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Found 40 results

  1. Hey Folks, Got bunches of commons/uncommons here. If there's interest in these there are many, many more. All carts are US/NTSC. Sales to only US and Canada addresses at this time. Prices in U.S. Dollars. US deliveries will be via USPS Priority Mail, currently starting at $8.30; Canadian deliveries will be priced on a case-by-case basis Paypal, check/money order, well-concealed cash (at your own risk) accepted. FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE!! PM with any questions/comments/witty remarks. Thanks for checking!! Adventure 4.00 text label Adventures of Tron 4.00 White label Adventures of Tron 4.00 Black/Blue label Air Sea Battle 2.00 Atari Picture label Air-Sea Battle 1.00 Atari Picture label, damaged end label Armor Ambush 2.00 Black/Blue label, label is rough Asteroids 2.00 No end label Astroblast 2.00 black/blue label Atlantis 3.00 text label Barnstorming 4.00 Blue Print 8.00 Circus 2.50 Sears text label Combat Atari text label. Free with any other order. Combat 1.50 Atari picture label Cosmic Ark 3.00 text label Dark Cavern 3.00 Black/Blue label Donkey Kong 2.00 Coleco white cart Donkey Kong 1.50 Coleco white cart, significant wear on label fold Dragonfire 6.00 picture label E.T. 2.00 E.T. 1.50 Torn End Label Fire Fighter 5.00 Picture Label Frogs & Flies 2.50 black/blue label Golf 3.00 Atari text label Home Run 2.50 Picture label Home Run 1.50 picture label, no end label Kaboom! 3.00 Kangaroo 3.00 Lock N Chase 2.50 black/blue label Missile Command 3.00 Sears text label Missile Command 2.00 Atari picture label, writing on top label Moonsweeper 6.00 text label Pac-Man 1.50 Phoenix 3.00 Raiders of the Lost Ark 4.00 Alternate font end label RS Baseball Various levels of label damage. Free with any other order. RS Volleyball 2.00 Space Cavern 5.00 Red Label Space Invaders 2.00 Sears text label Space Invaders 1.75 Sears text label, missing end label Star Raiders 1.50 Starmaster 4.00 Target Fun 2.00 Sears text label Taz 6.00 Missing end label Trick Shot 3.50 picture label Turmoil 6.00 Video Olympics 2.50 Picture label, Green end label Video Olympics 2.00 Atari text label Word Zapper 4.00 Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack 3.00 INTV Space Armada 3.00 INTV Space Hawk 3.00 INTV
  2. Hey guys, I know I'm new here but I was active 10+ years ago on DigitPress and Ebay, been a long hiatus but finally moving on from my stuff as they "don't bring me joy". Here is my feedback from DP back then: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?68794-Tbowl&highlight=tbowl The ProDG didn't excite you guys but maybe this is more up the alley: Atari 2600 Test Console with shipping box, literally brand spanking new. The box was completely sealed and I figured it was the test console but I had to open it up just to make sure: https://imgur.com/g6UipKD https://imgur.com/RgEj9vO https://imgur.com/rOFXHdB https://imgur.com/UlAVV1M https://imgur.com/DRodE9d https://imgur.com/oFoWo7h https://imgur.com/8SwHUqP https://imgur.com/2GCmwqt https://imgur.com/zMersNv https://imgur.com/0meixvV
  3. Here are 4 2600 controller that I built and have up for sale at the moment. The black and white one and also the red/black/white one are 70$ shipped in the cont. USA. They are ready to rock with 10’ cables, plexiglass covers,siemitsu ps14g pushbuttons, and (black one) has Sanwa joystick, red has a zippyy stick. The white and black one and the green one are 60$ shipped USA. They have 6’cables. Also taking orders for custom builds right now as well if any of y’all happen to be interested in a custom stick. I’m not set up to build for 5200, Jaguar, or intellivision, but those several consoles aside, I can build out for most any retro consoles. Thanks for taking the time to check them out. Jeff Boss Level Controls
  4. I have already put this item on eBay but thought I'd share it here in case the item was any significance to an enthusiast. I'll be truthful, I don't much about Atari provenance, I stuck it on starting at 10p. Serial: 860204457 I'm selling it as spares as I can't test the visual output and don't have a controller to test. When plugged in and switched on the red power light does come on (as pictured). Bundle includes the console, original power adaptor and games. Games included: Atlantis Wizard of Wor Space Monster Fishing Derby Donkey Kong Ms PAC Man Dodge Em There is no controller included. It would be interesting to know if there is anything that is significant here, either way, here is the eBay link for anyone interested.
  5. ODYSSEY HUNTING ADVENTURE OFFICIAL PRE-ORDER THREAD What is Hunting Adventure? Hunting Adventure is a homebrew game for the original 1972 Magnavox Odyssey system, the world’s first video game console. This is the FIRST homebrew game for the 1972 Odyssey that uses the Rifle Accessory! I started this game a long time ago back in 2012 and finally got around to finishing it. This will be my second homebrew game in my series of six. My first one was Odyssey Evil that was very popular and sold out fast! GAME DESCRIPTION: Hunting Adventure takes you on a wild life hunting experience of a lifetime. Hunt 6 different animals in 3 different countries from the USA, Canada and Africa. Using the 1TL950 Odyssey rifle accessory (not included), you must time your shot just right to take down the big game and accumulate points. After each country’s large game hunt, there is a small game bonus round to add to the challenge. The final challenge you must face is the ultimate hunters experience "The Zombie Hunter Bonus Round". Do you have what it takes to become the new Master Hunter? What is included with this Odyssey game? This game includes: 1. A FULL SIZE professional hand built box numbered 1-25 of 25 (You may be able to reserve your number if available) See picture for size comparison to original game box. This is not an easy box to make due to the size and shape. 2. (2) large hunting site overlays. The large overlays are just a little smaller then the original overlays but look and work great. The original large overlays are a really odd size that is difficult to find so I got the biggest ones I could find. 3. (6) “Critter Bonus Round” cards 4. A Critter Rack to hold the Critter cards during bonus round 5. (3) “Sight Card” Overlays used during bonus round 6. Hourglass sand timer 7. (6) double sided score cards 8. A standard size and formatted instruction sheet 9. A signed certificate of authentication. 10. (1) Zombie Hunter Bonus Round large Overlay 11. Surprise bonus material What is NOT included in this game that is needed to play? · Original 1972 Magnavox Odyssey system · Electronic Rifle · Game Card #10 How much does it cost? UPDATE EDIT 4/23/2020: $70 plus shipping. I did an online shipping calculator to California to get a rough estimate on shipping cost and it was $10. The final package is 6" x 18" x 2" and weighs just under 1 pound. If there is a (P) beside your name that means I have received payment and an (S) means your package has been shipped. 0. ManCaveArcade 1. Ianoid (P) (S) 2. Ianoid (P) (S) 3. Stupus (P) (S) 4. CaptainJ (P) 5. Dastari Creel (P) (S) 6. Masschamber (P) (S) 7. CVGA (P) (S) 8. TPR (P) (S) 9. Zodiacprime (P) (S) 10. Retrogmr (P) (S) 11. High voltage (P) (S) 12. Blazing lazers (P) (S) 13. Captain Combat (P) (S) 14. Zhorton (P) (S) 15. Atari2008 (P) (S) 16. SOLD (P) (S) 17. SOLD (P) (S) 18. BuckeyeFan_4eva (P) (S) 19. PENDING 20. ETWelty (P) (S) 21. thejers (P) (S) 22. STILL AVAILABLE 23. STILL AVAILABLE 24. STILL AVAILABLE 25. SLYDC (P) (S) UPDATE 4/23/20: THESE ARE ALL FINALLY COMPLETE AND READY TO SHIP. I will be sending everyone a message soon with payment and to get shipping information. Thanks to all who have supported me and this project! I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY MONEY UNTIL ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE BUILT AND READY TO SHIP! The first prototype game has been completed and the rest are still in the production process. I am doing this pre-order based on your integrity to pay in full at the time of project completion which is estimated sometime in MAY. So to reserve your copy, you must make a post here AND send me a PM and I will add you to the list. Please do not get on the list if you are not 100% certain that you want one and are willing to pay. I am only making 25 copies of this game because it is such a time consuming (and expensive) project so I don’t want to turn away any serious members who want one and then end up with extras due to non-payment. Be assured that this is a ManCaveArcade quality project and I WILL DELIVER IN A TIMELY MANNOR. If there is any delay at all for any reason, you will receive weekly updates. My last game got great reviews so feel free to check out my old pre-order thread for feedback.
  6. I've got a couple of 3do games for auction on eBay if anybody wants to check them out: Lemmings http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=324188680806&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111 Dragon's Lair - <SOLD> http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=324188677466&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  7. Not really sure what this is worth, B]but I thought I would start to sell this here. I was thinking of 50$ let me know if that is to High or to low. It is in great condition and works well. Has the original box and packing. Thanks, Brad
  8. I many classic titles available for good prices, make an offer. I havent listed any on Ebay yet... Donkey Kong F18 Hornet Commando Video Jogger Mario Bros+++ Atari 7800 and 2600 Games - I attached Photos of The System - Joysticks - Games Complete All Original PCDOS Nice Joysticks and even the Pro Stick IBM Personal System 2 - Look At IBM on UTUBE _> >>> Model 30 286 I can accept Paypal and All Major Credit Cards Visit my store on Ebay - http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fmyworld.ebay.com%2Farizonasurplusauction
  9. Saw this on Shopgoodwill.com. Thought you guys might like to know about it.
  10. ***SOLD*** For sale (or for trade) is a Super Famicom with 4 English friendly games. The system and all of the games, cosmetically speaking, are in okay-good condition. The system itself has some slight yellowing and the lettering on the cartridge slot is heavily faded. All of the games have some yellow on them (Space Invaders having the most and Mortal Kombat having the least), everything besides the cosmetics, are in very good condition. The games included are: F-zero Mortal Kombat Space Invaders Super Mario Kart I'm open to offers since I can't figure out a price for this (I don't want to rip people off, but I also don't want to give the thing away!). I'm also open to trade the system and games for any of the following things: Shenmue I & II and Megaman Legacy Collection (both for the PS4) any Atari 8-bit cartridge games any Japanese Sega Saturn games I'm located in Oklahoma and I can ship to anywhere in the contiguous United States as long as your willing to pay for shipping (unfortunately, I can't ship this internationally since shipping would get too expensive) Thank you for reading this post 🙂
  11. I'm looking to sell a few items in my collection, may update with more items later. I have a Sega Dreamcast Keyboard with box, the mouse, and a Typing of the Dead CIB.. Looking for 115 shipped in the US. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Been a while since I've been on here, but I'm in the feedback thread and my ebay id is little_lebowski Also have a copy of The Kung Fu (China Warrior in US) a Turbografx 16 Japanese import. I'd like to get 10 shipped for it. Thanks for looking.
  12. If you dont know who I am pleas allow me to introduce myself... My name is Dustin and I run a podcast called Video Game Rescue and I also own a small game shop. I personally don't collect these systems and would rather give these to fellow collectors who do. I came across an amazing deal at a local pawn shop. I bought 194 boxed Atari, Coleco and Intellivision games and the shop owner was very pleased to get them out of his hair. Everyone of the games includes the box, manual and inserts! Like I said I would like to sell these to my fellow collectors. So some of these will be sold directly to people and others will be sold on eBay or GameGavel. If you are interested in any of this please let me know. I have started to go through this large box of games I purchased and I have found some very nice games including: Tunnel Runner Communist Mutants from Space Fireball RAM IT Pitfall II Spy Hunter Mr. Do! (Coleco & 5200) B.C.'s Quest for Tires Looping Montezuma's Revenge (Coleco & 5200) AND THE BIG PRIZE FIND SO FAR: Springer! I tried to upload the photos of the lot but the picture sizes are too large so here is a link to my pictures AND here is a link to the Springer pictures.
  13. I've been considering a small clearout in order to obtain a certain game for my collection. I'm looking for thoughts, suggestions, and advice. Thanks.
  14. I am selling my Atari 400 computer and Atari 410 Cassette Writer. They can be seen here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-400-Vintage-Computer-and-410-Cassette-Read-Writer-/221955724720?hash=item33ad9795b0:g:ITMAAOSwNphWXLvH -ArdsleyTank
  15. Here's my list of games available for SALE or TRADE I've set the prices to just about what I paid for them. Prices are negotiable, especially when buying multiples. 99% have labels unless noted. Request pics for condition if interested in a bunch. Buyer pays all Shipping. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e-v_tcuUV6hX92GLdNr3bpwd6X0EsxyJfs-jWfrIGCE/edit?usp=sharing I also have some Consoles and Misc stuff available here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/245820-fsft-misc-consoles-controllers-sears-heavy-sixer-2600-dreamcast/ Thanks for looking.
  16. I've listed a bunch of Lynx and 7800 games fulfilled by Amazon Canada, search or click through them here: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aag/main/ref=olp_merch_name_2?seller=ASVVEHBRLZEPV I didn't spend a lot of time setting prices, feel free to make me an offer on here if I've overpriced something and I'll reduce it on the site. I listed them here because I need to get rid of a whole load of stuff and I shipped it all to Amazon in a single box for CAD$10 - packing up and calculating the shipping for 60+ individual boxes is just too much effort for me. Also shipping is cheap (or free if you have Prime or order enough) within Canada, and hopefully shouldn't be too bad from the US either.
  17. Hi, We have for sale here the following: Atari Mega 4 (Boxed) Atari Megafile 30 (Boxed) Various Atari Monitors (Boxed) Both of these machines are in great condition (as shown in the pictures) and have been in storage since their use in the late 80s within a professional recording studio. We have decided to sell them along with a few pieces of hardware from the studio. Due to their condition and usage, we would, ideally, like to see them go to a collector or enthusiast of Atari gear, as they have certainly served us well over the years. Pictures http://www.imagebam.com/image/df7cf2236448726 http://www.imagebam.com/image/6438f2236448736 http://www.imagebam.com/image/d41eac236448741 We haven't put an asking price and would be prepared to listen to offers. I trust, this being an Atari site, that we wont get any silly offers as we are aware of their value and we are in no real rush to see them go. We Sold one of them Mega 4's earlier this year. Feel free to make an offer in the comments section or Private Message me. Thank You.
  18. I have a Electra Concepts Masterplay Interface 5200 in excellent condition, adult games Custer's Revenge and Eat'em & Best'em all FOR SALE... also 2 Wico Command controllers (joystick and keypad)
  19. Hi everyone. I listed this cart on eBay but it didn't sell. I'll ship it anywhere in the 48 continental US States for $20 total. If you live somewhere else, I'll still sell it to you, but expect to pay more for the shipping, and the hassle of me filling out the forms etc. As for the cart, I can only get it to play about 3 or 4 games, and 2 or 3 roll because its PAL, and I'm using NTSC. So, no guarantee these will all work, even if you do have a PAL system.
  20. ======================== EDIT: These items are no longer available. ======================== I recently came into possession of a decent sized collection of Atari gear. I grew up playing games and computing on similar Atari hardware so I'm somewhat familiar with the gear. Despite most of the gear being in excellent condition, it was destined for a trip to the electronics recycler. Recognizing the historical significance of the gear, I snatched it up to ensure that it can live on. I'm looking to sell and redistribute the gear to the community of enthusiasts here to ensure that it can be preserved and enjoyed for many more years. I spent many hours cataloging, testing hardware, photographing everything, and uploading photos. I've done my best to test and verify the functionality of most of the gear in this listing. You can see a list of everything that I have here: https://bit.ly/2qeRtAA Each item includes link to an imgur.com posting with photos. Most items also include a note about the condition of the item. Sorry, it's not the most convenient way to view everything in one shot but it works for me. I didn't include prices on my spreadsheet as I don't really have the time to determine the value of each item. In many ways, the value is really determined by the community here anyway. I would simply ask, if you would like to make an offer for anything on the list, make it a reasonable offer. Also, keep in mind there are shipping costs. Some of the larger items may incur significant shipping costs. I can certainly offer local pickup for anyone in my area. I'm located in south central Pennsylvania (York, PA area). https://goo.gl/maps/bWMy8WTxebmbAu54A Contact me via email or PM if you're interested.
  21. Well, over the next couple of months I'm going to do some spring cleaning, as it were. (this will make my better half so happy I may have to tie her down!) I've got doubles of almost everything I have and sometimes in triplicate. Can't see any reason to leave some of this stuff stored away in a closet when someone might be able to get some mileage out of it. On top of that, I'm in my 50's now and I honestly don't have as much time to do what I want to any more (isn't that a sad thing!). Anyway, here is a 4 meg, TOS 2.06, 40 (approx) meg hard drive Mega STe for sale. It's got a few cosmetic blemishes, some slight yellowing, and the floppy drive gives the usual "data on floppy drive a may be damaged" error. I'd always meant to work on this one and bring it all the way back up to par but never got around to it. An Atari mouse, Mega STe keyboard, and power cord are all included. It does not include the SC1224 monitor in the pictures/video. First reasonable offer gets it - PM the offers to me please. Buyer pays S&H. Paypal would be the preferred form of payment. I'd rather sell it to someone here rather than fool with Ebay, if at all possible. Sold "as is". Short, horrible video of it booting up is here:
  22. Hi everyone...so I've got to downsize my collection a bit to make the wife happy so I decided I'm gonna sell my TI-99/4a and accessories. I don't care for eBay so I figured this would be the best place to post for sale. I'm currently at work but I'll post pictures later. What I have: TI-99/4A Silver/black with: -original power adapter -original joysticks (one paddle is broken) -original plastic F-key descriptors, including a ton of blanks. -original cassette drive audio cables (in/out/control jacks) -aftermarket RCA A/V connector -original box (poor condition, see pictures coming soon) General Electric Cassette Player (the kind recommended for the TI-99/4A) nanoPEB with power adapter & 256mb CF card fully working Cartridges w/manuals (some with boxes, will update once I can take pictures): -Munchman -Jawbreaker II -Parsec -Personal Record Keeping Not sure what to price all of this, if I can get $100 for everything I'll be happy, I'll take best offer for individual pieces. Pictures will come this evening, thanks!
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