applies on the fly before writing to PF1/2. The kernel has some downsides however. As already stated, it doesn't allow for additional hi-res objects. In addition, taxi and passengers only have a single color, and I'm not very happy with how the fuel pad gets displayed. But my main design goals were to be able to draw the taxi each scanline and to have an asymmetric level design which is not static, which together is pretty limiting with regards to instruction cycles left for other stuff. Hence the second kernel for symmetric levels which I will do later, but first I'll add the ability to actually fly around with the taxi. taxi_170203.bin
  4. I've been working on a new (well, it's been going on a while) project to bring a new game to the Atari. It is currently called "Escape the Night Garden" and can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYArkNuj0L8 I would like to thank Miker for the music, I came across this track and just loved it, so I asked him if I could use it and he was happy to allow me to use the track. Thanks Miker! Please don't be too harsh, it's my first attempt at programming a full game in MADS. A lot of work still needs to be done to get it into a working game. It'll basically be a game where you have to get out of the maze (night garden in this case) by flicking switches in the right order and avoiding enemies (when they're fully programmed), I just need to get past a programming problem with MADS structs. I'll better the graphics later, add a title screen, DLI's for more colour, extra levels, sprite animation, possibly more music if memory allows, additional fonts for more varied graphics and add a status bar at the bottom. At the moment you can also walk through walls, obviously that needs to be sorted. Levels (24 screens) are compressed down to around 450 bytes. That'll take up more when colour schemes, disappearing doors and enemies are implemented.
  5. This is very early version of my first Atari 2600 game. It is is intended be more feature filled than the Blackjack game released by Atari. My goals are accurate casino play, higher quality graphics, and supporting a true multi-deck shoe without dealing duplicate cards. Why am I making this game? I like Blackjack, and I don't like the official Atari version. The Atari 2600 is the reason I became a programmer, so I'm somewhat fond of the 2600 and 6502 programming. I made an attempt in 2008 with a different game concept, but I didn't have the time to work on it. I had accepted a new job that kept me extremely busy. The joystick controls are simple: Press down to HIT. Press up to STAY. Press fire to begin a new game. Why Theta VIII? You're an unfortunate guest of the Hotel Royale on the planet Theta VIII. Roadmap This is a work in progress, so the features are very limited. The controls will evolve as features are added. The core game play appears to be working, but it's not well tested. The status bar at the bottom displays the player's score, dealer's score, and the current game state. Those will be removed in future revisions, but the status bar will show message prompts, chip totals, and win/loss status. I'm posting on my blog to stay off the forums for now. This version is way too early for game reviews. It's bare bones. I have to return to my other work for a while, so my rate of progress will slow down for a while. I hope I can have it complete after about a year. I have plans to add many more features and user interface touches. Here's a short list in order of descending priority (although they're all important): accurate casino game play with betting, double down, splitting (only 1 split planned), surrender, insurance, etc no duplication of cards (cards are unique by deck, rank, and suit) betting mechanics and player's chip management sound effects a 2nd player: paging left and right will switch between players. I gave up my original plan to show 3 hands on a single screen. It won't be practical. support for 1 deck with 75% penetration and up to 4 decks with less penetration improving UI feedback: getting rid of the ugly Hit/Stay/Win/Lose graphics; using the bottom status bar instead lots of game options and variations (such as dealer hits on soft 17, early or late surrender, color scheme, number of decks, etc) sprite animations more graphic touches Accurate game play is my number one priority. My goal is for card counting to actually work with a single player, 1 or 2 deck game, which requires that no duplicate cards can be dealt, random numbers must be unbiased, and the deck is dealt to a realistic depth of penetration (between 50% to 75%). Technical Details I've attached the binary and some screenshots, but not the source. I'll attach the source after I've rewritten a few messy subroutines. I'm somewhat inexperienced with 6502 assembly, so there's lots of room for optimizing the code (and data). Let me know if you find any bugs or inconsistent scan line counts. I'm rendering at 262 lines. When I release the source, I hope to get some tips on better assembly programming. Until then I just really like solving problems on my own. The only problem I've been unable to solve so far is I couldn't get the joystick latches to work. I had to write my own latch logic, but I'd prefer to use the hardware latches to free up some space. You're probably wondering how I'm storing 4 decks in 128 bytes. Well, I'm not. I'm storing the cards in play (meaning they're dealt to an active hand) in a packed format. I'm currently using this format: ; Card: Single packed; deck suit rank; Bits: 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0;; Rank: 0-13 = ranks Ace through King; 14-15 = unused The discard pile is a different situation from the active cards in play. I'm currently not storing discards. Cards shifted off screen are summed into a total, which doesn't work for preventing duplicates. A combination of strategies is what's going to work. The discard pile doesn't require knowing who has which card. It only needs to know which card is available to deal, so I could use a bitmap. Four decks contains 208 cards. If one card is one bit, then the entire 4-deck shoe can be stored in an array of 26 bytes. ; Cards 0 to 8 : 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0; Cards 9 to 16 : 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0; Cards 17 to 24 : 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0; Cards 25 to 32 : 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0; Cards 33 to 40 : 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0; ... The average hand consumes about 4 to 6 cards, so the RAM usage is low for the average case. The trouble is dealing with worst case scenarios, which could deal 20 or more cards to a single player given multiple decks and splitting hands. The worst case contains all the lowest valued cards for both the player's and dealer's hands. I have to balance the worst case scenario of active cards in play with the format for the discard pile. If I don't go with the bitmap, then I'll have to settle for implementing a circular buffer for storing the discards. It will truncate the card history, but would only affect a very small percentage of hands. I currently have about 45 bytes of RAM free. I'm wasteful with RAM, so I have some easy optimizations to make for freeing up space. This version represents the culmination of about 1 month's work so far. I spent a week rewriting code that wasn't going to work, and then spent another 2 weeks goofing around with writing my own horizontal and vertical positioning algorithms. In the end I just ended up just using the divide by 15 method. Heh. Heh. SkipDraw is not used, because the vertical positioning in this game is trivial. Nothing moves and everything is divided into fixed size rows. Hardware Testing The game is completely untested on hardware, because I don't have a Harmony cart. I'll get one sooner or later.
  6. SIO2

    Sick Pickles WIP

    Early WIP sickpickles061017.a78
  7. So about a week ago, I was wondering what I wanted my first 2600 game to be. I had seen the Nyantari demo, and I liked how it was implemented. However, it isn't a game, only a demo, and as far as I know nobody has made a Nyan Cat homebrew game yet. I looked up some Flash games and found Nyan Cat FLY! It's not the greatest game, but I like the concept, especially because the gameplay should be entirely possible on the 2600. I have been brainstorming for the past week now, and I started writing code for the game over the weekend. I wanted to start with the easy part (if you want to call it that, nothing on the 2600 is easy), so as of now I only have the score/level display. This was my first time making a 6-digit score, or even a 48-pixel sprite, for that matter. The kernel for the 6-digit score is well commented, but the rest is very messy. I will probably spend a couple days making it neater before I move on to the next step, but I just wanted to put this out here for now. For the latest source code and .bin, here is the Github repository: https://github.com/JeremiahK96/vcs-nyancat nyancat.bin nyancat1.3.asm
  8. Trick or treat! You need to guzzle as many treats as you can on each street you visit. You have until midnight to chomp your way through the local area so you pass along each street faster and faster. However, you need to avoid the local posse of skeletons. If you collide with them 6 times your night is over. Heres the ROM :- NextStreet.1.00.rom Its very rough and it has no sound effects or music. Corners had to be cut to get it out for tonight . I haven't tested it on real hardware but it plays fine in jzintv, Bliss and Nostalgia. Enjoy! Added 01/11/13 - A gifeo of the game in action :- <---- Click to animate Its much smoother when you play the real game.
  9. In the April 1984 issue of Compute! is a favorite type-in game called Worm of Bemer. It was largely written in basic, and is a great example of a basic action game. The author challenged readers to improve upon the game, and I do not know how many times this has already been done, but my son and I are taking the challenge! The author Stephen Fultz said "Some features you might add include a routine to save the high score to disk, adding more players, or having Nerm go to a different room depending on which exit he takes. " Now - I'm telling everyone about the WIP, because I just love hearing all the news about other works in progerss, and I hope everyone enjoys various updates around this game as well. Also, so that this doesn't become a never ending project, the feature list is set in stone. We are taking Stephens challenge by adding these features: 1. Save high score to disk 2. Two player mode 3. Different exits lead to different room PLUS: 4. Rewriting in C/Assembly 5. 2 player mode will be competitive or cooperative 6. And re-doing the graphics, including new welcome screen and animated snakes. There is always the possibility that the game never finishes, but I have a good feeling about this one.... be setting out the goals, in public no less, I will not let feature creep cause this to never finish....lol This weeks task, is to re-do the Welcome screen. Here is the original One thing we could do is change the fonts only - and leave it at that, here is a new font: And lastly, we could try to put an image on the screen - or do that and the fonts also, here is a mockup of placing an image:
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