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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm new here and am happy to release my "3d" tennis. If you find any glitches let me know. Atari_tenis.bin
  2. LEARN ASSEMBLY IN 8 HOURS with bB and the ASDK Tutorial Intro This tutorial will teach you 6502 Assembly programming for the Atari 2600 using a RAD Framework that abstracts the hardware so you can quickly marshal high level objects to build games like batari BASIC. Due to the similarities we will use BASIC examples side by side and use the bB compiler to illustrate (and to help with creating Assembly when preferred). Peruse and complete these short lessons over time or stay up all night drinking coffee and taking breaks to play Defender
  3. For anyone interested, I've made a little command line tool called pngParse that reads a palette png image and a sprite png image and outputs sprite table data formatted for batariBasic or 6502 ASM. bBpP_1.0.0.zip Notes on use: pngParse doesn't approximate colors: it identifies colors between the sprite image and the palette image by comparing r/g/b values, so for your sprite image to accurately be parsed, its colors must exactly match the colors in the palette. pngParse can take custom palettes of 8x16 pixels. Palettes for NTSC and PAL are already included in the attached zip file. if you don't specify a custom palette file, pngParse will expect to find ntsc.png or pal.png (depending on the -P flag) in the same directory. Output will go to output.txt by default. Sprite images must have a width divisible by 8. Sprite images wider than 8 pixels will be parsed as a separate sprite, so you can input a 64x13 pixel sprite sheet and pngParse will output 8 8x13 pixel sprites. Flags: -s "spritesheet.png" Specifies the input spritesheet (required). -p "secam.png" Specifies the input palette image (ignores the -P flag) -o "spriteData.txt" Specifies the output file (output.txt by default) -P Uses the PAL palette (NTSC by default) -D Formats output for the DPC kernel (standard kernel formatting by default) -A Formats output for 6502 ASM (batariBasic formatting by default)
  4. Protocol is a very basic shooter that really sucks is like a rail shooter. Shoot the enemies, get points, don't get shot, yadda yadda yadda. I'll leave you guys the binary and the source code (I can't figure out how to take a snapshot in Stella). Main.bas.bin Main.bas
  5. ... In case anyone has any ideas or is interested. heartbroke.zip heartworks.zip
  6. Hello, I can't seem to figure this out. I want to program in the original Basic just like I used to on the Atari 800 when I was a kid. I'm using a windows 7 os and I have 32 at work and 64 at home. I have tried several times to download the link from the Batari Basic download page from the batari basic website. I can unzip the files and try to run 2600bas and it gives me a command prompt window that flashes and goes away quickly. I have tried several times. anybody know what I should do? I can hardly wait to get my feet wet coding with line numbers again.
  7. I'm attempting to mix bB code and Assembly to do some more advanced things, such as having a single bank of colors/sprites that are assigned to players based on a variable. Note that this is using the DPC+ bB kernel. The issue here is in regards to pointers and how flexible they are in Assembly, because I don't know. For instance, I have a set of colors for a sprite: asm milCol .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 end I want to call this bank of color values and assign them to every player in a loop, in case I want to assign a specific color to individual players later. I noticed when looking at the game's assembly that colors are assigned like so: .L0241 ; player2color: lda #<(playerpointers+20) sta DF0LOW lda #(>(playerpointers+20)) & $0F sta DF0HI LDX #<playercolorL0241_2 STX DF0WRITE LDA #((>playercolorL0241_2) & $0f) | (((>playercolorL0241_2) / 2) & $70) STA DF0WRITE . ; .L0242 ; player3color: lda #<(playerpointers+22) sta DF0LOW lda #(>(playerpointers+22)) & $0F sta DF0HI LDX #<playercolorL0242_3 STX DF0WRITE LDA #((>playercolorL0242_3) & $0f) | (((>playercolorL0242_3) / 2) & $70) STA DF0WRITE . ; There's a pattern--players 1-9 are assigned their low and high points using the (playerpointers+x) phrase where x = 20 + (sprite# * 2) I'm attempting the following: for temp1 = 0 to 3 temp2 = 20 + temp1 + temp1 asm .enemycolor lda #<(playerpointers+temp2) sta DF0LOW lda #(>(playerpointers+temp2)) & $0F sta DF0HI LDX #<milCol STX DF0WRITE LDA #((>milCol) & $0f) | (((>milCol) / 2) & $70) STA DF0WRITE end next This should calculate where the high and low points for the player pointer will be and add it to playerpointers in order to point to the right location. It compiles, but doesn't work. Is there some special way I need to address the temp2 variable in order to allow it to be added to playerpointers? This also applies to sprites. I would like the sprite for any player to be chosen based on a certain variable (in my case it's enemy0, enemy1, enemy2, etc.) so, if enemy0 is 1, it will grab a certain sprite for that player and set it to a certain color, without the redundancy of repeating sprite and color tables for each possible combination for each player. There are two ways to do it. Either I could have a series of statements like the above .enemycolor for each possible color/sprite and then adjust the player's pointer based on a variable to point to the sprite/colors that are applicable, or (preferably) I need some way to change which data set is being loaded on the fly, such as the following mock-up: for temp1 = 0 to 3 temp2 = 20 + temp1 + temp1 data playerColors milCol, milCol, milCol, drkCol end temp3 = enemy0[temp1] temp4 = playerColors[temp3] asm .enemycolor lda #<(playerpointers+temp2) sta DF0LOW lda #(>(playerpointers+temp2)) & $0F sta DF0HI LDX #<temp4 STX DF0WRITE LDA #((>temp4) & $0f) | (((>temp4) / 2) & $70) STA DF0WRITE end next ... asm milCol .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 .byte $D6 drkCol .byte $00 .byte $00 .byte $00 .byte $00 .byte $00 .byte $00 .byte $00 end So, two questions: 1. Is there any way to dynamically adjust the value being used for the player's pointer? 2. Is there any way to dynamically adjust which data set is being pointed to?
  8. When I try to run my script on Visual bB, it just says; ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Environment variable bB not set! Precompilation failed, aborted at 05/07/2014 21:38:37 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can someone help me fix this please!
  9. i have been having problems with batari basic for a couple years so i've made no games because i cannot compile so i decided to make a very atari like game on a site called scratch https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/236564770/#player i was wondering if anyone wants to code this program for atari and send me the bin file and if possible you could add a score board and a lives.
  10. Hi there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel. I'm a brazilian graphic designer, digital artist and web and mobile designer. I have some basic experience with C/C++ and Java, and used to play a lot with Basic when I was a kid with my good ol' MSX I got for christmas. That said, please forgive my bad english skills (everything I know I got from reading books and watching movies). So, this is my first Atari 2600 project. I'm a 2600 enthusiast, and found AA when I was collecting info on 2600 games for my collection a few months ago. At the forums I found out this homebrewing community and since then realized I really needed to create my own 2600 game. My initial plan is to make a runner kinda like Bit.Trip Runner, respecting the 2600's limitations of course (and perhaps bending a little bit those limits ) I have no clue if it is possible to do, for I started to mess around with bB only a few days ago. The player for this game will look like a skeleton, as you'll see on the first screenshot. The level design should use a lot of white, black and gray tones for an eerie feeling, with occasional colors to make impact (I really like Frank Miller's Sin City comics, just so you know what I'm talking about). This is my first take at the player. I'm using Atarius Maximus's samples as reference for the coding. Atarius's playfield example is still there since I'm messing around with those snippets and only implemented player's movement and sprite animation. You can check the first .bin at the end of the post. I know that there's almost nothing to see here, but it means a lot to me. Hopefully I'll update this post regularly. If you're an old timer on bB, I'll appreciate your comments. If you're a newbie like me, feel free to ask me how I did this or that. We'll learn together! Keep on rockin'! char.bas.bin
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