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Found 27 results

  1. I've put up an example BBS Express 1.0 deployment, and a wiki page on its use, here: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/wiki/BBS-Express-850-1.0 Enjoy.
  2. I have started a new user page on the Wiki: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/wiki/Deploying-your-Favorite-BBS Which will be a list of favorite BBS software, and how to deploy it. I've started with the FoReM-850-26M that I resurrected (this is the original version of FoReM from 1983, which is, in itself, an extended AMIS with multiple message boards.) Note that the example for FoReM provides a ready to run disk image that you can copy to your own system and get running using a step by step procedure. Have fun, -Thom
  3. Is anyone at all able to connect to my BBS, Spy Visits Spy BBS at port 10001 ???? cannot connect locally or through my IP from my end Russ
  4. Hey guys, I've been deciding to give CC65 a work-out, and figure out exactly what it can and can't do. To this end, I'm writing a BBS. One that isn't a pasta-fied mess of Atari BASIC or OSS BASIC XE; that runs atop SpartaDOS X, and can thus utilize setups like the Ultimate1MB, the SIDE interface, etc. I am starting out small, right now doing all the menial tasks of writing the logger, wrappers for the serial routines, fleshing out the configuration structures (one byte at a time, lots of bit field packing), but hopefully this can grow into something useful. Why CC65, and why not something like ACTION!? Well, I wanted to use a modern language, with structs (with the ability to have pointers to structs), and all of the niceties of a decent C implementation, while having a linker that could output a _very_ flexible binary structure. This is being developed on disk, but it could potentially end up as a very large banked cartridge, when it's all said and done, who knows? I wanted the leg room... ...also the libraries for serial communication and extended memory addressing are pretty well defined, well enough to be able to write something like a BBS package, so who knows where this would go? Does it have a name? Not yet. When it comes to me, i'll name it, until then, I code. What features will it have? Who knows, I am writing this, one piece at a time, just seeing what's possible. I am pushing code to github for it, here: https://github.com/tschak909/ataribbs . o O (even my bits of mental cucumber, palette cleansers to distract from long running big projects, are in an of themselves, big...Am I insane? Only my cats know for sure.) -Thom
  5. Who was looking for word juggler? I might have it.... A
  6. The Lower Planes has had the following foibles and changes recently. Complete failure of HD on which it was stored Therefore a complete rebuild, which after some foibles of its own is now fully functional and improved from before Local message areas for Apple II, General, and FSX net for those interested. Super Stocked and growing file areas. I'd give my left testicle to figure out why x/y/z modem refuse to work, so FTP is really the only transfer option Files are packed in .shk format as per the halcyon days, to load into your existing system more readily Message base has had a complete reset, but its starting to bop along again. Online games have all been reset too. The Lower Planes firmly reccommends ProTerm, Megaterm, and Agate for enhanced viewing pleasure. You can have sexy ansi (slower), basic ansi (highlighting in colour, faster) or the standby standard of ASCII Would still like to investigate a message network between GBBS pro systems. Not sure what can be done with Warp6. A tlp.zapto.org www/telnet/ssh/ftp initial login is through a linux system which requires a login:password of bbs:bbs.
  7. Hi everyone. I've been working on a project I'm calling AtasciiTube. It's a HTML5/JS app to play for ATASCII animations. I'm still refining the code, but it's working pretty well so far. Check it out: http://breakintochat.com/collections/atascii. Also, I want to send out a plea to anyone who saved any ATASCII animations from years ago. I have found quite a few, but I know there have to more out there. If you were an 8-bit sysop or user back in the day, or maybe you dabbled in creating these animations yourself, please give me a holler! I'd love to add any animations you can send me.
  8. Earlier this year I finally managed to track down Kevin MacFarland, author of the Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin." Thought you guys might enjoy my interview with him. Back then he went by the handle "C Monster." I also wrote up a blog post remembering Assassin. If anyone else remembers the game, I encourage you to leave a comment on the blog! (And, as I mention in the blog, you can still play Assassin today on Dark Force, The Grove, and Starfleet HQ BBSes.)
  9. Anyone ever play the old Atari ST BBS door game "Assassin"? One of my old favorites. You can still play it today on The Grove and Dark Force BBSes. Anyway, I would love to get in touch with the game's authors. I think I may have found Wayne Myers on some social networks (though he hasn't responded to messages), but no luck with Kevin MacFarland. Anyone know/remember them? --Josh
  10. We got a proof of concept cheap WIFI solution going over at Atari-Forum. http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=31586 It's based on ESP8266 connected to the serial port. Should work for any atari and the parts are dirt cheap. C64 "wifimodems" are selling on ebay, connecting them to telnet based BBS's. Other retroscenes are also getting in on this aswell.
  11. I'm happy to announce that Beta 3 of TcpSerSharp is out and it fully supports connections coming from real or virtual COM ports. I've tested it with AppleWin with great results. There is no reason to expect any other COM enabled emulator not to work. To use TcpSerSharp with an emulator that supports direct connections to a COM port, follow these steps. Download TcpSerSharp from GitHub. Download com0com (a virtual serial port package). Run the com0com setup and allow it to create a com port pair. Rename the com ports created by com0com such that they follow "COMx" where x is the port numbers. Install TcpSerSharp Navigate to %ProgramData% -- then right click the TcpSerSharp folder and give write permissions to all users. In the %ProgramData%\TcpSerSharp folder, open config.xml in your favorite text editor. Add a modem to the modem pool that looks like this: <Modem ​device='rs232' speed='9600' port='COMy' /> ​COMy is the second com port in your com0com pair. Restart the TcpSerSharp service to get the new modem loaded. Start your emulator and load your favorite term. Be sure your emulator is connecting to the FIRST com port of your com0com pair. If you need any help, post your questions here!
  12. Are there any still up? How would one connect to it?
  13. What Is It? Hayesduino is an Arduino sketch that provides a bridge between the world of the Internet and small devices that do not have built-in ethernet capabilities. Old computers, such as the Commodore 64, Apple II and Atari 800 have serial ports, but do not have readily available Internet solutions with wide software support. While specialized solutions do exist for these platforms, they all require specialized software to use them and do not lend themselves to more general usage such as simply opening a socket, sending some data, and/or receiving some data. Hayesduino bridges this gap by emulating a Hayes compatible modem. This allows users to initiate Internet communications via sockets that are opened by "dialing" to a hostname and port. An example would be initiating a telnet session with a host by simply typing atdt hostname:23 and waiting for the host to respond. Using this technique, any online socket can be reached and communicated with. Hayesduino could have accomplished this without emulating a modem, but there needed to be a good way to allow the small machine to receive incoming connections. The three platforms listed above were all very popular systems for hosting BBS (bulletin board systems) which would accept calls over a telephone line via modem. Hayesduino simulates the incoming phone call whenever the software receives an inbound connection on port 23 (this is changeable in the code). When an incoming connection is detected, the Hayesduino will toggle the DCE-DCD line to trigger the remote software to answer the incoming "call". In this way a classic BBS can be hooked up directly to the Internet. http://hayesduino.codeplex.com
  14. Hello everybody, A few months ago I started a small Bulletin Board System (BBS) project. Beery Miller had already announced in January 2020 that he would convert the After Hours BBS system to Telnet communication for the TI-99/4A home computer with Tipi extension. Even then, I thought it was a good idea to use my TI with this application. In mid-May, Beery Miller made the BBS software available in the AtariAge forum. That was when I installed the software on my second TI-99/4A with a Tipi extension. After all, the BBS system should run around the clock, 7/24 hours. In addition to the BBS program, Beery also provided all source files. That gave me the idea of gradually converting my BBS system to German. The changeover has not yet taken place in all areas, but the basic text information and parts of the menu control are implemented in German. I set up the system texts in English and German. The TBOX99 BBS system can be called with any Telnet client. A file transfer is possible with the XMODEM protocol. The TBOX99 BBS system has been available since 05/20/2020 at the following address: URL: mytbox99.ddns.net Port: 61643 In addition to my TBOX99 BBS system, there is a second AFTER HOURS BBS, which Arcadeshopper operates in the original English version. The “THEKEEP” After Hours BBS can only be called from the “The Keep BBS”. After logging into The Keep BBS, the After Hours BBS can be reached with the following two commands: /go dialout + enter then d 19 + enter Beery Miller has further developed the After Hours BBS system over the past few months. He has implemented a huge download area with a very extensive menu structure and more than 3000 files available for the TI-99/4A and for the Geneve computer. He has also implemented a search function that searches all files and brief information in the entire download area for a specific term and lists the files found. In addition to news and information in the message area, the BBS can now also be used as a program source for the TI-99/4A and the Geneve computer. For me this is a very good example of the practical (hobby) use of a retro computer! For everyone who has not yet created an account in the TBOX99 BBS, I have converted the current TBOX99 newsletter #3 to pdf format. This issue explains how to download files from the BBS system. The example uses the "Mass Transfer" (MXT) program on a TI99-4A. The TBOX99 newsletter is a pure text file that can be displayed on practically any terminal. TBOX99_#03_Newsletter.pdf Here are also the previous editions of the TBOX99 newsletter: Issue 2 contains an overview of the currently available hardware and software extensions for the TI-99/4A as well as an illustration of the menu structure in the TBOX99 download area. TBOX99_#02_Newsletter.pdf Issue 1 contains brief information about the start of the BBS system TBOX99_#01_Newsletter.pdf If you feel like it, you can log into the TBOX99 system and simply take a look at the system or leave a message. Wolfgang Hess (wolhess)
  15. Hi! I have an (unmodified) Atari 800XL, a SIO2USB and a Side2 Cartridge. During my Internet-Browsing, I have discovered a "Wifi Modem" called Retro Wifi SI which seems pretty cool. My questions: 1) Does anyone have experience with connecting an Atari 800XL to Internet-Based BBSs? 2) Connecting via WIFI looks very tempting -- is the "Retro Wifi SI" any good, what else do I need / is recommended (a 850? a BlackBox?) 3) Is there some sort of SIO device with a built-in "Wifi Modem", which maybe even has a similar look like the Atari 800XL? Maybe some sort of 1030 hack/mod with a higher baud-rate, ready to buy from someone? 4) Could I also use SIO2USB for that until I have a "proper" WIFI solution? What kind of software would I use with the SIO2USB on the PC-side to provide connectivity to Internet-Based BBSs? 5) Any caveats I should consider? Thanks!
  16. Hey there, pineapple.zapto.org New A2 resource site. Home of the Hardware and Library databases. Enter some details off your unidentified card and see if it can give you a match to sort out what it is. The Library contains some 130 pdf documents at present, Tech Notes, private ramblings, manuals, schematics. Also searchable if you're looking for something in particular, view the results online or download the pdf if you want to. My own crazed ramblings and tribulations with CloneE and his GS brother, that never seems to work. Little bits of hardware and projects to add to either or both. Some odd photos... floppy disks, CloneE and Wishlist in the Photo Gallery. As my physio is want to say, use it or lose it. Logo doesn't show up very well here, its partly in white. A
  17. There were plenty of Atari ST BBS games back in the day, but I only know of one which came with a graphical front-end client: Thieves Guild. It took me a long time (and required real hardware) to be able to actually play it. Once I obtained a Mega STe, I wanted to make a video showing what the Thieves Guild front-end looked like in action. The CosmosEx's new remote screencast made that a possibility. Here's my first attempt: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2014/11/12/hatari-lantronix-and-cosmosex-my-quixotic-quest-to-play-thieves-guild/ --Josh
  18. I've been stuck inside for a few days from all the snow we've had, and during my bout of cabin fever I've been visiting many of the old school BBS's that are still hanging on out there on the Web via Telnet. If you haven't been on one of these since the end of the BBS era (1997ish) you owe it to yourself to download syncterm and give them a try. So many fond memories of dialing up late night BBS's to get the latest shareware release of Doom, Duke 3d, wolf 3d, Raptor... The list goes on and on. Stopping by my favorite message BBS (Millways) run on a bone stock 2 floppy drive Apple 2c even in late 96! Or heading over to "The Cave" that ran my favorite BBS software WWIV 4.24a Those were the days, and I'm glad to say that some of these old systems are still kicking. Fido net is still sort of active. Dove-net is rocking, heck WWIV-net is back! Love it. Anyway That's it, just thought I'd point out that these BBS's are still going...well, maybe not strong, but still going anyway in 2018! /s
  19. i am interested in creating a game that would be similar to a door game. the idea is a character that has a split personality must find a solution or xxx... two players would each take turns sending him down their desired paths. in other words, your actions make the character go one way.. his actions make the character go the other way i was thinking that this could be accomplished via null modem btween two players in the same room any thought would be well appreciated Douglas
  20. NOTE: an update of OeeyGUI is forthcoming. I'll post v2 when I receive it from Shift838. the BBS software still works, though, if you just want that. Here is the OeeyGUI & Fusion BBS that Shift838 demonstrated at the TI99 fest in Austin. The fusion BBS wasn't on the CDs I handed out. Oeeygui-bbs.zip
  21. Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce that over the weekend I launched a new BBS titled after my Atari 2600 homebrew, Space Cactus Canyon. You can use your favorite telnet client to access it at spacecactus.sytes.net, or, in the (extremely unlikely, I'm sure) event you don't have a favorite telnet client, I've set up a web page with an embedded client. It's pretty small right now, but I've done some customization in terms of graphics and forums. As for files, it has some of my favorite DOS games available for download, as well as some Atari 2600 ROM files--official releases and homebrews. I've never run a BBS before, and this was kind of a "because it's there" type of project. It seems most people run them either a.) out of nostalgia or a desire to keep things old-school or b.) from a libertarian, away-from-prying-eyes perspective. I'm wondering if there's something that BBSes could do today that the modern Internet can't. I don't know if there's an answer for that, but it could be very interesting if there's a service that a BBS could provide that's not really available elsewhere. Anyway, check it out if you're inclined, and let me know what you think! And I'd love to hear other ideas about what a modern BBS might accomplish.
  22. I asked a similar question on stackoverflow, but I figured I'd ask here as well. I use the Hatari (Atari ST) emulator on a Mac. Since there are a number of Atari ST BBSes out there still today, I'd love to be able to connect to them using a VT-52 compatible Atari terminal program, like Freeze Dried Terminal, TAZ, or VanTerm. But how can I get Hatari to work with telnet? I see that Hatari offers RS232/serial emulation. The manual suggests writing Hatari RS232 input/output to a file like /dev/ttyS0. And I found something called socat that lets you transfer data between various channels. So: is there a way to make socat take a telnet session and pipe it into a file that can be read by Hatari's RS232 emulation? Any ideas? I'm a unix novice, but I'd love to get this to work.
  23. Hey guys, I'm in the middle of putting together a Carina II installation that can run on Fujinet, and I've managed to make it through the configuration system, however, it seems to fail to a ready prompt, causing MOE to constantly re-initialize the modem. Image is attached, maybe somebody notices something? -Thom carina2.atr
  24. Hello everyone: I have worked 18 or more hours on my BBS screen creator, basically it takes any text and rewrites it in Inverse Video, coming soon will be color codes and as I am using an array now to store the screens in, they are easily manipulated, IE: fancy borders done around the text and I am focusing on 40 column text for the Atari8 Bit line of computers. My program is taking shape, but I need to ge some sleep , as I am one of those types to focus on nothing but the programming at hand, and often program for 18-20 hour stretches or until I tire out. And I have just done that, tired out !!!! So I am no good for programming until after about 12 hours sleep. I will however upload the atr file, and hope that someone can see the logic in my programming , and maybe help me to use Atari Basic more efficiently. Here is the atr file: BBS_Screen_Creator_2_A.atr
  25. I never even knew these files existed until I looked in my Tosek Library for Floppyshop Disks. Apparently there are a whole bunch of BBS, Communication utilities in this directory. This is the problem, I have so much stuff that I did not know where to find them. I am going to research more of what I already have and post the highlights here: Floppyshop BBS and Communication Programs
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