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Found 10 results

  1. I am using DOSBOX to emulate DOS but after having the assembly code and dasm.exe file in the same directory, going to the directory in DOSBOX, then trying to enter "dasm mygame.asm -f3 -omygame.bin" i get an "Illegal command: dasm." PLEASE HELP!!
  2. Hello, I wanted to try and continue my bbasic game in assembly so I got dasm and jedit, but after saving my file and trying to assemble it I only get this message. START OF PASS: 1 Warning: Unable to open 'kernel.asm' ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SEGMENT NAME INIT PC INIT RPC FINAL PC FINAL RPC INITIAL CODE SEGMENT 0000 ???? 0000 ???? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 references to unknown symbols. 0 events requiring another assembler pass. --- Symbol List (sorted by symbol) --- End of Symbol List. Complete. C:\> So far I've tried.. Running command prompt as admin. Switching macro.h and vcs.h files, I have these in the dasm folder along with my .asm files. Tried three different commands that other people here are using. Like.. C:\>DASM\dasm\dasm kernel.asm -lcollect.txt -f3 -v5 -ocollect.bin (two dasm folders, trying to assemble collect tutorial file) I think I'm using either command prompt or the support files wrong. Hopefully someone knows what i've missed. Windows 8.1
  3. There's an example of a simple 5200 hello world program here http://www.atarihq.com/danb/files/52hello.txt. There's a bit that confused me, though. Specifically this loop: Start ldx #$00 lda #$00 crloop1 sta $00,x ;Clear zero page sta $D400,x ;Clear ANTIC sta $C000,x ;Clear GTIA sta $E800,x ;Clear POKEY dex bne crloop1 The x register is being set to 0, and then decremented. o_O Now I assume when you decrement a register when it's set at 0, it goes to $FF. But why would someone do it that way? Most of the other examples I see would use ldx #$FF. This is actually valid code, I've assembled it and it does create a runnable 5200 rom.
  4. I adapted a self-modifying 48-pixel routine from JAC!'s Silly Venture 2017 Invitro for a little personal project, and for some reason the address of one of the immediate operands in the routine, 4thColumn, is being treated as an absolute address instead of zero-page, even when zero-page addressing is specified with the .z suffix applied to a STA. Could someone help me figure out why DASM is running into this issue? I'm running version 2.20.11 on Windows. Here is the listing for my RAM declarations so far: 10 U0000 ???? seg.u RAM 11 U0080 org $80 12 U0080 13 U0080 00 00 00 00*ramDraw ds 52 ;buffer for self-modifying code 14 U0080 00 81 loadIndex equ ramDraw + 1 ;immediate operand, init'ed before draw 15 U0080 00 8f colorTable equ ramDraw + 15 ;bottom of sliding color window, init'ed during vblank 16 U0080 00 a6 4thColumn equ ramDraw + 38 ;immediate operand, set in media res 17 U00b4 00 temp ds 1 18 U00b5 00 00 bgPtr ds 2 19 U00b7 00 gfxHeight ds 1 Here are all the store instructions that I will use in relation to the self-modifying kernel (to be clear, I wish to avoid needing to use the .z suffix). I see that DASM isn't initializing the 4thColumn address. 124 f8ab 85 81 sta loadIndex 125 f8ad 85 8f sta colorTable 126 f8af 85 90 sta colorTable+1 C:\Users\galen\Desktop\vcsdev\big_mood.asm (127): error: Syntax Error '4thColumn'. 127 f8b1 8d 00 00 sta 4thColumn C:\Users\galen\Desktop\vcsdev\big_mood.asm (128): error: Syntax Error '4thColumn'. 128 f8b4 8d 00 00 sta.z 4thColumn And here is the issue exhibited in context: 99 f876 ramDrawTemplate 100 f876 a0 00 ldy #00 ;02 , 63:189 (loadIndex @ +1) 101 f878 b9 00 00 lda gfx0,y ;04 , 67 102 f87b 85 1b sta GRP0 ;03 , 70 103 f87d 85 02 sta WSYNC ;!0 104 f87f b9 00 00 lda gfx1,y ;04 , 04 105 f882 85 1c sta GRP1 ;03 , 07 106 f884 b9 00 00 lda clrTab,y ;04 , 11:033 (colorTable @ +15) 107 f887 8d 08 01 sta $100+COLUPF ;04 , 15 108 f88a b9 00 00 lda gfx2,y ;04 , 19 109 f88d 85 1b sta GRP0 ;03 , 22 110 f88f b9 00 00 lda gfx3,y ;04 , 26 C:\Users\galen\Desktop\vcsdev\big_mood.asm (111): error: Syntax Error '4thColumn'. 111 f892 8d 00 00 sta.z 4thColumn ;03 , 29 112 f895 be 00 00 ldx gfx4,y ;04 , 33 113 f898 b9 00 00 lda gfx5,y ;04 , 37 114 f89b a8 tay ;02 , 39 115 f89c a9 00 lda #00 ;02 , 41:123 (4thColumn @ +38) 116 f89e 85 1c sta GRP1 ;03 , 44 117 f8a0 86 1b stx GRP0 ;03 , 47 118 f8a2 84 1c sty GRP1 ;03 , 50 119 f8a4 84 1b sty GRP0 ;03 , 53 120 f8a6 c6 81 dec loadIndex ;05 , 58 121 f8a8 d0 cc bne ramDrawTemplate ;*2 , 60/61 122 f8aa 60 rts ;06 , 66:198 - 52 bytes The graphics and color addresses are uninitialized because I haven't written those tables yet. I just need to get past this stumbling block in the immediate operand.
  5. I've been trying to use the DV and XXX pseudo-ops, to see what they do, but it doesn't seem to be working. I have been looking through the DASM documentation, but there's a lack of examples on it. I've tried to google some examples but couldn't find any.
  6. Hi, everyone. I finally decided to start really learning how to program the VCS. I already have a general idea of how the VCS builds a picture line by line and sets up the appropriate blanking and syncronization inbetween frames, so I wrote a little assembly file to confirm if I actually know what I'm doing (all it's supposed to do is increment X and set PF1 and COLUPF to that value once every frame). However, every time I've tried assembling it with DASM the past few days, DASM trips up on something in the file and can't resolve any of the labels I've set up. What's more, the list file DASM produced reports "Unknown Mnemonic" errors on every single line of the assembly file. I'm using DASM v2.20.11 for Windows with v1.05 of vcs.h and v1.06 of macro.h. The command line I used is "dasm bartest2.asm -f3 -v4 -Lbars-l.txt -sbars-s.txt -obartest2.bin". Below is the assembly and DASM's output, and I've attached the list file. Is there some boneheaded fundamental mistake I'm making? Assembly: PROCESSOR 6502 INCLUDE "vcs.h" INCLUDE "macro.h" ORG $f800 init: CLEAN_START lda #2 sta VBLANK startFrame: VERTICAL_SYNC lda #44 sta TIM64T vertBlank: sta WSYNC lda INTIM bne vertBlank stx PF1 stx COLUPF lda #0 sta VBLANK ldy #191 sta WSYNC kernel: sta WSYNC dey bne kernel inx lda #2 sta VBLANK lda #35 sta TIM64T overscan: sta WSYNC lda INTIM bne overscan jmp startFrame ORG $fffa .word init ; NMI .word init ; Reset .word init ; IRQ DASM output: START OF PASS: 1 Including file "bartest2.asm" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SEGMENT NAME INIT PC INIT RPC FINAL PC FINAL RPC INITIAL CODE SEGMENT 0000 ???? 0000 ???? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 references to unknown symbols. 0 events requiring another assembler pass. --- Symbol List (sorted by symbol) init 0000 ???? kernel 0000 ???? overscan 0000 ???? startFrame 0000 ???? vertBlank 0000 ???? --- End of Symbol List. --- Unresolved Symbol List overscan 0000 ???? startFrame 0000 ???? init 0000 ???? kernel 0000 ???? vertBlank 0000 ???? --- 5 Unresolved Symbols Thanks in advance for any help! bars-l.txt
  7. I tried googling the -d flag for DASM. According to the documentation it states: "-d debug mode (for developers)" I have tried running this along with my file and all I get is: "Debug trace OFF" I was hoping that DASM would work in this mode somewhat like debug.exe in DOS for x86 assembly. I'm starting to think that this is perhaps a feature that is no longer supported? Is there something I'm doing wrong here?
  8. How can you specify "align" with an offset in dasm? Take a skipDraw routine for example, where you have to make sure the graphics data starts at least n bytes after a page boundary. How can you do this in dasm without resorting to a hard-coded "org" address?
  9. Hello, I've recently been learning Atari 2600 programming and I was reading some tutorials and it kept on saying that I needed DASM. I tried to download it and it is a Windows/Mac File only (I'm on Linux Mint 17.3). Any one know of a way around this? Thanks
  10. Is there some way to have disam display how much rom space remains everytime you compile your homebrew? I remember someone saying something allong the lines of: echo "bytes free:" *-$F800 But thatonly produces garbage output. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Primordial Ooze
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