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Found 9 results

  1. Thierry Nouspikel's Bug99 and VDM99 will supposedly work with Classic99, so I thought I would try it out. When I downloaded Classic99, the Web-site said it would run on Windows 2000 and up. I tried loading it into my Win2000 system and got "not a valid application" error. I assume the note on the Web-site has not been updated yet. Haven't tried it in my WinXP machine yet. Hopefully, it will work there. K-R.
  2. Merry christmas my dear 99er friends. This is from me for you, a christmas edition of Web99, which includes all indexed Disks from my collection. It's based on Web99 v0.5 Beta 3, which includes the export to Classic99, a prototype of Grom 2 Basic Decoding and a preliminary User Manual. http://www.ti99.eu/web99/Web99[2015-12-25] v0.5 xmas edition.zip [Download is 731 Megabytes] Summary: Index consists of 52689 Ti Disks Clones. Index consists of 27966 Ti Disks. Index consists of 383935 Ti File Records on Ti Disks. Index consists of 196044 Ti Files based on Ti File Binaries. Index consists of 174603 Ti File Binaries. Klaus L. Vienna
  3. At this point in time, what's the best utility to bulk covert .dsk files into TIFILES/FIAD files? For example, I give it TIInvaders.dsk, I get individual LOAD, GAME,GAMF, and CATALOG files out of it, each with a proper header, since that's the files that are on that disk. I have a bunch of .dsk files I'd like to process, hence my looking for a bulk solution. The goal is to be able to use them with Classic99. (I know Classic99 can use .dsk files, but I want to be able to easily mix and match what files are on the "disk".)
  4. I wonder if Tursi would consider adding the following feature to the next release (or add it to the todo list!) in Classic99: Software controlled CPU overdrive; whereby CLR @>0000 sets CPU to normal SETO @>0000 sets CPU mode to overdrive Obviously, the above would have no effect (which is a good thing!) on real TI equipment, but it would allow Classic99 users to switch on Overdrive for slow stuff, then turn it back off (I personally would not be interested in, for example, developing games that rely on the overdrive to function). For me, it would be useful to switch on CPU overdrive while TF is loading blocks from disks (to give the compiler a kick) and then turn it off again.
  5. Hi, If I put this in RXB in Classic99, I would expect it check for Keyboard L Line and Joystick Left Input. I am interested in Joystick Input in this test case. 100 CALL IO(2,16,8,A,B) 110 CALL HPUT(2,1," ",2,1,A,4,1," ",4,1,B) 120 GOTO 100 I have connected an actual Gamepad to the USB Port and have configured it in Classic99 for Joystick #1. According to Tech Data Manuals, the TMS 9901 has Address: >0008 CruBit: 4 9901: INT4 Pin: 8 Function: Keyboard L Line, Joystick Left. For me the result is that the Joystick movement and the Button has no impact on A and B values. They keep showing 226 and 255. So I wonder what am I doing wrong? Or is it a limitation of the Emulation in Classic99 or a bug in CALL IO? There are so many things to consider: Alpha Lock Bug, 99/4 vs 99/4A Keyboard, 5 Keyboard Modes, Infrared Analog Joysticks in the System Software and Documentation, Wired Joysticks. There is a SCAN Routine in GPL and one in Assembler, there are certain locations in Ram that store the XPOS and YPOS from the Joystick. ... Can anyone give me some hints here?
  6. I was delighted to find the Classic99 TI99/4A emulator this weekend and am enjoying back in time to when I was a hotshot kid writing games for this machine. As I am getting familiar with the emulator, though, I am finding I cannot save or retrieve programs to/from the virtual TI DSKs. When saving a program in TI Extended BASIC onto DSK1 I get the error message: I/O ERROR 67 And when trying to OLD a known file from DSK1 I get: I/O ERROR 50 Both errors appear to me (according to the disk controller manual) to indicate no disk drive is found- but Classic99 emulates them! Interestingly, if I try to run an Extended Basic program on DSK1: RUN DSK1.XBDEMO or RUN DSK1.FRED these programs run without a problem! I assume I am missing something simple but can't find it. I'd hate to have to give up on Classic99 but you have to be able to save programs... Thank you for any help you can provide!
  7. Hello at all TI99 friends.. i organized in Classic99 emulator many new software that was created from many people present here on Atari Age in many post. I hope in this mode of help all you at have an all ready collection software version,where is present many works of Mr. Gazoo, Rich and another.. Here you have in classic99 many version of cartridge game , extended basic, etc... all hard work created in that ultimate years.. In this first release i put all ubergrom file that i knew and big 512k eprom. If like i try at upgraded putting more program that you think is necessary insert.. Ermanno For use take file and decomprime in directory c: Classic99 is ready for use.. classic99(v386).rar
  8. EDIT1: - before reading all of this below, you can find Version two of the demo further down at this link - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273950-classic99-versus-classic99-head-to-head-turn-based-game-demo/?p=3928868 I can confirm it works classic99 vs classic99 (over a network share) as well as classic99 vs Real Iron TI-99/4a equipped with TiPi. EDIT2: Video of DEMO2 here: Classic 99 vs Classic99 and also Classic99 vs TI-99/4a TiPi Console EDIT3: Slightly optimized code available HERE. EDIT4: Latest and probably last version Number Guessing Console Vs Console Demo 2 v 3 (NGCVCD23) with updates and information can be found HERE. Hi! In chatting it up with the TiPi crew I decided to jump the gun and try something out. My basic understanding of TiPi is that it allows real iron consoles to use shared folders on a raspberry pi to use as DSKx. That's virtual disk drives on a network share. The team is hard at work to bring better capabilities and more options than I am going to demo here (when ever the video is done processing so I can upload it someplace. EDIT: WMV Video attached in this zip file = ngcvc-1.zip(NO AUDIO - Something went wrong - but video yes). But I thought, well, classic99 can use network shares as well. Now this demo is not using network shares but it easily can. For simplicity this is what I did. DISCLAIMER: My code is ugly and not optimized at all - if you destroy planet earth running it, I deny any responsibility, use at your own risk. It's just a demo after all to illustrate where my ideas are in turn based head to head gaming we can all enjoy in emulation right now. And on Real Iron once TiPi becomes available sometime in the next year or two (hey, I'm not putting any undue pressure on these guys, I think it'll be out sooner that but i also don't want to make enemies of them). Anyway - I created a simple number guessing game that you run in two different classic99 sessions. For the time being I used a local folder but it can easily be done with a shared network folder on two different computers. But for simplicity, do this: Step 1: Create a folder on your computer. Step 2: Download the attached ngcvc XB file (Number Game Console Vs Console) and save it in that folder you created in step 1. Step 3: Open a classic99 TI-99/4a v1 emulation session and point DSK1 to the file in the folder using FIAD. Step 4: Open another classic 99 emulation session just like before (while leaving the other up and running) and make suere DSK1 is configured to look at the same file/folder using FIAD. Step 5: place the two screens side by side and resize as needed. Step 6: Type the following line on one screen then press enter. OLD DSK1.NGCVC Step 7: Once the game asks if you are player 1 or not (DO NOT ANSWER YET) - repeat step 6 on the other screen. Step 8: Decide which one will be player 1 and type Y then hit enter. On the player 2 side type N and hit enter. Don't forget you have to click on the appropriate screen to activate it. Step 9: play the game going back and forth between screens. If you want, try it over your LAN making sure both computers running classic99 are configured for the same exact DSK1 location (a shared folder someplace) and give it a go. THIS IS ONLY A DEMO: What I'm doing is creating a file with only a single record in each file. There are 6 files altogether. They contain the only information that needs to be shared between the console and they are access via Disk IO functions. I think this is a pretty good way to make simple turn based head to head games NOW via classic99 and more robust games later using TiPi and better functions that may or may not be implemented. (see disclaimer and fill in the blanks) Here is the DEMO: NGCVC.zip Here is the Original buggy Source Code: ...
  9. When running some xdt99 cross-checks in Classic99 I noticed that the end-of-file byte marker for DIS/VAR files generated as FIAD files seems to be off by one. BASIC program: 10 OPEN #1:"DSK2.ONELINE",DISPLAY ,OUTPUT,VARIABLE 32 20 PRINT #1:"123456789" 30 CLOSE #1 Resulting FIAD file: 00000000 4f 4e 45 4c 49 4e 45 20 20 20 00 00 80 07 00 01 |ONELINE ......| 00000010 0b 20 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 |. ..............| 00000020 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 |................| FDR on MESS disk image: 00: 4F 4E 45 4C 49 4E 45 20 20 20 00 00 80 07 00 01 ONEL INE .. .... 10: 0A 20 01 00 A9 79 1E C2 A9 79 1E C2 22 00 00 00 . .. .y.. .y.. "... 20: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 .... .... .... .... The EOF byte is "0B" in the FIAD file but "0A" in the disk image. Is this a "feature" of FIAD files that the EOF marker is off by one? I currently cannot double-check what v9t9 does (but Win994a agrees with MESS). I also noticed that Classic99 has issues with EOF in Extended Basic. More specifically, it reads past EOF when using MESS disk images. ... 1000 IF EOF(1)THEN RETURN 1010 INPUT #1:L$ ... -> I/O ERROR 25 IN 1010 Could this be related?
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