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Found 25 results

  1. This is Dead Planets, a minimalist 288 screen arcade adventure that fits in 4k. It's my second bAtari Basic project. Dead Planets is my sort of homage to the multi-screen/flip-screen ZX Spectrum arcade adventures of my youth, games like Jet Set Willy, Sabre Wulf, Wizard's Lair, Starquake, Robin of the Wood, Firelord, Atic Atac, Auf Wiedershen Monty etc. mixed with the time attack 2600 games like Barnstorming and the empty, quiet feel of Metroid. It's also a homage to the lost art of mapping out these sort of games on graph paper as we used to have to do in the 1980s and you'll probably have to revisit that skill to get anywhere. Rest assured, this is a deliberate feature not a bug. You play DEWI (DEad Worlds Investigation Probe) searching for the lost Tiptonite crystals of wisdom hidden in the caverns of six dead worlds of the collapsed ZX82 civilization. Press up/down to pick one of the six worlds to explore and fire button to start. Find the three crystals in each world, return to the start room and hit the exit warp to finish game. Do it as fast as you can, the only score is your time, try and set personal best i.e. time attack game like Barnstorming. Old School game mapping on graph paper will help you. Walls kill you. Worlds are 8x6 screens with wraparound on all four edges - so 288 screens in 4k with space left over. Control has some cheap momentum (looks choppy on the video, makes more sense when/if you play it) and this gets more pronounced on later worlds. There are six colour coded worlds, selectable by moving joystick U/D on the start screen Press Fire to start, and to restart after a Game Over. World 1 - ABYSSIUM World 2 - BRIMSTONE World 3 - LILACIUM World 4 - DUNEBALL World 5 - RAINGOD World 6 - CHROMIUM Dead Planets.bin Dead Planets.bas
  2. I've been thinking about coding something in the fashion of Jeff Minter's classic VIC-20 game "Gridrunner" but not a port or cut down version or demake, just something that borrows (heavily) gameplay elements from it. So the first thing to get running in batari is the infamous X-Zapper. In Gridrunner (and Matrix the sequel), the X-Zapper sits on the bottom line of the screen and advances left to right, wrapping around when it leaves the right end of the screen. On a rhythm (*) it fires upwards and zaps out the entire column it sits at the bottom of. The effect of this is to stop you camping (it's based on Centipede after all - it serves the same purpose as the spider and probably for the same reason) and so gameplay rhythm involves you perpetually running rightwards trying to stay ahead of it and swooping back left across it's face after it's fired and before it's due to do it again. We'll charitably overlook the bug that in the original VIC game the X-Zapper can never fire into the leftmost column... Somebody else's VIC-20 YouTube video follows... There is also a Y-Zapper in Gridrunner that works in the vertical plane and fires in tandem with the X-Zapper but that was always pretty weak sauce as an enemy, I never seemed to get hit by it very often and used to just blank it out. So, fired up batari and produced this in an evening using the ball as the X-Zapper because I want to use Player1 for future enemies. The next thing is add some actual game here. At the moment I'm thinking of NUSIZ1'ing to get three enemy sprites and what I haven't yet decided is whether they will act as conventional divebombers to be shot and avoided, a formation that flies left and right and drops bombs, or something that snakes right to left down the screen in the style of Centipede and Gridrunner. Also whether the player will have u/d movement as he does here. I'm using missile0 for both the player and the X-Zapper because I don't know if missile1 will be needed for some other future gameplay element. I'd like it to evolve organically as I play about with gameplay elements so don't have very much of a plan at the moment. To be honest that's what I think Jeff did on a lot of his early games. Coop (*) A lot of people think this is random in the way it fires and thus horribly "cheap". It's not, and Jeff actually tells you that in the instructions if anybody bothered to read them lol...
  3. Unless bugs are identified this will be the final release of Heist. This release fixes a number of small bugs and implements a few additional features such as Bezerk style directional shooting (selectable via the Left Difficulty Switch). This release also makes (3) lives standard. Single life games are still selectable as games 4-6. I hope you enjoy. - Tim Gameplay Capture the money while avoiding the police and laser defenses. Once the money is in your possession a door will open. You still need to make it out of the bank to clear the level. All of this must be done before time runs out. Some levels are easier than others and the time is adjusted accordingly. Note that the police will not notice you until you are in their general proximity or you have taken the money. Once you capture the money all police become aware of your presence and they move with an increased sense of urgency (i.e., faster). There is a total of 20 levels using 10 playfields. Each playfield is displayed twice. The second time through you are given less time and the police move faster. If you complete all twenty levels you will flip the game and have the chance to play through them again. This time, however, the police will move faster and you will be limited to (4) bullets. Controls Movement: Use the left joystick to move left, right, up, down and on diagonals. Pause: Set the COLOR/BW switch to BW to pause the game. The playfield walls will turn lite gray and the player will face left to indicate that the game is paused. Set the switch back to COLOR to continue gameplay. Shooting: Behavior dependent upon position of Left Difficulty Switch. In either mode, the bullet travels in the direction that the player is presently moving. Mode A (Left Difficulty Switch A): If player is standing still then the bullet moves in the direction that the player last moved. This is similar to the behavior implemented in Berzerk released by Stern Electronics, Inc. in 1982. Mode B (Left Difficulty Switch B): If player is standing still then the bullet moves horizontally to the left when the player is facing left. Similarly, the bullet moves horizontally to the right when player is facing right. Game Variants Use Game Select switch while on Title Screen to cycle through game variants Game 1 – (3) Lives, Limited Time, Limited Bullets (Normal Game) Game 2 – (3) Lives, Unlimited Time, Unlimited Bullets Game 3 – (3) Lives, Unlimited Time, No Bullets Game 4 – Single Life, Limited Time, Limited Bullets Game 5 – Single Life, Unlimited Time, Unlimited Bullets Game 6 – Single Life, Unlimited Time, No Bullets Scoring $1000 for each money bag stolen. On games where you have more than one life you will lose the money if you are caught/die before clearing the level by making it through the exit door. Hints It may help your overall strategy to get the police to chase you. You can get their attention by moving close to them. This works even if you are protected behind a wall. Level Timers (Games 1 & 4) Level Time 1 30 seconds 2 24 seconds 3 30 seconds 4 24 seconds 5 20 seconds 6 16 seconds 7 28 seconds 8 24 seconds 9 14 seconds 10 12 seconds 11 20 seconds 12 16 seconds 13 20 seconds 14 16 seconds 15 36 seconds 16 32 seconds 17 20 seconds 18 16 seconds 19 24 seconds 20 20 seconds HEIST.bin HEIST Game Manual.pdf HEIST.bas I'm including the source code as it may help someone. I'm sure there are plenty of areas where the code could have been written better. Sometimes the 'hack' is actually a means of doing something without using additional variables. Other times what looks like a hack is truly a hack. It can be a little intimidating showing how the sausage is made... and there is no claim that anything performed by the code is the best way to do it.
  4. (STANDARD KERNEL - NOT DPC+) When using both playercolor kernels with the playfield colors kernel, RT's Batari page says there is a known issue with a stairstep/rolling lines effect on the left side of the screen. Is there any workaround to this? Some bit of code to be inserted however sloppy that could eliminate this? I am not trying to learn how to write another kernel right now. Also; Can any of those kernels run in VBLANK? Would it help?
  5. set kernel_options playercolors player1colors dim zombiewalk=a dim zombiewalk2=b dim zombiewalkdelay=c dim zombiewalk2delay=d dim zombiespeed=e dim ballwasshot=f CTRLPF=$21 playfield: ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX end player0: %1101100 %0100100 %0100100 %0100100 %0100100 %0010100 %0001000 %0001011 %1111111 %1111111 %0101010 %0011100 %0001000 %0011100 %0100010 %1000001 %1000001 %1000001 %0100010 %0011100 end player1color: $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 end player1: %00011001 %00010010 %00010010 %00010010 %00011110 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10011000 %10111101 %10111101 %10111001 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end COLUBK=6 COLUPF=244 player0x=138 player0y=79 player1x=17 player1y=79 zombiespeed=20 ballheight=1 ballx=139 bally=71 ballwasshot=0 loop drawscreen player1: %00011001 %00010010 %00010010 %00010010 %00011110 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10011000 %10111101 %10111101 %10111001 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end if zombiewalk=1 then player1: %01100110 %01000100 %00100100 %00100100 %00011000 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10111000 %10111010 %10111010 %10111010 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end if switchreset then reboot if joy0left then player0x=player0x-1 if joy0right then player0x=player0x+1 if !joy0fire && !ballwasshot then ballx=player0x+1 if joy0fire then ballwasshot=1 if ballwasshot then ballx=ballx-2 if player0x>138 then player0x=138 if player0x<16 then player0x=16 if player1x>138 then player1x=138 if collision(ball,player1) then player1x=16:ballx=player0x+1:ballwasshot=0:score=score+1 zombiewalkdelay=zombiewalkdelay+1 if zombiewalkdelay=zombiespeed then zombiewalk=zombiewalk+1:zombiewalkdelay=0:player1x=player1x+1 if zombiewalk=2 then zombiewalk=0 goto loop The code was compiling and executing fine a while ago, but now, wherever I place my cursor, there is a syntax error there. Any tips?
  6. From the album: Air Hockey

    © Christopher DeBoy 2017

  7. What exactly is happening when you make an “if then” statement but don’t include the “goto” command? Just the label you want to jump to. It compiles without error but is it actually working? Is there a benefit to this? i feel like I remember someone mentioning it.
  8. Hi all! Last month I saw the following ad on eBay: I thought the appeal of this kit for homebrew development was very limited: No bankswitching/mapper (only 2K games or 4K games with further modifications on the board) It required messing around with UV lamps, programmers, etc Required some knowledge of electronics Buying the parts separately would probably be less expensive Not possible to ship as a product to customers It would be probably easier and faster to use one of the existing USB/SD carts to test on a real hardware. This did make me think though that I had never seen a development kit for the 2600 which would allow homebrewers without knowledge of electronics to self publish their games. If a mapper is required, then that knowledge need goes up real fast. As in Europe we have very limited offers of good homebrew games available (most of them are from the USA and shipping quickly becomes a problem), I thought about making this my next project. The idea is to have blank carts (populated with all required components but without any game image in them) and a simple to use cable and PC software which would allow the user to create a cart ready to be shipped to customers as well as test games in a real atari. Is this something that would interest the homebrew community? Here are some requirements I have come up with: The final product must cost under 10€ (populated cart PCB) All components must be easy to find. Preference should be given to components still in production Must be usable by people with no experience in electronics No soldering Must support mappers (the ones used by batari Basic at a minimum, as a lot of people seem to use bB) No physical alterations to select the desired mapper (or no mapper) Must fit in a standard Atari cartridge case Components should be SMD to keep production cost as low as possible All comments will be appreciated!! Cheers.
  9. I have looked through the manual and this forum for the answer to these questions (so humble apologies if this has already been answered before - and I missed it). 1) I'm looking have a game that scrolls horizontally using pfscroll. I have got this working, but I can only scroll one playfield, where I need to be able to scroll through 4 playfields continuous before it loops. Is this something Batari is capable of. And if so, how? 2) I have seen advanced looking backgrounds/playfields in games like double dragon, kung fu master, pitfall 2, Cabbage Patch Kids (unreleased game - AWESOME!!). I can do multi-coloured playfields, but how do you do things like add trees with out using sprites? Any advice would be great.
  10. I just finished up a side-scroller/platformer called “Sand Castles” – I wanted to share a copy if anyone’s interested. Here’s a quick run-down… Shoot to defeat monsters to clear each round (if you spend to much time in a level, you’ll get chased by the “reaper”) Health bar is to the bottom-right, lives to the bottom left Left difficulty switch to control game difficulty (b=longer time before reaper, health restored each level) Right difficulty switch turns music on/off. Works with SEGA Genesis controllers with multiple buttons supported: B to shoot, C to jump – of course it also works with the 2600 joystick, where “up” jumps. DPC+ kernel (tested in Stella, and Harmony cartridge) Based on the feedback I got with Bit Quest, I thought it’d be cool to make a proper manual for the game, so I’ve include that as well. In any case, check it out. Hope you enjoy it! sandcastle_manual.pdf sandcastles.bin
  11. I was curious what peoples' strategies were for managing large .bas source files. (Maybe there's a super-obvious solution I missed, I am kind of a noob at this.) I bring it up because one of the biggest challenges I've encountered so far has been working with really large multi-bank games, where you have thousands of lines of code. I guess I'm just spoiled by OOP and modern IDEs! I've tried Visual bB - which is really slick, and I've heard there's some sort of bookmarking feature, but I didn't dig to deeply into that. What I've actually been doing is using Visual Studio Code and splitting up my source file into several .bas files. (bank1.bas, bank2.bas, etc) Then, I have a build action run a script that merges these parts into one large master .bas file that gets sent to the batari compiler and then the emulator. It actually made things a little easier for me.... I'd be happy to post that if it's useful to anyone. Or maybe there's an easier way you know of?
  12. I have been having some difficulty getting started with programming for the 2600. I have been able to download the emulator for games, but because I use library computers to get online and have an Apple computer, I have not been able to get the DASM assembler to work. Two questions I have are: How do I get the DASM to work with an Apple online? Is it possible to get DASM on a PC computer that is not connected to the internet? Also, for the folks at Atariage, under -- Atari 2600 Programming -- Tools & Utilities -- DASM (assembler) ; Clicking on the link brings up a "page not found" screen. I had some difficulty finding a version of DASM for my Apple and once I was able to get it, I was unable to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. I love the site.
  13. So, I was developing my own game with bB, and I stumbled into a problem: How to make specified random numbers? By "specified" I mean random numbers that are between two set numbers. In the game, after you defeat an enemy, it is teleported to a randomized location on the y-axis using rand command (is it actually a command or something else?). However, most of the times, the enemy teleported offscreen or into the playfield walls. Is there a way to prevent the random number from going over or below a set value?
  14. 8-bit_d-boy


    From the album: Air Hockey

    © Christopher DeBoy 2017

  15. Hi all, I just wanted to share a new homebrew I just finished up - Bit quest II. If you played the original, then I would say Bit Quest II is a logical evolution of that idea - it's much bigger and has more variety. It's an adventure-type game with an overworld and several dungeons with hidden items. It's sort of inspired by the original Zelda, along with games like Venture and Adventure for the 2600. It also incorporates a lot of feedback I received around the original. In any case, hope you enjoy! Some notes: * Joystick to move, fire button to attack. (Full instructions included) The premise is, the hero from the first Bit Quest is captured, so you have to rescue him. There are 4 keys hidden throughout the world which will unlock the final dungeon. * Uses DPC+ so you'll need to play in a compatible emulator, like Stella. * Max hearts can be increased by finding heart containers, and you can continue after a game-over. * (NEW) Sub-screen with Game Select switch Attached are some screenshots, and the download link is below. If you're interested in checking out my other homebrews including the first Bit Quest, my Atari page is here: http://atari.metalbabble.com/ Thanks & have fun! UPDATE: I've made a few tweaks to the game since the initial post, thanks to some great ideas and feedback. I'm taking the attachments off the post - to help streamline things. The up-to-date latest version of the ROM is up on my site. Direct download link below: ** CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD **
  16. Hello everyone. I am attending a retro gaming show in december and since i'll be in the 2600 booth, i thought i'd make a cool looking logo as a rom for the show. I have NEVER programmed anything in any language but i managed to understand a few things from RandomTerrain site and a couple videos. I am trying to convert an image to bb code using the graphics converter, but every time i press "View Code" vbb crashes. is there something i should do different? I managed to make a crappy logo using the playfield but it looks horrible. Is there some ready kernel or vbb option so i can use to make that happen (maybe even add a little tune also)? Is that doable using only vbb?
  17. Hi all, I have created the following post yesterday: Someone just told me that I should have created it in this subforum. I don't want to duplicate the post but I have also not found how to move the post here. Any suggestions? Also, if you can comment on the bankswitch schemes you currently use in your programs and any experience you can share on how to implement a bankswitch controller on a 8bit Microchip PIC will be much appreciated. Cheers!
  18. So I'm tinkering with batari for the first time, and have gotten past the ENORMOUS headache of compiling issues to actually be able to make some neat little things. one of my sprites i.e. the player is even animated and looks awesome. I've got a second sprite however, that is making me go crazy. I am 100% new to coding in general, but this is something that I really want to successfully accomplish. Anyway.. the whole thing I want the main player to be able to do is chase mice and "munch" on them to earn as many points as possible before a timer runs out(I'll figure that out later) So far I've gotten my cat to be able to move everywhere flawlessly. the mouse just shows up right now and is chilling out. my question: How can I make it so that when the cat comes in contact with the mouse the player gets their points/ How can I get the mouse to "run away" from the cat and re-spawn when "eaten"? Forgive me for being a complete noob, but I'm at the point where I'm completely stuck, and google has run out of answers. The attached file is what I've come up with so far. Thanks!!!default.bas
  19. here is a playable demo of Parsec 2600. it only plays game level 3 over and over again as a demo. as soon as I can get around to it i'll make it into a cartridge. right now working on the manual and the labels. DEMO-parsec2600v13.bas.bin and here is a video when I still had a bug or two to fix so you know what you are downloading. https://youtu.be/tDzGTof7qqE enjoy and feed back is welcomed.
  20. Hey, just wanted to share a little project I've been working on. It's not as big or complex as my other games - but I thought it'd be cool to share anyways. The game is called "Stardust". The TLDR of how to play: * Explore space, use the navigation map on the bottom of the screen for guidance * Shoot asteroids, aliens - don't get hit * Find all 4 planets * Land on the planet, defeat the boss, get a power up (multi-ships, etc). * Return to the starting base I actually used some code from an earlier game I did (Bit Quest) so there are some similarities - the way the 12x12 map works, etc Anyhow, check it out. I've also got a manual and label art for authenticity. DOWNLOAD HERE EDIT: added updated version with diagonal-shooting EDIT #2: fixed multi-ship gfx bug EDIT #3: made a few more tweaks. Since I keep resetting the download, I just figured I'd link to my website stardust_manual.pdf
  21. Greetings, Atarians. I have a vexing problem I would appreciate some assistance on. I've been having myself a good time installing a batari/longhorn engineer designed 7800 video board into my personal "keeper" 7800 unit. I purchased it from "electronicsentimentalities," a member here who has taken batari/longhorn's open-source design and crafted some nice boards: http://electronicsen...led%20Mods.html And, his instructions are quite easy, too: http://electronicsen...structions.html The installation is done, and sound and video head on out the composite and S-video jacks as expected . . . . . . but I'm getting those pesky, rolling diagonal lines that others have talked about in the past! The diagonal rollers show up in both the composite AND the S-video outputs. It DOESN'T show up in 2600 mode, only 7800. I have done my research, and tried multiple things in an attempt to solve the problem - - Detached the 4-pins that go to the RF modulator (the above picture shows them as attached; they are no longer) Removed the Q8 transistor (as was suggested here: http://www.made-by-b...101&t=842#p3415 ) Removed the Q1 transistor (from the AtariAge 7800 FAQ: "In order to prevent the audio from interfering with the video signal, the mixing oscillator must be disabled on the main circuit board. On a 7800, remove the base lead of Q1. It is located near the RF modulator." [click on text to link to page] So far, no luck! This post cryptically offers some advice - - http://www.atariage....ost__p__1543423 "I disconnected the audio from the video in order clear up the diagonal lines. Where it is disconnected I added a cap to amplify the audio. Where did you get the audio signal?" But I could not determine exactly what was meant . . . ! Maybe I already did that by removing some of the transistors And, this post also offers some hope . . . http://www.atariage....ost__p__1524023 "I had to disconnect at R3 to remove all interference to the composite signal." But again, I am not certain what is meant? I am going to have to go look for "R3" on the board after I post this! Does anyone have some advice? The picture is great - - nice and crisp, no shadows, but those diagonal rollers, especially on a dark background, are VERY noticeable! Thanks SO much for any and all ideas!! -a2a
  22. From the album: Mabool

    This is the second version (and maybe the final) of the title screen of Mabool.

    © Baptiste Bideaux

  23. Is there a good summary of the various bAtari kernels and their strengths and weaknesses somewhere? I have to believe there is... but my search is coming up empty. Thanks so much.
  24. Hey guys, I'm sorry if my question's been touched on before, I did look through the threads here and couldn't find anything that matched my question so here goes... I'm pretty psyched about rom testing on my Atari. Somewhere Random Terrain mentioned that you can test whilst the Harmony cart's plugged into the 2600 and PC at the same time via USB. So I download my bin image using the 'Develeopment' tab on the Harmony Programming Tool and feed it to my cart like you do with the bios? If so, how do I get the ARM directory? The menu says I'll lose the multicart capabilities whilst in this mode. Is that only until I turn off the console/unplug the USB? I'm scared of breaking my shiny new cart or my 2600 but on-the-fly-testing sounds very cool and convenient! Cheers, Doki!
  25. FreeTalent

    Music Tracker

    From the album: Atari 2600 - Tools

    I'm used to tools like FastTracker or ModPlug Tracker , so I developed my own tracker in the same philosophy and exporting code to Batari.

    © Baptiste Bideaux.

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