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Found 26 results

  1. I just got back from visiting my 108 year old Aunt up north. Oddly enough she looks like she will make 109. It seems I missed out on the new ADE Pro from John Lundy so I decided to make my own by ordering the parts on Amazon. I have a complete set of parts for 4 units which costs under 90 buckazoids. Hats off to those who make and sell them for $130 a piece. I own two MicroFox VD's which if my plans work out I will end up selling on EBay. I also picked up a Mean Well RQ-50B power supply to replace the printer and all the extra parts to recap my R80 board. Also a new Capacitor tester. So my new plan is to completely replace the second DDD drive space with a drop in replacement that goes off the connectors for the digital data drive. At least the power supply. I looked at the schematics, and I may be wrong, but if I can use that header for the ADAMNet I will do that too. I don't need the data sense or motor control but if it works then it works, if it doesn't it doesn't. I also plan to print out a custom frame and bevel but you get the idea. This stuff is fun. Being it's an Arduino based system I plan on future improvements to use a USB based transfer system being as no one else will and I just think the SD Cards are outdated. Anyway, that's a second project that I will keep you guys up to date on. All my other projects I will be working on. I have 3 other games in the planing stages, 2 have shell outlines. Super Venture with the completed levels, treasures and what not had to be scrapped because Collectorvision wants to release their own version as they own the rights. So I only seen one picture which looked like some 3D where as I just wanted the completed game to match the Arcade. No matter, there are plenty of other games and surprises from my camp that makes us all winners. So anyway, nice to be back home and on my couch instead of driving 18 hours straight like I used to when I was 20. Later guys...
  2. You would think making barriers would just be a single line going up and down in Adventure but noooooooooooo. So, me over engineering things updated my barriers to be more wide and change colors per objects in the environment. I suspect that down the road in the A2600 world and limitations this may have been a byproduct and not just to have a gold key and secret dot change the secret barrier to clear but in keeping with my perfection I rewrote a portion of my barrier routine. Now it is just one routine for left and right sides. Objects now change the color which I have to match the original because it seems certain objects have priority. I observed starting out black, I hold the sword so the wall turns yellow but when I killed a green dragon the wall turned green. So, this will be my next focus as well as setting up the magnet to attract objects and more Bat AI. The level select screen has been updated as well. Cleaned up a pile of code so now the rom is back down to 14.9k Anyway, as previously mentioned I will be going on vaycay to see my 108 year old aunt so this may be my last entry for the month. In a dark way, at 108, this may be HER last entry for the month. Next rom release may actually be worth looking at. Cheers...
  3. I want to post a new rom but there is more under the hood than to play around with so I won't bore you. Now up to 16k with 99% patterns, sound place holders and logic. I have yet to optimize, remove redundant test code or fix bugs. Still adding little touches. After all we have to widen lines, have them change colors depending on object carried. Secret rooms from original game. I mentioned in my last post was animating and moving the bat. Well, I have successfully set up the NPC mapping which allows it to go through walls and loops where you can't go without the bridge. The Dragons will use the same mapping within respect to their own paths and AI. So, continued success. Update, merged the maps into the main map which reduced the ROM back down to 15.1k This also saves issues once I get the bridge up and running.
  4. Now that I have OTHER living things in my world I have one of two choices. That is, either I repeat a lot of mapping code or have one generic mapping code shared by all creatures which is up to 8 including myself. So, I now have to modify my code to map my position in the world. Originally my position was based off whatever room I am in but if I am to share variables I now have to treat my character as if I am one of the creatures just with a different sprite pattern. Not hard to do being as I am using around 100 bytes so far of a 1k memory a few extra bytes will not kill me. So essentially the ball character will just be a like every other entity just I will have the ability to control it's X and Y directly. So, some rewriting which I will do after the holiday next week. 5 Dragons, 2 Bats, 13 items, 60 rooms and Me. A new quest line for the Super Game I may have a timed game? In game tune? Still under 16k so far. Reset and pause from keyboard. Skill Select A and B Level Select 1-3 plus a Super Game Update because I was bored. I have a bat that now moves seamlessly from room to room. It's kind of fun chasing it across the screen. Now I have to put some logic in place to confine it to areas such as do not go into a castle when it is locked. AI to match the original which has a frustration level, steal objects ect... It's getting interesting to see my work come to life and not just wandering around a maze. The game may not have been my idea but this Coleco version is a hell of a lot different in code than the original and I am proud of how far I've gotten.
  5. When I get it right. So now I have the bat showing up only when it's in the same room with me. Not as hard as I thought it would be. Now I have to update movements for the entire maze and other AI. I left a request for some animation routine in the Coleco Programing forum if anyone wants to share some Z80 timing code. De...Bat flaps it's wings too fast but if I slow it down it slows the whole program so just one more thing to figure out. Once the Bat's code is optimized will come the dragons. Hopefully the whole thing will be released in the next couple of months provided I get the bugs out but don't hold me to it. I do not want to release a game with bugs, I'm not Coleco or Bethesda for Bejebus sake. Updating graphics and commenting code which I will release to the public eventually free of charge for learning purposes. Maybe you can update and optimize it... Around July 4 I will be on a road trip to see my 108 year old Aunt so I will be going dark for a couple of weeks. Maybe I will take my laptop because the programing is in my blood.
  6. Nothing to see here other than progress. No rom today. However, updated the skill select screen to implement Difficulty A and B which is in the original game. Updated variables, patterns and bears oh, my... Not seriously working on it because it's summer and I have parental duties as well as house remodel. At the same time its not as if people are dying to play Coleco Adventure. It's more of a labor of love and to hone my programing skills. I have 5 other games already mapped out after this one including Super Venture with complete treasure list as long as someone else doesn't get to it first. update... Just added Black Bat with flapping animation. First I had static setup with definitions in place now I am setting up AI, AI for levels, The ability to grab Bat and Bat's ability to pickup and drop objects. This will also tie in with the Dragons. Additional AI is to move about the world map and display only when in the same room.
  7. My retro nook I designed in my garage last fall. It was a fun build and I was able to do this project for about $350. I shared this photo on Reddit and Facebook in the last 7 months or so. Chances are most of you have already seen this. I'm really just new to using the AtariAge website and I'm just trying to figure stuff out. This is my first post....lol
  8. I would like to make it official that I am releasing "Secretum Labyrinth Kings Gold" for public release today. It is the game to be included in my Secretum Labyrinth games series. This is an executable game designed to showcase the Action Adventure RPG programming I am developing for the Atari. I can say this is a beta demonstration for future games that will be sold on cartridges sometime in the future. No dates had been set yet because work is ongoing at this point. I would like to get the ball rolling with beta the programming and promote the Secretum Labyrinth series. I am also looking to attract other interested parties that are looking to do this top down style of Adventure type game. I can say what I am doing here has some elements similar to the 2600 Adventure and The Legend of Zelda. I did try to make it unique and there are a vast number of differences. This executable version has less rooms and monsters compared to what I am planning to put into the cartridge base games. I also watch what was going on with "Adventure II" for the 5200 and avoided duplicating what they where doing and make my stuff different. What I need tested is how things behave on real hardware. Is the SuperIRG an issue on PAL TV and monitors in Europe? How bad is the flickering from the multiplexing of multicolored sprites? The game requires 64K main memory and loads parts under the OS ROM so it won't work with SpartaDOS or on an Atari 800 with 48K. If you run on emulation in Altirra, make sure you have "frame blending" on.
  9. Hello! I'm here to post about a potential game idea. A port of the classic "Adventure" game from Atari 2600. Called "Adventure Portable". I noticed there was no ports of this game for GBA, so this is why I post the idea. A MOCKUP potential Title Screen and Skill Select Screen I made: Using the font style of the Sears Tele-Games label (http://atariage.com/cart_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=966). "Start Game" would bring you to a menu-type skill select screen (mockup seen above). "Read Manual" would bring you to a text-only version of how to play the game. "Credits" would bring you to the Copyright stuff. I don't know anything about programming on GBA(I do know HTML) or developing but I know some graphic design stuff, as you saw in the title screen mockup. I also don't know if there is an easy way to convert an Atari ROM into a GBA game, but I remember someone posted about a tool for it a long time ago. Can't seem to find it. Thanks for reading!
  10. Hello dear Atari fellaz, today I decided to uncover one of my dead projects called The Bitchy Witchy. It supposed to be point and click adventure like you have never seen (and never will) on our 8-bit Atari, but this project was too huge and it required too much time spend on coding that I had to abandon it. There were couple of great pieces of code but yet still it required some generic engine that could run the game and it was (is) beyond my knowledge (just kidding - it is not)... let's say it is against common sense to spend so many hours coding game for our beloved yet barely living platform. (I know I already broke this "rule" when RR was on fire and after it got released I said I will never spend that much time on coding Atari game ever - and it was in 2012 so I became much more experienced in coding than back in 2007). So, most of work was done in 2007 and there were also some additional tries to upraise the living dead in 2008, but without success, it was also time when I was finishing my diploma project and my student times went over. All the beautiful pictures were painted by Vladimir Vostenak a.k.a. kozyca a.k.a. wow... using g2f editor. Later I co-worked with Vladimir on Summertime demo and Citoplazma demo. Here you can see the game introduction where Vladimir also took care of music: The Bitchy Witchy intro.xex As you can see, it was AAA quality stuff , English was a bit weak, but not as much as the zero wing. As I am browsing trough the pictures and old emails I'm feeling so much nostalgia, I'm really sad we could not make this project alive, because there were so so many screens and assets prepared... and they were excellent!
  11. Lately, I've had the idea of porting a cancelled NES game of mine, to the Atari 2600, just for fun. I'm perfectly capable of coding this game in ASM, but unfortunately, the Stella emulator hates my computer (Open GL), so this will be Art / Design Notes, for now. No ROM tests, unfortunately. After some reading, I've opted to use the "venetian blinds" interlacing technique, to potentially minimize sprite flickering. This also works surprisingly well with what I've designed for screens! This is the current look of the title screen, though I've apparently made the text a few pixels too wide? I'll fix that, when I have some free time, to do so. The visual design of the dungeons is heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Slay Monsters, find Keys, unlock Doors, and kill a Boss enemy. You know, the basics. I'm not sure how well this boss would work at the moment. But it would ideally function similarly to the Giant Snake boss, from StarTropics. Even leaving it's bones in the "Triforce Room", when it's slain. (It sits in the doorway, wiggling it's body segments, occasionally spitting a fireball, to attack.) The outdoors have barely been started, but I had fun with making this first dungeon! The visual theme is a castle, with a moat. Can you see how the colors are used? Lastly, the caves in the world, will be dark without a lamp. They'll be traversable as you can see, but the monsters will be completely invisible! It's best not to get caught, stumbling around in the dark. At the moment, I have 8-byte background "tiles" defined, with a multi-color option, that doubles the data size. These tiles are 32x32 blocks, with each color row defined in a single nibble. I have some basic data structures defined, in an attempt to write fast tile-mapping, on this hardware. Colors are swapped out, every other scanline, to allow for 2-color map screens. Potentially more, if a screen has sectors defined (such as the castle moat, in my mock-up, for example.) I'm not really sure what would need to be cut back for this project. But for now, it's just a fun distraction from a NSFW RPG that I'm developing, with a friend of mine! Thoughts are welcomed. Tear this ambitious idea to shreds, yo!
  12. Hello all! My production company just started a Kickstarter campaign for the Atari 2600-themed film CHRISTMAS BYTES. Set in 1982, the film -- produced by Dule Hill (Psych, West Wing), featuring Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Man of Steel) with a soundtrack by The Residents -- is about two fourteen year-old boys, one wants an Atari 2600 for Christmas. The other? A girlfriend. Here's a link to the campaign: http://www.kickstart...christmas-bytes We're offering all sorts of Atari-themed perks, including signed Atari 2600 box art by Cliff Spohn, ATARI FORCE comics signed by Gerry Conway, an 8 bit 'ADVENTURE'-style game made by the amazing folks at 8 Bit Rocket, a 'Swordquest: Waterworld' cartridge and a ton of other great items. Sound interesting? Then head on over to the above link... Questions? Send me a note! -Brett Neveu writer/producer CHRISTMAS BYTES with Wild Mouse Films
  13. Updated: 1/15/14 Download: spctank.zip * includes source, 4k bin, manual, map, and label * Difficulty settings: Left switch set to A: more frequent powerups Left switch set to B: less frequent powerups Right switch set to A: slower non-player-characters Right switch set to B: faster non-player-characters Story: Two players (or single skilled player) operate a tank that has a command console with four functions (two joysticks). The left joystick moves the tank around and its button brings up the status display when held down. The right joystick moves a crosshair and its button fires the gun at whatever is selected. Their mission is to rescue prisoners of war from an alien planet. The prisoners are high ranking scientists of the players planet. The prisoners are being kept in a cell which can be found on the map included in this distribution. Three keycards must be found to open the cell and free the prisoners. The players tank has limited shielding and ammunition, but more may be found randomly throughout the planet. Players Will also find upgrades for the tank including the bigmissile and autolock. Alien enemies will be encountered most frequently and must be killed in order to find the keycards. Some aliens will require more ammo to kill than others, but the bigmissile upgrade allows for instant kills. The autolock upgrade causes the crosshair to lock on to aliens. Both upgrades have three uses. When the three keycards are found, the players should find the cell and free the prisoners. The players must keep an eye on their fuel level using the status display. If their fuel is running low, they must return the the ship at the starting position to obtain more. Types of alien enemies: Infantry Blade Saucer Bulldozer Powerups: Shield Ammo Bigmissile Autolock Structures: Ship (starting position/refueling) POW Camp Screenshots:
  14. 2 questions: Is there a website (or websites) dedicated to either Alternate Reality (doesn't matter which one) and or Temple of Apshai? ...one where I can d/l the game (for an emulator) and at least has the maps (not just the walk-throughs)? Anyone ever complete these games? When was the last time you played it and or completed it?
  15. I wrote to this forum a year ago asking for help rebooting Atari Adventure. My crazy idea: 2 or 3 players connecting over the internet playing Atari Adventure. First one to get the chalice back to their castle wins. Maybe it was silly, writing a video game in 2018 with 8 bit graphics, but Adventure was magical, and the readers of this forum who volunteered for beta-testing all agree. The result is SO fun to play. It’s released now, and I hope you’ll give it a try. h2hadventure.com
  16. Hi Guys Just thought I would share a friendly link to a nice interview with the Atari / Adventure legend Warren Robinett: http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/warren-robinett/ Please enjoy. Adrian
  17. For those unaware, Warren Robinett has been beavering away on a book about his masterpiece for the Atari 2600, the game simply titled Adventure. According to his website the e-book should be released this year. Last September I sent him an e-mail to have my name placed on the mailing list for the eventual announcement of the book's completion, and I couldn't resist adding some "fan mail" stuff to the message. Mr. Robinett was kind enough to send me a reply, some of which I will now share as I (and hopefully many other Adventure fans) eagerly await his first-hand account of the genesis of one of the most popular video games ever made. I hope these excerpts will serve as a sort of preview of the book (or perhaps a mini-interview). I gather he is putting the book together on the side as he stays busy with professional engineering work, so patience with the process has been my way of looking at it. ************************ EBM: "Dear Mr. Robinett, I anxiously await your e-book The Annotated Adventure. I like your idea of having the C and assembly versions run parallel on the pages, for comparison's sake. Most important to me is your commentary: I have enjoyed your various writings and lectures concerning the game and I'm eager to learn more. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the translational symmetry of two rooms in the grey dungeon (including the dot room), contrasted with the reflectional symmetry of the majority of rooms in the kingdom. An interesting choice... I wonder if there was a reason behind it. I also enjoy exploring the way the rooms align for all the non-player objects as they travel unhindered by walls. It is fun to discover how these paths devolve into loops, and to map these paths using different methods: graphical, symbolic, numerical, etc. Starting in any given room, and determining which rooms lie along a path of travel in one compass direction, reveals many interesting aspects of the kingdom's layout. As of course you are aware of, some paths of travel are revealed to go from screen to screen in a "circular" pattern i.e. 01-02-03-01-02-03, whereas other paths follow an initially linear pattern that falls into a subordinate "circular" pattern i.e. 01-02-03-04-05-03-04-05. Some paths are lengthy, while others (originating in the gold castle room and the number room [game select screen]) are abbreviated greatly. What I am most eager to learn from you and your e-book is how you made decisions regarding the manner in which the rooms communicate in an architectural sense (ignoring the walls, of course). Some of the reasoning seems easy for me to suss out, but some of it eludes me. Limiting access to the castle rooms is sensible for gameplay reasons. The horizontal loop of the main hallway directly south of the gold castle seems intuitive. Many areas of the kingdom constitute somewhat self-contained realms like this, lending a sense of place to a potentially bewildering layout. But there are some long routes, like moving south from the black castle through the blue labyrinth which ultimately results in a small "circular" route that doesn't revisit most of the screens that preceded it. Was every path like these strategically planned, or are there any "accidental" results that follow from other layout decisions in a natural way?" WR: "One thing I can tell you is that you have analyzed this topic more deeply than I did when making the game. I did make the castle gates the only way in and out of the castle interior regions. And I did try to make regions like the Blue Maze mostly link to themselves (but there had to be at least 2 exits from the Blue Maze, since it stood between the Yellow Castle and the Black Castle). Beyond that, every room had to have 4 links that went somewhere, because a Dragon or the Bat was going to sooner or later cross every edge of every room. If there was an apparent problem, I fixed it. But beyond the foregoing stuff, the precise topology of the game world just sort of evolved, as I added new regions during development. Regarding the 2 rooms that did not have reflectional symmetry in the Catacombs (dark maze) inside the Black Castle, I had an attribute bit in my room-list data structure that controlled which Playfield symmetry was used. I had never used anything but reflectional symmetry up to the point I added this attribute bit to the data structure. I didn't really need the one you call "translational symmetry". But the Atari VCS platform didn't give you much to work with. I was trying everything I could think of to make the game more interesting. It was really quite pitifully boring in its earliest stages. So I added the alternate symmetry in a dark maze so that it would not be instantly obvious that I had the broken the symmetry — it would slowly dawn on the player that those two rooms were different. So my reason was not all that deep. I was just grabbing some low-hanging fruit to add just another little piece of variety to the game." ************************ I believe the forthcoming book has been discussed elsewhere in the forums, but I am writing this to remind everyone about the book and to encourage those who are interested to sign up to Mr. Robinett's mailing list and confirm interest in the project. As I said, it's not like it can be rushed (nor would I want it to be) but making it known that interest is there will no doubt help the work see the light of day in good time.
  18. This post is for posting final entries for the Interactive Fiction contest. Please follow the following format for the submissions: Title Author's handle Brief description of the entry Zipped file with a dsk image of the submission and a text file with user instructions Any other posts or discussions regarding this contest should be posted here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/224414-interactive-fiction-competition/
  19. (Also posted on 99er.net) I have recently resurrected my TI99/4a after some 30 years, and have now added a new PEB plus disk drive a 32k Mem. I have started copying my old Basic and XBasic programs to disk but I also have a few adventure tapes which work with the adventure module. Does anyone know a way of copying these onto disk to save the laborious (and unreliable) process of loading via tape recorder. I have Xbasic and should soon have the new XB2.7 module, so could utilise assembler if necessary. Surely someone has already done this ?? Thanks from the UK - are there many TIers still in the UK?
  20. I tried searching around to see if these were already posted, but didn't find anything, so please excuse me if everyone has already seen these.... but 2 "classic game post mortem" talks were given at this year's Game Developers Conference, with the creators of Adventure and Yars Revenge giving 1 hour talks each about the development of their respective games. usually these talks require a membership to view, but both of these have been made freely available! very interesting talks! Classic Game Post-Mortem: Adventure (Warren Robinett) http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1021860/Classic-Game-Postmortem Classic Game Post-Mortem: Yars Revenge (Howard Scott Warshaw) http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1021865/Classic-Game-Postmortem-Yars
  21. What Advance Dungeons and Dragons style Fantasy Role Playing Games had been done on the 8-bit? I had been going around and doing research on MS-DOS based Role Playing Games. Seen a few also been ported to the Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari ST, Amiga, but is another thing that had been skipped over with the Atari 8-bit. There is something called the Gold Series by SSI for PC DOS and "Dark Heart of Uukrul" by Brøderbund. These got my attention, but I am sure there are many others. I have been researching some of this stuff for improvements for Secretum Labyrinth. Video 61 suggested an ideal of the combat screen when you come upon enemies. However Secretum Labyrinth was never intended to be turned based what so-ever. It is more Zelda and 2600 Adventure inspired. I want to keep the top down view action adventure type game. Save turned based ideal for a different turn based RPG game. There are many types, action or turned based. 3D first person, top down, isometric, point of view. Ones I am speak of here are usually turned based, when doing combat, you are usually prompt where to move, attack, use spell or item, flee. Shows hitpoints of the characters in your party, hitpoints of the enemy(s). If you kill whatever, you get rewarded some experience points, if you get enough experience points, you can go up in skill level. I know a few the played non computer Advance Dungeon and Dragons game with cards, character sheets, fancy dice, and books, know all about this stuff. Books have tables and rules, and something that computers are great at handling. Books with Data Tables = great Database application. They really like seeing these games done on the computer. I know there also been stuff done in Basic, here, and on other platforms. Some RPGs done on other 6502 based machines, so these is a chance a few can be ported to our Atari 8-bit world. I can assist IF anybody else is up to the task, I have no intentions of doing more games all myself. I have no-intention to re-sale anything done by someone else unless I get permission or work with them. That is something someone needs to discuss to me through PM and Email. Some games have copy protection in the form pictures in books or with those decoder disk shape things. Might be collectors items. Some DOS games where hacked and pirated back in the day to get around this.
  22. Embarrassingly I am admitting I never 'really' gave this game a thorough try. Sure, I constantly tried it, basically walking around exploring areas trying to figure out what to do, but nothing even worthy of 'the old college try'. I did the same thing with Raiders of the Lost Ark back in '82-83 (But actually gave it 'the old college try'). If I recall correctly I just threw the manual out with the box and tried to figure out on my own what to do. It would not be until I spoke with a friend YEARS later in the later 80's that I would finally understand exactly what needed to be done. You thought I would learn....NOPE. 15 years later and finally obtaining a brand new box copy of Midnight Mutants (For 40 cents, thanks O'Shea's), I took the same "Raiders" approach. Can't believe what I have been missing. First thing to do - and actually do it constantly in the game, much like my favorite NES game Rygar, or the infamous Zelda, LISTEN TO THE OLD MAN. For Midnight Mutants it means regularly hitting the right button. He directs you excellently. ***SPOILERS - Do not read this part if you do not want hints/early part walkthrough*** -Obtained the knife from the house to be able to kill things. -Opened church door with knife and obtained the cross to ward off bats. -Obtained the ax from the south woods inside the cabin by the well of health restoration -Entered barn area through bush which casts no shadow -Fought huge Ram head boss and loss - Came so close to defeating it though - (1 health head left). ***SPOILERS OVER*** Thoughts: -Off the bat, cannot believe there have been no hacks for this game. Wishing this game received the love Atari 2600 Adventure has seen. -Bats are too many, too often, too annoying. The first thing I would love to see with this game is the reduction on most screens they appear, if not wiped from many sections entirely. They have to be the most unnecessary frustration in the game that for the most part provides no real challenge (Especially with the cross in hand) and just turn people off from playing the game, IMHO. I am actually really impressed though. I never knew how good or relatively diverse the game was and yet well directed if you LISTEN TO GRANDPA. Previously without grandpa, I found myself wandering through many boards filled with bats, just losing health without real understanding of what to do or where to go. I may have to read that manual though, one day.
  23. RetroElectroDad

    Atari 2600 Jr

    From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Atari 2600 Jr running Adventure.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwmLwiw0Enc Full Throttle by LucasArts is a classic heavy metal adventure game designed by Tim Schafer, who also made Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and Brütal Legend. This game has biker gangs, babes and a bad attitude! This game should be next on the Kickstarter list of games to bring back to life. Or at the very least on the iPad in HD!
  25. I'm building an Adventure-ish game in Batari BASIC. How do you add multiple screens?
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