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Found 8 results

  1. I am supposed to get my hands on a good chunk of 200 to 300 Samsung Chromebooks, they have HDMI, USB 3 and 2 , and DDR3 fast ram. These Chromebooks were made in 2003, so they might make good emulator systems. They have 16 GIG SSDs , and 2 GIGs ram, I think they might be able to be upgraded, I am looking into replacing the Chrome OS with a version of Ubuntu , they do have wireless slots in them, so they can take sim cards. They only weigh a little under 1 pound each. Pictures below:
  2. The only working one that I know of as of now is MESS. List others for any Platform/OS, be it Android, Mac, PSP, Or Linux.
  3. hello fellows, im a life long atari fan and user of the 8-bits, last week picked up an ipad mini (version 1) as i do with every machine i ever owned, i thought id put atari power into it..... ie an emulator so i can play "proper" games.... blimey after rooting, and finding how to use the thing, i discovered there are no atari 800 emus out there.... wish i had the skills to compile my own but alas... so the workaround i found is to install a dos box type thing and then run the original pc dos version of atari 800 (xformer), crazy but not the first time i emulate from whithin another emulator.... i found emulators for just about every other system... and they do a good job, but it seems strange that nobody has written an ios version of our favourite machine.....so i guess im asking if anyone has any info on why there is a lack of atari on ios? also since rooting or jailbreaking ive discovered what powerfull little machines these are, such a shame that apple cripples em before allowing joe public to get his hands on em - ie blocking access to all but pictures... not allowing install of anything but applestore crap... its good that rooting gives the machine back to its owner (as it should be) anyway its been a phun week sofar and i have the machine exactly as i want it now.... apart from proper retro playability ie an atari emulator thats a little more up to date than pc xformer... also i found a 2600 emu, its installed and working with all the games... but its not the same....
  4. I used TI Extended BASIC and 32K RAM expansion to write games and create music in the 1980s, and I'm trying to easily resurrect this content 35 years later. There are a variety of emulators and gizmos like the CatWeasel, but before I go too far, I'm wondering if there is a setup that can handle all these requirements: - Ability to read original 5-1/4" disks - TI Extended BASIC required - 32K RAM exapansion required - Games include custom "data" (strings of custom music and graphics) which must be periodically loaded during gameplay... not just code...this must be accessed using the "INPUT" (with files) command I'm trying to decide upon the right approach: 1. Repair or replace my original hardware and get it to run it on the original platform 2. Try to build a conversion / emulator system and bring these files into the 21st century 3. Find someone with existing conversion capabilities who might be willing to help I assume someone could help a software restoration newbie like me navigate the technical gotchas? The content is mainly text parser adventure games (rather goofy ones at that) and music and graphic utilities I authored myself. Thanks for all sage advice!
  5. So this is a computer game and its called The Next Game Master. I just wanted to get fellow retro gamers feedback on this. I am in the process of coding it now and its a little more than half way done. Using a combination of NES, SNES, and Genesis ROMS & Emulators, it is a game for up to 8 players with 6 Rounds of challenges and then a final gauntlet round. Throughout these 6 rounds, you need to win challenges to earn points. After 6 rounds, points are tallied and the players are entered into a Gauntlet, with the first place player playing last. Here is a video of how it works for the most part: ROUND TRIVIA QUESTION Round 1: "I" in Team 2 Players play with AND/OR against each other to earn up to 3 points After the points are awarded, the scoreboard comes up ROUND TRIVIA QUESTION Round 2: Challenger 2 players play the same game individually to see who scores more points in it. ROUND TRIVIA QUESTION Round 3: Boss Fight Eeach player plays their own game to see if they can defeat the boss. ROUND TRIVIA QUESTION Round 4: Head 2 Head 2 players compete simultaneously in a coop game where the one with the most points at the end will earn points. ROUND TRIVIA QUESTION Round 5: Survival players play their own game to see if they can beat a certain level. ROUND TRIVIA QUESTION Round 6: Versus players compete 1 on 1 in a fighting game Gauntlet Round: Points are then tallied and ranked and the Gauntlet ROund begins. THe lower ranked players must defeat the next highest player to keep moving up until they play the #1 ranked player. Then in a Best of 5 Series of challenges, players compete in challenges to finally determine who is the Next Game Master! I played this with a group of friends and they loved it. Again, I just wanted to put this out there and see what you all think!
  6. i want to play outdated games on an outdated phone. please help me.
  7. Hi, I have AtariXLBox (V3) installed on my on my modded original xbox. It plays 5200 games just great. How do I also play 800/800xl games? I need to know what goes in what directories if that is all that is required. Do I need the OS rom images and the basic images? What file format can the 800/XL game roms be in ? .zip, atr , xex ?? all the 5200 roms are in zip. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks!
  8. I know this might be a question better asked on the Ubuntu forum and poking around there got me the answer that I needed (however inelegant), but why does every single emulator mess up my netbook's resolution when I run it in fullscreen and then exit? Sick of searching the web for answers and it's not like I am a complete dummy, but it just kind of annoying. Shouldn't they exit more gracefully? Anyway, I have just been restoring the resolution using: xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1024x600 This works fine, of course (and yes, i made a "reso" alias so I don't have to remember the command every time), but it just seems odd that this happens. Is there a better way to restore the resolution each time I play? The backstory on this is that I am preparing for a trip and commandeered my wife's old Toshiba NB205 to use as a spiffy emulation machine. It came with Windows Starter, so that's why I've gone Ubuntu on it and it runs great for the most part. It's just this one thing bugging me and I had this dream of letting my Dad play on it with the USB Atari sticks, but it will freak him out if the resolution goes weird on him. He is not a computer expert. But he does love Atari! Any help from gurus appreciated.
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