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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone! To celebrate the end of the year (and there are reasons to be happy this year in particular), we have decided not only to release a special edition of RED, but also to organize a small competition to give you a chance to win a unique edition of the alpha version of RED on a physical cartridge! This alpha version will never be released elsewhere, not even digitally.. So how does this competition work? Well it's fairly simple: Download RED - Green Edition from this devlog post or the main itch.io page and play it on your Lynx or in your favourite emulator. Finish the game: The goal is to finish with as least deaths as possible. This version has 24 levels only but you will die a lot eventually. Note that compared to the jam, this GREEN version features slightly modified graphics, bug fixes, and faster loading/transition between levels. Winner Once you are satisfied with a run, report your final score along with the validation code to this thread on AtariAge. Note that you can update your entry if needed. The winner will be the player with the least amount of deaths. In case of identical scores, the first poster will be the winner. End of the competition The competition ends on Sunday, the 17th of January, Pacific Time. I will reach out to the winner and send him the latest version of RED, on a physical cartridge with a certificate of authenticity. Enjoy and a Happy New Year! Alex
  2. Please use this post only for final entry submissions. You may enter as many programs as you want. Please do not post comments here! Rules Games should be programmed in either TI BASIC or any version of Extended Basic currently available. Maximum total length of the program cannot exceed 10 lines, including DATA statements Disk or other storage access is NOT allowed. You must only use the facilities available within TI BASIC or the particular XB cartridge you chose. Entry format: Programs should be submitted as a disk image for ease of access by all. Make sure to state the running environment (TI BASIC, TIXB, RXB etc...). Also include the name or AA handle you wish to use for credit. Submission deadline: July 31st, 2019 midnight GMT Judging: A public poll will be created on this forum with all the eligible entries at the end of the contest, separated into 2 categories: TI BASIC and Extended Basic. The winning entry in each category will be the one with the highest number of votes. Prizes: 1x NIB Atari Flashback Blast! Volume 1 and 1x NIB Activision Flashback Blast! (winners will decide who gets what among themselves). Most of all, have fun!!!
  3. Hey guys, as you may well know, the fantastic Reset64 http://reset.cbm8bit.com/ threw a Commodore 64 4k game coding competition in which 37 entries were creating, and put forth for enjoyment, and scrutiny! Our Podcast, Pixel Gaiden, just released an episode in which we played and reviewed every single one! (unofficially of course) Please take time to check out the games themselves, as well as give our show a listen. You can find it wherever you currently listen to podcasts, or check the link below. Of course we would love it if you could like and subscribe as well! Thanks in advance! https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9waXhlbGdhaWRlbi5wb2RiZWFuLmNvbS9mZWVkLnhtbA/episode/cGl4ZWxnYWlkZW4ucG9kYmVhbi5jb20vMTYwZGNmYmItMzY1NS01M2NjLWFiOGUtZDE1OTdkMWFlOTc5 You can try all of the games yourself by going here... https://reset64-magazine.itch.io/2020-reset64-4kb-craptastic-game-compo
  4. http://youtu.be/7N0NNHMMeA8 Metal Jesus & Drunken Master Paul are joined by the Immortal John Hancock (swlovinst on AtariAge) for an epic battle of wits, skill and the ability to hold their liquor as they play some of the best and worst games ever made. The biggest loser gets the Trophy of Shame. This will not end well...
  5. Metal Jesus invites his podcast buddies Gamester81 & Jason Heine over to the Game Room in Seattle to play some bad games and learn to twerk, all while trying to avoid the dreaded Trophy of Shame! Drunken Master Paul puts on his best monkey suit & cheap sunglasses to host the event. What bad games should we play in the future?
  6. If any of you missed SvOlli's post, there is a 512 byte demo competition at the Nordlicht DemoParty this year. I have been working on an entry for the past couple weeks, and it is very close to being finished. The original plan was to have colorful dots slowly raining down the screen with some peaceful sounding music, but I needed something a little more interesting, so I added text as well. As of now, there is no music, but I have 45 bytes of ROM left to work with, plus plenty of unused bits from another table. I will do my best to add a 2-voice soundtrack, and if I have a few bytes leftover, I will try to fix the "R" character. (That might give you a hint to how I am doing the character graphics). I am posting the current .bin here, but I won't be posting any source code until after the contest is over. Any feedback is appreciated! If you have a PAL system and a Harmony cart, please test it out for me, since I don't have a PAL setup. I specifically am curious about whether or not the top of the kernel is aligned properly. demo2018.bin
  7. Purpose The goal of this competition is to have fun, share your experiences with others and test your skill at surviving in one of the greatest, most challenging, ground-breaking sandbox RPG games of the 20th century, Alternate Reality: The City for Atari 800 published in 1985. All players will receive a rank and posting of their highest character, so share your screenshots and videos and have fun participating! See setup, rules, tips, and survival guide below. CURRENT PLAYER RANKINGS #1 Jim Norris #2 Dan0 #3 Chunder #4 axewater #5 dgiors #6 Xebec's Demise #7 Gunstar #8 WestofHouse #9 SilverAR #10 smartwhois #11 Goochman #12 Chenzy #13 Angry Jedi #14 Bunsen #15 eclecticmonk Atari 800 emulator The Alternate Reality Wrapper will automates playing and disk swaps: http://www.giors.com...oadarwrappernow Or you manually setup and use an Atari 800 emulator to play Alternate Reality on your PC or MAC, see instructions here. Rules For the purposes of the competition, you only have one life, no character editing or backups allowed. Have fun seeing just how far you really can make it in this hostile alien virtual world with one life and no saves. If you make mistakes try to overcome them. If you die and want to try again, start over. This is a challenging game and you will likely have a handful of characters die before surviving past the first few levels, but keep trying! Take a screenshot of your initial skills to share here with others. F10 takes a screenshot in Atari800win Plus. Have fun sharing other interesting screenshots and stories too! Most of all, just have fun playing and trying to surviving in one of the most incredible virtual world games of its time! Tips Create or use a map. Here is the original game map and a completed map (spoiler). You may also print this 64x64 (City size) blank graph paper to map yourself. Try playing a good aligned character. That way only half the population will be out to kill you and you will be pretty safe during the day. To do this, only attack neutral beings such as thieves, muggers, fighters and warriors if they take a swing at you first. Do not try to Trick them or Charm them; only try these acts on evil beings. If you surprise a neutral being like a mugger or fighter, always Hail them. If they Attack you, then you are free to attack back. The Following is a list of evil beings. Dragons, Thieves and Warrior classes are not evil. They are neutral, but their intro sounds similar to that of evil beings so be careful. Notice that the only evil human life form is the Assassin!: Assasin Orc Giant Rat Black Slime Spectre Imp Gnoll Troll Wolf Ghost Zombie Ghoul Goblin Nightstalker Brown Mold Wraith Gremlin Skeleton The first thing you should do is try to buy a Dagger or Stiletto. Straight from the floating gate go to Occums Weaponsmiths 19E, 32N hours 05:00-21:59 in the NW of town. If he does not have a Dagger or Stiletto then go to Sharp Weaponsmiths 54E, 9N hours 04:00-20:59 in the SE of town. Usually one or the other will have one. Occums is the cheapest by 23%. You can usually make an initial offer of less than half of the asking price. For example, if the Dagger is being sold for 200, then start by offering 90. Keep bargaining by meeting the Smithy a little less than half way of his counter offer i.e. if you Offer 90 and he counters with 130, then Offer 110. You should be able to buy a Dagger or Stiletto for between 100-120 Coppers depending on your CHR and skill at bartering. The very next thing you must do is head straight to the Tavern in the NW corner of town, 20E, 62N, (See map linked below) whether you were able to buy a Weapon or not. You can find or buy a weapon later, but for now you need to supply with food and water. After entering the City Wall, turn right or East and go through 19 secret doors. To be safe, after 18, you can turn right or south and try to enter. If you have counted correctly you will not be able to. Just turn left or back east and go through one more, turn right or south again and try to enter. You should enter the Tavern. If not, and you have messed up your counting somewhere, continue checking every south section of wall until you find it. If you go further than 19 secret doors you will have to exit the City wall and start over, so if you lose count, then try to error on the low end as you can keep checking until you find it. Once you have located the Tavern, go inside and buy a free Water. This will help save your Water Flasks from being used. Then, if you have any money, buy as many Food Packets and Water Flasks as you can, saving about 10 copper so that you can pay for an Inn. Buy Food Packets/Pemmican and Water Flasks so you always have twice as many Water Flasks as Food Packets. This is because Water Flasks are used up twice as fast. Pemmican = 1 Food Packet and only costs 16 Copper. If you do not have any money, then wait outside the Tavern and try to get some by defeating evil or neutral (if they attack first) beings. You can continue to go into the Tavern to get Free Water ever couple of hours so that your Water Flasks do not get used. You can tell an hour has passed, by the white text on the screen flashing ever 2:50 for NTSC and every 3:50 for PAL displays. Its a good idea to use a stopwatch to keep track of the hours, that way you do not have to watch for the text to flash. If the Tavern does not have Water Flasks or Food Packets/Pemmican, the menu will change every hour, so keep checking. Try to stock up with as much food and water as possible, remembering to keep about 10 coppers to sleep. If at any time, you are very low in Hit Points or Tired, then turn left or East, go through two secret doors, turn right or South and exit the City Wall. Head SW to the Warriors Retreat Inn 28E, 54N (see map linked below) and Sleep on the Common Area Floor for 12 Hours for 7 Copper. Try to go to sleep before it gets dark, you gain maximum hitpoints if you go to bed before dark and you choose a time to awake that is in the morning daylight. After you awake, you should either try to go buy a Dagger or Stiletto again if you did not get one, or go back to the Tavern and continue drinking free Water and stocking up on Food Packets and Water Flasks while fighting the beings that you encounter while waiting outside the Tavern door. If you get a surplus of money or Gems or Jewelry, vist the bank, Grams Gold Exchange 2E, 61N, which is close by in the NW corner and make a deposit so that you have a reserve of cash. Original Alternate Reality Homepage FAQ: http://www.eobet.com...reality_FAQ.txt How to Survive - Alternate Reality: The City Make a complete map of The City and list of potions first. Also note what stats each guild on the map raises. You will appreciate and cherish your own handmade map for many years to come, but if you don't enjoy mapping or do not have the time, then print one off from sites such as eobet's The Original Alternate Reality Homepage: http://www.eobet.com...ernate-reality/ or here: http://web.archive.o...s/AltrReal.html When rolling your stats, focus on STA, WIS and SKL. These three often-overlooked skills do not rise from potions or in-game use. They also happen to be very important for initial survival. SKL determines how easily you can escape an encounter without being stolen from and also how well you dodge blows. If you have a high SKL and average STR, you will be able to punch muggers to death with your Bare Hands, even 1 point at a time without them hitting you! WIS helps you determine what type of potion you have found - a single potion can change the outcome of your game! When you are a poor, weak character, it is very important to know what you are drinking! The right potion could be great, but the wrong one will surely kill you! WIS also helps you determine if a weapon is cursed or not. A Cursed weapon can also result in a bad start for a new character. STA is very important because it determines how many Hit Points you gain when going up a level. Even if you start with low hit points as a result of focusing on STA WIS and SKL, you can gain an additional 20+ Hit Points if your STA is near 20, just from gaining 300 experience, which is quite easy. On this basis, Hit Points are actually the least important in the long run because they can go up so quickly, unfortunately many people focus on them when rolling their characters. STA also affects your resistance to hardships and is likely to affect disease, hunger, thirst and tiredness - I am still confirming this. The best you can possibly roll in these three important skills is a total of 63, three 21s, but I have never seen it. Any combination above 50 is really good. You can pretty much ignore the other skills when rolling, they will go up with use and also gain much easier when leveling. Play a Good Alignment to begin with! You can always switch later. Never Attack, Trick or Charm Good beings. Only use Trick or Charm on Evil beings. Never Attack Neutral beings first. Neutral beings, such as Fighters and Thieves, have the same intro music as Evil creatures so be careful. Always wait for Neutral beings to take the first swing. Dragons are Neutral also! When you Surprise Neutral beings make sure to Hail them. They will then begin to leave you alone. This is especially important for encounters with the more skilled and powerful Thieves, Knights and Dragons. If you have a good alignment they will normally let you go and most of the time will leave if they surprise you! Otherwise, they will try to steal your vital food, water and coppers and you will find it very hard to survive. If you are Evil, then Guards will constantly be after you also. Basically, by being Good, you cut your enemies in half and avoid being hunted by Guards and stolen from by Neutrals. This is very important for the survival of a new character. If you have 110 coppers or more, the very first thing you should do within the game is head straight to Occums Weaponsmiths and barter for a Dagger or Stiletto. If he does not have one, go to Sharp Weaponsmiths. Depending upon your CHR they will usually be offered for between 150 to 220 coppers. Start by offering about 80 coppers. The Smithy will then cut his price by about 70%! Then meet him a little bit less than halfway of his counter offers. If you barter well, even with low CHR, you can get a Stiletto or Dagger for 110-120 coppers! Remember to ready it as soon as you leave the Smithy. Practice this with Temporary characters until you are good at it. It takes some skill and knowledge to do it well without being kicked out. The very next stop should be the Assassin's Guild. A new character starts out with a Surprise modifier of 00. This stat raises slowly per level just like any other stat, but the Assassins Guild will give you +30 to the stat! Yes, that is +30, not +3! This will make a huge difference in your encounters. Also near the Assassins guild is the Sleeping Dragon Inn, the cheapest Inn in town. One of the cheaper taverns, the Flaming Dragon Tavern, is also right across from the Inn. There is no better place to restore your Hit Points if you are low and do not have enough coppers for the Healer. Always consider the healer first though; because sleeping will use up precious Food Packets which cost a minimum of 16 coppers each as Pemmican at The Tavern. Another option is to navigate your way to the Physicians Guild and Star Wizards Guild which will both give you some more Hit Points. These 8 Hit Points from the Guilds may be enough to survive, allowing you to kill that next aggressive mugger in order to gain even more Hit Points from gaining a level. If you have decent Hit Points, your very next stop should be The Tavern in the City Wall. Your next most important strategy for survival is to spend every copper you can on getting Pemmican/Food Packets. Always save 7 coppers to use for sleeping in the Warriors Retreat Inn close by on the East side of The Arena. Do not buy Water Flasks! They are a waste of your precious coppers. You can get as much water as you want for free at The Tavern. Even being Very Thirsty will not begin to affect you - you actually have to be Parched for a couple of game hours before your stats start dropping. Sit outside The Tavern and every hour the menu will change, hopefully offering Food Packets or even better, Pemmican. Buy as many as you can. You can use a stopwatch 2:50 for NTSC and 3:50 for PAL is a new AR hour; you can also tell by the lower white text portion of the screen flashing once, but you have to pay attention or you will miss it. I use the stopwatch on my watch and just let it run, i.e. 2:50 is the first hour change, 5:40 is the next hour change and so on. Every time you go in The Tavern, get free water. Your thirst does not display "Thirsty" until reaching a level of 04 and each water will reduce thirst by 4. You never know when it might not be available. Never waste any coppers on any food either unless you have not found any Pemmican/Food Packets and are "Famished" AND losing more than a couple of each stat. If this is the case, then try to buy Bowls of Chili, which reduce hunger level by 4 and only costs 8 or Sandwiches, which reduce hunger by 3 and cost about the same. Most other food is much more expensive or only reduces your hunger level by 1. While you are waiting outside The Tavern trying to collect coppers and supply yourself with Food Packets, try killing muggers and fighters that attack first, imps, gremlins, skeletons, zombies, orcs, gnolls and goblins. These are fairly easy to kill. Always try Tricking or Charming Evil creatures first as you may get lucky. When you become "Tired" AND begin losing stats, head as quickly as you can to the Inn and use the 7 coppers you were saving to sleep on the Common Area floor for 12 hours. Only sleep if it is dark or close to being dark. You will recover much faster if you are sleeping at night and awake in the morning or daylight. The optimum sleep time is from about 1800, when it turns dark, to 0600, when it turns light. If you sleep at that time, you will fully recover just from sleeping in the Common Area floor for 12 hours, even if you are Tired and have lost all your stats and almost all your hit points! A good strategy is to wait safely inside the Inn until about 1800. You will be safe inside the Inn no matter how Tired you are. Check the hour in the Inn and when it becomes dark, then sleep. Otherwise, you will be wasting your Coppers and your Food Packets sleeping and not recovering anything. Do not attack Giant Rats! Avoid them at all costs. They are easy to kill, but you will be setting yourself up for disaster as they almost always infect you with Rabies! Remember, in the long run, Rabies will cost you at least 200 coppers to cure unless you get lucky and find a Cleanse potion and it may also cost you your stats or life. You will very rarely get more than 200 coppers off a Giant Rat, so fighting them is not worth it. In fact, they rarely have any treasure at all. Do not fight Giant Rats! Also, still in testing, but it seems that you consume water and food faster, get tired more easily and do not gain stats as well when infected with Rabies or any diseases. As soon as you have a good supply of Food Packets, you can begin making your way to the guilds and raising your stats. Try to raise stats in the most balanced manner that you can. This is because often, the highest stats do not raise when you go up a level. So, if your STA, WIS and SKL are your highest stats, as suggested to begin with, DO NOT go to guilds that will raise these stats higher. Save these Guilds for later, otherwise it will be a waste. Visit these guild when you have gained a STR, CHR and INT that are higher; it will inevitably happen, as STR CHR and INT go up between levels with use. If you want to gain some STR, Parry Trolls. For every 255 hits, you will gain one point of STR. You can usually gain 2 to 3 points of STR off each Troll before losing stats to Tiredness. By Parrying, if you have a high skill, it will be very difficult for the Troll to hit you and you will not damage him enough to kill him. If you are doing more than 2-3 points of damage per hit, try using your Bare Hands or a worn out Stiletto to Parry the Troll. As long as you are not losing stats to Tiredness, Hunger or Thirst, you can sit there and ramp up your STR. STR determines the amount of damage you do, so eventually you will begin doing more damage than the Troll can Regenerate, but it's a good tactic for mid-level characters. Once you have a good supply of food and water and can survive well, head to the SE corner of town. Sleep in the Inn there during day, and fight the monsters at night. There is a good chance of running into easy monsters there that have a high percentage of treasure, such as Trolls, Imps, Gremlins and Goblins. Always get your Gems and Jewelry appraised at all three banks. Many times, one will appraise double that of the other two. It will take you some time, but the difference between a Completely Worthless gem and one that is worth 4 gold could be as big as the difference between life and death.
  8. Hi. A new creative programming challenge has launched that should be within the reach of most here. Only 10 lines of TI BASIC or Extended Basic (any flavor)! Details here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291836-official-10-liner-program-competition-thread/ Looking forward to what we can come up with!
  9. http://youtu.be/RDGoSGu_kAo Pete Dorr, Gamester81, Jason Heine & Metal Jesus from the All Gen Gamers podcast battle for gaming bragging rights while trying to avoid receiving the dreaded Trophy of Shame this week on I Hate U. Drunken Master Paul puts on his best monkey suit & cheap sunglasses to MC the event. Enjoy the silliness!
  10. Hello! BITS presents the fine demostration BITS 0060 sine waves, raster graphics equalizer, big vertical scroll, little bouncing scroll, waving sprites, bars graphic equalizer, sine dots. Download: http://thebitsclub.tripod.com/demo/BITS0060-ST-20140611.ZIP Goodbye, BITS Visit: http://thebitsclub.tripod.com/index.html
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfobm3BZ9Xc Metal Jesus once again breaks out his unjustified wrath against the completely innocent Drunken Master Paul in a classic bait and switch I Hate U episode. A double serving of hate gravy for DMP as he is punished further for his last Hate failure and then for his incredible gaming prowess. Beer, Balls and Boy Bands; the hate just keeps on a comin'.
  12. I just recently started playing centipede on MAME using a trackball and figured I would check around and see if anyone else was still playing this and what kinda scores people are getting. I think i'm doing alright and improving quickly so though maybe a bit of friendly competition would be fun. Post your high scores here if you're interested or feel free to share some tips if you have any. My current high score is 53,500
  13. I came across this site today https://gkanold.wixsite.com/homeputerium/kopie-von-basic-10liners-2019. I know we've done a similar contest in the past, but it allowed for DATA statements. It would be fun to launch a new contest for games programmed with only 10 lines of XB and nothing else and see what we can come up with. Any interest? We could submit them to the 2020 entries.
  14. Planetvb is hosting a Virtual Boy coding competition. The compo will run from Sept 1st until Dec 31st 2013. The winner will get their project released on 20 physical cartridges, complete-in-box. The VB has been extremely well documented. You can find everything you want to know about the hardware over at planetvb. There also exists code examples, tutorials, documentation, a coding environment, and more. Developers can use emulation to work on their projects. I am sure planetvb members would be happy to test on actual hardware using their Flash Boy linkers. The Virtual Boy is a really fun system to use and has a lot of potential. All it needs are some creative coders to release some new games and applications for the system. For more info: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=373 *News borrowed from the Neo Flash off-topic forum and posted here by permission.
  15. Recently I got hold of a batch of Atari games from my uncle in the US, one of those turned out to be Atlantis II! That actually quite surprised me, such a rare game in such an unusual place. Anyway, I want the game to end up in the hands of a caring collector so I put it on eBay. This way everybody gets a fair chance to win the item. Click to go to the eBay ad eBay Auction -- Item Number: 281990017109 ! There are pictures showing the weight of the cart, bare PCB and the game plugged in an Atari. It was quite a hassle to convince the whiners ( ) over at the Atari 2600 section of AtariAge that this was real, you can read through the whole topic via this link.
  16. I Hate U Episode 6 starring our friend from the old Sierra On-Line days: Beau. We play good & bad games while trying to avoid the dreaded Trophy of Shame. The games we play are: NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (PS2) Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Xbox) Mars Matrix (Dreamcast) A steering wheel, bouncy boobs & the N-Gage?! This will not end well...
  17. Hey guys, I'm starting a friendly competition. If you don't have the game you can play the computer version. Just make sure it's the same as the rest of us play. Rules 1. When you are done post your score, pictures would be great but they are not required. 2. No unnecessary posts (Fighting, double posts, spamming, etc.) 3. Once you enter a score you can not try for a higher one and then post it. 4. Go by the time duration of the posts. 5. Feel free to make some recommendations of the titles we will play in the future. 6. Play fair & have fun! Game: Video Pinball Game Select #: 01 Difficulty: A on the left switch Time Duration: Now to July 3rd.
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