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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everyone. A little more than a year ago I've started collecting Colecovision loose cartridges, just for fun, in fact I started with the better games (I think) and then added one, other one, another one and without warning I started a collection that finally I've completed in May/15/2013 (obviously not including the S.O.S cartridge, given that only one or two exists) Some items were pure luck, like the Super-Sketch (Sketch Master) that I don't even intended to get. The Wizard of Id Wizmath and Q*bert Qubes were other two very difficult to obtain. Besides I've got five Q*bert before getting one with good label and in the process I got one with a silver label (not here because I think it doesn't fit along the other Parker Brothers) It took me one hour to unpack, fifteen minutes for the pictures and another hour to pack again So enjoy it! [bTW, I have some duplicate Colecovision homebrews, but with one is enough to show ] Added Jun/07/2013 Now my Colecovision cartridges duplicates, most are in not so good state, primary cause of having to order more cartridges. This picture includes the rare Q*bert with silver label. Also the Facemaker and Smurf's Paint and Play Workshop cartridges doesn't work. Also included three Atari cartridges that doesn't work. My collection of homebrews (part 1), including the Zombie Near game I wrote (I've four of this one ) My collection of homebrews (part 2), including the Princess Quest game I wrote (I've two of this one ) And here is my very small Atari Collection. Update Jun/11/2013: My small MSX collection, including the games I've wrote. Update Jun/26/2013: A recent addition to my Atari collection, plus all the other platform cartridges in my collection. BTW, someone used a permanent marker in the Total Recall cartridge . For being my first two NES games, I choosed the most unplayable games I like very much the colorful label of the Atlantis cartridge for Intellivision Update Aug/25/2013: Recent additions to my Sega Master System collection . Only Out Run 3D has the manual, so technically it is the only CIB. Update Mar/06/2014: Just taken pictures of all my homebrew collection without duplicates: Update Jun/21/2014:
  2. Hi Everyone, Up for sale are three sets of cartridges: Two sets of Epyx games (Summer Games, Winter Games, and California Games), and one set of Milton Bradley games (Spitfire Attack and Survival Run). All orders include shipping PM me if you are interested. Shipping happens within 24 hours of purchase (usually $7-8, again its included in the price), and I will PM you a tracking number. Finally, I warrantee all items for 30 days after purchase. Thanks everyone! David Milton Bradley = $22 (shipping included) Epyx Set #1 = $18 (shipping included) Epyx Set #2 = $16 (shipping included)
  3. I'm closing a deal right now to get a working Atari XE game system. While it should contain Missile Command, Flight Simulator II and Bug Hunt, I'm looking at some Atari 8-bit cartridges to get along with some XE games. There's quite a bit of overlap out there as some of the 8-bit cartridges are games I already own for the 2600 and 7800. So I'll throw this question out to you Atari 8-bit enthusiasts. What are some good Atari 8-bit cartridges to get?
  4. Hey I'm new into the TI99 scene. I have a handful of loose carts from a swap meet a while back. After researching them some of them are kind of rare? I'm looking to make a few bucks but the carts aren't common enough to get an accurate read on the market for them. I was wondering if anyone on here might be able to shed some light on either the cost or the real rarity of these? I originally picked these carts up in hopes I'd get a TI99 to play with. But that never happened. so these carts are untested. -Mini Memory -Munchman II (with original manual) -Paint 'N Print (Navarone Industries) -Super Extended Basic (Solid State Cartridge) -Super Space II -Terminal Emulator II I also have a TI99 Cartridge Expander in the box.
  5. I've listed a bunch of Lynx and 7800 games fulfilled by Amazon Canada, search or click through them here: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aag/main/ref=olp_merch_name_2?seller=ASVVEHBRLZEPV I didn't spend a lot of time setting prices, feel free to make me an offer on here if I've overpriced something and I'll reduce it on the site. I listed them here because I need to get rid of a whole load of stuff and I shipped it all to Amazon in a single box for CAD$10 - packing up and calculating the shipping for 60+ individual boxes is just too much effort for me. Also shipping is cheap (or free if you have Prime or order enough) within Canada, and hopefully shouldn't be too bad from the US either.
  6. I've got recently a number of Activision cartridges and has surprised me that tend to fail in a great number. The first one was Pitfall II - Lost Caverns, it failed after a few seconds, I did cleaning of contacts with cotton and alcohol and it still failed, but I noted that the case is made of soft plastic and though it has screws it can be opened using some thick things at the sides without disrupting label or removing screws. I used two thick USB memories as claws and I extracted the PCB from the inside, I noted that there was somekind of grease over it. I rubbed it generously with alcohol, dryed it with cotton, and it worked just fine Recently I got Zenji and H.E.R.O. NIB and guess what, both didn't worked. I applied same trick and managed to get them to working state I'm sharing this just in case someone has this same problem with Activision cartridges. I'm thinking that the automatic mount line of cartridges PCB used some kind of solder paste and with enough time it becomes conductive and makes the cartridge to fail. I have also two non-working Coleco cartridges but these are impossible to open because them are made of rigid plastic, so the only way is to remove label and I don't want to do it because the label is in excellent state.
  7. I mostly play my Atari games on Stella with by Hyperkin Trooper, or on Harmony Cartridge on the 1981 console I've had for 40 years, but I have a modest physical collection that makes me happy to have. And this is how I organize my digital collection...
  8. Time to start downsizing... I have three cartridges, Pole Position, Moon Patrol and Donkey Kong that come as a trio. Shipping will be USPS flat rate box with bubble wrap. Asking price (shipping included) is $40.00 because shipping prices suck, so my I'm actually taking a loss on what I paid for the cartridges, but I don't need them anymore. This is a photo of the cartridges. P.M. me if interested, price firm. Due to work, the earliest I can ship will be Tuesday afternoon. Paypal only. Update: SOLD
  9. Hi everyone...so I've got to downsize my collection a bit to make the wife happy so I decided I'm gonna sell my TI-99/4a and accessories. I don't care for eBay so I figured this would be the best place to post for sale. I'm currently at work but I'll post pictures later. What I have: TI-99/4A Silver/black with: -original power adapter -original joysticks (one paddle is broken) -original plastic F-key descriptors, including a ton of blanks. -original cassette drive audio cables (in/out/control jacks) -aftermarket RCA A/V connector -original box (poor condition, see pictures coming soon) General Electric Cassette Player (the kind recommended for the TI-99/4A) nanoPEB with power adapter & 256mb CF card fully working Cartridges w/manuals (some with boxes, will update once I can take pictures): -Munchman -Jawbreaker II -Parsec -Personal Record Keeping Not sure what to price all of this, if I can get $100 for everything I'll be happy, I'll take best offer for individual pieces. Pictures will come this evening, thanks!
  10. What are the weirdest or coolest looking cartridges in your collection? For me personally I love my bright yellow 8 bit Wizard of Wor cart. I have always loved the clear Jag carts as well. What are your favorites? What are some carts you just love, regardless whether others might find them to be pretty normal? There are some Nintendo carts I love but they are in storage right now so may have to revisit this at some point.. Looking forward to seeing some fun carts!!
  11. How many games or programs were sold on cartridge for the Commodore 64 here in the US? I know the VIC-20 had a fair number of cartridges, so I am wondering if the 64 also had a decent amount or were they really pushing the diskettes by that time.
  12. I got a 2600 recently, and I was considering buying game lots from ebay and other such stores. I have a few VStocks near me, which is where I got the system and a half-bucket of games already from. Do they offer decent prices for selling games to them? Even if its just in-store credit thats fine. If not, where would you recommend I sell my duplicates? I'm looking for getting at least 75% of the resale value. do you think thats obtainable at brick & mortar stores?
  13. Hey everyone, I just got an Atari 2600 (specifically 2600A). When I try to put a cartridge in it won't "lock" into place and then it pops up a bit when I let go. Is anyone familiar with the mechanism that holds the cartridge in place/if there is a way to fix this? I want to get it working but I can't even get a good contact between the console and game =( I've tried multiple cartridges and had the same problem with all of them so I am assuming it is the console that has a problem. I really appreciate any help I can get with this!
  14. Hi everyone, Just discovered the website; I'm still looking through it. Amazing stuff here. I couldn't locate any answers to a question and Giggle led me here. - so i did search as well as I could 😃 - I have a few Atari 400s, 800, C-64s, ... and many Atari 2600 cartridges. Unfortunately I no longer have a 2600. I'm sure others like some games on the 2600 that are just not the same on the 400/800 machines. Just one example is Space Invaders. The 2600 version is simply the best one ever (over 100 levels of Space Invaders)... Anyways, would anyone here know if I can convert my ROMs (or if anyone has any magic) to play the cartridges (and or program) from the 2600 on an 8 bit Atari computer? all the best, Mortis....
  15. So here are my Activision, Absolute and Epyx games. Probably the only complete sets that I have (perhaps M-Network as well). I've always had a particular like for Activision comics and if I'm completely honest with myself I'd say they were best company for the 2600 back in the day. Their titles always seemed to me the more original and were effectively home game exclusives, many of them quite original. I liked how they had the consistent packaging, you got to see a picture of the actual designer and their look was always clean and bright. They always had good level of quality overall. As a kid River Raid, Tennis, Enduro and Megamania made the rounds among my friends and while I never owned them back then, I was fortunate to borrow them on occasion and played them for hours. I did see their catalogues at the department stores and always wished I owned them. The one cartridge especially I wanted was Decathlon just because I was fascinated with Track&Field (or Hyper Olympics) in the arcade. With my allowance it would have taken me months to save up considering the high prices of carts back then. When I moved to a different country I was gifted some cash which I then I sent by mail to my old friends to buy me and ship me the game (the country I lived had no Atari games and straddled in between being a 3rd World Country and something close to being developed). I've had some happy moments in my complicated life and receiving Decathlon in the mail, is one of the top 10 moments for me. When I moved to Canada I picked up a ton of games in 89-91 for the 2600. Activision titles were always pricey in the stores, so I picked many of the common ones at local second-hand stores. This is how I got to play for some of my all-time favourites like Pressure Cooker, Keystone Kapers, Pitfall, and Frostbite. In the stores I actually bought Space Shuttle, Decathlon, Enduro, and Robot Tank. Towards the end of my 2nd Atari phase I then picked up titles like Double Dragon, Commando, as well as all three Epyx titles, and Title Match Pro Wrestling. For the last few years as I rebuilt my Atari collection, I started collecting again and picked some titles I never owned previously. HERO and Pitfall II were great finds and have become a couple of my favourites. There were some that I had never seen or played as well like Private Eye, Pete Rose, Beamrider, and Kung Fu Master. I think the last missing cartridge for me was Cosmic Commuter (another mysterious one) which I ended getting from someone on eBay. I have some of the titles boxed as well, so I will probably snap some additional pictures in the next couple of days. I also noted that I seem to have a couple all-blue label instead of their colour version; Keystone Kapers and Space Shuttle. Probably easy to find KK, but I'm sure it will be pricey to get a copy of SS. Many of the labels seem to be in poor condition, showing the usual dark spots. Some of them had their price stickers still on; just looking at them now I'd think I'd be hard-pressed to pay that much for them again. Overall, I'm happy I was able to complete the Activision set.
  16. Last I saw Kjmann had changed the name of his website. Now on the link (http://atari-sales.com/) I had bookmarked this website. Any ideas? Welcome to Atari Rage: The Retro Atari Store Due to Kjmann Being Seriously Ill , Atari Rage will be closed until further notice.
  17. From the album: Colecovision collection

    This is my current Atari collection.

    © (c) 2013 Oscar Toledo G.

  18. AtariVCS101

    Atari 2600 games

    From the album: Atari Stuff

    These are all of my 20 Atari carts for my 2600. 20 games!
  19. I have acquired a small supply of blank cartridge boards for 64K and smaller games/utilities. For those interested, I will be able to provide a complete individual cartridge - programmed EPROM, board, and cartridge shell for $25 shipped. In cases where I have a cartridge label, they will be included as well. Please send me a PM with a request to see if it is available (I will not do those that are currently being actively merchandised by others). Again, my supply of cartridge boards is limited.
  20. I have the following Atari 2600 games for sale, all tested and working. All are presumed PAL or worked on my PAL Atari 2600 Junior anyway - Air-Sea Battle (Atari, CX2602) - Battlezone (Atari, 2681) - Bowling (Atari) - Outlaw (Atari, CX2605) - Popeye (Parker) - Robot Tank (Activision) - Space Invaders (Atari, CX2632P) - Yars' Revenge (Atari, CX2655) All are 3 euro's each + postage or 20 euro's for all + postage (also being offered elsewhere)
  21. Just a post to gauge any interest before i put these to auction on ebay...but I have 4 Neo Geo AES carts (originals, not duplicates or conversions) that I'm about to put to auction on ebay, unless anyone want to make me any offers here. They are all in mint condition & complete & in perfect working order (have been stored in a wardrobe since purcahse during the late 1990's) and I can and am more than willing to supply pics, and other details, to prove their originality. Just for interests sake, I am the same person who sold a super-rare Kizuna Encounter Euro AES cart back in 2004, and can verify this if required. This is ony to help verify my legitimacy and bolster confidence in any interested parties. The carts are all 100% real - and although I dont expect some of the astronomical amounts asked for these games by ebay "buy-it-now" sellers, I would like any potential offers to be realistic, before I bite the bullet and ebay them... The carts are: Fatal Fury - Mark of the Wolves (A.E.S., U.S.) Fatal Fury - Real Bout (A.E.S., U.S.) King of Fighter '97 (A.E.S., U.S.) King of Fighters '99 (A.E.S., U.S.) Sengoku 3 (A.E.S., U.S.) P.M. me if any interest, Aaron Hilier
  22. All sold! Thank you! I'm just not using my 994A as much anymore and wanted to clear some space in our bedroom. Listed below are my cartridges (some with manuals, as indicated) that I have for sale- I'd prefer to ship to the CUSA if possible. All carts in fantastic shape and tested, manuals where indicated in reasonable shape. There's a bunch, but I'm happy to provide photos if you would like. Price is before shipping, I'll combine shipping with multiple carts and discount for multiple cart purchases. PayPal is preferred. First come/first serve, PM me and let's make a deal!
  23. Golden era shelf in my game collection. Got some cool new additions like Rubiks Cube and Silver label Gravatar for the 2600.
  24. I'm just starting the process of rebuilding my Atari 2600 collection after it being stolen over a decade ago. I've ended up with a couple of carts that are acting strange. I get it. When they're dead, they're just dead, but these are coming on, ready to play, but they're not functioning correctly. One is Starmaster that I bought at a flea market. I turn the power on and reset the game and I'm perpetually flying around the starfield with no enemies ever showing up. The other is Towering Inferno that I bought from 2600.com. I click reset and the game is going like normal. The helicopter flies to the ground and the first stage comes up and is displaying as normal waiting for me to begin, but I can't move. My little guy just stands there while the fire is killing everyone off. I'm not having troubles like these with any of my other carts. Is that just the end of it? Do I just need to spend the couple of dollars to replace them, or is there some hope that I can make them work somehow? Send me to another thread if this topic is already covered.
  25. Hi to all, I pulled out my Atari 2600 and cartridges on Friday for the first time in several years. I found the Harmony card online Saturday while doing a little reasearch game manual scans. I ordered it yesterday and I am really looking forward to receiving it. Has anyone found any problems or quirks that would be helpful for me to know about? It looks pretty straight forward and intuitive from what I have seen online. Are there any good resources for programming the Atari? I would like to try my hand at that. Do any of you guys program Atari? What editor assembler do you use? Do you know of any resources for EPROM's and cartridge parts? I really hope this forum is active and I hope to hear from some of you. This has potential to be a fun hobby. Thank you, Ed
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