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Found 11 results

  1. (latest update: April 11th 2022) ON HOLD! If you want one, please ask before you send payment, I will need to work on the Arlasoft orders in the near future. ALL THE VINTAGE CHANNEL F GAMES ...AND MORE - ONLY $161 GET ONE NOW! FREE Tracked Shipping Worldwide Get it now: https://paypal.me/e5frog/161 If not using the PayPal "friends and family" option it's US$170 https://paypal.me/e5frog/170 Make sure payment is sent in US$ Auto switching Multi-Cart with more than all original software. Fits all System Fairchild machines no matter what the TV system is (so Fairchild, Zircon, SABA, ITT, Nordmende, Luxor, Barco, Ingelen, Grandstand, Dumont, Emerson). Please, either answer in this thread, send a personal message or e-mail to address further down. Multi-Cart will be delivered in a brand new box. Cartridge shell is a used original with new labels and new PCB. The shell will have signs of wear. If you wish to provide your own cart shell - let me know. I can have 3D-printed shells made at the buyers expense, last time I checked it was about $70 for the cheapest material at a professional manufacturer. If you want to print your own shell I can provide 3D print files. To my knowledge the Multi-Cart contains all original games and variations (both Democarts, all dumped protos, newly made games and known homebrews) for the System Fairchild, and a bunch of homebrew - even the complete version of Pac-Man! Games can be chosen via a menu that you reach by resetting the system while holding button 1. Holding other buttons or combination thereof while resetting will immediately start one of the more popular games (according to previous requests), just check the instructions on the back label (before inserting, afterwards will be tricky). How to select game: Try and find the Easter Egg(s) in your cartridge menu... Payment Instructions: Please use the friends/family/personal payment so I don't have to pay the fee, you can use the link on top. For manual payment with the same prices: http://paypal.com my address is [email protected] I will also answer e-mails sent to that address. Make sure payment is sent in US$ ... and not KR/SEK - as PayPal seems to change the currency by default. Please write your shipping address as well as email address as a message in your PayPal payment These are not automatically included with personal payment, if you forget to include it send an e-mail to the same address or send me a PM here. For European customers I also accept bank transfer, just write me a message and I'll supply needed information. For Swedish users there's the above but also the option of using Swish (you send money with your phone almost as easy as a text message), let me know. Customization are possible, if you want something special, let's talk about it, I'm not difficult. List of games (Latest update April 20th 2020): All the happy customers until today: ================================================================= This is a hobby of mine, I build these in the order they were purchased. It may take some time for it to reach you from Sweden. I hope it's worth waiting for. These bits indicate progress: [0000001] Circuit board built [0000010] Circuit board tested [0000100] Shell prepared [0001000] Labels finished [0010000] Box has been cut, folded and glued. [0100000] Packed [1000000] Shipped Latest shipment: 0xF0 Todd, USA 0xF1 Adam, USA 0xF2 Danny, USA 0xF3 Cody, USA 0xF4 Tom, USA 0xF5 Matthew, USA 0xF6 [0000000] Clint, Australia 0xF7 [0000000] William, USA 0xF8 [0000000] Justin, USA The end is near... ############################################ THE END (told you) ========================== end of my message ===========================
  2. My Channel F / SABA Videoplay adventure - part 1 I've recently bought a SABA Videoplay console from ebay. My first time checking out that console. I don't even remember it from back in the day. I remember INTERTON, but not this one. Well, I'm always interested in exotic consoles using "forgotten" microprocessors, like the Fairchild F8-family. I found a cheap system on ebay, marked as "used". Ok, this is what a used system looks like: I'd interpret this as, yes, "used" certainly, but more as "not working at all". Strange, what some ebay-sellers do consider as "used".He claimed, that it has been working, but probably he would be too dumb to find the channel on the tv-set. I kept it anyway, since I wanted to explore it, maybe repair it or use it for spare parts. I ripped it apart, washed the dirty thing and examined it closer. This is what the Videoplay is made of: A lot of plastic and metal shielding. Quite corroded. Cartridge assembly from below and a cartridge pcb, showing two PSUs (Program Storage Units), one cap fallen of. The chips being directly attached to the pcb, the bonding wires visible and accessible. No IC-housing. I've never seen this before. The famous and very fragile controllers. We can see, the pcb is made by FAIRCHILD. This is already the model with custom chips (video and audio/buffer) and considerably reduced component-count. I injected the video signal of another console, to check, if the rf-part is working. Yes, working. I removed socketed components, cleaned pins, tried again. No change. Later I discovered aged solder joints around the crystal and the clock generation. I resoldered and suddenly had some kind of reaction from the board. Due to bad solder joints the clock generation failed (look at pcb-picture above). Every 2nd line (grey background) is displayed. Game logic is working. Ball is bouncing. Players can be moved, but not all movements. Some controls are alway on paddles moving into one direction. At least, the processor is working. What else did I have? The plastic cap of the antenna plug has fallen to pieces. All of them are doing that after some decades. The power switch was not moving it all. Interesting! I disassembled the power switch. It was filled with some unknown white material, which blocked the movement completely. I cleaned it. The tiny white pistons are operating the contacts of the switch and are pushed into opposite directions by a small spring. Unfortunately, this micro-spring was broken into two pieces. I replaced it with some kind of spring from another switch, but it is not moving really well. to be continued soon ...
  3. Hey guys, just received my first Fairchild Channel F System 2 as a bday gift and was told it wasn't working. System turns on, led light is on and screen shows vertical lines in green, black & white. No sounds when anything is pressed. Unhooked the ribbon cable from the cartridge reader and no change as well. I swapped out the SL31291 chip with my Fairchild System 1 and it worked just fine, so it tells me the CPU is fine. No burnt spots or heavy oxidation on either side of the board. I looked into the VES manual and the technical guide is suggesting it's a possible PSU problem. Since this system is more compact, I can not make out what chip does what to isolate my problem. Anyone knowledgeable with this or the grandstand clone? - SL31291 (CPU) - SL31253 ?? - SL31254 ?? - FCM 9102 ?? - FCM 9101/N ?? - SCM90004C (x4) (RAM) I'm going to check voltages tonight to be certain I don't have a feed problem. Thanks.
  4. Troubleshooting a Luxor Video Entertainment Computer. It has detachable controllers so it's a Luxor Video Entertainment Computer "II" I guess (?) Is there some schematics for the Fairchild channel f II ? The ones I have seen seems to relate to the first version. When starting it I get video like on the attached photos, for a couple of seconds, then the video just cuts out and nothing more happens. When I start it the first time after some rest, I get a couple of seconds more than after just a quick off/on (so I'm thinking some capacitors, possibly power supply is involved). With somewhat limited electronics skills I have examined the 8-wire cable from the transformer/buttons board to the mainboard and my theory is that the pins are: 1. Power (unregulated 5V?) - 9.5V on my unit 2. Power (unregulated 12V?) - 19V on my unit 3. MODE button 4. TIME button 5. HOLD button 6. RESET button 7. START button 8. GND Any comments or tips on how to proceed is welcome !
  5. Purchased a Fairchild Channel F model 1 and the power supply brick was busted open. Wires were ripped out of the transformer and is beyond repair unfortunately. If anyone has an extra power supply laying around or one from a parts console, please message me. I would like to purchase a used power supply.
  6. I am wondering if anybody here has a Fairchild Channel F System II controller to sell to me? Those controllers have the famous DB9 connectors. I'd like two of those controllers in working condition. PM me if you have those controllers.
  7. It's a long shot, but I figure why not give it a go? Any chances someone would be willing to sell their functioning Fairchild Channel F system?
  8. Is there a list of known programmers and the videocarts they programmed for the Fairchild Channel F system? Hopefully this information has not been lost to time.
  9. ( Latest update April 11th 2022) CURRENT PRICE: $120 Including registered shipping. For effect, the screenshots are modified using MESS screenshots that just have been edited for retro look. You're paying for one Tetris Videocart, in box, with instruction booklet. PayPal: [email protected] ************************************************************* ************************************************************* Four IMPORTANT details: 1. Make sure you pay in US$ (not automatic SEK by PayPal) 2. Make sure I receive the full amount, add the whole cost of fees to your payment (for most people this is a very difficult task) or use the friends-option. 3. Please make sure I know who's paying and your address, add your alias and/or send me an email about it 4. Made to order, there's waiting time during parts order/construction/assembly. Check this thread for updates. ************************************************************* ************************************************************* Swedish guys (and gals - ha ha, sure...) can pay via banktransfer or Swish as well. (It's a pay via a cell phone service - who uses cash anymore?) Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or to the e-mail address above and I'll answer. Buyers (shipping order): 1. George E. - SHIPPED 2. Ronald P. - SHIPPED 3. Blazing Lazers - SHIPPED 4. cvga - SHIPPED 5. cjherr (reg) - SHIPPED 6. atarirx - SHIPPED 7. masschamber - SHIPPED 8. Jason K. - SHIPPED 9. stupus - SHIPPED A. VectrexRoli (reg) - SHIPPED B. eebuckeye - SHIPPED C. retrogmr - SHIPPED D. lazzeri - SHIPPED E. Sean J (reg) - SHIPPED F. Rick Reynolds - SHIPPED 10. Kelseya - SHIPPED 11. HoshiChiri (reg) - SHIPPED 12. Geoffrey (reg) - SHIPPED 13. Joe (reg) - SHIPPED 14. Nathan - SHIPPED 15. SkyDivingirl (reg) - SHIPPED 16. Alaskaman - SHIPPED 17. Stefan (reg) - SHIPPED 18. Andrew - SHIPPED 19. Rick - SHIPPED 1A. Ben - SHIPPED 1B. Joe - SHIPPED 1C. Mark - SHIPPED 1D. Jason - SHIPPED 1E. Jonathan - SHIPPED 1F. Rikard - SHIPPED 20. Tommy - SHIPPED 21. Regev - SHIPPED 22. Robb - SHIPPED 23. James - SHIPPED ---
  10. UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2020 Hello everyone. I'm at the point of being very close to completing* a number of 2nd generation console libraries. My basic searches has led me to get a bit stuck. If anyone has these available for sale or know of someone who does, I would be much appreciated. If you have any of the following and wishing to sell, please let me know condition, whats with it and how much you're looking for it. Magnavox Odyssey (1) Wipeout Volleyball Shooting Gallery (Complete with Gun) Soccer Fun Zoo Baseball Invasion Handball Percepts Brainwave WIN Basketball Interplanetary Voyage Fairchild Channel F / SABA 19: Checkers Atari 2600 Crazy Climber Krull Asterix and Oberlix Taz Pengo Track and Field Motorodeo Star Ship Hangman Hunt n Score / Game of Concentration Brain Games Canyon Bomber Adventure Real Sports Football Real Sports Tennis Gravitar SwordQuest Waterworld Quadrun Super Baseball Off the Wall Secret Quest Fatal Run Sentinel Basic Maths / Fun with numbers Blackjack Flag Capture Slot Machine 3D Tic Tac Toe Philips G7000 Videopac / Magnavox Odyssey 2 Would prefer these boxed 45: Morse 57: Blobbers Parker Games: Popeye 1292 Programmable Machine (Better known as Acetronic, Radofin, etc) Would prefer these boxed 16: Hobby Module (yeah, I know) 32: Backgammon I would also buy the Voltmace version of Backgammon as I have the converter While 28 is listed as Bowling, it only ended up on non-compatible consoles. Intellivision AD&D Treasures of Tarmin Bomb Squad Bump and Jump Donkey Kong Jr Dracular Frogger Happy Trails Ice Trek Kool Aid Man Lady Bug Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man Microsurgeon Pinball Q*Bert Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Super Cobra Swords and Serpents Tropical Trouble Turbo Tutankham Venture White Water! World Cup Soccer Zaxxon There is also a lot of US exclusives I need to get, including the Atari ones. Colecovision I've got loads to get yet for this console, I'm only at 31% PAL collection. Here's a few of the ones I need (1983): Beamrider Buck Rodgers Planet of Doom Decathlon Fathom Frenzy Front Line Miner 2049er Moonsweeper Nova Blast Pitfall! Popeye Q*Bert Spectron Super Cobra Super Crossforce Tutankham Wing War Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Master System: I have too many to count to buy yet with these, neither is a priority right now either. Atari 7800: I need boxes for: Barnyard Blaster and Centipede. Boxed only: F-18 Hornet Super Skateboardin' Kung Fu Master Pete Rose Baseball Title Match Pro Wrestling Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator Robotron 2084 Summer Games Winter Games Rampage Real Sports Baseball Tank Command Touchdown Football Water Ski Double Dragon GX4000: Interested in Boxed only: Pang Dick Tracy Plotting Mystical Super Pinball Magic Panza Kick Boxing Copter 271 Chase HQ2 (maybe you can give it to me for free?) Skeet Shoot & The Enforcer Commodore 64GS: Interested in Boxed only: Badlands Batman the Movie Last Ninja Remix Vindicators Myth Robocop 3 Space Gun Double Dragon Key: * I'm currently only working towards UK released game list, although I'm not fussy about other region carts or rebrands. I have Magnavox Odyssey 2 and SABA carts, as long as it plays the same game I'm not bothered. Non-Atari 2600: Bold - UK released game Italic and underlined - European but not UK released games I might be interested in Italic - non-European releases that works on a UK console I may be interested in Atari 2600: Bold - I have no copy of this game yet Italic and underlined - I have this through Atari-Vault but want a physical 2600 copy Italic - I have this on the 32 in 1 cart but want individual carts too
  11. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/vgm/4751531575.html Local seller offering a Fairchild VES apparently in box for $90. Is this an AA members offer? What would be a reasonable counter offer? I know nothing about the Fairchild VES, what questions should I ask about it?
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