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Found 29 results

  1. Can anyone point me to a source of disc images that have copy protection removed and are "clean"? i.e. aren't a menu or have a bunch of "Cracked by XXXX" on them. I recently got my ST out of storage and a few of my originals have gone bad and I want to do surgery on them to replace the platter.
  2. So what I'm looking for is kind of specific, I need a HD 27 inch 4:3 monitor with 1ms of input lag that works with the OSSC in line 5x mode.
  3. I realize that this is the wrong area to post this and if the admins move this I understand. This part of the forum just gets much more traffic than the events page. I was just wondering if anybody here went to the CGF last year and if they plan on going this year? Thanks:)
  4. I'm curious as to what everyone's setup is like, here's mine, nothing impressive living with six people affords you scant space:
  5. Here's a quick demo of how Amiibo Tap works!
  6. Are there some dead gaming genres you'd like to see the Amico bring back? There are three I'd love for the console to resurrect. Here they are:
  7. Just letting you guys know, I created a forum just recently which discusses retro gaming and collecting as well as some modern gaming. It discusses anything from pickups to emulation to modern gaming. But we prefer to stick to the retro stuff It hasn't been getting much attention, so please take the time to check it out, thanks! http://www.coolretrogamers.proboards.com/
  8. I am looking for a CRT tv for retro gaming. I cam across the Sony Wega KV-34XBR910 (also known as Sony Wega KV-XBR910). Does anyone know if this is a good model? Supposedly you should get one with 50hz, but i am not sure if this model has 50hz. Is there one you would recommend if not this one?
  9. I've just played Super Cobra (Coleco) for a bit and pondered the wisdom of destroying fuel sources in order to refuel your craft. It's an undeniably fun mechanic (and a vg trope of course) , but explaining it requires some seriously convoluted mental gymnastics. Quantum bombs which don't really explode but suck the fuel out and direct it to your craft thorough a multidimensional wormhole is the closest one I came to. Videogames are obviously littered with such amusing conundrums. What's your favourite one?
  10. This is a bit of a ripoff of AstralPhaser but, I wanted to do what he did but play different games. I made a youtube series where I play a game from every year starting from 1977. Starting with Pong on Atari, Check it out!. My youtube channel used to be dumb, but a big change happened - I STOPPED PLAYING MINECRAFT. Anyway, here. I also hope it's rather entertaining it's hosted by a kid like me! Episode 2 (2600 Breakout) :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcq6Ab-FSGM And, PS: I own a real Atari. I just have to emulate it because I have no hardware to record my TV, don't feel like buying it, and Bandicam is nice and simple.
  11. What are some of your go to summer systems or systems you particularly associate with the season? For me its: -NES -N64 -Dreamcast -2600 What have you played heavily during the warmer months?
  12. I live in the St Paul/twin cities area and I am wondering what good/best 1st - 4th generation gaming conventions occur nearby (Minnesota/Wisconsin). There is one called 2D Con in the immediate area, but it is a fairly all inclusive console convention which will likely be overrun with sellers/events for current systems.
  13. http://www.seattleretro.org/ Seattle Retro Gaming expo 2013, July 13th & 14th in in the Northwest Rooms at the Seattle Center Seattle Center 305 Harrison Street Seattle,WA 98109 Saturday 10AM -6PM Sunday 10AM - 5PM Pre-Registration gets you in an hour early.
  14. There have been rumors going around about the possible future of gaming. It is said that after the next generation of Xbox,PlayStation,and Nintendo that there will be no more home consoles to be made. No more Xbox or PlayStation or Nintendo, but why? For over 30 years we gamers have been wowed by arcade games, Atari, intellivision all the way to our current game consoles. It is also said that cloud gaming will be the future. One big server to host the new online games, does that sound like fun? Maybe or maybe not but I know one thing, I will always have my Retro consoles to rely on. What's your take on the future of gaming?
  15. From the post-screening panel for "Man vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler."
  16. Ah, promo material.. It takes so long to put together, sometimes. Such is the case with my myspace page for my dj profile. Took about six hours yesterday to get the thing sorted out, the whole process consisting of compiling promo mixes on my harddrive, to uploading them to a variety of distribution sites, to creating new artwork to be used as album covers, to uploading varius phots to the photobucket, then linking them into the myspace profile, to creating blogs to link to with each promo album, etc. etc.. Such a long, drawn-out process, but maybe it's something I should have done right from the start when I started my music page nearly two years ago. Oh well, I'm not exactly known for thinking that far ahead.. Ya live and learn, I suppose. Anyways, to add a shameless plug on to this, I have a new promo DJ mix available on my MySpace music page (http://www.myspace.com/djaustinmusic). I spin breaks/breakbeats--music that goes excellent with gaming--so if anyone is interested in a free promo CD, PM me and I will gladly mail one to you. Otherwise my mixes are available to download on the myspace. Even more details (or just me essentially saying this in person) can be seen at my YouTube video I just uploaded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGZMPcK1nA4 Now since that's done, I can relax a bit and get back to playing Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows on the original XBOX. I'm actually borrowing my brother's copy, and it's been sitting in my collection for about eight months now, waiting to be played. I've actually been a little hesitant on playing it, for one reason or another.. Honestly, I don't even know the reason. Lack of motivation, I suppose. Sometimes that happens with games and I. I think one thing that kicked-start me into finally popping it in is that I read John Romero had a hand in making it. I don't usually play games based on names associated with them, and Romero especially has had a rocky career since he left ID, but there's that little bit of hope that I suppose sits in my mind sub-consciously--DOOM and Quake are still some of my favorite and absolutely most-played games of all time, after all. Also, asides from that, I was a huge fan of Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy. I probably spent hundreds of dollars perfecting Legends in the arcade.. There was a point where I managed to get each character up to level 99 and finished it the most amount of times, solidifying my place on the number one leader board slots for each type of character on the machine (Man, I wish that arcade was still open and didn't get rid of that unit).. So needless to say, I think it was about time I finally gave it a shot. I went into it not expecting anything, but I was pleasantly surprised that it is actually more similar to Legends/Dark Legacy than not. It uses a similar form of 3D visuals for the environments, there are still the usual projectile shots, and hoards of enemies come at you via the spawners. Overall, I'm satisfied *enough* with it, but I think it fell short of the greatness (or at least addicting factor that Legends had). I have many reasons for this. For one, the requirement of projectile shots being a vital part of a successful gameplay run are zilch in this one. In the original Legends, it was really necessary to use them as much as possible, using them to take out frequent bomb throwers or kamikaze enemies, or to destroy bosses. In this one, the projectile shots are so weak there is no point in using them, and with the multiple melee attack modes and moves that always put you in a defensively sound position (for instance, the purchased A then X button attack with the Warrior), projectile attacks are ONLY used when there is an archer perched on a ledge you can't physically get to. Second, the boss battles don't feel like boss battles, compared to the arcade games, anyway. Many of the bosses are roughly the same size as the mid-level golems in Legends, so needless to say, it's not quite the same as fighting the nearly full-screen bosses of Legends and Dark Legacy. Third, the sizes of the stages seem quite small compared to Legends. This is probably either due to easily being able to smash through spawners and hordes of enemies quickly, or the fact that the world is quite detailed, going far, far into the visible distance, leaving the XBOX not much to do in actually expanding the size of the playable levels. There are a few other details that I think could have been worked on or changed, but overall the game is still an enjoyable mash-fest. There's not much technique involved like there was in Legends (in order to survive on the one quarter), but I think it's entertaining. I haven't finished it yet nor do I have the ability to play it in multiplayer, but I've gotten a kick out of it so far (I'm up to the fifth sorrow right now--each "sorrow" being a boss--out of seven, so provided there's not anything after that, then I'm close to the end of the game already, having only played it for a couple of hours). I may recommend checking it out if you're a fan of Gauntlet Legends or Dark Legacy. I don't think it's going to have the replay value of the prior, as the max level cap for your character is 20, but nonetheless, it seems like it's enjoyable for a playthrough or two. **EDIT: After writing this, I popped in Gauntlet to continue playing, and guess what? All of my special attacks, items, etc. were wiped off of my character. Autosave was on when I was playing last, so I know I've just experienced a very, VERY piss-poor design choice.. It's damn near-impossible to finish the stage I am on (apparently 68% through the game) with all of my abilities stripped from me. Who's crackhead decision was this?? With this in mind, my verdict on this game has changed: If you don't plan on playing it straight through in one go, then you're best off passing on this one.
  17. It's been 11 months with over 200 hours of weekend editing but I've finally finished my 41 Years of Console Gaming History video. In this video I take a look at games year by year from 1975 to modern times. Initially this was a youtube series but this is a combined and heavily edited down version. Viewers picked different consoles and games to try each year as we moved through time. This video is the final result of our journey and I've got to say, the Atari 2600 when it first came out in 1977 really impressed us with its huge colour pallet. Atari 2600 games were popular and almost always got the most votes in this video. Anyway, enough rambling... If you want to just see the Atari 2600 games skip to 5:12 and watch for about 8 minutes. If you're interested you can keep watching the whole journey as we move to the Atari 5200, NES, Sega Genesis and so on P.S. I know... you guys hate the fact I mapped all the games to a DS4 controller
  18. Always looking for (lame?) ways to contribute, and I had some spare time today. Sooo, I decided to create end of cart labels for the atarisoft cartridge collection. They are the most easily stacked carts since they are flat, but it's useless to do so, since there are no end of cart labels to know what's what. I didn't do one for Robotron or Superstorm since I wasn't sure if the boards required for a hummingbird eprom would fit in an atarisoft case. Also didn't do Joust because, well does anyone reaidng this actually HAVE Joust? (to those who respond yes, I respond; « [email protected]@RD! ») It was a creative decision not to have them fit right across the available space (I also noticed that some of my atarisoft carts have an etched outline of where a second label was likely planned, and I thought it just looked better to size them to fit that.) I've attached them as a bmp file (so as not to be lossy), and also have them saved in CDR format if someone has CorelDraw Suite and would like the layered images for ease of editing. HIGHLY recommend printing them on glossy stock. They just look better. Hope someone can use them. atari cart labels.bmp
  19. The dates were just released in the last hour for the 14th annual 2015 Houston ArcadeExpo! The dates are 1 week later than usual .....November 13th & 14th, 2015 at the Houston Crowne Plaza Northwest-Brookhollow Hotel (12801 Northwest Freeway). http://www.arcadecenter.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Houston-Arcade-Pinball-Expo/223834217626840?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/events/777659739021878/ Hotel room rate of $79/night just went live too!
  20. Hi, I was just wondering how much a used and new Magnavox Odyssey 1 would cost?
  21. Hi all, I went to NERG this year on the Saturday and filmed a complete tour of all the arcade machines, computers and pinball machines. You also get to see us playing live and our other exploits Video: Enjoy the video and please leave any relivent comment Best regards, Steve.
  22. From the album: Darth Duke's Atari Corner

    My gaming setup with a bit more light. I love the art on the boxes and manuals, so I display it on the wall above my system. My wife helped me put the manuals in a neat framed collage so they wouldn't get damaged. I wish I still had all of the manuals and boxes, but these survive.

    © DarthDuke 2016

  23. From the album: My PC Mods

    Hardware details for Mod Zoo Staff Build are posted HERE
  24. While working on a retrospective for several different Lynx games, I could not help but to get sucked back into playing my favorite game for the handheld: Blue Lightning. So instead of just mentioning it in passing, I decided to give it its own video. I hope people here enjoy it What were some of your all time favorite Lynx games?
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