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Found 71 results

  1. Here are some pictures of my game room. Took about two years to complete from start to finish. I built it up from scratch, framing the walls, running electricity, etc. Hope you guys enjoy.
  2. The Nintendo Switch is easily my favorite game system since the Sega Genesis thanks to it's hybrid home console/handheld functionality and fantastic variety of games, and in spite of the rising popularity of digital media there's still a ton of great Switch games to be found on physical cartridges. My Switch library is pretty modest so far with only 10 games to speak of, since I haven't really been "collecting" for the system as much as I have been just picking up games I wanted to play. Still, I figured it could be fun to have a thread for everyone to show off what's in their Switch collections to see what other folks around here have been playing. I'll start things off with a couple pictures of my Switch system and game library:
  3. I'd just thought I'd keep a complete list of every shoot 'em game I own. I'm only including physical copies and digital copies that I paid money for. I'm only counting games with auto-scrolling and/or weapon power-up systems. *denotes a reproduction copy. I'm going to give each game a score S+ being best, F being worst (in my opinion). Game that I have not really spent much time with won't be rated. Systems ordered from oldest to newest. V = vertical H = horizontal B = both O = other NES/Famicom: 1943 [V] | A | A solid shmup on the system, but I prefer 1943 Kai (which I don't own yet) on the PC Engine. Abadox B+ | Really freakin hard... music is composed by the same guy that did the music for Contra. I can't get past the second stage. Did I mention it's hard? lol Adventures of Dino Riki [V] |no rating| I've owned this since the early 90s. I haven't played it much as it was originally my brother's game. It's a running shmup, but you can jump! Alpha Mission [V] | D+ | A pretty forgettable port of an arcade game from SNK. Capitan Skyhawk [O] | C | Has an interesting sorta isometric perspective but the gameplay is rather bland. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend [V] | A- | Not really a port of the arcade game, more like a remix. It's pretty forgiving with continues, unlike Dragon Spirit on PC Engine/TG-16 which has none. My only issue is the lack of drums in the stage music. Gun-Nac* [V]| SSSSS+ | My favorite shmup on the system also favorite game on the entire NES/Famicom library. Love the fact there are infinite continues (something most Compile shmups have in common). 4th favorite shmup of all time. Gradius [H]| A+ | A classic for sure. I just suck at horizontal shmups (except for Air Zonk), so I don't play it much. Gun.Smoke [V] I haven't played enough to rate yet. Seperate fire buttons for left and right side of player is a unique feature of this game. Gyruss [O]| S | Not a traditional shmup but it does have a basic power up so I'm including it. I prefer this to the arcade original. Also love the chiptune Bach music... Image Fight [V]| A- | A solid port of the arcade game by Irem. Legendary Wings [V]|no rank| I've owned this game for like 15 years but not really played it much. Can't get past the first stage. MagMax [H]| D+ | Cool as hell cover art, but the game is boring. But hey you can turn into a giant mech by collecting parts, so there's that. Section Z [H]| C+ | a convoluted maze of a shmup. I wanna blow stuff up not go through a maze. Seicross [H]| D | A sort of shmup/racing game hybrid though it falls short of being a solid game. Sky Shark [V]| A- | One of the hardest vertical shmups I've ever played. Port of a Taito arcade game. Has music composed by legendary chiptune composer, Tim Follin. I've never seen stage 2 but the music is great so I don't mind getting stuck. Star Force [V]| C+ | Pretty much the same game as Star Soldier but it's a Tecmo game. Super Spy Hunter (Battle Formula) [V]| S+ | An amazing game by Sunsoft. Not really a Spy Hunter game, but it was branded so in the west. This game has some of the best music on the NES. That Sunsoft bass! Super Star Force [V]| I have no idea what to do in the game. It's like an adventure game with shmup gameplay. Does not help the text is in Japanese. Star Soldier [V]| C+ | The first game in Hudson Soft's legendary Soldier series, but this game is kinda bland. Though, every series must start somewhere. Stinger (Twinbee 2) | A+ | I don't love it as much as the other Twinbee games but it's still really good. Tiger-Heli [V]| C | It's okay, but with the other games I own, why play it? Thundercade [V]| B | Perhaps the only solid Micronics shmup on NES. There's aren't too many motorcycle shmups. lol Twin Eagle [V]| D- | The animation of water tiles make me nauseous so I don't play this game. I'm sure there's better ports of this game elsewhere. Twinbee [V]| S+ | I don't own the actual cartridge but it's on a bootleg cart. I'll make an exception for this one. Twinbee 3 [V]| S+ | I absolutely love this game. Shame it wasn't released in the west. It's currently the only console shmup I've ever beaten. Xevious [V] [D] I just hate this game. I appreciate it's significance to the genre. But that 2 second music loop in the game drives me up the wall. Zanac | A- [V]| a great shmup on the system, but the AI system can sometimes make a level impossible. Otherwise a pretty good game. I love the title screen music. PC Engine/TG-16: Dragon Spirit [V]| A | Overall a great port of the arcade game. Has great music and gameplay. My only issue is the lack of any continues. Final Soldier [V]| S | The third game in the Soldier Series. I like it more than Super Star Solider. Great music and gameplay. Only issue is some minor slowdown. GunHed (Blazing Lazers) [V]| S+ | This game is similar to Super Aleste (Space Megaforce) both are made by Compile. Shares a title with a movie and a manga but has nothing to do with either of them. Heavy Unit [H]| B+ | A pretty hard horizontal shmup. At least it has infinite continues. You can also transform into a mech. Override* [V]| S+ | Some think this game is too fast. Sure it takes some time to get used to but I like it. PC Genjin: Punkic Cyborgs (Air Zonk) [H]| S+ | My favorite horizontal shmup. It's silly and crude, but I love it! Has amazing music! Psycho Chaser [V]| A | An interesting shmup where you play as a running android. You can switch weapons that have different firing effects. I haven't really got into it yet. Soldier Blade [V]| SSSSSSSSSSSS+ | My favorite game of all time! The music... the boss fights... EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! Super Star Soldier [V]| A+ | The first Soldier game released on the PC-E/TG-16. I always get stuck on Stage 2. I think it's to hard for just a second stage. You might as well start the game over if you die in it as you really need the powerups from the first stage. Genesis: Grind Stormer* [V]| S | A great game! I tend to prefer playing it in V-V mode. (power ups work kinda like Gradius) Task Force Harrier EX [V]| S | The first shmup I bought on Genesis. Much more forgiving than Grind Stormer. Twin Cobra [V]|B-| The second shmup I bought for the system. A bit of a disappointment. Not bad, just not amazing. Game Boy: Nemesis [H]| A | A great shmup on the Game Boy, even if it pretty much is the same game as Gradius. R-Type DX [H] | S | That title screen music! (which sounds a lot like something from one of the Ninja Gaiden games) Not been past stage 1 in R-Type !. Technically A GBC game but works in the original Game Boy. Game Gear (I own no shmups for this system) SNES/Super Famicom: Earth Defense Force [H] I've not played enough to rate. But the first stage is really hard. Gradius III [H]| A | It's a Gradius game so it's a classic. Suffers a bit from slowdown. Super Aleste (Space Megaforce) My favorite game on the system. This game is pretty much is a sequel to GunHed (Blazing Lazes). Super Nova (Darius Force) | A+ | This game should have just been called Darius Force in the west. I like it more than Gradius III. Has less slowdown. Super R-Type [H]|no rank| I've not played this much. I've heard it suffers from some pretty terrible slowdown. UN Squadron (Area 88) [H]| A | Sort of like a shmup RPG. You can level up. I've not played it too much. Western title is stupid though. PS1: Gekoih: Shooting King [V]| SSSSSSSSS+ | My second favorite shmup and latest in my collection. Also my only shmup for the system. Saturn: (I own no shmups for this system) N64: (I own no shmups for this system) PC (DOS) Making an exception here as I did not buy these games but I need to include them because they are some of my favorites. Overkill [V] | A+ | Love the soundtrack! Great Adlib sound. A controller with turbo is a must! Tyrian 2000 [V] | SSSSSSS+ | My third favorite shmup of all time. Amazing soundtrack! Great upgrade system... and so many levels! The last episode is downright silly... and BEER! PS2: R-Type Final [H] |no rating| I haven't played enough of this game to rate it yet. Great graphics though. Game Boy Advance: Iridion 3D [O] [B+] Has a weird fake 3D perspective. I've heard the second game is a standard vertical shmup. I should look into it. Xbox: (I own no shmups for this system) Game Cube: (I own no shmups for this system) DS: Nanostray [V] | S+ | My only shmup on DS. I've gotten pretty far in this game. Kind of like Pshyco Chaser with weapon swapping. Though I would kill for a standard forward spreadshot. Xbox 360: (I own no shmups for this system) Wii: BlastWorks [H] |no rating| Very weird game where you collect the remains of enemy ships. I've not played it yet. PSP: (I own no shmups for this system) PS3: Raiden IV: Overkill [V] | A | I also on this on PC. My only shmup on the system. Sound was too loud for my speaker system so I had to turn it down. Great game though. 3DS: (I own no shmups for this system) PC Windows (modern) 1917 - The Alien Invasion (haven't played yet) Astro Avenger III [V] Was a budget title. But it's not bad for what it is. I've not played it in years so I won't rate it. It's my only physical copy of a shmup for PC. Deltazeal [V] | A+ | A great game. Not played it much. Would not be out of place along side late 90s arcade shmups. Demon Truck (haven't played yet) Fire Arrow Plus (haven't played yet) HellStar (haven't played yet) Jet Buster (haven't played yet) Phoenix Force (haven't played yet) Raiden III [V] (haven't played yet) Raiden IV: Overkill [V] | A | similar to PS3 version RefleX [V] haven't played enough to rate Satazius [H] | A | similar to Thunder Force III/IV Sine Mora [H] haven't played enough to rate Sine Mora EX [H] (haven't played yet though it must be similar to the standard game) Velocty Ultra (haven't played yet) Xiizeal (haven't played yet) Zanggeki Warp (haven't played yet) Zenodyne R (haven't played yet) Zenohell (haven't played yet) So 65 titles (64 if you don't count Raiden IV (PC and PS3) as two separate titles.)
  4. What would you say qualifies as a collection or makes someone a "collector." Is it subjective like art; or objective based on size? If someone has a Wii and say five games; is that a collection? Are they a collector if they say they are? If someone had a big collection and sold 99% of it; are they still a collector? Etc. Curious to hear your thoughts on this one!
  5. I show you the 35+ games across 10 systems that I have added to my collection recently with the helps of some fans of my channel. Lots of weird & cool stuff...including Turbo Dick! Who else is out there garage sale hunting each weekend? What have you found?
  6. I also have Atari Karts and Zero 5 new in the box on their way here from the UK. They can join my copy of Another World in all their rareness. Question, has Mutant Penguins becoe rare/hard to find? Mine was way too expensive.
  7. The 7th Generation of consoles has ended, so lets look back and see what Xbox 360 Hidden Gems games are fun to play for collectors looking beyond the popular titles. Part 1 of 3. What games should be in Parts 2 and 3?
  8. HI guys, I'm afraid I don't quite understand how to link to the Gallery like the pinned post said. I don't see the code they are saying to copy on my Gallery page. I hope using a URL link is okay instead. http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/1747-darth-dukes-atari-corner/
  9. Hi everyone. A little more than a year ago I've started collecting Colecovision loose cartridges, just for fun, in fact I started with the better games (I think) and then added one, other one, another one and without warning I started a collection that finally I've completed in May/15/2013 (obviously not including the S.O.S cartridge, given that only one or two exists) Some items were pure luck, like the Super-Sketch (Sketch Master) that I don't even intended to get. The Wizard of Id Wizmath and Q*bert Qubes were other two very difficult to obtain. Besides I've got five Q*bert before getting one with good label and in the process I got one with a silver label (not here because I think it doesn't fit along the other Parker Brothers) It took me one hour to unpack, fifteen minutes for the pictures and another hour to pack again So enjoy it! [bTW, I have some duplicate Colecovision homebrews, but with one is enough to show ] Added Jun/07/2013 Now my Colecovision cartridges duplicates, most are in not so good state, primary cause of having to order more cartridges. This picture includes the rare Q*bert with silver label. Also the Facemaker and Smurf's Paint and Play Workshop cartridges doesn't work. Also included three Atari cartridges that doesn't work. My collection of homebrews (part 1), including the Zombie Near game I wrote (I've four of this one ) My collection of homebrews (part 2), including the Princess Quest game I wrote (I've two of this one ) And here is my very small Atari Collection. Update Jun/11/2013: My small MSX collection, including the games I've wrote. Update Jun/26/2013: A recent addition to my Atari collection, plus all the other platform cartridges in my collection. BTW, someone used a permanent marker in the Total Recall cartridge . For being my first two NES games, I choosed the most unplayable games I like very much the colorful label of the Atlantis cartridge for Intellivision Update Aug/25/2013: Recent additions to my Sega Master System collection . Only Out Run 3D has the manual, so technically it is the only CIB. Update Mar/06/2014: Just taken pictures of all my homebrew collection without duplicates: Update Jun/21/2014:
  10. Merry christmas my dear 99er friends. This is from me for you, a christmas edition of Web99, which includes all indexed Disks from my collection. It's based on Web99 v0.5 Beta 3, which includes the export to Classic99, a prototype of Grom 2 Basic Decoding and a preliminary User Manual. http://www.ti99.eu/web99/Web99[2015-12-25] v0.5 xmas edition.zip [Download is 731 Megabytes] Summary: Index consists of 52689 Ti Disks Clones. Index consists of 27966 Ti Disks. Index consists of 383935 Ti File Records on Ti Disks. Index consists of 196044 Ti Files based on Ti File Binaries. Index consists of 174603 Ti File Binaries. Klaus L. Vienna
  11. Video game Compilation and Anthology sets are a great value and often reveal hidden gems for collectors. I really enjoy collecting these types sets and here are some of my favorites. Which collections would you like to see in Part 2?
  12. Cats vs, dogs, toilet paper over or under there are many epic choices but this one may be the most important one! So you have a collection and have tones of carts how do you organize / stack them and why is that the best way. Do you organize by rarity, alphabetical, cart type, publisher, color, date or some combination there of? Lets duke it out in an all out comment battle of which way is the right way.
  13. I've been picking up Jaguar stuff as I see them. Everything was bought locally (Central Canada). I'm slowly building a decent collection and I hope to get a lot more. I'm planning on setting up an area at a local retro gaming convention and I think a Jaguar theme would be neat. If pictures don't load, you can see them here : http://i58.tinypic.com/30aqnwg.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/5keq9v.jpg
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dAOddNIBg4 Lots of people helped contribute to my video game collection this month, donating a bunch of unique and fun games to the Metal Jesus Man Cave. Video Game Collection
  15. Polybius

    Xbox 360

    From the album: My Game Collection

    My Xbox 360 Arcade Edition (standard) console. I have about 25 games for it. the modern (post 2000) console I play the most. I figured i collect for the modern stuff too!
  16. From the album: My video game room tour.

    Here is my game room and a complete tour of it.
  17. How do you organize your collection and manage the various cables, controllers and oddly shaped carts? the 2600 has various different shaped carts, if you stack them you can't easily stack the Matel games. what are some of your setups for storing / displaying your games. Large stacks are a pain to take a game in the middle out and easily end up in a mess when doing sso. When it comes to controllers, the joysticks are rather large and won't fit in a standard ziplock bag and the paddle controllers can get a bit messy. Given that some controller are needed for some games you simply can's leave one controller in your system. How do you prevent the ugly rat's nest of controller cables / av cables and everything else. So give your suggestions, show some pics and help the whole community reduce clutter.
  18. Hi everyone, Well I have not been on here too much lately because I've been working hard and my wife (co-manager) and I are expecting a child in August. So, you all know what that means: time to make the gameroom into a nursery. I've had a good run of it, and will be keeping most of my collection but a lot of it will now be stashed away in our newly-purchased IKEA furniture (I plan to take a pic of all that soon too) and not as much on display/being played with. So, before breaking it down, I took some pictures. First off, my desk area or what I like to call "mission control": Yes, that's a monitor mounted on the wall--you can see it was not a good week for the Sub Commanders Fantasy Baseball Team... Pretty much everything within reach - the 800XL was out to test the awesome Santos Sdrive Micro, which is super-cool. Usually my Macbook Pro lives there, but everything else is a permanent fixture--or was! Love my Vectrex and Mega... Here is the TV area with all loose 2600 carts. I am keeping all the carts, but the TV is up for grabs. Seriously a great TV for the classic gamer--tube flatscreen, great picture, tons of hookups, S-Video, component, I am going to miss it so! If you are in the Bay Area let me know before next Wednesday--that's when the Sal Army truck is showing up. Here's a closeup of the awesome cabinet with etched videogame artwork in the glass. I love this thing! Need somewhere to sit and play, of course... And I like to listen to some tunes while playing homebrews! This is my custom-built NES shelf made from two IKEA units--I added extra shelves at the appropriate heights to store my accidental Nintendo collection. Seriously, I never intended to collect these things! The shelf was originally in our kitchen until I got my hands on it... worked out pretty nice! Finally, a sneak peek into the closet -- I'll post more of what's inside those doors soon but right now I gotta do some cleaning up and get to selling some things!
  19. I'm a huge gba fan, it's easily my favorite system, but I've never gathered the collection up for pictures until now. I went with thumbnails over full size pics but most blow up quite large. First up is my AGS-101 Kiosk which sits on my phone stand. It's got Mario Tennis in it. I've been meaning to get more insert/demo combinations, but that hasn't happened yet. Next up is my wireless dueling set in a waterproof case. In there are two charging cables, a double charger, two flash carts, two wireless links and two custom re-cased two-tone AGS-101 models. Here are my Game Boy Micros and related accessories. The two 'budget pack' micro systems are both still sealed. Here are my other two GBA SP units. The black one is a 001 and the pink is yet another 101. With them are my flash carts. Somewhere around here I also have an FA128 and a parallel linker, but they went AWOL for the photo shoot. Here are my oldschool gbas. The white one is Afterburner modified. With them are some odd accessories. The two that are more rare are the 'GBA transverter' which attaches to the back and outputs a TV signal, and the 'Game Wallet' which loads flash carts from smartmedia through the link port. Both were used in an attempt at making a larger handheld with a tv out and joystick port (pre-gamecube gameboy player). I never made it a case, but it worked well and was sure fun to play: Here are my unlicensed games. 3 are sealed, which is odd for unlicensed games since most didn't come that way. The second pic is a close up of the pirates (which have neat labels), the third pic is hacks/homebrew. The kirby game is just a packaged up NES emulator that plays the first kirby game, and Blast Arena Advance is my only scratchbuilt homebrew cart (and it's awesome). Above are my standard commercial games--the games on the left are factory sealed. Of the sealed ones, I expect pocket professor and mazes of fate to become quite rare. Of the unsealed, Payback and Racing Gears Advance might increase in demand. I can't really imagine ever parting with any of them, though. And last but certainly not least, is my personal Game Boy Advance 'Holy Grail.' A NIB Visteon Dockable Entertainment Center with install kit. For those who have forgotten, this was a 10" portable dvd player which also played GBA games and came with a car dock.
  20. Hello World! Four years have passed after the last release of Fading Twilight. I did mention this for a long time but finally I did move my ass to finish off the FADING TWILIGHT DUAL LAYER DVD edition (no excerpts!). The last few month were full of pretty much work. Who really knows if the result is perfect but I think it's an amazing effort for over 13 years of work. You should read my DIARY to get a slight feeling how much work I put into it. Some Facts: -The archive features over 11000 tunes in many different formats -We feature over 360 musicians from all over the planet -More than 200 tools for all the major platforms (Atari, Amiga, Windows, Mac, Linux) -Nearly all modules size-optimised (That means I removed unused Samples and Instruments) -OVER 13 (THIRTEEN) YEARS OF WORK! -A very nice ST 96k-tro in cooperation with Britelite and Bracket from RAVE NETWORK OVERSCAN (RNO) http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=60821 http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=60867
  21. I show you the 43 games across 16 systems that I have added to my collection recently after visiting the Portland Retro Gaming Expo & with the helps of some fans of my channel. The AtariAge booth at PRGE was awesome! Always a highlight of the expo. For those that went, what games did you pickup?
  22. Well what are yours? I think I will selectively add to my collection this year but overall it will be a slimming down year for me. Now that I have a lot of SD carts I realize I don't "need" to own a lot of games that are okay but not necessarily worthy of taking up physical space in my home when they could just as easily be a ROM on my cart. Also, having a game room now and fully unpacking my collection has made it apparent to me how much stuff I have and what I can afford to let go and what should probably stay. By the end of the year I plan to have a much leaner, but higher quality collection. Equal fun, less stuff. So in a nutshell: -Sell superfluous consoles/games/accessories/computers that I am just not using not intending to anytime ever (i.e do I really need 4 of every console? SELL!) -More high end SNES/Genesis carts, complete. (i.e. Track down a complete Streets of Rage III finally) -Get my NES collection in game cases with art -Finish souping up my vintage computer(s) -PLAY more this year, buy less -Track down Star Control for 3DO -Acquire a minty 2600 system changer for Intellivision -Figure out what to do with broken stuff
  23. Time to welcome a new 125 Club Member, Mauricio Rios from Calif. USA. Another very nice collection with some nice homebrews and many variation, and an Intellivision flair pen? Not even Cmart has that! http://intellivisionrevolution.com/entries/intellivision-miscellaneous/new-125-club-member-mauricio-rios
  24. Index of Updates! 4/15/15 - Initial post (see below) 4/16/15 - Pixelboy Games Arrive 5/7/15 - New games & Overlays 5/9/15 - Repro Boxes 5/23/15 - Some rare carts 6/1/15 - Clear case SGM 6/4/15 - Some NIB games 6/7/15 - Rey's awesome ADAM Power Supply 7/8/15 - Amazing collection of Repro Boxes 7/31/15 - New Homebrews & a ColecoVision Press Kit 8/8/15 - Opcode's Juno First 8/20/15 - Super Sketch 8/28/15 - Shovel Knight for the ColecoVision! 9/17/15 - Review of an AWFUL European homebrew controller 9/24/15 - Frenzy! 10/1/15 - The awesome F18a ColecoVision review! 10/6/15 - Boxxle & more from Pixelboy 10/8/15 - F18a + HDMI Converter Results #1 10/16/15 - Super Famicom NTT Controller & Taiwan Cooper Games 10/22/15 - F18a + HDMI Converter Results #2 10/23/15 - My final "loose cart" needed to complete the collection! 1/28/16 - Pics of my stuff 2/5/16 - Donkey Kong & DKJR Arcade Flyers 2/11/16 - More arcade flyer scans 2/17/16 - My daughter loves the ADAM! 2/20/16 - Even more arcade flyers 2/23/16 - Coleco ADAM Zaxxon Box 2/29/16 - Yay! More Pixelboy! 3/7/16 - One year anniversary post - My entire homebrew collection! 3/11/16 - USB PC Interface for ADAM Keyboard Review 3/11/16 - Mr. Do! "Alternate" Coleco Box 3/15/16 - Awesome homebrew repro boxes by Pixelboy! 3/26/16 - DK, DKJr, Zaxxon AWESOME ADAM games boxes! 4/12/16 - 5 New Games from CollectorVision - Star Soldier, Drol, Hang On, MORE! Why I got back into collecting ColecoVision... …It’s all the Flashback’s fault! Seriously! Growing up, the ColecoVision was always “my system.” It really was the video game machine that I grew up on and followed religiously. Sure, I had a 2600 before it and a C-64 and then an NES after it, but it was the system that would change a part of my life as an adult. My “video game childhood” started out with the original Sears Tele-Games Pong which I received for Christmas in 1975, and then two years later Santa put a 2600 under the tree. I was only 7 at the time when the 2600 came out, and while I played it to death, I was still a bit too young to really appreciate games and how important they were about to become. But then 1982 rolls around, I’m reading Electronic Games Magazine and news about the ColecoVision at CES is talked about and I was blown away. At this point in my life I was addicted to any stand-up game to hit the arcades but disappointed in the current home-version offerings. Seeing what the ColecoVision was going to bring home blew me away, and I had to get one! The two childhood CV stories that I remember distinctly… First - I always knew where my parents hid my Christmas presents and one day after school I had discovered that they had bought the ColecoVision system, Expansion Module #1 and several games that were available. But it would be weeks before Christmas and I just couldn’t wait. Knowing the exact schedule of when my parents would be coming home and how much time I had between getting back from school, I would go and take the ColecoVision, and very carefully remove it all out of the box, hook it up to the TV, play it as long as I possibly could, and then with enough time to reverse the process, put it all back into the box EXACTLY as it was before and put it right back to where it was “hidden.” And of course I played off the “surprise” perfectly fine on Christmas day! To this day, my parents still have no idea I did this! The second was when I had saved up all my allowance to buy Donkey Kong Jr. For whatever reason that game came out (at least where I lived) at a higher price than other ColecoVision games and while at the store wanting to buy it, my parents wouldn’t let me due to the higher price. Thankfully, my parents didn’t pay too close of attention, and one day I rode my bike down to Gemco (big box store in SoCal in the 80s) and happily used up my allowance to purchase the game. They never even noticed that I had bought it. My collection of CV games as a kid included pretty much all the “common” games. I had all the arcade ports and many of the original games that came out up until the end, all the add-ons, controllers, etc. The only thing I never had growing up was Adam. Fast forward through the next few years… My gaming career went from ColecoVision to the Commodore 64 to NES/SNES, etc… But even through all those years, I had kept a ColecoVision plugged in, and it would always be a system I’d go back to. I ended up working in the video games industry from 1989 - 2011, which is an entirely other story, but I got into the industry because I was a fan. During those first 10 or so years, I would go to flea markets and collect games. ColecoVision was always the system I looked out for the most. At one point I pretty much had collected just about everything that was out there at the time. I want to say I had really close to a complete collection of loose carts, most games CIB, and at this point I even had an Adam up and running. ColecoVision was still “my system.” At this point, I was also collecting stand-up arcade machines, and when I was living on the east coast I had about 40 machines in my game room and probably another 50 or so PCB’s that I could plug into various machines. I spent a great deal of time restoring dedicated cabinet 80s arcade games. Here's a few pics of my "game room" (wish I had more and at better quality, but in those days, the smart phone didn't exist!) In 2002 I took a job with Activision and had to move back to SoCal. At this point in my life, I had become jaded with the video games business based on a number of different things that had happened and I was totally disenchanted with the industry. It was no longer a “hobby” for me, but a “job.” I sold everything I had. Didn’t even look back on it. Didn’t really care and moved to SoCal totally empty-handed as far as any retro games went. For the first couple of years at Activision, I didn’t even look at retro games, even though I was working for the company that is one of the most iconic in the eyes of retro game fans. One of my co-workers was selling off some of their old game machines, and one of the machines was a ColecoVision with a hand-full of games. I instantly flash backed to childhood and I just had to have it. I bought it, took it home, made sure it worked, loved it, but put it in a box, and there it would stay, for probably about another ten years. In 2011 I finally got out of the video games business, focused on my theme park blog which I had been doing on the side for many years and moved to Orlando. If I said I had totally gotten out of retro gaming over those years, that would be a lie. While I was no longer collecting physical hardware or game carts, I always had an emulator or two on my computer. And it almost always consisted of MAME, ColecoVision, and Atari. I would find myself going back to play my favorite ColecoVision games from time to time. When I worked for WayForward, I did have a Vectrex sitting on my desk with a Sean Kelly multi-game cart, but that was mostly for “show.” In fact, when I moved to Orlando, I gave it away. Orlando was a total fresh start for me. No more video games career, time to shift gears, have a different focus, move forward and not look back. And things have been going very well since. Still have the emulators on my laptop and would play from time to time, but I had pretty much forgotten about games and anything retro. I had not given up on games entirely though. I always had whatever the latest Nintendo system was and a few games, but nothing really interested me to be fanatical. We’d play Mario Party with groups of friends, I was slightly addicted to Animal Crossing and always had a handful of NES Virtual Console games, but that was about it. And then the ColecoVision Flashback system came out… I thought “What a cool idea… so many of my favorites as a kid all in one place, and easy to hook up to the TV!” (I totally understood the licensing aspects of games so I knew some games couldn’t be included.) Two things went through my mind while playing the system: 1. This just isn’t good enough, it didn’t *feel* right, and that right there sparked my interest in pulling the ColecoVision I had sitting in a box for ten years out and playing the real thing, and 2. WHAT ARE ALL THESE HOME-BREW GAMES!?!?! When I had gotten out of collecting games around 2001, there really wasn’t any home-brew (that I was aware of) out there for the system. At least not to the level that I was seeing on the Flashback system. I did some research and I simply could not believe that people were STILL MAKING GAMES for my childhood system keeping it alive! And not just tinkering around, home-brew games that looked like someone punched in some code from Compute! magazine, legit boxed games of arcade ports and original content that was just as good if not better than the original games that came out for the system 30 years ago. I had to do a double take… “People are STILL making games for a system that hasn’t seen a retail store shelf in 30 years???” This was something that I realized that I needed to be a part of! And all of a sudden, something I hadn’t felt in 20 years was back… I was once again a “fan” of games instead of it being a “job.” As I played games like Circus Charlie, Buster Bros, and Girls Garden, I’ve just sat there thinking to myself “I honestly cannot believe I’m playing these games…on a COLECOVISION!!! WTF?!?!?” I had known of sites like Digital Press and Atari Age, but hadn’t really paid attention to them. Doing some searching around, it seemed like Atari Age was *the* community for ColecoVision fans and I registered. Seeing just how much I needed to get caught up on, I spent hours and hours neglecting my own business to read up on hundreds of threads (and I’m still getting caught up!) Through the help of many of the forum members I have now collected over 100 of the home-brews that have been produced over the years and have re-collected many of the loose released carts. I have been totally blown away by this community since I found it and I haven’t been this excited in anything game-related in years. So that’s my story… my introduction, etc… And if you read this whole damn thing then I’m even MORE impressed with this community! Looking forward to getting more caught up on the past and what the future of the system has in store! Thank you for reading!
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